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Season 2

28. The Night Before

As night falls on the Duelist Island, after learning who will they will be dueling the next day, everyone begins preparing for the coming day in different ways. While Mai tries to strengthen up her deck for her duel against Yugi, Joey drifts into a deep sleep about donuts. Tea, Bakura, and Triston are searching around the dueling platforms, determined to find out how Pegasus defeated Kaiba so easily earlier that day. After finding a hole in the wall that pointed to the spot where Kaiba's cards had been, they head off to the tower, which lined up with the hole. Meanwhile, Yugi has found the three cards with his grandfather, Kaiba, and Mokuba's souls trapped inside. They warn him that he must unlock the secret of his millenium puzzle and defeat Pegasus. Tea, Bakura, and Triston are caught by Pegaus, and sent to the shadow realm. But just before they are trapped forever, Bakura's dark Yami side returns, and erases everyone's minds and sends them back to the real world. Bandit Keith steals Joey's qualifying card and Yugi wakes up, realizing that it had all been a dream. But he knows that his grandfather was trying to tell him something in the dream, but he is unsure as to what the secret of the puzzle is, and he's running out of time.

b: 17-Aug-2002

29. Duel Identity (1)

The duelist Kingdom playoffs begin, starting with the duel between Yugi and Mai. As Yugi's friends watch him from balcony, Yugi and Mai begin to duel, but Yugi is not willing to accept the help of the spirit of the puzzle anymore, afraid of what it might do to Mai. With Yugi only half concentrating on the duel, and also trying to keep the spirit under control, Mai imeadiatly takes the lead with the help of her Mirror Wall, a permanent trap that halves the attack points of any creature that attacks. Unable to touch her Harpie Lady, and still rejecting the help of the spirit, Yugi makes mistake after mistake while Mai powers up her Harpie. Yugi's friends begin wonder what is wrong with Yugi and why he is playing so poorly. After playing the Shadow of Eyes card, and forcing Yugi's Dark Magician to attack, Yugi's life points are reduced to 300, and Mai's are still at 2000. The spirit of the puzzle warns Yugi that if he doesn't let him help, everyone will lose!

b: 24-Aug-2002

30. Duel Identity (2)

As the first playoff duel rages, Yugi has been reduced to 300 life points while Mai's life points remain at an untouched 2000. With the Shadow of Eyes card luring Yugi's monsters into attack mode and the Mirror Wall then reducing their attack points, Yugi seems helpless against the power of Mai's Harpy / Dragon team. Not only that, but he is struggling to resist the spirit of his Millennium Puzzle, fearing what it might do. But if he doesn't embrace the spirit, he may risk losing the only chance he has of rescuing his Grandpa.

Mai's new strategy seems flawless and she owes it to Joey for teaching her the most important lesson of her life. When he defeated her in his first ever tournament duel, he forced her to look at herself in a new way, confronting her fears of her abilities and her trust in herself. Mai tells Joey that her defeat against him taught her more about duelling than any of her victories and forced her to face up to her fears. But now Yugi has the chance to do the same and he is bottling up his fears, scared of what might happen.

As Yugi considers what Mai has said, the spirit of the Puzzle explains that he never meant to hurt Kaiba, but was just trying to save Yugi's Grandpa. He promises to work together with Yugi, not doing what he alone sees best again. Yugi agrees and the two begin working together once more.

Playing Brain Control, Yugi takes control of Mai's Pet Dragon, but even under his control it still refuses to attack its master. Instead, Yugi plays one card face own and then plays the Catapult Turtle. Loading the Dragon onto the Turtle's back, Yugi fires it at Mai's Harpy Lady, destroying her Mirror Wall and reducing her life points to 850 in one attack. With Yugi's inner spirit working with him once more, Mai will have to play better than ever in order to win. Fearing Yugi's trap card, she plays the Elegant Egotist, triplicating her Harpy Lady to give a trio of the powerful monsters and then ends her turn.

As Yugi's turn begins, he tells Mai that she should have attacked him on her turn. She argues that she isn't that foolish, but as Yugi turns over the card Mai realises that he was bluffing. Revealing the Monster Recovery card, Yugi tells Mai that an attack on her turn would have won her the match. Instead, he plays the Monster Recovery card to return all his monsters to his deck and then draw a new hand.

But even with his new hand, he still has nothing strong enough to defeat the Mai's three Harpies. Instead he plays the one card that he can, the Mystical Elf, in defence mode. As a female monster, it is unaffected by the Shadow of Eyes and so cannot be lured into attacking. Mai is shocked, having forgotten the flaw in the Shadow of Eyes, but is unfazed as she plays Monster Reborn to revive her Harpy's Pet Dragon, now even stronger at 2900 attack points because of the three Harpies. Attacking the Mystical Elf with her three Harpies, Mai destroys Yugi's only possible defence card.

With only one card left to save the duel, Yugi begins to lose faith in himself. But the strength of Yugi and his spirit, combined with the heart of the cards, prevails as Yugi draws the Swords of Revealing Light, shutting down Mai's monsters for three turns. Yugi's spirit tells him that there is only one way they can win, and that is through the Black Lustre Ritual. But the Ritual is risky and three turns may not be long enough to draw all the necessary cards. Even so, Yugi plays the first component of the ritual, the puny Karebo.

Mai is amazed by Yugi's guts at playing such a weak monster, but he warns her not to mock the creature as it is the start of her demise. Mai draws one card and then ends her turn, but as Yugi draws his next card he is still missing the final component needed for the Black Lustre Ritual. However he is able to play the second part and using his own Monster Reborn card revives Gaia, the Fierce Knight. But with only two turns to go, can he draw the final card to activate the Ritual.

As Mai's turn begins, Pegasus realises Yugi's strategy and is astounded by his foolishness. As Mai draws a second Harpy Lady card, she gloats to herself that Yugi will be crushed on her next turn when she attacks with four Harpies and the harpy's pet Dragon at a powered-up 3200 attack points. As she ends her turn, the Swords fade away, releasing their control over Mai's monsters.

As he prepares to draw the deciding card of the duel, Yugi begins to doubt whether it is fair to risk the lives of so many of Yugi's friends on the draw of one card. But with the support of all his friends, the power of the two Yugis is stronger than ever, shocking Pegasus who has never felt such power. As he draws the final card, Yugi reveals the Black Lustre Ritual card. Activating the card, the ritual beings.

As both of his monsters are sacrificed, their powers of light and darkness are combined, opening the Gates of Chaos in order to allow the Black Lustre Soldier to emerge. With a powerful attack, the Soldier destroys the Pet Dragon and reduces Mai's life points to 750. Everyone is shocked, especially Mai whose spirit is broken by the crushing defeat of her Dragon. Unable to revive it again, her strategy has fallen to pieces and she cannot see any way to win. Laying her hand over her deck, she concedes the match to Yugi, unable to face seeing her Harpies destroyed on Yugi's next turn.

As Mai turns to leave, Yugi thanks her for teaching him to confront his fears and weaknesses. Mai admits that she also has a lot to learn, both about duelling and herself, but warns Yugi that they will meet again and next time she may not be so easy to defeat. Even so, Yugi must still defeat the winner of the next duel in order to earn the right to duel Pegasus and save his Grandpa. But will he be strong enough to defeat his opponent if he is pitted against his closest friend?

b: 31-Aug-2002

31. Keith's Machinations (1)

Just as the duel between Joey and Bandit Keith is about to begin, Joey realizes that he doesn't have his qualification card. The refeer gives Joey five minutes to find the card. Joey searches his room for it, but, of course, he can't find the card because Keith stole it. Just as Joey's about to give up, Mai appears and gives Joey her qualification card, as he needs it more than she does. Joey returns to the area, and Bandit Keith wonders how Joey got the card. Keith starts of the duel by placing a monster facedown. Joey does the same. Keith flips face-up his Pendulum Machine (1750/2000) which destroys Joey's facedown Battle Warrior (700/1000). Joey summons Giltia The Magician Knight(1850/1500) and it attacks Keith's Machine, but the attack does nothing. Keith then reveals that his machine monsters are immune to magical attacks. Keith summons Launcher Spider (2200/2500) which destroys Giltia (JLP 1650). Joey plays Axe Raider in defence mode and ends his turn. Keith is about to play a card facedown, but he 'accidentally' drops it onto the field, revealing it to everyone. Keith then picks up the card and puts it facedown. He also plays another card facedown. Yugi feels it's a trap, but Joey summons Flame Swordsman (1800/1500) and powers it up with Salamandra (2500) and it attacks the facedown Zoa (2600/1900), but Keith activates the Magic Metal Force trap card, turning Zoa in Metal Zoa (3000/2300), making it immune to the Flame Swordsman's attack. On Keith's turn, he has Metal Zoa attack and destroy Flame Swordsman (JLP 1150). Joey places a card facedown and ends his turn. Keith plays Stop Defence to switch Axe Raider to attack mode. Metal Zoa attacks Axe Raider, but Joey activates the Spiked Pit trap. Metal Zoa falls into the pit, thus destroying it, and dealing 1/4 its attack power to Keith's Life Points (KLP 1250). Joey then summons Garoozis (1800/1500) in attack mode and it destroys the Pendulum Machine (KLP 1200). Joey also places a card facedown. Keith has Launcher Spider attack Garoozis, but Joey activates Kunai With Chain, ensnaring the Launcher Spider and increasing Garoozis' attack by 500 (2300). Garoozis then destroys Launcher Spider (KLP 1100). Tea says that she's never seen a duel when the Life Points were this close, but Keith vows to defeat Joey.

b: 07-Sep-2002

32. Keith's Machinations (2)

With Joey in the lead, Keith gets really angry and sends out the mighty Barrel Dragon who annihilates Joey's Axe Raider and Gerusies. Joey tries his Time Wizard and Baby Dragon combo, and it worked! But Keith used his trap card Time Machine to bring back the Barrel Dragon at full power. Joey plays Red Eyes Black Dragon and uses his Copycat card to get the Magic Metal Force and activate it, creating the Red Eyes Metal Black Dragon! He destroys the Barrel Dragon, but Keith plays his Slot Machine in defence and uses the Seven Completed to power up it's defence to 3000. Then he slips another out from his wrist band and plays it to raise the Slot Machine's attack. But as it attacks Joey plays his Dragon Nails, powering up his Dragon to 3400. But Keith cheats yet again and uses his last Seven Completed to raise the Slot Machine's attack to 3400. Then Keith steals Joey's Shield and Sword using his Pilager card. He activates it, making his Slot Machine's attack 3000 and the Red Eyes Metal Black Dragon's 2400. But as the dragon dies, Joey uses his Grave Robber to get the Time Machine and revive his dragon with an attack of 3400. It destroys Keith's monster and his Life Points. Keith accuses Joey of cheating, but Pegasus claims to have known that Keith stole Joey's entry card and cheated with his Seven Completed cards. Keith is dragged away, but breaks free and threatens Pegasus. Pegasus activates a trap door and Keith is tossed out of the castle into the sea below. Now Joey and Yugi must duel to see who battles Pegasus.

b: 07-Sep-2002

33. Best of Friends, Best of Duelists (1)

Yugi and Joey prepare to duel. Joey thanks Yugi for all his help on getting to where he is but Yugi says Joey had the skills to do it all along. Yugi leads with Celtic Guardian but Joey counters with Guiltier the Knight and the Guardian is destroyed. Yugi can't believe didn't do anything but just play a monster that turn so and says a mistake like that should not go unpunished. Then he plays Gaia the Fierce Knight and Guiltier is beaten. Joey then plays Armored Lizard in defence. This suprises everyone. Yugi plays Summoned Skull and destroys the Lizard. Joey smiles and plays the Flame Swordsman with the Shield and Sword card, reducing Summoned Skull's attack to 1200! The Flame Swordsman easily crushed the Skull. Yugi congradulates Joey on a good move then plays Curse of Dragon. Then Yugi uses Polymerisation to create Gaia the Dragon Champion and it destroys the Swordsman. But Joey counters by first playing Red Eyes Black Dragon, the the Grave Robber to get the Summoned Skull, and finally Copy Cat to copy Yugi's Polymerisation card to make the Black Skull Dragon! It destroys the Dragon Champion but Yugi is unfazed as he obviously has a plan to make the supreme dragon fall!

b: 14-Sep-2002

34. Best of Friends, Best of Duelists (2)

Joey seems unstoppable with the Black Skull Dragon, but Yugi isn't about to go down. He plays the Dark Magician with Magical Hats. Joey then attacks an empty hat. Then Joey plays Gerusies in an attempt to lure Yugi into attacking but Yugi doesn't. Then Yugi plays a card hidden in another hat. Joey attacks and once again hits an empty hat. On his third try, Joey hits the hat with the Spell-Binding Circle and His Dragon's attack is lowered to 2500 while he switched Gerusies to defence. Then Yugi played the Book of Secret Arts to power up the Dark Magician to 2800, thus destroying Joey's dragon. But then Joey played Baby Dragon and another card face down. Yugi thought it was the Time Wizard, so he attacked. But it was Kunai with Chain and the Dark Magician was captured by Gerusies. Then, using the heart of the cards, Joey drew and played Time Wizard. The Time Roulette suceeded and a Thousand Dragon and Dark Sage were created. But the Thousand Dragon's attack was blocked by the magic effect of the Dark Sage, allowing Yugi to play any card in his deck during either player's turn! After using Mokiou Mist to shut-down Joey's attack, Yugi used Reborn the Monster to bring back the Black Skull Dragon, thus ending the duel. After, Yugi gave the three million dollars to Joey for his sister. Now it's time for Yugi to duel with Pegasus.

b: 14-Sep-2002

35. Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium (1)

As the Duel Monsters tournament draws to a close, Yugi must face up to the power of Pegasus's Millennium Eye in their final duel if he wants to win. But will he be able to defeat an opponent who knows his every move? Meanwhile, Tristan heads off in a search to find the bodies of the Kaiba brothers, and Bakura's Millennium Ring seems to be taking control.

In the duel Pegasus continues to read Yugi's mind to know his cards, being so confident as to play his defense monsters face up. Pegasus' Red Archery Girl plus Tears of the Mermaid counters Yugi's trap-enhanced Beaver Warrior and destroys it.

Tristan rescues Mokuba's soullesss body while Bakura's Millennium Ring allows him to sense the guards putting the island on alert as they corner Tristan in the dungeons...

b: 21-Sep-2002

NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Yugi vs. Pegasus: Final Duel of Souls" for this episode.

36. Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium (2)

As Pegasus continues to crush Yugi's monsters with the power of his Millennium Eye despite Yugi's use of the Spell-Binding Circle, by using Trap Displacement to switch the Circle to Yugi's Summon Skull. Then Pegasus starts to make things interesting by playing Toonworld and decimating Yugi's monsters with his toon-transformed monsters.

Yugi tries to find a weakness in the one-of-a-kind card using his Celtic Warrior only to see it destroyed. Pegasus uses Gorgon's Eye trap card to immobilize all of Yugi's defensive creatures and still reduce his life points when he destroys them. Then Yugi uses Doppelganger to duplicate Yugi's destroyed Summon Skull, making it the Toon Skull, and things look grim...

Meanwhile, the guards corner Tristan and the soulless Mokuba, but the Shadow Spirit-possessed Bakura arrives and uses a Chain Energy duel card to bind the guards. Then they come to a passageway leading out onto a sheer cliffside but Bakura's Millennium Ring prepares to summon help from the Shadow Realm so they can escape.

b: 21-Sep-2002

NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Yugi vs. Pegasus: Final Duel of Souls" for this episode.

37. Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium (3)

As Yugi continues to duel Pegasus, he begins to hatch a plan to defeat the Millennium Eye. Yugi and Yugi-oh "switch" minds from turn to turn using the eye, doing a "Mind Shuffle". Yugi plays a facedown card then switches to Yugi-oh so the latter has to trust in Yugi's plays...but Pegasus can't read his mind to find out the cards.

Using the Mind Shuffle, they prevent Pegasus reading what cards they have played, and use the Magic Hat and Living Arrow to protect their Dark Magician long enough to destroy the Toonworld and its inhabitants with the Mirror Force trap. With Yugi now in the lead, Pegasus decides to move the game up a notch, and prepares to shift the arena into the Shadow Realm and take the Millennium Puzzle piece.

Meanwhile, Bakura opens himself to the spirit of his Millennium Ring, letting him summon real monsters to defeat the guards, then informs Tristan that he wants Mokuba's soulless body as a new host body and will send Tristan to the graveyard along with the guards.

b: 28-Sep-2002

NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Yugi vs. Pegasus: Final Duel of Souls" for this episode.

38. Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium (4)

Pegasus is enraged that Yugi has mastered his Millenium Puzzle and developed the Mind Shuffle. Pegasus takes them both to the Shadow Realm and so begins a true Shadow Game. Pegasus plays Dark Eyes Illusionist, a card with no attack or defence points! Pegasus created the monster just for the tournament, so Yugi doesn't know its effect. Yugi descides to attack with Curse of Dragon. Unfortunately, the Dark Eyes' effect paralyzes all monsters that attack! Then Pegasus plays the Black Illusion Ritual Call that sacrifices the Dark Eyes Illusionist to summon another specially-created creature: the mighty Relinquished! The monster consumes the Curse of Dragon. When Yugi attacks with his Dark Magician, the Curse of Dragon appears as a shield to protect Relinquished. The Dragon is destroyed, and Yugi loses Life Points! As the Relinquished assimilates the Dark Magician, Yugi changes back to normal to draw one card and play it face down. Then the power of the Shadow Realm takes its toll and little Yugi collapses. Now the Spirit of the Puzzle must fight alone to avenge Yugi but Pegasus plays a self-destructing Bagadan that will destroy every creature on the field...but wipe out Yugi's life points in two turns.

