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Season 3

80. Lights, Camera, Duel

On the way to the location of the Battle City finals, Mai stops the car two blocks away from the stadium and tells the gang that they'll walk the rest of the way so that when the finals are over they won't get caught in traffic when all the crowds leave. As Joey becomes excited about the prospect of meeting the other finalists, he teases Mai about their results at Duellist Kingdom, however she is sure that she will be victorious this time, showing off her skills in front of a sold-out crowd.

Quickly changing the subject, Joey asks Mai why she gave him her Tournament Entry Card