Meanwhile, Tristan discovers that the Millenium Ring took control of Bakura again and it wants Mokuba as it's new host! Tristan attacks and knocks the possessed Bakura out. Then he throws the Millenium Ring as far from the castle as he could. He then took both Mokuba and Bakura back to the arena and reunites with his friends, but they are unable to enter the Shadow Realm and help Yugi.

b: 28-Sep-2002

NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Yugi vs. Pegasus: Final Duel of Souls" for this episode.

39. Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium (5)

Little Yugi collapses, leaving only the Spirit of the Puzzle to duel against Pegasus. Pegasus tries to read the Spirit's mind, but T?a, Joey and Tristan use their friendship ritual to focus their minds and block out Pegasus. Yami Yugi plays Mystic Box to get back his Dark Magician, then uses Brain Control on Pegasus' time bomb. Then he plays the card Yugi played face down, which was the Dark Magic Ritual. Yami Yugi sacrifices Dark Magician and the captured Jigan-Bakudon to summon his Magician of Black Chaos!

Pegasus polymerizes his Relinquished with a Thousand-Eyes Idol to get his best monster, the Thousand-Eyes Restrict! As the Restrict captures the Chaos Mage, it also catches the two cards Yami Yugi played, Karebo and Multiply! Thousands of Karebo swarm over the Restrict then self-distruct due to the Jigan-Bakudon, weakening the Restrict so the Magician of Black Chaos can destroy it. Yugi wins the duel!

After the Shadow Realm area disappears, Pegasus is missing and the souls remain trapped! Meanwhile, Bakura shows up and we find out despite Tristan throwing his Millennium Ring into the ocean, he is still possessed by his item's spirit which plans to fight Pegasus and gain his Millennium eye.

b: 05-Oct-2002

NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Yugi vs. Pegasus: Final Duel of Souls" for this episode.

40. Aftermath

Bakura engages the weakened Pegasus as the latter prepares to honor his bargain and unleash the souls. He readily wins since Pegasus is weakened from his duel with Yugi. As Pegasus' minions carry his unconscious body away, Yugi and his friends read Pegasus' diary and find out how he met the mysterious Shadi in Egypt years ago and was given the Millennium Eye and planned to use its power to bring his love Cecilia back.

As the gang looks for the souls, Shadi arrives looking for the criminal who stole Pegasus' Millennium Eye and confronts Yugi. Shadi uses his own Millennium Key to unlock Yugi's mind and discover Yami Yugi. Shadi reveals that an ancient pharaoh trapped the power of the Shadow Game within the Millennium Items and Yami Yugi lets Shadi into his unconscious mind - a labyrinth of traps and doors. The pure spirit of Yugi comes to Shadi's rescue and they both confront a mental projection of the Dark Magician, another mental defense. Yugi pleads to the Dark Magician, confirming to Shadi that Yugi is the "Chosen One" of ancient prophecy, fated to solve the Millennium Puzzle and prevent evil from unleashing the chaos of the Shadow Game. Shadi departs as mysteriously as he came, telling Yugi "the fate of the world rests on your shoulders."

b: 05-Oct-2002

NOTE: Pegasus did NOT die in both the dub and the original anime. See "Pegasus's Invitation."

41. The Wrath of Rebecca (1)

Pegasus has freed Grampa, Mokuba, and Kaiba's souls, Joey has his prize money, and Kaiba and Mokuba are back together. Yugi talks to the spirit of the puzzle and they congardulate each other. They all hitch a ride home from Kaiba, and Bakura in his evil state thinks that he has the best prize of all: Pegasus's Millenium Eye. We don't see him again.
Back at home, Grandpa is fully recovered. They run into Rebecca, a girl who is only eight but claims to be a world champion and prodidgy at Duel Monsters. Joey and Tristan are very skeptic since she has a teddy bear with her, and she pretends he can talk. Yugi says he read about a Duel Monsters child prodidgy once, so it's possible she's that person. She says that Grandpa stole her Blue Eyes White Dragon, and she wants to duel to get it back. Tea remembers that Kaiba ripped it up in the first episode. Yugi claims that his Grandpa is most certainly not a thief, but she wants to duel anyways. After pulling a few strings with Mokuba, the gang borrows a hologram projector for the duel in Kaiba's amusement park, Kaiba Land. Yugi says that his Grandpa is in no state to duel after just getting out of the hospital, so he duels Rebecca instead.
Rebecca's frist card is Witch of the Black Forest. Yugi uses Celtic Guardian and destroys it. Rebecca is distraught. Then she pretends that her teddy bear is telling her something. She says that the bear told her that now she could take a card with 1500 or less defense points from her deck since her witch went to the graveyard. She chooses a card. Then she sends out Sangan, and Celtic Guardian destorys it. She acts upset again, but then her teddy "tells" her that she can take a monster from her deck with 1500 or less attack points. She chooses her card and plays a monster face down. Suddenly, she drops her "llittle girl" act and has an attitiude of a pro. She uses a crad that allows her to discard a monster from her hand, and get rid of Yugi's Celtic Guardian. She does this. Meanwhile Grandpa is beginning to remember a duel he had almost exactly like this one. He warns Yugi to be careful. Yugi has Summoned Skull attack the face down card on the field. It's the Millenium Sheild and Yugi loses 500 life pts. She then plays the Ring of Magnetism on the shield, bringing its attack down to 2500 and then plays Cannon Soldier (400/1300). Yugi is worried because Cannon Soldier can attack his life points directly if she sacrifices another monster. Yugi orders Summoned Skull to destory Cannon Soldier, but the Millenium Shiled takes the attack because of the Ring of Magnetism. Then Rebecca plays another Witch of the Black Forest and sacrifces it, causing her to draw another card from her deck. It also lets Cannon Soldier attack Yugi's life points directly. Grandpa now remembers that he played the exact same duel with a friend, Arthur Hawkins. Rebecca says that she is Arthur's Granddaughter. The score is currently: Rebecca 1300 Yugi 1000. Rebecca says that it's hopeless for Yugi, and the episode ends as a cliffhanger.

b: 12-Oct-2002

42. The Ties of Friendship (2)

As the duel continues, Yugi's grandfather reveals how he and Rebecca's grandfather Arthur Hawkins and he played a Duel Monsters game while sealed in a pyramid in Egypt. Although Yugi uses the Catapult Turtle and Brain Control to eliminate Rebecca's Millennium Shield and Cannon Soldier, she responds by sacrificing her monsters and plays the Shadow Ghoul, which gains extra attack from each of her monsters in the graveyard. But their game contines to parallel the one Yugi's grandfather and Hawkins played in the crypt.

Yugi stalls with the Swords of Revealing Light but surrenders just as his grandfather did against Rebecca's grandfather. Then Arthur arrives and we discover that Yugi would have won but chose to let Rebecca win so she'd learn a lesson. In recognition Yugi gives her his Ties of Friendship card.

b: 12-Oct-2002

43. Legendary Heroes (1)

Kaiba returns to KaibaCorp to get revenge on the traitors that went against him but they claim they allied with Pegasus only to get Kaiba back. That stalls Kaiba long enough fo them to trap him inside a virtual reality game based on Duel Monsters that he has spent years perfecting. With Kaiba defenseless against his own programme, Mokuba goes to get Yugi and Joey to venture into the game in order to resuce Kaiba.

They defeat the first challenge by reversing the defense and attack of a horde of zombie monsters, then end up in a virtual town they can't escape until they get a Makuri Bird card to get through the desert storms. Joey enters into a contest as 'Senor Porky' to win the prize. Meanwhile the traitorous Kaiba board members send their minions to the Kaiba office they're using to enter the virtual world.

b: 19-Oct-2002

44. Legendary Heroes (2)

As 'Senor Porky' Joey fights in a contest against a masked woman who turns out to be Mai, who is being paid to test the system. They get the Neatori (sic) Bird card and it leads them through the desert storm to a castle. They end up in a labyrinth dodging labyrinth tanks but Yugi uses his Magic Hats card to escape. Then a fairy takes them to meet Princess Adina, a character that Kaiba modelled on his younger brother.

Adina leads then out of the Maze to confront a Gate Guardian, but the guys form the Black Skull Dragon with the Dragon Nails to destroy it. Adina informs them that Kaiba is being held prisoner in the Castle of Dark Illusions by the Witty Phantom until he can be sacrificed to the Mythic Dragon. But when Mokuba is also kidnapped, Yugi, Joey and Mai must infiltrate the Castle to rescue the two Kaiba brothers once again.

b: 19-Oct-2002

45. Legendary Heroes (3)

As the flying machine rises up out of the ground, Yugi, Joey, and Mai wave good-bye to the people of Simlou. Eirro flies up and joins Yugi as Joey takes command. As they are attacked by several duel monsters, Mai summons the Harpie, Joey summons Giltia, and Yugi the Dark Magician. But a monsters comes straight for Yugi and before the Dark Magician can reach him, it prepares to strike. But Eirro gets in the way and is hit instead.
The Dark Magician destroys the monsters as Yugi watches sadly as Eirro vanishes, destroyed. Yugi transforms into Yami Yugi, having had enough of the virtual world. They penitrate the barrier, but are hit with a blast from the castle. The all hop on the Winged Dragon as the flying magician falls.
Meanwhile, the Whitty Phantom returns to Kaiba and shows him the second offering, Mokuba.
Mokuba, however is far from ready to be sacrificed and summons the Swordstalker who frees Kaiba. Kaiba then summons the Blue Eyes and destroys the phantom. As they head out into the hall, they run into a bunch of armed ninjas. After defeating them and freeing the Blue Eyes that was trapped within their capture jar, Mokuba explains to Kaiba that to get into the game, he had to get help from Yugi and Joey.
Kaiba is upset that Mokuba had to get Yugi's help but they continue on their way out of the cave. Meanwhile, Yugi and the others destroy a bunch of insects and then meet up with Kaiba and his brother.
The directors of Kaibacorp then reprogram the game and summon the Mythic Dragon. The group decide to use their strongest dragons, as the dragon seal prevents any other creature from attacking.
They attempt to attack Mokuba, but Joey uses his red eyes black dragon as a blockade, but in the process he looses all his life points and disappears. Mai angrily orders harpie's dragon to attack, but it is destroyed and all of her life points with it. As she vanishes, Yugi summons the black luster soldier, but it is barred from attacking because of the seal.
He asks Kaiba to summon the ultimate dragon, but Kaiba tells Yugi that he doesn't need to do anything Yugi says and can win by himself. But the Mythic Dragon launches another attack straight at Kaiba and to protect his brother, Mokuba pushes him out of the way and is hit with the blast.
As he falls, Kaiba reaches out to catch him but he disappears before he reaches his arms. As Kaiba sadly falls the the ground, Yugi pleads with Kaiba to summon the dragon. Kaiba agrees and summons his monster. Yugi then fuses it with the Black Luster Soldier and they oblitherate the Mythic Dragon.
The two wake up back in the city, where Adina and her people thank them for saving the city. Kaiba doesn't care, having lost his brother, and Yugi tells them that the real heroes aren't them, but Joey and Mai who were killed.
Adina then turns into the Mystical Elf, and revives all three of the fallen friends and Eirro as well. As an exit portal appears, Kaiba tells Yugi that he is grateful for his help, but they still aren't friends. Yugi wonders what Kaiba has against him, but Kaiba and Mokuba leave.
Yugi and the others wake up just as Kimo and the other guards break in. Mokuba taunts the guards, telling them that his brother is free too.
As they run off to stop Kaiba, Mokuba thanks Yugi, Joey, and Mai for their help and runs off to catch up with his brother.

b: 26-Oct-2002

46. Dungeon Dice Monsters (1)

Yugi and Tea are about to leave for school when they notice Grandpa is upset. He tells them that a new game shop just opened and that he thinks it will provide to much competition. The two run off to school while Duke Devlin watches a window in a building. When the two meet up with Joey and Triston they go to class and see a bunch of girls crowded around someone. When they look they see Duke, a guy tells them Duke is the owner of the new shop, is showing off to the girls with some dice tricks. Joey says that Duke can't be that great so afer being humiliated by a trick that Duke had they head to Duke's new game shop. Since Duke has no dueling deck of his own he says the only way he will duel is if they make fresh decks. While picking the packs of cards Joey brags that he got some really good cards. As the duel bigens Duke plays Oni-tank. Joey then plays Sword Hunter and attacks. The because of the special effect of the Sword hunter he gets armour from the Oni-tank and his attack raises to 2650. Duke draws Michizure and puts it face down, then plays the Dark Bat in defense mode. Joey counters with the Mad Sword Beast, and attacks, and because of the Mad Sword Beast's effect Duke loses life points anyway. Duke then activates Michizure and Joey loses his Sword Hunter. Then Duke plays Spike Bot and destroys the Mad Sword Beats. Joey plays Goblin Attack Force and destroys the Spike Bot dropping Duke's life points to 50. Then the effect of the Goblin Attack Force put's it into defense mode. Duke then plays Gradius and then a magic card that Doubled it's attack power, then played Fairie Meteor Crush and that allowed his monster to attack life points directly even though his monster was in defense mode. Joey loses and has to wear a dog suit for one week. Yugi, disgusted by what Duke has made Joey do, challenges Duke to a duel. Duke excepts under the condition that they play one of his games.... Dungeon Dice Monsters. Yugi excepts, and the match begins.

b: 02-Nov-2002

47. Dungeon Dice Monsters (2)

Yugi challenges Duke to a game to win Joey's freedom, and if he loses he will never duel again.The media hears that Yugi, The King Of Games, is going to battle Duke Delvin, the champion of Dungeon Dice Monsters, and is going to do it by playing Dungeon Dice Monsters, a game that Yugi has never played. Duke explains as little as possible to Yugi about the game but enough to get him started. They start to play and just as Yugi thinks he's figured it out Duke tells him another rule that totaly changes the game. Eventually Yugi manages to get a monster on the field and things look up, but then Duke manages to Destroy one of Yugi's three heart points, then Duke tells Yugi about how he had worked his whole life on creating Dungeon Dice Monsters and he had finally gotten his idea to Pegasus and they agreed that right after the Duelist Kingdom Tournament Pegasus would make a partnership with Duke and help market Dungeon Dice Monsters, but then Yugi came and beat Pegasus and Dke hadn't been able to get a hold of Pegasus since. Duke belives that Yugi cheated when he beat Pegasus because nobody can beat someone at a game they created, so he wants to defaet Yugi to prove that he was cheating, and as Yugi is down by every way possible not even he is sure if it is possible to beat him.

b: 02-Nov-2002

48. Dungeon Dice Monsters (3)

As the Dungeon Dice game between Yugi and Duke continues, Yugi begins to work out the rules of the game, and how to use them to his advantage. And as Yugi wipes out two of Duke's three heart points, it seems that the King of Games is going to keep his crown after all.

b: 09-Nov-2002

NOTE: This is the last episode of Season One for the UK and Canada

49. Dungeon Dice Monsters (4)

Orgoth destroys three of Yugi's monsters and begins to close in on Yugi's hearts. After taking one away, Yugi tries to find some way to defeat Orgoth and he summons the Dark Magician onto the field which demolishes him. Then, after using the mystic box, one of the Dark Magician's magical effects, to switch places with Deranzo, he wipes out Duke's final point, winning the match and Joey's freedom.
Duke apologizes to Yugi, realizing what a jerk he's been, and now that he brodcasted it to the world, he thinks his game shop is doomed. But Yugi tells him once dungeon dice monsters is advertised a little, it'll be a great hit. Just as Yugi and Duke agree to become friends, Duke gets an e-mail from Industrial Illustions, who agree to market the game globaly. Duke then thanks Yugi for showing him what real duels are about, getting to know your opponent and making new friends.

b: 09-Nov-2002

NOTE: The second series in the UK and Canada starts with this episode.
  • From this episode onwards, new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! returned to first being aired in a dubbed format on KidsWB.

  • 50. The Mystery Duellist (1)

    When a mysterious fortune teller steals Yugi's Puzzle, he follows him to a warehouse where Yugi must duel the mysterious figure to win back his Puzzle. But as the duel begins, Yugi recognises his opponent's voice and eventually identifies him as Bandit Keith. However Keith has changed since Yugi last saw him and is now under the control of the mysterious group known as GURUS. And with Keith's new-found masters comes a new style of playing, one that even Yugi might not be able to beat.

    b: 16-Nov-2002

    NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Dueling Alone" for this episode.

    51. The Mystery Duellist (2)

    With Keith using rare monsters as well as machines, Yugi isn't sure of how he can win the duel but is determined to keep on fighting. Drawing the Koumori Dragon, he plays it in defence mode where his life points will be unharmed if it is destroyed. However as Keith begins his next turn, the person controlling Keith is determined to push Yugi to his limits in the hopes of forcing Yami to appear.

    Playing Seiyaryu, Keith uses Stop Defence to force Yugi's monster into attack mode and then plays one card face down. Attacking Yugi's Dragon, Keith destroys it, reducing Yugi's life points to 400. Keith once again demands that Yami appear, but Yugi still refuses, fearing for his partner's safety. Playing a monster face down, Yugi passes back to Keith who destroys the monster with Seiyaryu. As Keith plays two cards face down, he switches Zera to defence mode and ends his turn.

    Wary as to what Keith is planning, Yugi plays the Dark Magician in defence mode and then plays the Magical Hats, concealing his Magician from Keith's monsters. However as Keith begins his turn, he reveals Magic Jammer, destroying the Hats, and then plays Demon's Ritual to switch the modes of every monster on the field. As Zera attacks Yugi's Magician, Yugi counters the attack with Mirror Force, but Keith pays half of his life points to negate it using Solemn Judgement, destroying Yugi's Magician in the process.

    Outside the warehouse, Bakura senses the dark presence within and uses the Millennium Ring to remove the darkness. Meanwhile with Yugi down to 100 life points and Keith resting at 250 the match could still sway either way. Playing one card face down, Yugi places a monster onto the field face down as well. As Keith's turn begins, he plays Hand Reaching Out to the Dead to destroy Yugi's monster, but Yugi activates the Living Arrow card, causing Zera to be destroyed instead.

    As Bakura enters the warehouse, he senses that Keith is being controlled by another person and uses the Millennium Ring to break the link between the two, but the shock of being set free leaves Keith confused and startled. As Keith's controller tries to take control once more, Keith suspects that the Millennium Puzzle is to blame and smashes it against the side of the arena, shattering it into its separate pieces.

    Bakura knocks Keith away and he and Yugi collect up the pieces of the Puzzle, but Yugi is afraid that it may take him years to reassemble all the pieces. As Yugi remains determined to reassemble the Puzzle, no matter how long it may take him, Yami Bakura is still holding one of the pieces. Bakura recalls how in ancient times the pharaoh and six priests sacrificed themselves to seal all the evil within the seven Millennium Items. Bakura wants Yugi to collect all seven items so that the evil will be released again, but he wants to be able to explore the secrets of the Puzzle until that time arrives.

    Using the power of the Ring, Yami Bakura transfers a small amount of his soul into the piece of the Puzzle and then hands it back to Yugi. As Yugi gathers up all of the pieces of the Puzzle, Bakura heads off for school, however as he leaves Yugi finds that the main piece of the Puzzle is trapped on the hook that attaches it to the arena. Meanwhile Bandit Keith is coming to, still confused, and in an attempt to escape manages to set fire to the warehouse.

    Elsewhere in the town, Joey, Taya and Tristan are still looking for Yugi when they spot smoke rising from a nearby building. Rushing to investigate, they find the last of the arrows that Yugi was following and realise that he must be inside. As Taya heads off to find help, Joey and Tristan try to help Yugi. As Yugi realises that he must assemble the Puzzle inside the warehouse, a race against time begins as the flames spread through the warehouse.

    As Tristan and Joey break down the door to the warehouse, Keith runs out still confused and the two head over to help Yugi, who has managed to reassemble the Puzzle. However as his friends try to get him to leave, Yugi refuses to go without the Puzzle, not wanting to leave Yami behind. As Tristan grabs Yugi's deck from the arena, Joey tries to knock the hook off with a pole but it unable to dislodge it, however just as he is about to give up Yami talks to him, telling him to pull the hook out with the pole. With the hook free, Tristan and Joey have to carry out the unconscious Yugi and as they get out they find Taya waiting for them as a fire crew is tackling the blaze.

    When the gang goes to visit Yugi in the hospital, Yugi explains that he felt like Yami was helping him in the fire and Joey agrees, explaining what happened to him. Tristan thinks that they're both nuts, but Taya comments that the important thing is that they are all safe. However Taya has other things on her mind as she thinks about the two Yugis, realising that Yami is not inside Yugi, but a part of him that rests in the Millennium Puzzle.

    b: 16-Nov-2002

    52. The Past is Prologue [a.k.a The Past is Present]

    Ishizu Ishtar arrives in Domino City to set up an Ancient Egyptian exhibit in the local museum. While Mokuba is excited about the new exhibit, Kaiba has not interest until Ishizu calls him and invites him to come to a private viewing of the exhibit.
    Kaiba arrives and Ishizu begins by explaining about egyptian gaming history. Kaiba insists she get to the point about the card stronger than Exodia that she mentioned on the phone.
    Ishizu explains more about egyptian history, but Kaiba is anything but interested until she shows him a large artifact with carvings of Duel Monsters. Than she insists he study one artifact of the Pharoah and an evil sorcerer in a duel. Kaiba is shocked when he realizes the Pharaoh is Yugi and Ishizu tells him the sorcerer is himself.
    Kaiba doesn't believe her, so she takes him into the past to watch the sorcerer in a duel with one of the pharoah's followers. Kaiba refuses to believe the sorcerer is really him, but is shocked as the sorcerer uses the Blue Eyes White Dragon, Kaiba's own signiture card.
    Kaiba turns to leave, but Ishizu asks him to set up a tournament to draw to town the thieves of two of her three cards. The god cards more powerful than Exodia. Kaiba agrees, but not because of her silly stories, but because he wants to become the number one duelist again. Ishizu gives him the third card to borrow in the tournament, but explains she expects it back.
    Kaiba tests her trust, but she tells him she is certain he will return it.
    Meanwhile, Yugi and Yami have been talking about the fire and how Yugi's mistake almost lost him Yami. Yami cheers him up, telling him that he believes in him and that together, they will defeat the mysterious thief.
    Tea, also, has had a restless evening. She had a nightmare of Yami going to find his destiny.
    But Kaiba is more excited about the god card he has, and is eager to find the two others.

    b: 23-Nov-2002

    53. Steppin' Out

    As Taya prepares to head home from school, Joey and Tristan are mopping up the hall as Tristan asks Joey how his sister is coping. Joey tells Tristan that the operation is going to happen any day now, but that he isn't sure if he's going to be there. Surprised at what he hears, Tristan insists that Joey go along because he wants to go as well as he thinks that Serenity is cute.

    As the two friends argue, Yugi calls out to Taya and asks her if she will go out with him over the weekend. Taya is surprised but pleased by the offer, but as Yugi explains that he wants her to go out with Yami she is slightly confused by the abruptness of the decision.

    As Sunday arrives, Yami is giving Yugi style tips as he prepares for the date, not realising what his partner has set up for him. As the two head off to meet Taya, their friend is worried about how she and Yami will get on. As Yugi arrives, he switches places with Yami, leaving his two friends alone, and the two decide to go and get coffee.

    As the two drink their coffee, Taya suggests that they could go to the museum and see the exhibit, explaining that one of the artifacts shown in the local paper had a symbol on it that was similar to the one on the Millennium Puzzle. As Taya worries that she may have upset Yami with her suggestion, he explains that he is worried that the paths that he and Yugi must face are going to be difficult, but Taya explains that everyone has a hard time trying to fulfil their ambition and explains to her friend about how she wants to become a dancer.

    Finishing their drinks, the two tour the town, visiting the music store and the park, but when Yami finds a new card shop has opened he is eager to check it out and, buying a pack of cards, is pleased to find the Hand Sealing Sword of Light inside the pack. As Taya realises that Yami is happiest when he is duelling, she decides to take him to the arcade, but as they arrive everybody is gathered around the dance machine where the talented but obnoxious Step Johnny is showing off his skills.

    Determined to prove her worth on the game, Taya challenges Johnny to a head-to-head dance contest, but as the music begins and the two both dance flawlessly Johnny tries to trip Taya up but only ends up falling himself. As Taya wins the contest, everyone is impressed, even Yami.

    Later that day, Taya and Yami are looking out over the beach as Yami realises that a dream is never worth giving up on. He explains to Taya how he longs to find his memories, but worries that when he finds them he and Yugi will become separated. However as the two continue to talk, Step Johnny arrives and challenges Taya to another contest, but this time he wants to play her at Duel Monsters. As Taya is stunned by the challenge, Yami accepts the duel in her place, but Johnny warns him that if he loses he must stay away from Taya forever.

    As the duel begins, Yami is determined to teach Johnny a lesson about respect for dancing, and as Johnny plays the Sound Maiden Yugi easily defeats it with the Celtic Guardian, reducing Johnny's life points to 1800. As Johnny plays his second monster, the Water Dancer, Yami realises that Johnny is using fan cards, not seriously intended for duelling but more a set of cards for collectors who like music and dancing.

    However as Yami passes play back to Johnny, his opponent plays the Spirit of the Harp in defence more before increasing it's DEF by 500 through the power of the Soothing Song. Surprised by the play, Yugi plays Curse of Dragon, destroying the Water Dancer and reducing Johnny's life points to 1200, but Johnny retaliates with the Witch of the Black Forest, fusing it with his Lady of Faith to form the Musician King.

    As the Musician King attacks, Yugi's Guardian is destroyed, reducing his life points to 1650, and as Johnny ends his turn he plays one card face down. Yugi attacks the Musician King with his Curse of Dragon, but as he does so Johnny reveals his Magic Metal Force, transforming his monster into the Heavy Metal King, destroying Yugi's Dragon.

    As Yugi plays the Giant Soldier of Stone in defence mode, the power of Magic Metal Force increases the Heavy Metal King's ATK to 2700 and Johnny destroys Yugi's Soldier. Shocked by the King's ability to increase it's ATK for each monster that it has destroyed, Yugi realises that he can still win the match as he summons the Dark Magician and orders it to attack.

    As Johnny reminds Yugi of his Metal Force, Yugi informs his opponent that the Trap's powers only work when Johnny is attacking, not when he is being attacked. As the Heavy Metal King is destroyed, Johnny is shocked to realise just who his opponent is and surrenders, realising that there is no way for him to win.

    As Johnny tries to leave the arena, Taya confronts him, telling him not to give up on his dreams. Johnny explains that he gave up trying to become a dancer when he failed an audition, but Taya tells him that he shouldn't have given up after just one try and that if he keeps on trying then he will eventually succeed.

    As Johnny promises to keep trying, Taya and Yami decide to visit the museum, but when the two arrive Yami is apprehensive about going in, not sure if he is ready to have his questions answered. But with Taya by his side Yami has the confidence he needs to find out who he really is.

    b: 23-Nov-2002

    NOTE: it may just be me, but Johnny Steps kinda gives off a 'DJ Professor K from Jet Set Radio Future' vibe.
  • When Yugi walks out of the card shop it shows the close - up of lightforce sword, but behind it is flying kamakiri #2 and kiseitai, probably a warning of joey's duel with weevil.(those two cards are use by weevil in playing with a parasite 1)
  • The dancing arcade game music is the Yu-Gi-Oh theme song sped up.

  • 54. Obelisk the Tormentor

    Deciding that the time has come to find out who he really is, Yami enters the museum, with Taya by his side, in the hopes that he will find the answers he seeks. As the two walk around the exhibit, Yami spots a cordoned off area that leads down to a sub-level of the museum and decides to investigate.

    Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Taya is confused to see the stone tablet with the carving of Yami as the Egyptian Pharaoh, but Yami is relieved to finally know who he is, the soul of the pharaoh. As the two study the tablet Isis arrives and explains that she knew that the two were coming because her Millennium Item, the Millennium Tauk, had shown it to her.

    As Isis and Yami talk, she explains that Yami must gather all seven Millennium Items together in order to restore his memories. However Isis warns Yami that somebody else is also after all of the items and that Yami will have to face this new adversary before he can recover his memories. As Isis tells Yami to go to the plaza where his quest to recover his memories will begin, Yami wants to know why his soul was sealed inside the Puzzle, but is distracted when he spots the carving of Kaiba on the tablet.

    Elsewhere, at Kaibacorp's Research and Development department, Kaiba is preparing to run the final test on his new Duel Disk system. As the systems prepare, Kaiba is proud of his new invention, a version of the disk that doesn't require throwing to project the images but instead uses projectors that are released when the duel begins. As the disks are used, all of the data is processed instantly using Kaibacorp's satellite systems, making it possible to duel absolutely anywhere.

    As the computer system launches, the Robo Duellist's challenge level is set to maximum, a challenge that will give even Kaiba a run for his money, and a perfect chance for him to try out the God of Obelisk. As Kaiba inserts his deck into the disk, the life points are set to 4000 and the projectors are released to the sides.

    As both Kaiba and the Robo Duellist draw their opening hands, the Robo plays a monster face down before passing play back to Kaiba, who plays one card face down before summoning the Battle Ox. But as Kaiba's monster attacks the Robo reveals the Cyber Pod, destroying both monsters but allowing each player to search the top five cards of their deck for any monsters of level four or below.

    As the Robo plays two monsters face down in defence mode, Kaiba summons four monsters, however as his opponent takes it's next turn it tributes the two monsters in order to summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Kaiba remembers how the new rules mean that tributes must be paid to summon a high-level monster like the Blue-Eyes, and is impressed at the way the Robo used the Cyber Pod to set up the tribute.

    Sacrificing the Hitotsu-Me Giant, Kaiba summons the Dragon Slayer, hoping to use it to destroy the Blue-Eyes, but as the Robo's turn begins it plays a card face down before summoning the Lord of Dragons, preventing all destructive attacks from affecting dragons on the field. As Kaiba switches his monsters to defence mode, Mokuba is worried about how his big brother can win as the Robo uses the Flute of Summon Dragon to play the other two Blue-Eyes, before fusing them to form the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

    As Mokuba learns that the disks are set to inflict combat damage, he is worried that his brother could get seriously hurt, but fortunately the new rules state that a fused monster must wait a turn before attacking. Face-to-face with the powerful monster, Kaiba senses the fear that Yugi must have felt going up against the Ultimate Dragon, but as he puts his trust in his cards he successfully draws the card that will win him the match, God of Obelisk.

    Sacrificing three monsters as tributes, Kaiba summons the God onto the field, but as he sacrifices two more monsters to increase the ATK of the God, the computer systems begin to overload. Attacking with the powerful beast, Kaiba destroys the Blue-Eyes and wins the duel, but although he is amazed at the power of just one God card, the power it displayed makes him eager to reclaim the other two.

    As Yami and Taya arrive at the plaza, Yami asks Taya not to tell Yugi what has happened and she agrees, but as the two continue to talk Yugi senses a strange aura to the plaza. As he prepares to mention the fact to Taya, Mai arrives, teasing Yami and Taya because she realises that they are on a date together.

    As Mai finishes teasing the pair, Yami asks Mai why she is here and she is surprised to learn that Yami is at the plaza even though he hasn't heard the news. Mai explains that news has been leaked over the internet that something will be happening at the plaza and explains that that is why so many duellists are about.

    As Yami looks around the plaza he spots a number of familiar faces; Rex Raptor, Weevil Underwood and Mako Tsunami and Mai catches sight of Esper Roba, another talented duellist. As the duellists scout out the rest of the competition, all of the video screens turn on as Seto Kaiba prepares to make an announcement to the crowd.

    Kaiba explains that that in a week's time a new tournament will take over the city and that each duellist taking part needs a new Duel Disk system and a deck of 40 cards that includes a number of rare cards. As a helicopter arrives in the plaza, Kaiba gets out and is pleased to see that Yugi has turned up. He announces that the duels will use a new set of rules and that the winner of each duel will have the right to claim one rare card from the loser. Shocked to hear the news, both Mai and Yami realise that this tournament will be nothing like Duellist Kingdom.

    As Kaiba announces that the city will become Battle City, a robed figure is watching the proceedings from an unknown location. Realising that all the best duellists will be in one place, Malik decides that the time has come to put things into action and he orders the Rare Card Hunters to make their way to the tournament to claim the pick of the cards.

    b: 30-Nov-2002

    NOTE: The Battle City rules are a much closer representation to the real life rules of Duel Monsters, with the exception that the Battle City duels start with 4000LP not 8000LP

    55. Stalked by the Rare Hunters

    When Joey finds out about Battle City, he and Yugi head to the Game Shop where the duelling systems can be obtained. But while Yugi is ranked as a 5 star duellist and qualifies for the tournament, Joey is only a 1 star duelist, and is not eligable for the tournament, until the store owner sees that he has a Red-Eyes in his deck and changes his rank. However as Joey heads over to the hospital where Serenity is about to have her operation, he is attacked and challenged to a duel using Battle City rules. Joey thinks he is doing well until his opponent manages to summon Exodia and then takes his Red-Eyes as the reward. Devastated, Joey doesn't turn up at the hospital and Serenity refuses to have the operation until Tristan finds her brother and brings him to her.

    b: 14-Dec-2002

    56. Yugi vs. the Rare Hunter (1)

    The episode begins with Grandpa complaining that Yugi hasn't done his chores. He then gets excited and closes the shop to watch the Battle City Tournament. Everyone goes foward to the starting points and Kaiba flies over in his blimp explaining the rules. He starts the tournament and Joey tells Yugi that that's the Rare Hunter is the one who took his Red Eyes Black Dragon. Joey wants a rematch but the rare hunter declines but he challenges Yugi because he wants his Dark Magician. The duel begins and Joey tries to tell Yugi the Rare Hunter's strategy but the Rare Hunter says if he tells him his strategy he'd rip his Red Eyes. Yugi begins the duel with Beta the Magnet Warrior(1400/1700) in attack mode along with two cards face down. On the Rare Hunter's turn Yugi activated Light of Invertention preventing the Rare Hunter to play cards face-down. The Rare Hunter doesn't care since he already has two pieces of Exodia and then he played Graceful Charity to draw three cards and then discard two. He now has three pieces of Exodia and he summons Stone Statue(300/2000) in defense mode and ended his turn. Yugi countered by sacrificing his Warrior to play Berfomet King of the Mythical Beasts which also summons Gazelle King of the Mythical Beasts. Then he fused both of them with Polymerization to form Chimera the Flying Mythical Beasts(2100/1800). Since Battle City rules says Fusion Monsters can't attack same turn summoned so Yugi simply ended his turn. The Rare Hunter played another Gracful Charity giving the Rare Hunter four pieces of Exodia. Next the Rare Hunter played a Fortress(800/2200) in defense mode. Using his x-ray contact lense he sees he's about to draw the final piece of Exodia. Joey tries to tell him his strategy but stops him. He reminds Joey the time when Weevil threw his Exodia pieces into the ocean. Just then Yugi figured out the Rare Hunter's starategy but how will Yugi win when the next card he draws is the final piece of Exodia?

    b: 11-Jan-2003

    NOTE: This episode marks the premiere of the new opening sequence. The music is simply a different section of the full Yu-Gi-Oh! Theme (found on the Music to Duel By soundtrack) while the clips in the new opening go all the way to the end of Battle City and include clips from the first three Japanese openings (Voice, Shuffle AND Wild Drive).

    57. Yugi vs. the Rare Hunter (2)

    Yami Yugi begins by putting one card faced down and use Chimera to destroy defense monster. Now when the Rare Hunter is about to draw the final piece of Exodia, Yami Yugi reveals his trap card which was Time Seal, which makes the opponent skip his drawing phase. That move may have help Yugi for one turn but he better think up of another plan though.

    Then Yami Yugi plays Lightforce Sword(he got this card in Stepping Out) and Lightforce Sword dstroys one card for three turns, but the Lightforce Sword attacks randomly, Yami Yugi stiill took the risk and to his surprise, the Lightforce Sword destroy the right arm of Exodia, the Rare Hunter is now piss and then Yami Yugi summoned Summoned Skull by sacrificing Chimera.

    Instead the Rare Hunter played Swords of Revealing Light therefore makes the Summoned Skull unable to attack! Then the rare Hunter drew a card and it was the head of Exodia, Exodia the Forbidden One, not the card he needs to summon Exodia.

    Then Yami Yugi summoned Magnet Warrior, then Yami Yugi explain that there is a big fault in the Rare Hunter's deck because his deck is based on Exodia then puts a card faced down. The Rare Hunter drew another card but it was Left Leg of Exodia, again not the card he need. But the rare Hunter doesn't have any defenses and since he has two heads of Exodia on his hand right now, he instead plays the Head of Exodia in defense mode, doing that activates Yugi's faced down card which was Chain Destrution, Chain Destrution will destory the monster on the field and will destroy the same copies of the monster out on the field, meaning Head of Exodia, so all the Rare Hunter's Head of Exodia are now destroyed making it IMPOSSIBLE to summon Exodia now. But the Rare Hunter said that Swords of Revealing is still in play so Yugi can't attack, but Yami Yugi, instead played Dust Tornado, which destroys one magic crad on the field, now with Swords of Revealing Light destroyed, both Summoned Skull and Magnet Warrior can attack the Rare Hunter's life points directly, Yami Yugi also use Monster Reborn to reborn Chimera and then he use Summoned Skull's attack points and add it to Magnet Warrior, so now Magnet Warrior have 4100 attack points since he originally had 1400 attack points. The Yami Yugi use Magnet Warrior to attack the Rare Hunter's life points directly and the Rare Hunter lost.

    Then Yami Yugi approach him and search his deck for Joey's Red Eyes Black Dragon, but something was wrong, he feels the inks on the Rare Hunter's Exodia cards slip off his hand and then he realized that teh Exodia cards are marked with invisible ink and therefore it is fake, so Yami Yugi simply rip them up pieces to pieces.

    Meanwhile the Rare Hunter started paniking saying to his master let he go, he is sorry for losing! But then the Rare Hunter started floating up and move like a windup doll and then a yellow eye appears on his forehead like Yami Yugi's. Yami Yugi then said that that is the Millennium Sign and the "master" started talking using the Rare Hunter's body as a speak through dummy, he reveal himself as Marik, he reveal to Yami Yugi that he owns the Millennium Rod and it brainwashes people and he desires to own all 7 Millennium Items. Then Marik talk about how he is going to get all the ancient Egyptian God card, Yami Yugi didn't know what it was until Marik explain it to him and now Marik said that he will get revenge eventually then he stopped talking.

    Yami Yugi tries to give Joey back his Red Eyes but Joey won't take it unless he can win it in a duel. Joey also said that with the Red Eyes in Yugi's deck, it will be like Joey's spirit is also in Yugi's deck, plus he also remember that Yugi gave him the Time Wizard and the Time Wizard is his current rarest card. Then both walk away in different directions.

    b: 18-Jan-2003

    58. Espa Roba - The ESP Duellist (1)

    Joey is out looking for a duel on the second day of battle city. He finds Rex Raptor who was just beaten by a duelist by the name Of Espa Roba. Rex warns Joey about Roba's ESP, but Joey challenges him anyway.

    Meanwhile, Triston is visiting Serenity in the hospital. He brought a laptop so they could watch the tornament on the internet. Triston seems to forget that Serenity can't quite see yet from time to time. To make matters worse, he dosn't know how to turn the computer on!

    Yugi is also looking for a duel. He hears about Joey dueling and goes off to find him.

    Back at the hospital, Triston got a nurse to get the computer working and is telling Serenity about Joey's duel.

    Joey is about to make a move when Roba calls for his phsycic powers. Joey ignors him and plays Giltia the Knight. However, his move is stopped because he needs to sacrifice a monster. Espa also predicts the top card in Joeys card, and gets it right. Roba attaks and takes a big chunk out of Joey's life points.

    Yugi who is watching from a balconey sees a group of boys, who look alot like Roba, speaking into a wakie-takie. They are telling Roba what Joey's cards are. The boys see that Joey drew a Graceful Dice card an tell Roba. They also see another dice card in Joey's hand and think it's also a Graceful Dice. What they don'tknow is that it's Skull Dice, not Graceful Dice.

    Joey figues out that Roba was almost right when he said Joey drew another Graceful Dice and decides to trick him. First he places one monster on the feild. Then he put's both Dice cards on the field and figures that Roba wil think they are both Graceful Dice. Roba dose think just that and dose not think that the second one is a thret. He says that Joey can only use one Graceful Dice per turn.

    Roba sacrifices a monster to call out a stronger one. Joey activates Graceful Dice and it lands on a three, bringing his monster's attack to 1500, not nearly enough to bring down Roba's monster. Roba attak, and is shocked when Joey playes the other face down card, Skull Dice. The dice lands on five, bringing Roba's monster down to 440 attack power. Thats when Joey figures out that someone is telling Roba what Joey's cards are.

    Mokuba also finds out and tries to bust the cheaters. But they tell him that their big brother is dueling for them. Roba dose it so when older kids pick on his brothers, they will stop because they respect his dueling talents. Mokuba belives their story and dose not stop the duel. He figures this is alot how Seto protected him, and cuts them a break, as lond as they stop cheating. (The only other person who saw this was Yugi.)

    Back at the duel Roba denies everything and tells his brothers to read the cards right next time. It's too bad he dosn't know that they wont tell him anymore because of what Mokuba told them.
    So Espa plays one card face down and ends his turn. Joey attacks Roba's life points whith Aligator Sword. He tries again with his other card, but is stopped by a trap card, Mind Control. Joey sees that the only reason Roba wants that card is so he can sacrifice it, so he plays a trap card to stop the monster that Roba is going to bring out. Roba sommons a monster by sacrificing Joeys card, and the monster can destroy all trap cards.

    To Be Continued...

    b: 25-Jan-2003

    59. Espa Roba - The ESP Duellist (2)

    As the duel continues Espa plays Amplifier to raise Jinzo's attack to 2900. But on his next turn it'll raise another 300. Roba attack's Jeoy's Aligator Sword reducing him to 1200 life points.

    Espa Roba's brother still cheer him on while Yugi says Joey can win.

    Roba tells Joey to give up bur he refuses and he draws the Baby Dragon. Joey plays him and Rex remebers the same move. Roba laughs at his move and joey then plays Time Wizard. Roba also realizes his combo and Joey does it any ways. He knows that Jinzo will rust and Baby Dragon will grow up. The time rulet lands on a time machine and the Baby Dragon turns to a Thousand Dragon. But Jinzo isnt rusted. Espa tells Joey Jinzo has a special armou so he cant rust.

    Yugi still thinks Joey can win though.
    Espa attacks Joey's dragon with destroying it and bringing him down to 700.

    At the hospital Tristen has to lie again to Serenity and says Joey is winning. She belives him and he is worried. The nurse comes in and Tristen leaves fo a while. He has an idea and leaves. Serenity asks the the nurse to tell her who is winning the duel.

    It then shows Tea' and Grampa sneaks up on her and she almost breakes his nose. She gets a call from Tristen telling her to find Joey.

    Roba tells Joey he has lost but Joey refuses to believe it and plays Scape Goat to stall for time. Roba laughs and agin tells him to give up. Rex also tells him to give up but Joey doesnt listen.
    Back at the hospital Serenity tells Tristen not to lie about the duel and that she knows Joey has been loseing. Tristen says sorry and she forgives him and says he'll win cause she'll help him in spirit.

    Its Roba's turn and he summons Reflct Bounder(something like that) The monster reflects attacks right back at Joey and Joey tells him to attack. Jinzo's attack raises to 3200. Espa orders Jinzo and Reflect Bounder to attack the scape goats. Two are dead. Roba laughs at Joey and says he's a gonner. Joey tels himself he has to win.
    Yugi tells him to keep trying.

    Joey then starts telling himself he cant win and that he'll lose but then Tea shows up. She tells him that Serenity says that they'r a team forever and she believes in him. Joey smiles and says he's not giving up. He is gonna beat Espa Roba. Grandpa tells Joey he can win and Joey believes. He draws and what he drew was the Rulet Spider. The spider attaches itself to Jinzo. Joey says that Jinzo will walk to the center of the duel. Espa asks whats happening and Joey says " for a duelist with ESP you sure ask alot of questions" Joey tells Espa that Jinzo will spin around and when Roba tells it to stop it'll stop and what ever it stops on it will attack it. Rex says the idea is stupid and it wouldnt work. The spider spins and spins and Espa is afraid to tell it to top. Eventually he does and it stops on his Reflect Bounder. Jinzo attacks and attacks Reflect Binder. It kills it but also reflects the attack back at Jinzo. They both have died lowering Espa's life points to 0. Joey has won.
    Espa is being picked on by the crowd and Joey asks for Jinzo and the locator card. Espa freaks out and refuses. He says people count on him to win and that he doesnt get it. He has to win cause he's dueling for his brothers. If his reputation as a loser spreads his brothers will be picked on. Joey asks if he needs help but Roba refuses. Joey starts to walk off but they all hear Roba's brother in the ear piece. His brothers say that he isnt a loser and he's the best.
    Yugi walks away.

    Roba gives up Jinzo and the locator card and says sorry. Joey accepts the apology. Joey walks off with Tea and Gramps.

    Yugi tells himself Joey has gotten better. Joey also tells himself he'll go farther in the tournament and that he did good for his first duel.

    b: 01-Feb-2003

    NOTE: Listen carefully to Tea's/Anzu's cell phone as it rings. The tune comes from "Shuffle," the second original opening theme for the show.

    60. The Master of Magicians (1)

    Its still the second day of the tournament and a duelist is pbeing pushed around by another. He says he should take two of the kid's rare cards for winning but the kid refuses. The winner grabs him but then the great Mokuba shows up and repots a violation. The champ tells him to get lost but Mokuba says no and that he's the comistioner. The man tells him to get lost or he'll hurt him but then Kaiba Shows up. Kaiba challenges him after giving him the rarest cards to add to his deck. Its Kaiba's turn and he some how brings out Obilisk and beats the kid in one turn!

    Marik then finds out that Kaiba has played Obilisk. He tells how he used to rob temples for the other two cards and that his siter Ezhezu has been trying to beat him all along. He had threatened to use his Millennium Rod against her if she stands in his way again. He knows she gave Kaiba Obilisk and thats why the Battle City Tournament has taken place. He plans to weaken Yugi by sending a man named Arkana to deal with him.

    Tristen leaves Serenity to stay at the hospital and she asks that when she gets her bandages removed if he will take her to Battle City to see Joey duel. He promises and leaves.

    Joey, Tea' and Gramps are walking in the streets. Tea' tells Joey his duel with Espa was awesomeand Gramps says he's impressed at how his dueling skills have improved. Then Tea and Gramps go in search for Yugi.

    It shows Yugi holding Joey's Red Eyes and he says he's glad he has it and its like Joey is with him. He says he hopes Joey can get through the tournament without it and Yami says he will.Then Yugi wanders where Marik will strike next when a clown looking guy appears out of no where. Yugi asks who he is and the clown says to go to a tent ahead to duel his master. Thats when Tea' and Gramps show up and call out to Yugi but he doesnt seem to hear and walks into the tent. Ahead is a box that Yugi has used in duels and the clown comes out of it. He says his master is waiting and to come inside.
    Yugi walks in and Tea and Gramps call out once mre but he ignores them again and dispears into the box.

    Kaiba and Mokuba realize the tracking device cant track Yugi and Kaiba tells Mokuba to check the signal again.

    Yugi then appears out of the box into an office. Then theres a computer telling his stats for dueling and that he has 5 star ranking and his rarest card is the Dark Magician. Then the Dark Magician appears but in a shade of red not purple. It tells Yugi he is not worthy of having him in his deck. Then Arkana appears in front of Yugi. He says Yugi's Dark Magician will soon be in his deck and that only a true master can hold a Dark Magician. Arakan challenges Yugi and he accepts. Yugi says that his Dark Magician is connected to him and he wont lose him. Arakana leads him to a dueling arena below. Yugi suspects that Arakana works for Marik and cautiously follows. The duel starts as the floor beneath them both start to move backwards and shackles appear around both of their feet.Arkana then tells him that whoever lose will be touched by a Dark Energy Disk they will lose their mind to the Shadow Realm. Theres a key box that will open when someone has won and then the winner can escape.
    They draw cards Arakana Reveals that he has a Dark Magician in his hand and that he trimmed the edges of his Dark Magicians so that they would each fall on top. Yugi goes first by playing a card face down and Alpha the magnet warrior in defsne mode and Arkana plays a monster in defense mode and says he's gonna tribute for his Dark Magician but the Yugi plays Card Destruction. They discard their hands and draw new ones. Yugi uses his face down card Brain control and takes Arkana's defense monster and tributes his and Arkana's for his Dark Magician. Arkana is now shaken up and Yugi attacks directly reducing his life points to 1500.Arkana gets mad as the dark energy disk gets closer and that he'll be playing harder and Yugi will lose.
    To Be Continued...

    b: 08-Feb-2003

    NOTE: Arkana is Pandora in Japanese version.
  • It should be noted that in the original version (i.e. the Japanese original) of this episode, the loser of the Duel would get his legs cut off by a buzzsaw, not have his mind sent to the Shadow Realm by the Dark Energy Disk.

  • 61. The Master of Magicians (2)

    This episode starts off with the duel between Arkana and Yugi. Yugi tells Arakana to give up but he refuses and that he will win and get the Dark Magician.

    Tea' and Gramps are still searching for Yugi and that they gotta find him. Gramps says they will.

    Arkana starts off his move with Mystic Tomato is defense mode and a card face down. Yugi thinks that he should summon another monster and Arakana wants him to. Yugi plays Beta the magnet warrior and Arkana activates a trap card that lets him sacrifice Yugi's Alpha and the mystic tomato to bring back a monster from the grave yard...the Dark Magician. Its Dark Magician vs Dark Magician and if they attack eachother they'll both die. Yugi plays four cards face down and Arakana copies him. Arkana activates Mystical Guitine to kill the Dark Magician. The blade falls toward the Dark Magician's head as Yugi activates Magical hats and saves his favorite monster.
    Arkana then plays Thousand Knives and his Dark Magician thows the knives at the middle hat where Yugi's Dark Magician is. Yugi then activates Curse Breaker(which looks like De-Spell.) Curse Breaker destroys all magic cards(even the Magical Hats even though its really a trap.) Yugi tells Arkana that destroying his Dark Magician wont be easy. They each oder their Dark Magicians to attack eachother and they die but then they both activate Monster Reborn and bring them both back. Its a true stalemate. Yugi tells Arkana to finish the duel with honor but he refuses. Yugi asks Arkana why he led him down here and trapped him.
    Arkana then pulls off his mask and Yugi sounds discusted. Arkana tells Yugi his past and how he was a magician with fame, glory and love(like pegasus i guess.) He says that when he did a routine escape trick it failed and he was seariously hurt. When he was in the Hospital he drove Kathrine(his love)away and she disapeared. Thats when he found Marik who promised to return Kathrine useing the Millennium Rod.
    Yugi told him that working for Marik wont help get Kathrine back but then there was a curtain behind him. It hid Kathrine. Yugi told him he should of never trusted Marik and that he should believe in his slef and his deck. Arkana says that they'r just cards but Yugi says they have spirit. The only reason why Arkana made his deck was to just destroy Yugi.

    Mean while, Tea' and Gramps are still searching for Yugi. They searched the streets lake every where and still no sign of him.

    At Kaiba Corp Mokuba and Kaiba still are searching for him on the computer so the find a bunch of copmuters that are capatable with Battle City computers and to track dowmn Yugi. Mokuba says he will go to the streets and to radio him when they find Yugi.

    Back at the duel Yugi tells Arkana to make his move and he plays a card face down. Its Yugi's turn and he plays two cards face down. Arkana activates his magic card which will destroy Yugi's Magician but Yugi counters yet again saving his Magician. Arkana then says that was his plan all along and he activates a trap card which traps the Dark Magician out of the field on the side lines.(like Light Force Sword.) Arkana then attacks Yugi directly with his Dark Magician reducing his life points to 1500. They are now tied. The Dark Magician watches helplessly actually looking like he is alive. Its Yugi's turn and he draws.

    Tea' and Gramps have given up on finding Yugi when Mokuba shows up and tells them he knows where Yugi is and to follow him and they'll find him.

    Yugi plays a monster in defense mode with a defsne of 2600. Arkana teases him but then plays Doll of Demise and then plays a magic card called Ectoplmer which takes the spirit of a monster and attacks Yugi directly. Yugi is surprised. Arkana says that he'll beat Yugi. Yugi says that his monsters will be zombies and Arkana says he doesnt card and his Magician also seems to be thinking for himself as a real creature instead of a hologram.
    The Doll of Demises spirit hits Yugi reducing his life points to 700. The Dark Energy Disk gets closer to Yugi and his Dark Magician looks at his friend helplessly. Arkana then uses Ectoplasmer again but on his Dark Magician and the spirit goes at Yugi directly. Then all of a sudden Yugi's Magician's ectoplasma is activated and blocks the direct attack. Arkana and Yugi arte both surprised by this act. Yugi says that since Ectoplasmer wa used on Arkana's Magician it also does it to Yugi's saving him from losing.
    To Be Continued...

    b: 08-Feb-2003

    62. The Master of Magicians (3)

    Arkana is certain that he will win the duel as he plays one card face-down. Yugi summons Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts, hoping to direct damage Arkana. However, Arkana flips his face-down card, which can destroy monsters so that each player has same number of monsters on their sides. Since he doesn't have any monsters on the field, Yugi's two monsters are destroyed.

    Arkana then plays a magic card, Dark Magic Curtain. It lets both players give up half of their Life Points in exchange to summon a high-level monster without having to sacrifice. Arkana gives up half of his life points (750) and summons another Dark Magician (obviously, he has more than one) and orders him to attack Yugi. It seems hopeless, but Yugi points out that Dark MAgic Curtain works for everyone, and plays his Dark Magician Girl (after giving up half of his Life Points 350). Dark Magician Girl only has 2000 ATK points and Arkana commands his male Dark Magician to attack the female one. What Arkana didn't realize was that Dark Magician Girl gets 300 extra points from each Dark Magician in the graveyard. Arkana still thinks that his Dark Magician should've won, but then he sees his own Dark Magician (the first one) behind the Dark Magician Girl. Yugi tells him that Dark Magician Girl gets the boost from Dark Magicians from the both Graveyards. Arkana loses, and the Dark Energy Disk is getting closer to him. Yugi unlocks himself and finds a Locator Card in the box as well. Arkana screams, but then he reveals that he has an extra key up in his sleeve. He takes it out, but his hand suddenly becomes frozen! Marik then sends Arkana's mind to the Shadow Realm. Yugi and Marik have a long talk. Marik says that he should have the Pharaoh's power. He explains that he needs the three Egyptian God Cards and the Millenium Puzzle to rule the world. Yugi asks him where the three cards are, and Marik tells him that he already has two of them and knows where to find the third one. Marik also tells Yugi that he'll send another one of his mind-slaves to Battle City to duel and defeat Yugi. He tells him to beware of the Quiet One (The Rare Hunter). Marik also says that the Quiet One will use an Egyptian God Card! Yugi's friends then bust the door and rush in to rescue Yugi. Meanwhile at his place, Marik tells his friend Odion (yet another Rare Hunter) to send the Quiet One to destroy Yugi Muto. Then... even worse... Marik takes off his cape... (Marik is naked when he takes off the cape) and says something weird about... how... he... willl... rulllllle... the... world...

    b: 08-Feb-2003

    NOTE: Marks the first time Yami calls on the Dark Magician Girl.

    63. Playing With a Parasite (1)
    gs: Veronica Taylor (Kenta)

    Maia and Yugi are waiting for Joey in the town square when he finaly shows up. they show each other's locator cards. Mai has four, Yugi 3 while Joey only has two. Joey promises he'll catch up and they all split up. Yugi knows the Marik has something watching hi m and he guesses right. A weird looking guy was on his left a few feet away watching him.

    Tea and Tristen go to see Yugi but he had already left and Tea says they would of seen him but Tristen was on the phone flirting with Serenity. Gramps says that he'll get his shoes and he'll help find him.

    Joey is walking the streets loo,king for a duel when a kid calls his name. He asks for Joey's autograph to give to his sister,Jessica. The Kid also asks to try on the Duel Disk. As Joey starts to right his naem he notices the kid has run off. Joey high tails right after him.
    Tristen, Tea and Gramps see two kids running and they find out its Joey running after a kid with a Duel Disk. Tristen jumps down and grabs the kid by the shirt. He asks why the kid has Joey's Duel Disk and Joey said he stole it.
    I'm guessing in the town square the kid says sorry for taking it and that he had finaly made a dueling deck when a kid stole it. He said the kid had bug eyes, and a head that looks like a beetle. Every guesses it was Weevil. The kid said that Weevil was by the fountain and they all run off to find him. The kid then grinns evily.

    The kid is running down an alley and finds Weevil. Weevil aska if the plan worked and the kid nodded and sai they believed his every word. The kid then asks for the rare card Weevil promised and Weevil gives him a card everyone has. The kid gets mad but Weevil sprays him with goo.
    Weevil then walked away saying that Joey has taken the bait and has fallen into his trap.

    At the hospital Serenity hears her door open and looks around even tho she cant see. A nurse comes in and asks if she's seen a boy named Kenta. She says no and the Nurse leaves. She tells the boy to come out and he does. Kenta was supposed to get an x-ray but he's scared and Serenity tells him its not all scary. Kenta feels better and says that he wants to repay her and she asks him to look up Joey's duel.

    Joey, Tea, Tristen, and Gramps arrive at the town square and look for Weevil. He finaly shows up and Joey says thta he stole the boy's cards. Weevil denys it. Tristen gets ready to fight and says he'll refreash his memory ut Joey stops him and challenges Weevil to a duel. Tea tells him to be careful as Weevil is a cheater. Weevil tells her to watch out as his bugs may bight her fingers off. Weevil says they'll duel for two locator cards if Joey even has two. Joey gets mad and accepts and sasks how many Weevil has. Weevil also has two and Joey says he'll kick him out of the tournament like Yugi did.
    Joey, and Weevil activate their duel disks and Joey plays Swordsman of Landstar and a card face down. Weevil plays a monster with an attack of 1400 and def of 900. Joey activates his Sword and Shield switching the attacks and defenses. Joey's monster's attack is now 1200 while Weevil's is 900. Weevil's life points go down to 3700. Joey starts to celebrate but Weevil's destroyed monster lets him summon and stronger monster to the field.

    At the hospital Kenta is looking up Joey and sees he's dueling Weevil a regional champ. Serenity tells him not to worry as Joey came in second at Duelist Kingdom.(we hear about that a lot) Kenta is surprised.

    Joey isnt worried about Weevil's new monster as he just drew Jinzo, his newly won card. Jinzo attacks the new monster reducing Weevil's life points to 2800. Weevil gets mad and Joey's friends cheer him on. Weevil plays another monster in defense mode and wants Joey to attack. Joey tells him to set them up and he'll knock him down and Jinzo attacks the defense monster. It was a weird type of monster that attaches itself to the first monster that attacks it and gives Weevil 1200 extra life points every time its Joey's turn.
    Weevil plays a monster in defense mode and he gets 1200 extra life points raising him back to 4000 as its now Joey's turn. Joey attacks Weevil's defense monster and destroys it. Weevil then gets more life points. His life points increased by 500 cause of the destroyed monster. Gramps tells Tea and Tristen that bug type monsters are real tricky. Weevil then plays another monster in defense mode and his life points go to 5700.

    At the hospital Serenity finds that Joey is dueling good but Weevil keeps turning the duel around. Serenity still believes in him and Kenta starts to too.

    Joey plays Panther Warrior and sacrifices Jinzo to get rid of the leech monster and attacks the defense monster. The gang cheers Joey on. Weevil then says its time to start to play for real and he plays Larva Moth and Joey reconizes the monster. Weevil then plays Cocoon of Evelution. In five turns the Great Moth will come alive but this time in its perfect form that has never been seen by the gang.

    Kenta and Serenity see the move Weevil made. Serenity tells Kenta not to worry. Kenta says that Joey better hurry and make a great move.

    Joey and Weevil continue dueling and Weevil says that Joey has a Parasite monster in his deck and plays Reckless Parasite toi bring it out. Joey says that he doesnt have any insect cards in his deck when the parasite pops out. Weevil laughs and says looks like he does. Jeoy thinks back and realizes the kid must of put it in there. Tea is grossed out by the site of the bug.
    Now Joey's monsters will now be infected. Weevil plays one last card face down. Joey then says he's gonna attack with his Panther Warrior but Weevil says he cant cause h has to sacrifice but Joey's monsters cant be sacrificed cause of the parasite.Joey says he has another plan and plays Tiny Guardian andit gets infected. Joey then sees that Weevil's cocoon has 0mattack points. Weevil says that the cocoon has a hard defense so it cant be penetrated but then realises that its in attack mode. Joey's Tiny Guardian attacks the coccon but Weevil isnt worried and he activates Insect Barrier. The magic card protects all attacks from Joey's insects. Joey's monster's are hosts for the parasites makeing them insects.
    Tristen and Gramps tell him to be careful. Weevil says its hopeless as the cocoon will soon open up in four turns for the Great Moth.

    Serenity asks Kenta whats going on and Kenta says that Joey's monsters are still infected. She then asks about the Larva Moth and Kenta says theres four more turns before it turns into a Great Moth and that its gonna take a miracle for a win.

    Weevil says that since the barrier is up Joey cants attack and says he'll begin taking down his life points. Joey says he knows he can win and maybe he can use the parasite to his advantage. ZWeevil then plays Legul a monster that can attack Life Points directly and it does that reducing Joey's Life Poinst to 3700. Joey switches his monster's to defense mode and Weevil attacks with his Legul directly again and again until theres one turn left before the moth comes out. Joey's life points are now at 3100 While Weevil stands at 5700.
    Tristen tells Weevil to stop talking about his moth but Joey tells him to stop. He remembered when he tried to help Yugi with his duel with the Rare Hunter. He says that he has to try and win alone. Joey then plays Aligator Swrod in defense mode and a card face down. His new monster is now infected. Weevil laughs and his Moth starts to come out. This time the moth is bigger, uglier and more powerful with an attack of 3500.
    To Be Continued.....

    b: 15-Feb-2003

    NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Weevil's Web" for this episode.

    64. Playing With a Parasite (2)
    gs: Veronica Taylor (Kenta)

    As the duel between Joey and Weevil continues Joey still ahs his monsters as Parasites and still cant attack because of the Insect Barrier. Tea, TRisten and Gramps still believe in Joey while Weevil says to say good bye to Battle City. The Great Moth attacks the Alligator Sword. Joey's life points still stands at 3100 while Weevil's stand at 5700. Tristen makes a remark making Weevil ask if he's Joey's pom pom girl. Tristen gets all mad and threatens he'll go over there and beat him up. Weevil reminds them that Joey's monsters stoill are infected by the parasite which will block his attacks. He also says that nothing can beat the Great Moth except Gate Guardian and the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon which Joey doesnt have.

    Back at the hospital Kenta pushes the labtop out of the way and lies down saying there isnt hope for Joey. Serenity still believes in Joey and says he can win. Kenta says that even Joey's best moves arent good enough and maybe he should just run away. Serenity reminds Kenta thats what he did and Kenta still doesnt want his x ray taken and that he'll stay in Serenity's room.

    Back at the duel Joey still hasnt gotten an idea on how to beat Weevil's Moth. He draws a card he needs and plays one card face down and switches his monsters to attack mode. Everyone is shocked and Tristen thinks he's gone nuts. Weevil draws his next card and lays a monster in defense mode and Leghul attacks directly again. Joey:2800. Weevil is gonna attack the parasite monster with his Moth reducing Joey's life points to 0 but Joey has other plans. He activates Skull Dice which lands on a two reducing the Moth to 1750. Weevil doesnt mind but then Joey activates his Graceful Dice raising the Parasites attack to 2000. The Moth is destroyed and Weevil's life points go to 5450.
    Kenta and Serenity cheer for Joey as a new hope comes.

    Weevil is now mad but gets over it as he plays Insect Soldier of the Sky and then Plays a bug spray magic card destroying his Hiphopper. Hiphopper lets Weevil bring any monster from his hand to field and plays Insect Queen. Weevil then tells that the Insect Queen absorbs every insects attack on the field. The Insect Queen's attack raises to 3200.
    Kenta gets worried again because of the new monster but Serenity says that they can help him as she had helped her go through her eye operation. Kenta asks if Serenity will be his friend and she laughs and says yes.
    Back at the duel Weevil sacrifices Leghul attack the Insect Queen destroys the Tiny Guardian lowering Joey's life points to 1000. Then the Queen lays an egg leting her store her attack points. Joey frantically searches for a way to win as he draws his next card. He lays the card face down but Gramps realizes Joey forgot to switch his monsters to defense mode. Weevil laughs and yet again attacks after sacrificing the Caoch Roach Knight. Joey then activates a trap letting him take one of Weevil's monsters to block the attack reducing Weevil to 3250.
    Kenta celebrates agin as Serenity quietly tells herself she knew he could hold on.
    Joey then switches his monsters to defense mode as Weevil draws the caoch Roach Knight again and sacrifices it to feed the Queen. He attacks the Panther Warrior, killing it. Joey doesnt want to summon a new monster as the parasite will take it over. Joey then starts to tell himself that he cannot win but Tea tells him not to give up. Tristen reminds Joey that he needs to duel for bis sister as she looks up to him for strength. This gets Joey's attention. He says that she was there for him when he dueled Espa Roba and that he cant give up.
    Kenta cheers saying that Joey can win if he trys. Serenity freaks out but Kenta says that they gotta keep cheering.
    Tea once again says not to give up and Weevil tells him to give up but he refuses and draws a card which may help Joey. He then plays a card face down and summons GearFried the Iron Knight which cant be taken over by the Parasite as it cant feed off of metal. Everyone cheers and Joey has a plan as he's going to attack the eggs. Gearfried does. Joey makes fun of Weevil now as the eggs are defenseless. Weevil plays soldier ant and makes ten of them. Weevil then orders the Insect Queen to attack but Joey reveals his trap Grave Robber. He takes the bug spray thonger Weevil used earlier and kills the Queen. Joey orders Greafried to attack the egg ending the duel.
    Weevil begs for mercy so he doesnt have to give up his 2 locator cards and the Insect Queen. Joey refuses and taks the cards.
    At the hospital Kenta tells Serenity that he wont run any more and he'll get his x ray.
    In the city people were watching Joey's duel on a big tv. Yugi says Joey has gotten better and won with out his Red Eyes. Near Yugi is the weird mime guy and he tells Yugi to watch out cause he's coming.

    b: 22-Feb-2003

    NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Weevil's Web" for this episode.

    65. Mime Control (1)

    Having defeated Weevil's powerful Insect Army, Joeyis still psyched from the win, however Tristan is confused as to why Joey took Weevil's Insect Queen when he could have chosen the more powerful Ultimate Great Moth. However as Joey explains that he didn't take the Moth because he doesn't have the Larvae Moth or the Cocoon of Evolution, Tea suggests that he took pity on Weevil and couldn't bear to take his most prized monster.

    As Joey tries to convince Tea that this isn't the case, Solomon explains that such actions are what have made Joey a true duellist who might even be able to beat Yugi one day. Flattered by the remark, Joey decides to find another opponent while he is still excited from his last victory, but, as the gag head off, Tea is worried about how Yugi is doing, not realising that she and the others are being tracked by one of the members of GURUS.

    Elsewhere, Marik Ishtar is on his way to Domino by boat and is contemplating his upcoming duel with Yami. Although Marik did not wish for Yugi to get involved in the conflict, since their conversation when Marik took control of Pandora it has become clear that Yugi will not stand by and let his partner be defeated. As a member of GURUS comes up from below deck, he suggests that the time has come for Marik to take control of hip puppet and begin the duel with Yugi.

    Somewhere in Domino, a Mime Artist is perched unmoving on a park bench with people gathered around him out of fascination. However as passers by try to get the mime to move, they do not realise that he is Strings, the puppet that Marik intends to use to duel Yami. As Marik takes control of its body, the Mime Artist runs off in search of its prey.

    Unaware of the events going on around them, Yugi and Yami are talking by the side of the river. Yugi tells Yami that if it wasn't for him, yugi would have never made all the friends that he has, but Yami claims that this isn't true and that Yugi would have made friends anyway. However as the two continue to talk, Yami senses Strings coming and before the two know what is happening Strings has leapt over the bridge and landed in front of them.

    As Yugi realises that Marik must be controlling the puppet, Marik is surprised that Yugi still remembers him after their previous meeting. However as goes on to explain that he is in complete control of String' body, Yami is furious that Marik is abusing his Millennium Item and challenges him to duel. Marik is pleased to be finally duelling the pharaoh, but warns him that the puppet has been ordered to kill him when he is defeated. Unphased, Yami is persistent to start the duel, even when Yugi warns him that Strings has one of the God Cards in his possession.

    Over at the museum, Ishizu senses that the duel is about to begin, and worries that she could have done more to try and stop Marik before things got this bad. Meanwhile, Yami Bakura's Millennium Ring has drawn him to the museum and to ishizu's Millennium Necklace, however while he is unsuccessful in tracking down Ishizu's item, he is intrigued to find the tablets describing the ancient battle between Yugi and Kaiba.

    As the duel between Yugi and Marik begins, Marik sets one card and then summons Universal Mud in attack mode. Surprised that Marik has played such a weak monster, Yugi is sure that his set card must be a trap and decides to do the same, setting one card before summoning Gazelle, King of Mythical Beasts. However as Yugi ends his turn without attacking, Marik accuses his cautiousness as nothing more than cowardice and, playing the Dorek Worm, Marik also plays Polymerisation to fuse his two monsters together..

    As the Humanoid Dorek appears, Yugi is confident that he can find a way to defeat the monster before it can attack on Marik's next turn. Revealing that his set card was not a trap card but actually the Rapid Attack card, Marik uses the card's effect to allow his fused monster to attack, however Yami reveals his own trap card, Fusion Cancel, separating Marik's Humanoid Drake back into its two separate monsters.

    Yugi explains that he had realised Marik's plan when he played Universal Mud, a card known for its use in fusions, and had worked out how to combat it. Pleased to see what kind of a player Yugi really is, Marik warns Yugi that although he has depth to his skill levels he can still be defeated. But as Yugi summons Beta the Magnet Warrior, both of his monsters attack, destroying both the monsters on Marik's side of the field and reducing Marik's LP to 3000.

    Although Yugi is confident that he is turning the tables, Marik is still sure that victory will be his. As he plays Revive Slime, Marik also plays the Slime Bearer, a machine which produces a Slime Token (500/0) every turn. Realising that Marik plans to use the Slime Tokens as a tribute to summon Slifer the Sky Dragon, Yami sacrifices both of his monsters to summon Buster Blader and attacks the Revive Slime. However while the Slime is destroyed temporarily, it immediately regenerates and Marik's life points are untouched.

    As the first Slime Token is generated, Marik sets a card and warns Yugi that in three turns time he will be done for. However Yugi is confident that he can win by defeating Marik's Slime Tokens and warns Marik that he can win in just two turns. However as Buster Blader prepares to attack the Slime Token, Marik reveals his set card, Defend Slime, allowing his Revive Slime to block the Blader's attack.

    Explaining that he had already covered the weakness of the Slime Tokens, Marik uses Slime Bearer to generate another Slime Token, leaving only one more left before he can summon the God card. However in order to stop Yugi from interfering any further, Marik also plays the Nightmare Fence, trapping Yugi and his monsters within an impenetrable cage.

    With only one turn left until Marik summons Slifer the Sky Dragon, it looks like there is nothing that Yugi can do as long as the Nightmare Fence is on the field. But even against the awesome power of a God card, Yami isn't prepared to give up just yet.

    b: 08-Mar-2003

    NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Return of the Pharaoh" for this episode.

    66. Mime Control (2)

    With Yugi trapped within the Nightmare Cage for two turns, there is nothing he can do to prevent Marik from summoning Slifer the Sky Dragon, especially as Yugi is sure that marik already has it in his hand ready to summon it on his next turn. But as the duellist frantically seeks a way out of the situation, KaibaCorp's computers are still scanning all of the Duel Disk systems for any signs of the God cards, and although their attempts have proven fruitless so far, they do not realise how soon that will change.

    Having just been informed that there is still no sign of Slifer or Ra, Kaiba is surprisingly happy, knowing that the two remaining Gods will turn up eventually as the Rare Hunters have already taken his bait by taking part in the tournament. Back at the duel, Marik is confident that he will be victorious now that he is about to summon Slifer the Sky Dragon, but Yugi refuses to give up as he won't let his friends down, especially Joey who is counting on a rematch to try and win back his Red-Eyes.

    However there is nothing that Yugi can do and as Marik's next turn begins he summons a third Slime Token and prepares to offer all three in order to summon Slifer onto the field. As the summoning of the God card begins, the sky clouds over, thunder begins to rumble and streaks of lightning streak down through the sky. As one of the bolts strikes the Slime Bearer it shatters into tiny fragments, some of which begin to gather in a cloud of light.

    Shooting upwards through the clouds, the stream of light opens up into a vortex and the massive Sky Dragon emerges. Amazed at the power of the God card, Yugi is so overwhelmed by it's power that he is unable to move, even within the Nightmare Cage. Marik explains to Yugi that Slifer's stats are set by the number of cards in his hand and as Marik has two cards in his hand, Slifer's stats are currently 2000/2000. However as Marik plays the Pot of Greed, he draws two more cards increasing Slifer's stats to 3000/3000.

    Although this power makes Slifer stronger than any card in his deck, Yugi seeks some consolation in the fact that the most cards Marik can have in his hand is 6, meaning that Slifer's stats cannot rise higher than 6000/6000. However little does he realise that Marik has a way to get around this if the need arises.

    With his Buster Blader's own stats also raised by 500 points because of the presence of a Dragon on the field, Yugi could defeat Slifer if he was able to attack this turn, however with the effect of the Cage still active he sets two cards and then summons Kuriboh into Defence Position. As Yugi's turn ends, the Nightmare Fence crumbles, leaving Yugi open to attack, and as Marik draws another card, Slifer's stats increase to 4000/4000, making him more powerful than Yugi's Blader.

    However as the God prepares to attack, Yugi reveals his Lightforce Sword, using it to remove one of the cards from Marik's hand for three turns. With Slifer's stats reduced to 3000/3000 once more, Yugi is sure that his Buster Blader will be able to destroy it, but as the monster attacks the damage is blocked by the Revive Slime. And as Marik reveals his Eternal Magic card, he explains that it allows him to draw three cards every time his Slime regenerates. Drawing the three cards, Slifer's stats rise to a massive 5000/5000.

    Back in Domino Town, Joey and the others are exhausted after their search for another opponent for Joey and while Tristan can't see why Joey won't duel anybody that they have met so far, Joey explains that he is looking for somebody stronger than he is in order to become a better duellist ready for his rematch with Yugi. Although impressed with Joey's sense of honour, Solomon explains that he will need to duel somebody eventually if not he will never get the last two Locator cards he needs to enter the finals.

    As the gang prepares to head off in search of a duellist who Joey is willing to duel, Kaiba arrives and begins quizzing Joey as to why he is wearing a Duel Disk when he is only a Level 2 duellist. Furious at Kaiba's remarks, Joey challenges Kaiba to duel him right then and there, but as an amused Kaiba prepares to accept the duel a helicopter arrives, informing him that one of the God cards has been picked up on the tracking systems.

    As Kaiba climbs into the chopper, he is furious to learn that Yugi is the opponent to the Rare Hunter using Slifer the Sky Dragon, not wanting Yugi's defeat to be delivered by anybody other than himself, and as Yugi's Buster Blader is destroyed by Slifer, reducing his LP to 2100, it looks like Kaiba's rival may be done for before he even arrives. However never one to give up, Yugi puts all his trust in his deck and as he draws the Magical Cylinder he believes that he may have found a way to defet the God card.

    However as Yugi tributes Kuriboh to summon the Dark Magician Girl, Slifer's second moth opens, firing a blast at the apprentice magician. Marik explains that whenever a monster is summoned, Slifer will attack that monster with 2000 points worth of damage, and for that Dark Magician Girl that will be fatal as she only has 1700 ATK points. However as Yugi flips one of his set cards, the Magical Hats, his Magician is safely hidden under the hats as Slifer attacks the wrong hat.

    Determined to never give in, Yugi sets two cards into the Hats and ends his turn. As Marik's turn begins, he draws another card increasing his hand to 6 cards, the maximum that a duellist can have at any one time. However as he plays the Limitless Hand card, he explains that this card allows him to have as many cards as he wants in his hand. To make things even worse, as Marik orders Slifer to attack Yugi realises that Marik has chosen the right hat.

    But as the blast destroys the hat, Yugi reveals that the two cards he set were also placed into that hat; the Magical Cylinder and the Spellbinding Circle. With Slifer paralysed, and his ATK reduced to 4300, the Magical Cylinder reflects the attack back at the God, but once again the blast is deflected by the Revive Slime and Marik draws three more cards.

    Drawing another card as his turn begins, the Spellbinding Circle fades and Slifer's ATK increases to an immense 9000. As the God tears through Yugi's Magician Girl, destroying er with ease, Yugi falls to his knees, exhausted and unable to see any way of winning the duel. However as he prepares to throw in the towel, Kaiba calls out to him not to give up, determined that nobody will beat Yugi until Kaiba takes his revenge first. But even with the support of his rival, is there really anything that Yugi can do to beat one of the three God cards?

    b: 08-Mar-2003

    NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Return of the Pharaoh" for this episode.

    67. Mime Control (3)

    The episode starts out with Kaiba saying that Yugi should be able to beat Slifer the Sky Dragon.

    Yami Yugi has see that Slifer's attack power is too high. Yami Yugi then plays Big Shield Ganard in defense mode and puts one card faced down, doing that will activate Slifer's second effect, it's second mouth opens and shoots Ganard, now he has only 400 defense points left. Now Slifer simply destroys Ganard. Suddenly, Kaiba concoct up a plan that Slifer CAN be defeated but he wonders if Yugi knows that. Marik then draws another card and Slifer just grows stronger. Then Mokuba said to Seto that Slifer has 3 time sthe power of his Blue Eyes White Dragon.

    Now Yami Yugi plays Monster Reborn to reborn......Buster Blader and puts another card faced down, his attack power is 3100 since Slife is on the field. Now Yami Yugi orders Buster Blader to attack Slifer; Mokuba thought Yugi is crazy since how can a Buster Blader with 3100 attack power defeat Slifer while he has over 10,000 attack points. But again, the Revive Jam blocks Buster Blader's attack and Marik draws 3 cards again.

    Now Slifer's second effect activates again, draining Buster Blader's attack points to 1100. Marik then informs Yami Yugi that Slifer cannot be control since he is too powerful and magic cards are ineffective when it's played against Slifer. Kaiba thinks that Yugi might have figure out how to defeat Slifer. Now when Slifer is about to attack Buster Blader again, doing that activates Brain Control, Yami Yugi's faced down card, now Marik again tells Yami that he CAN'T control Slifer but Yami Yugi claims that he is not going to control Slifer but the Revival Jam. Yami Yugi controlling Revival Jam will activate Slifer's second effect, now Slifer attacks Revival Jam and he reforms and since he is Marik's monster, he draws 3 cards, then when Revival Jam refors, Slifer just keeps attacking it, Marik realized he can't control his OWN Egyptian God card and the process keeps going of Slifer attacking Revival Jam and he reforms then Marik ran out of cards to draw. Mokuba then claims Yugi the winner of this duel then he went to pick up the God card, Mokuba wishes he can't keep Slifer but Yugi won it, so it is Yugi's. Mokuba also gives him the Locator Card.

    Then Kaiba walks towards Yugi and congratulate him BUT now him and Yugi is gonna duel. Yugi accepts but then Strings started talking, well actually Marik, he said that it doesn't matter if he has lost one god card because he has another one which is stronger(The Winged Dragon of Ra). He also informs Yami Yugi that he has Rare Hunters all over Battle City and his next brainwashed victim will be one of Yugi's friends. Yami Yugi then threatens Marik to leave his friends alone because they never done anything to Marik and if Marik has a score to settle; settle it with him, Yami. Now Marik arrives to Battle City and cruises through it with his motorcycle. Yami Yugi then runs off so that he can get to his friends before Marik does. But when he runs off, Kaiba told him to STOP! They are going to duel right now; but Yami Yugi says that he has to go saved his friends; the safety of his friends are more important than dueling.

    Then Yami yugi runs off and Mokuba said Good Luck; while Kaiba said that you can't turn down a challenge!

    b: 15-Mar-2003

    NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Return of the Pharaoh" for this episode.

    68. Legendary Fisherman (1)

    This episodes starts where it left off. Yugi is running to find his friends before Marik does when two Rare Hunters stop him. To get past them he has to duel them both which makes them start a game of rock paper scissors. After they've tried many times Yugi gets mad and tells them he will get through. They say he has to duel them both but then Kaiba shows up and says they'll tag team.
    Kaiba tells Yugi when they're done beating these two they'll duel. Kaiba goes first and he plays Pot of Greed then Lord of Dragons. He plays two Flutes of Summoning and plays three Blue Eyes and another called Hiozonru. Its the shoter Rare Hunter's turn and he plays a monster in def mode. Yugi plays two cards face down and lays Kuriboh in Def mode. The taller Rare Hunter draws Mirror Force and lays it down with a def monster.
    Kaiba then Tributes his three Blue Eyes for Obelisk and then tributes Lord Of D. and Hiozonru to destroy both the Rare Hunter's monsters and attacks directly. The taller one activates his trap but it has no effect and they both lose.
    Taking their prizes Yugi and Kaiba had won the duel. Kaiba asked Mokuba to locate Joey to find Yugi's friends and they leave. The Rare Hunters are happy their plan worked and thus ends that part of the episode.
    AT the moment Mako is fishing in an aquarium when he almosts get eaten. The employee gets mad and tell him he should leave cause she's sick and has to do a show. He tells her he'll do it cause he is one with the sea.(weird)
    Marik is still cruisin on his motorcycle. He says he'll soon have Yami's power. Meanwhile Baura senses Marik and says he'll take Marik's Rod. Thats when Tea', Tristen and Joey and Gramps show up. Joey shows off his 4 locator cards when Tea' see's Mako on a sign. Joey then wants to challenge him and they leave.
    Joey and the others arrive and see Mako riding on a whale. There are also Rare Hunters watching. The crowd is cheering for Mako when Joey and the others confront him. They say hi and Joey challenges him. The crowd gets happy that they'll see a duel. Whoever whens goes to the finals.
    Joey draws and does a weird dance and he realizes he drew Weevil's Parasite he used to cheat. Joey thinks he can use it and plays it in def mode. Mako then plays Flying Fish(800/500) It attacks but Joey's plan fails because the parasite was destroyed. Joey plays a monster face down and Mako plays a monster face down. Joey draws and shows off and Mako gets mad which Joey makes this weird sound.
    Joey tributes his def monster for his Garoozi's. But Mako activates Torriential Tribute which destroys it. Joey gets all dramatic and this makes Mako uneasy.
    Marik tells his mind slaves to keep an eye on Yugi's frriends as they'll be of some use very soon. He turns into an alley and meets Bakura. They make a deal in which if Bakura helps Marik get Yami's powers he'll hand over his Millennium Rod.
    The Flying Fish gets Joey directly wich reduces his life points to 3200. He lays a card face down and tells a story of his looking for his father. Joey says he's also dueling for someone, his sister. Joey summons Alligato Sword in attack mode and plays two cards face down.
    Mako tributes his fish for Amphibian Beast(2400/2000). The beats attacks the Gator and Joey activates Fairy Box in which Mako will have to play Wak a Crock. Mako then draws again(screw up) and plays Umi(screw up) which makes Joey's Gator come up for air and Amphibian Beats's attack raises to 2600.
    Joey then activates Skull Dice and brings Amphibian's attack to 650 and Mako's life points drop to 3300.(screw up)
    Mako congradulates Joey but says he has a secret weapon which will defeat Joey.
    To Be Continued.....

    b: 22-Mar-2003

    NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Tsunami's Rage" for this episode.

    69. Legendary Fisherman (2)

    The Duel Continues As Joey Draws Polymerization. He Then Plays Baby Dragon And Then Plays Polymerization To Fuse Baby Dragon And Alligator Sword To Form The Alligator Sword Dragon And Has It Attack Mako's Lifepoints Directly. Mako Plays A Magic Card Face Down And End His Turn. Joey Has Alligator Sword Dragon Attack Again But Mako Activates His Face-Down Card Tornado Wall Which Prevented Joey's Monster From Attacking And Protects His Life Points. Knowing That Mako May Call Off His Tornado Wall And Return The Field Into An Ocean Field, Joey Tell Him To Call Off His Magic Card. Mako Then Contributes His Face Down Defense Monster To Summon The Legendary Fisherman. Joey Tris To Use The Magic Drain Card But The Ocean Blocked The Magic Drain From Hitting The Legendary Fisherman. Mako Orders It To Attack The Alligator Sword Dragon Reducing Joey's Life Points. Joey Then Plays A Monster In Defense Mode But The Legendary Fisherman Destroys The Tiny Guardian. Mako Then Tells His Legendary Fisherman To Surface And Joey Sees It Almost Looks Like Mako. Mako Tells His Story About When He Was A Boy His Father Getting Into The Storm And Then Explains He Always Waited For His Father To Return And One Day, He Gets A Mail From Someone With A Letter Saying Never Give [Knowing That's His Father Who Wrote That] And A Card Of The Legendary Fisherman. After His Story They Continue Their Duel. Joey Plays Another Monster In Defense Mode And Then Mako Plays Fortress Whale's Oath And Sacrifices Great White And Jellyfish To Summon The Fortress Whale Which Gets Stronger Thanks To Umi And Then Has His Legendary Fisherman Attack Joey's Defense Monster And Then Has The Fortress Whale Attack His Life Points Directly. Mako Says That With His Legendary Fisherman Below And His Fortress Whale Above, Joey Wouldn't Stand A Chance Against Them. Joey Looks At His Hand And Sees He Has A Monster Card And Some Magic And Trap Cards In His Hand Which Might Help Him Out. First, He Summons The Panther Warrior And Plays A Magic Card Face Down And Ends His Turn. Mako Has His Fortress Whale Attack But Joey Plays His Face-Down Card Magic Arm Shield Which Grabs What Identifies The Legendary Fisherman To Block The Fortress Whale's Attack And Reduce Mako's Life Points. Fortress Whale Attempts To Attack It Again, But Joey Plays Kunai W' Chain Which Stops It From Attacking Giving Panther Warrior The Advantage To Attack It Directly And Reduces Mako's Life Points. Mako Plays Return From The Doomed To Bring Back One Of His Monsters. Joey Then Plays Giant Trunade Removing Umi And Revealing The Legendary Fisherman. Knowing That He's Going To Lose, Mako Tells Him To Do So And Joey Sacrifices A Scapegoat For Panther Warrior To Attack And Win Him The Duel Causing Mako To Give Joey His Legendary Fisherman And His Fortress Whale Card. Mean While Yami Yugi And Seto Kaiba Have Located Joey And Are Heading There.

    b: 29-Mar-2003

    NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Tsunami's Rage" for this episode.

    70. Double Duel (1)

    This episode starts off with Joey talking to his sister, Serenity. She says she can get her bandages off that night. Joey is excited and he hangs up. he throws Tea's cell phone up in the air in his happiness. He also realizes he need someone to pick up Serenity.
    Tristen begs Joey to let him go and without his approval, Trsiten heads off. Tea sees Bakura and another kid. Bakura is injured and the other boy, who is Marik, says he found him on the ground. Gramps says he'll take Bakura to the Hospital and they head off.

    Yugi and Kaiba arrive at the amusement park not even noticing his friends accross the street.

    Marik tells Joey and Tea his name is Namu. They thank him for Bakura. Joey see's Marik has a duel disk and Marik/Namu gets afraid that he may challenge him to a duel. Realizing his wont he asks for some tips maybe later on.
    As the two walk off he laughs at them and starts talking to two hooded rare Hunters.(Lumis and Umbra the guys Yugi and Kaiba beat earlier) He tells them not to fail again or they'll be punished. He plans to get Tea and Joey caught. He cathes up to them and asks Joey for some tips. Behind them two Rare Hunters and behind Marik is one.

    Yugi runs into the Amusement Park and see's his friends gone.

    As Joey is about to give some tips Marik/Namu sees the two Rare Hunters and warns them but he is grabbed. Joey i guess knocks the attacker's out but one grabbs Tea. As he tries to save her the others tackle him.
    Tea's cell phone rings and the leader answeres. Its Yugi. Tea yells but the Hunter smashes the Cell.

    Yugi realizes whats going on and remembers what Marik had said earlier. He hangs up and tells Kaiba they're too late. Kaiba doesnt care but tells him that Marik wants him and not them. And that his satelite will find them and that they'll duel soon.
    Mokuba then calls and says Joey's duel disk isnt responding and that he'll figure out the problem.
    Kaiba tells Yugi this.
    Then Rare Hunters corner Mokuba and he tries to escape. Odion is with them and he's captured.

    Serenity tells her nurse that when ever she gets her bandages off that she wants to see her brother.

    Yugi and Kaiba are walking down the street when Lumis and Umbra see the. Lumis jumps across various buildings down to the two. Yugi and Kaiba get angry but then Mokuba appears tied to Kaiba's chopper. Kaiba threatens the Rare Hunter but Lumis doesnt care. He tells them to go to the dueling arena where they'll be. Lumis leaves.

    They arrive and the rules are explained. They will double duel and the winner will get their prize. One side will have to beat the other two duelsis to win and whoever loses will fall down into the shadow realm. The winner gets a locator card and the two opponents rarest card.
    They all agree as the Rare Hunter's promise to release Mokuba if they win.
    The duel starts with Lumis who sets two cards face down and ends his turn. Yugi draws and summons Beta the Magnet Warrior(1700/1600)in defense mode.
    Umbra summons Shining Abyss in defense mode and Lumis activates Mask of Brutality which gives a chosen monster 1000 attack points but must pay 1000 each turn. Umbra then plays Masked Doll which lets them not have to pay
    Yugi asks if Kaiba will work with him but Kaiba diclines. He takes his turn and lays two cards face down and summons Vorse Raider the Man Beast(1900/1200) in attack mode. Yugi is afraid that Kaiba may ruin the duel
    Kaiba plans to tribute his monster for a stronger one. Yugi is afraid that he may never see his friends cause of Kaiba. He wants them to work together.
    To Be Continued...

    b: 03-May-2003

    NOTE: From this episode onwards, new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! were first being aired in a dubbed format on the Canadian channel YTV, however the dates quoted for the first airing are taken from the KidsWB broadcasts to avoid confusion.
  • Kids WB used the promo title "Tag Team Takedown" for this episode.

  • 71. Double Duel (2)

    the episode begins as the screen goes to the building the players are dueling,Lumus comments on how accepting the duel was a huge mistake,yugi says that they will defeat them. Lumus draws "Mask of the Accursed" and puts it on Beta,he says it cannot change positions and yugi will lose 500 lifepoints every turn. lumus plays one card face-down,yugi thinks its a trap card and thinks he found out the rare hunters strategy. He thinks Umbra has all the monster cards in his deck while lumus' deck is full of magic and trap cards. yugi draws and loses 500 lifepoints thanks to betas mask. Yugi draws "The Beast Of Gilfer" and plans to sacrifice beta,destroying the mask,and summoning gilfer.Kaiba thinks that yugi had better not make any false moves or he'll take kaiba down with him,he thinks he dosen't need yugis help as he defeated the two hunters on his own.
    Yugi goes to sacrifice beta,but lumus counters with "Mask Of Restrict" which stops yugi and kaiba from sacrificing,kaiba knew yugi would make a foolish move like that and he will pay if they lose.Umbra comments that without sacrifices,the egyptian god cards they have won't be summoned and they will win and give them to marik. yugi plays one card facedown and plays kuriboh in defense mode. yugi says to kaiba that they have to work like a team,but kaiba again refuses. umbra interrupts on how it is his turn now,he says he could attack beta but he dosen't thanks to the mask its wearing,he plans to attacks kaibas vorse raider,but thinks the facedown card is a trap,but lumus whispers to him via a earpiece behind his mask saying that he should attack and can counter kaibas trapcard if there is one. umbra plays one card facedown and attacks but kaiba uses the trap card "Bell Of Destruction" which will destroy the Shining Abyss and both of them will lose close to 2000 lifepoints.lumus counters with "Curse Transfer" which transfers bell of destruction to the vorse raider,it blows up but kaiba saves his lifepoints with "Ring Of Defense" which protects his lifepoints,but Umbra steals it "Spell Transfer" which moves kaibas ring to umbra cutting kaibas lifepoints but 1900 thanks to the bell of destruction. umbra and lumus both agree that kaiba has lost,umbra attacks,with kaiba looking on in horror.
    Tristan enters the hospital,he enters serenitys room,serenity thinks that if she takes her bandages off,she still won't be able to see anything,though tristan says she will and she will see her brother.Solomon in bakuras room is glad bakuras finally asleep and wonders who did this to him,while he's not looking though,Yami Bakura appears and thinks solomon is a fool and this was all planned. at the docks,rare hunters are taking tea to a small room,and wonders whats going on. she thinks this has to do with the evil that Ishizu was talking about.back at the duel,the shining abyss fires right at kaiba,but its blocked by yugis kuriboh as he activated "Mulitply" umbra says that he will blow away yugis kuriboh. kaiba says that yugi to stop helping him and he could win on his own,yugi says that if kaiba dosen't help yugi like he did to kaiba,yugi won't be able to help kaiba again,though kaiba thinks of this as an offense,yugi assures him that yugis only trying to help him. umbra and lumus smile wickedly as they watch yugi and kaiba argue,thinking that it will be so easy to win their god cards. umbra says to lumus that they need to get rid of yugis kuriboh,but lumus says that he can do it easily.
    Tea tries to escape the room but fails,mokuba gets thrown in the room.back at the duel,kaiba draws a Blue Eyes White Dragon,but can't summon it thanks to the mask of restrict. he plays one card facedown and plays "Battle Ox 1700/1000" in defense mode. umbra thinks it will be simple as shining abyss has 2600 attack points. Lumus activates "Mask Of Dispel" he says that it will stop mulitlys effect and kuriboh returns back to one,yugi will also loose 500 lifepoints as well. Lumus summons "Grand Tiki Elder 1500/800" and attacks yugis kuriboh. lumus says that Beta can't defend yugis lifepoints thanks to the mask its wearing,he's wide open. yugi draws a trap card which destroys one card in the opponents hand,but then thinks that he should play Card Destruction,but wonders if he should if kaiba has a plan to beat them. kaiba asks yugi to hurry up since he already made things in the duel the worse it could possibly go,and hints yugi to play card destruction. umbra and lumus laugh on how pathetic yugi and kaiba are dueling. yugi plays one card facedown. Umbra plays "Curse of the Masked Beast" and sacrifices the 2 monsters on the field to summon the ritual card "The Masked Beast 3200/1800" umbra attacks yugi but kaiba defends with his battle ox. umbra and lumus are surprised since they though they weren't helping eachother. umbra and lumus are confident as kaiba lost his only monster. yugi activates "Card Destruction". they throw there cards in the graveyard. kaiba activates "Monster Reborn" and revives "Blue Eyes White Dragon 3000/2500".

    b: 10-May-2003

    NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Tag Team Takedown" for this episode.

    72. Double Duel (3)

    The 2nd episode ended with Kaiba getting a B.E.W.D on the feild, now Yugi persuades Kaiba attack. Kaiba suspects a rat, because the Masked Beast's ATK is 3200, he attakcs and destroys it. Yugi explains that a card sent to the graveyard decreased his ATK to 2700. Mokuba and Tea find a way to get out, and Mokuba escapes. Through the microphone Mask of Light persuades Dark to attack. He attacks with Rolgue Doll.and powers it up to 2600 and decreases BEWD to 2300. Yugi activates a card increasing BEWD's ATK to 3300, and Rolgue Doll to 1600 again. Then Light and Darks teamwork combo is falling apart, because they dont trust each-other. Light doesn't trust Dark and plays card exchange, He gets it right and summuns Gest Guardian with 3200 ATK. He ponders on who to ATK. Meanwhile Tea finds Joey as Maliks mind slave.


    b: 17-May-2003

    NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Tag Team Takedown" for this episode.
  • From this episode onwards, new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! were first being aired in a dubbed format on the UK channel Nickelodeon, however the dates quoted for the first airing are taken from the KidsWB broadcasts to avoid confusion.

  • 73. Double Duel (4)

    Yami and Kaiba are barely hanging on as Yami's life points dip to 1500 and Mask of Light and Darkness have summoned a monster with 3200 attack points!

    Mask of Light contemplates what he should do. Destroy the Blue Eyes on Kaiba's side, destroying their last hope of winning, or simply put Yami out of his misery right then.

    Kaiba manages to persuade them to attack the Blue Eyes rather than Yami and on Yami's turn, he summon Magnet Valkon with an attack power of 3800.

    Kaiba tells yami to attack imeadiatly, still soar about having to sacrifice his dragon. Yami isn't sure, as he suspects the monster has a special effect.

    He tells Kaiba that he should calm down for a minute and think clearly. That anger and revenge are the causes of defeat.

    Kaiba doesn't understand what Yami is trying to say, as he always believed revenge and anger were what a duel was all about. He thinks for a moment and then tells Yami to attack.

    Magnet Valkon destroys their monster, but it leaves behind a mask which is equiped to Magnet Valkon. Magnet Valkon then becomes their creature.

    As Mask of Darkness takes his turn, he plays a card allowing him to control the Magnet Valkon. But as he does that, Yami activates de-fusion, which seperates Magnet Valkon into the three magnet warriors, and the mask disappears.

    Kaiba then activates cross-sacrifice, sacrificing their three magnet warriors to summon Obelisk. He then attacks, and reduces Mask of Darkness's life points to zero.

    The bomb goes off, but the mask of darkness activates a parachute and lands unharmed.

    Yami offers Mask of Light the chance to surrender, but Malik takes over him and tells Yami that Joey and Tea have become his prisoners.

    Kaiba demands to know where his brother is, as they won the duel, but Malik just laughs. A few minutes later, however, Kaiba's helecopter flies over to the roof and Mokuba jumps out.

    He tells Yami and Kaiba how Tea helped him escape, but when he went back to help her, she was gone. Kaiba tells Yami to get in the helecopter so they can help find Tea, but he tells Yami he's only doing this to repay Tea for helping Mokuba.

    The three get in the helecopter, but will they be able to find Joey and Tea before it's too late?

    b: 24-May-2003

    NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Tag Team Takedown" for this episode.
  • From this episode onwards, new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! were first being aired in a dubbed format on the Canadian channel YTV, however the dates quoted for the first airing are taken from the KidsWB broadcasts to avoid confusion.
  • In the original version of this episode, Umbra was obviously NOT sent to the Shadow Realm. He used the parachute to stop himself from hitting the ground, as they weren't standing on any "Shadow Realm Barrier."
  • He wasn't sent to the Shadow Realm in this episode either. He saved himself with the parachute. That was the impression they were trying to make us get, but apparently some people on this site really thought he went to the shadow realm.

  • 74. The Rescue

    While trying to find joey and tea, Kaiba and Yugi are having a talk about marik and yugi tells kaiba about the millenium rod and also about the other millenium items. Yami Yugi then tries to prove that the power and the soul trapping ability of pegasus came from the millenium eye and also explains about how he is a pharoah and is not really yugi. Then Yugi talks about how marik controls the rare hunters and other also talking about why marik wants yugi dead and wants the gods cards. Then the conversation goes to joey and as yugi supports him and tells kaiba about his success while kaiba insults joey.

    b: 14-Jun-2003

    75. Friends 'Til the End (1)

    Yugi, Kaiba, and Mokuba land at the pier when Marik's newest slave, Joey, appears. He takes him to the dueling arena and Tea, another one of Marik's slaves explains the rules. The duel begins with Yugi summoning Gazelle King of the Mythical Beasts ( 1500/1200) in defense mode. Joey plays Raigeki to destroy Gazelle and then summons Alligator Sword (1500/1200)which attacks Yugi's points directly. (J's LP 4000) (Y's LP 2500). Yugi then summons Big Shield Gardna(100/2600) in defense mode thinking it's defense is enough to stop Alligator Sword. Joey then played Hinotama inflicting 500 life points to Yugi's points. (Y 2000) Then Yugi played Kuriboh (300/200) in attack mode along with another card face down. Joey's Alligator Sword attacked but Yugi activated Spell Binding Circle but Joey activated another Hinotama. With more than half his life points gone could Yugi free himself without hurting Joey?

    b: 28-Jun-2003

    NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Joey's Betrayal" for this episode.

    76. Friends 'Til the End (2)

    As Yugi and Joey continue their Death-Duel, Triston is taking Serenity to watch Joey duel, unaware that he is currently possessed and fighting to the death with his best friend.

    Triston tries to call Tea, but her phone rings busy, as it's still sitting smashed on the side walk from the encounter with the Rare Hunters. So Triston decides that they'll just have to walk around town and find them.

    Back at the duel, Yugi has agreed to take over and try to get Joey to take control, and manages to draw the red eyes Black Dragon. Hoping to get Joey to start remembering, he plays exchange.

    Joey comes over to take one of Yugi's cards and sees the Red Eyes. Malik insists Joey take it, but as he reaches for it, he finds he cannot take it from Yugi's hand.

    He pulls a card out, and Yugi is relieved to see it wasn't the Red Eyes. It was only card destruction. Malik covers up for this by claiming he didn't need a monster but is shocked Joey didn't follow his orders.

    Yugi is pleased, however, because Joey hadn't forgotten his promise back when Yugi won the Red Eyes. Yugi plays the Red Eyes Black Dragon, but it is soon weakened by Joey's Rocket Warrior.

    Meanwhile, Triston and Serenity are ambushed by a group of Rare Hunters and they run to an alley where they are cornered. Triston tries to fight, but can't leave Serenity alone.

    But when they're about the give up, who should appear to help them out but Duke Devlin, the creator of Dungeon Dice. After tossing dice out at the Hunter to slow them down, they manage to escape from the hunters.

    Back at the duel, Yugi fights on as the Red Eyes lays forgotten in the corner of the battle. But he knows he must find some way to use the Red Eyes Black dragon to bring the real Joey back.

    b: 05-Jul-2003

    NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Joey's Betrayal" for this episode.

    77. Friends 'Til the End (3)

    As Yugi returns to his side of the duelling arena, he hopes that the Millenium Puzzle will help Joey break free from Marik's control, however with only 21 minutes left until the anchor drops he hopes that they won't run out of time before that is able to happen. With the Millennium Puzzle acting like the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, a sign of Yugi and Joey's friendship, Yugi is sure that Joey can break free as Marik is not able to control his heart, however as he appeals to Joey to break free Marik contacts Joey mentally, instructing him to destroy Yugi.

    Determined to destroy Yugi, Marik informs Joey to throw the Millennium Puzzle into the sea where it will remain until Yugi has been destroyed, however as Joey removes the central piece from the Puzzle and prepares to throw it into the sea, he remembers how he stole that same piece of the Puzzle when he first met and befriended Yugi and is unable to bring himself to do it again, knowing how much it hurt Yugi the first time.

    Although Marik is infuriated that Joey is resisting him, his mind puppet is still determined to crush Yugi and demands that Yugi makes his next move. As Yugi's turn begins and his Red-Eyes' ATK returns to 900, Yugi realises that he only has 14 minutes left to break Joey free or lose the duel. Determined that neither of them will lose, Yugi sets two cards before summoning Beta the Magnet Warrior (1700/1600) to the field.

    As Yugi ends his turn without attacking, Marik hopes that Yugi is giving in and, as Joey draws his Panther Warrior, Marik sees the perfect chance to win the duel and defeat Yugi once and for all. However as Joey summons Panther Warrior (2000/1600) and Marik orders him to use it to destroy Yugi's Red-Eyes, Joey instead orders his Rocket Warrior, in its invincible mode, to attack Yugi's Magnet Warrior.

    Furious that Joey has resisted his order once again, Marik can only watch as Yugi activates his Magic-Arm Shield trap card, redirecting Joey's attack at the Panther Warrior. As the two Warriors collide, Joey's Panther's ATK is reduced by 1500 points thanks to his Attrition magic card and is then reduced by a further 500, to zero, thanks to Rocket Warrior's effect. As Yugi is sure that Joey resisted Marik's control in order to make that attack rather than attacking the Red-Eyes, Yugi is hopeful that he can still free his friend from Marik's control however Marik does not care if Joey resists as long as Yugi ends up being dragged into the sea.

    Oblivious to what is happening to their friends, Serenity, Tristan and Duke are still trying to find out where Joey and the others are but as Tristan tries to assure Serenity that Joey is alright Duke suggests that the caped creeps that attacked them may be after Jey as well. Furious that Duke is upsetting Serenity like this, Tristan decides to try and find a duellist who knows where the finals are going to be held in the hopes that he will find Joey there.

    Back at Domino Pier, Joey's Panther Warrior's ATK returns to 500 as he ends his turn, but as Yugi's turn begins he sacrifices his Magnet Warrior to summon the powerful Beast of Gilfar (2200/2500), using it to destroy Joey's Rocket Warrior (J's LP: 1700). As Yugi hopes that the attack may have freed Joey from Marik's control, he is shocked to learn that he hasn't succeeded and begins to worry that, even with Joey's Red-Eyes still on the field, Yugi might not be able to save Joey with only 10 minutes left until the end of the duel.

    Astounded that none of the duellists around know where the finals are going to be held, Tristan is jealous as he sees Duke holding Serenity's hand and immediately steps in to break the two apart. However as the three continue their search for a qualified duellist the three thugs that have been after them catch up with them and the three are forced to run away once again. As the three run out into a busy street, Tristan tells Duke to take Serenity and run while he goes back to take on the three thugs and as the two run off they are almost run over by the driver of a blue car who seems sympathetic to their plight as Serenity explains what has happened.

    With less then 10 minutes left ntil the end of the duel, Marik reminds everyone that T?a is only safe as long as nobody tries to interfere with the duel, unlike Yugi who is far from being safe. Meanwhile, back in the town, Tristan has taken out all three of the thugs and as he learns from one of them that Joey is at Domino Pier the blue car pulls up and the driver, none other than Mai Valentine, calls for Tristan to climb in.

    As Mai explains that the thugs sound like the Rare Hunters that people have been talking about, she explains that they are probably targeting Yugi and Joey in order to get their Rare Cards. However as the car continues to head towards the location of the finals, Tristan remembers what the Rare Hunter told him and calls for Mai to turn around and head for Domino Pier where Joey really is. Spinning the car in a sharp U-turn, Mai puts her foot to the floor as the car speeds off in the direction of the pier.

    Beginning to look forward to seeing Yugi defeated, Maik is pleased as Joey draws Skull Dice, realising that it could come in handy if he decides to defeat Yugi by eliminating his Life Points. However even with only 8 minutes remaining on the timer Yugi is still hopeful that he can free Joey from Marik's control and as he calls out to his friend to remember how he entered Duellist Kingdom to help his sister, Joey starts to recall supporting his sister at the hospital and the promise he made later on to help Yugi crush Marik and the Rare Hunters.

    Even so, Marik's control seems as strong as ever as Joey sets two cards and calls for Yugi to attack him. As Yugi begs for Joey to try and break free of Marik's control, he sets one card before ordering his Beast of Gilfar to attack Joey's Panther Warrior. Glad that Yugi has fallen into his trap, Joey flips his two set cards, Skull Dice and Graceful Dice, however as he prepares to make his dice rolls Yugi activates De-Spell, destroying Joey's Graceful Dice.

    As the Skull Dice rolls a 2, the Beast of Gilfar's ATK is halved to 1100 however it is still enough to elminate Joey's Panther Warrior (J's LP: 1100). Meanwhile, Mai and the others have arrived at the pier and as they turn a corner they are surprised to see what looks like a duel going on. With only five minutes left on the timer, it looks like it is too late for Yugi as the four arrive and ask what is going on. Mokuba explains everything that has happened so far and Serenity, hearing that her brother is in trouble, goes to take her bandages off.

    Unable to bear Serenity's first sight of Joey being one of him under Marik's control, T?a calls for Serenity not to take off her bandages yet however Joey's little sister is still worried, even as Mai tries to reassure her that everything will be alright. With such a large crowd now gathered to watch the duel, Marik decides that it is only fair to let them see Yugi defeated in a duel, and as Joey draws his next card, Meteor of Destruction, Marik is confident that his next move will finish Yugi once and for all.

    b: 12-Jul-2003

    NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Joey's Betrayal" for this episode.

    78. Friends 'Til the End (4)

    As Joey informs Yugi that he is about to lose the duel and his life, Yugi refuses to give up, hoping that he can still free Joey from Marik's control before it is too late. However as Marik orders Joey to activate Meteor of Destruction, the gang, all watching on the sidelines, are despreately looking for a way to help Yugi and Joey without putting T?a at risk. Mokuba asks Kaiba if he can do anything and as T?a calls for them to forget about her and help the others the Rare Hunter reminds them what will happen to T?a if they do interfere.

    Although unable to do anything at the moment, Kaiba gets in touch with somebody over an intercom system connected up to his trenchcoat in the hopes that he can still save T?a and repay her for rescuing Mokuba. Meanwhile, Yugi calls out to Joey once again to try and free him from Marik's control, and, as Marik orders his mind puppet to play Meteor of Destruction, Joey begins to remember things.

    As his memories of Duellist Kingdom and Battle City begin flooding back to him, Joey remembers, once again, how he promised Yugi that he would help defeat Marik and the Rare Hunters. Sensing that the real Joey is back in control, Yugi calls out to Marik, informing him that now that he has no control over Joey he has no way to win the duel and claim Yugi's God Card and Millennium Puzzle. However as Yugi taunts Marik to try and attack, Marik uses the Millennium Rod to take full control over Joey's body, forcing him to activate Meteor of Destruction.

    As the meteor hurtles towards Yugi with the strength to eliminate the last of his Life Points, Joey successfully breaks free of Marik's control once and for all. Glad to see that his friend is back for good, Yugi activates his trap card, Mystical Ref Panel, to stall the meteor's attack while he decides who it should attack. As a confused Joey tries to work out what has been going on, Yugi explains that their friendship broke Marik's control over Joey and that now he is free again.

    While the two friends reunite briefly, a Kaibacorp helicopter arrives and, under remote control, flies towards the crane which is suspending the crate over T?a's head. As the Rare Hunter prepares to push the switch, Kaiba draws his Blue-Eyes White Dragon card and, throwing it at the Hunter, knocks the switch from his hand and then grabs him before he is able to recover. As the chopper pulls the crane into the sea, where the bomb detonates safely, the gang rush over and free T?a from the chair where she had been secured before running to help Yugi and Joey.

    However time is running short for Yugi and Joey and as Yugi explains that he won't let both of them be dragged under he tearfully asks Joey to look after the Millennium Puzzle for him as he orders Mystical Ref Panel to direct the attack at him. As the full impact of the meteor hits Yugi, wiping out the remainder of his Life Points, the force causes Yugi to collapse while Joey's box opens revealing the key that will free him.

    As Yugi bags Joey to save himself in the thirty seconds that remain before the anchor drops, Joey refuses to let his friend be dragged under and orders the Red-Eyes Black Dragon to attack him, wiping out the remainder of his Life Points as well. As Yugi's key box also opens, Serenity senses her brother's courage and removes her bandages to see the world for the first time in a long time.

    With ten seconds left on the timer, Joey drops the Millennium Puzzle to the ground and then, using the chain attached to his foot, swings across to Yugi's platform in the hopes that he can grab Yugi's key before the two are pulled under. As the timer counts down to zero, Joey wonders if he will make it and barely does before the anchor is released, dragging both Yugi and himself into the water.

    As the two are pulled deeper and deeper underwater, Joey swims over to Yugi and unlocks his chain leaving him free to float back up to the surface. However as Yugi surfaces and Tristan pulls him out, Mokuba realises that Joey never grabbed his own key before he was dragged under. As Tristan goes to get the key and dive back down to save his friend, the gang are shocked to see Serenity, key in hand, dive into the water to save her big brother. Trying, without success, to use Yugi's key to unlock his own chain, Joey can't believe it as he sees somebody swimming down to save him, and as Serenity arrives and unlocks his chain he can hardly believe that his sister is here until she explains how Tristan and Mai brought her to find him.

    As Yugi and Joey are glad that they are both safe, Joey is embarrased at how he let himself be controlled by Marik and even as Yugi tells him that it wasn't his fault he is still upset by what he did under Marik's control. However as Mai tells him that he shouldn't be embarrased after the courage he showed Joey explains that he was hardly the big brother that he wanted to be for Serenity but Tristan reminds him that it was his courage and strength that gave Serenity the courage to go through with the operation.

    Realising that Serenity is able to see again, Joey is less upset, especially as she tells him that he has been her inspiration to keep on going and that the two of them will support each other no matter what happens. With brother and sister reunited at last, Joey returns the Millennium Puzzle to Yugi and thanks him for being such a good friend and Yugi in turn thanks Yami for letting him duel on his own.

    Tired of all the talking that is going on, Kaiba heads off for the Battle City final and as he does so Yugi calls and thanks him for his help. Not one to accept people's gratitude, Kaiba reminds Yugi that they still have to have their rematch and that he looks forward to it being part of the Battle City finals. However as Kaiba heads off into the distance, Yugi is sure that he hasn't yet seen the last of Marik even though the finals are about to begin.

    b: 19-Jul-2003

    NOTE: Kids WB used the promo title "Joey's Betrayal" for this episode.

    79. Shadow of a Duel

    Emotions are running high after their last encounter with Marik, however while Joey is psyched at having broken Marik's mind control, Yugi is sure that they haven't seen the last of their nemesis and fears that their next encounter will be face to face. With the heat of the moment behind him, Joey is thrilled to see Serenity is alright and hhas her bandages off and thanks her for saving his life. However as he tells her that she can now see him win the Battle City Finals, Mai pulls her aside and tells her that the only victory Serenity will see is Mai defeating Joey in the first round.

    Unsurprisingly annoyed by the comment, Joey reminds Mai of who was the winner last time they duelled, but Mai responds that Duellist Kingdom is ancient history now and that she is in Battle City to win. Joey is still insistent that he will win, confident that the Finals will be a piece of cake compared to what he and Yugi have been through so far. With the bickering out of their system, Joey takes out his six Locator Cards and inserts them into his Duel Disk which immediately reads the card before producing a holographic mad of the stadium where the finals will be held.

    Elsewhere in the city, Bakura is resting in the hospital as Marik enters his sleeping mind. Marik congratulates Yami Bakura of his success in helping Marik earn the trust of the group under the guise of Namu but warns his partner in crime that he will only give up the Millennium Rod if Bakura keeps up the other end of the bargain and claims the two remaining Egyptian God Cards from Yugi and Kaiba. Marik warns Bakura that he will need a spot in the Finals if he wants any chance of getting the God Cards and that there are only a few spots remaining in the final rounds.

    As Yami Bakura becomes increasingly frustrated by Marik telling him what to do, he senses that Solomon is trying to wake Bakura up and takes control of the body, waking it. Solomon excitedly tells Bakura that Yugi and Joey have both qualified for the finals but when Bakura asks where the location of the finals is Solomon realises he forgot to ask in all the excitement. Infuriated that he will have to find the finals on his own, Bakura gets out of the hospital bed and, as Solomon tells him that he needs to rest, Yami Bakura uses the power of the Millennium Ring to put Solomon to sleep before heading out into Domino to find the location of the finals.

    Finding a guy with a Duel Disk in the street, Yami Bakura steals his Locator Card and Duel Disk but throws his deck back at him, disgusted by his weak deck. Realising that he will have to earn five more Locator Cards some how, Bakura hears some people talking about how there are already six people qualified for the finals already and demands to know where he can find Battle City duellists. The group are annoyed by his direct approach, but as he threatens them they tell him that there have been reports of duellists hanging around the cemetery.

    As another duellist arrives at the deserted cemetery he is frightened by the eerie atmosphere, especially as a trio of zombies rise from the ground and surround him, demanding that he give up his Duel Disk and leave. Terrified by the trio, the duellist does as he has been told and runs off, leaving his Disk behind. However as he leaves the sight of the tree zombies, they remove their masks to reveal that they are actually Bandit Keith's lackeys from Duellist Kingdom; Bonz, Syd and Zygore.

    Celebrating the acquisition of their fifth Locator Card the gang are pleased to have done so well without having to participate in a single duel. As they tell themselves that they deserve to get into the Battle City Finals after having their Star Chips stolen by Bandit Keith at Duellist Kingdom, they hear somebody else approaching and prepare to attack. As Bakura approaches the trio attack but he dodges and unmasks all of them, challenging them to a duel. Bonz is confident that he can win one legitimate duel but Zygore warns him that Bakura seems familiar from somewhere.

    As the two prepare to begin the duel, Bakura suggests that Bonz puts all five of his Locator Cards at stake and while Bonz is initially apprehensive he agrees when Bakura explains that time is running out and that if neither of them qualifies this evening then it is likely that neither of them will qualify before all the slots in the finals are filled. Sure that Bakura can't be very good, seeing as he only has one Locator Card after so long, Bonz accepts to the duel, however as the duel begins the arena becomes shrouded in a purple fog.

    Preparing to take his first turn, Bakura informs the trio that the cemetery is haunted by a knight who lost his head, and as he summons The Headless Knight (1450/1700) and sets one card Bonz is freaked by the monster. Even so, he wastes no time in summoning Snakehair the Sorceress (1500/1200), attacking and destroying Yami Bakura's Knight (YB's LP: 3950). Although his monster has been destroyed, Bakura is not fazed as he flips Shallow Grave, reviving his Knight from the graveyard in Defence Mode before sacrificing it to summon the Earl of Demise (2000/?).

    Destroying Bonz's Sorceress (B's LP: 3500) Bakura is confident that he will easily win the duel, however Bonz is also confident of his skills as he summons Dragon Zombie (1600/0) before playing Premature Burial at a cost of 700 Life Points (B's LP: 2700) to revive his Sorceress. With his two zombies on the field, Bonz activates Polymerization, fusing his two monsters to form the Great Mammoth of Goldvine (2200/?) before setting one card.

    As Yami Bakura draws his next card, Bonz activates his trap card, Skull Invitation, a card which deals 300 Life Points of damage to any player whhen one of their cards is sent to the Graveyard. Deciding to help Bonz with his strategy, Bakura discards all five cards in his hand at a cost of 1500 Life Points (YB's LP: 2750) however while the move pleases Bonz it pleases Yami Bakura more as he reveals his Magic card, Spiritualistic Medium. Explaining that the card increases the ATK of one of his monsters by 500 for every card he has discarded from his hand, Bakura uses the power to increase his Earl's ATK to 4000 before destroying Bonz's Mammoth (B's LP: 900).

    As if the attack was not enough, the destruction of his Mammoth activates the effect of Skull Invitation (B's LP: 600). Confident that victory will soon be his, Yami Bakura informs his opponents that they will soon be trapped in the Shadow Realm with the other lost souls in the cemetery. Worried by the prospect of an eternity spent in the Shadow Realm, Syd tries to escape from the cemetery but finds himself back at the duel from the other side of the cemetery. As Bakura explains that the only way to escape is to beat him in a duel, Bonz plays Nightmare Steel Cage in the hopes to give himself two turns to find a way to win, setting a card to help him in his plan.

    Amused at the futile attempt to stop him, Bakura takes great pleasure in playing Ectoplasmer, turning his Earl of Demise into a spirit able to attack Bonz's Life Points directly, reducing them to zero and winning Bakura the match. Having lost the Shadow Game, the trio are sucked into the ground as Bakura claims their Locator Card. With six now in his possession he prepares to enter the Battle City Finals in order to keep his deal with Marik and claim the Millennium Rod for his own.

    NOTE: As with the first season, while the US second season ended with this episode, the UK and Canada's second season ran until episode 97.

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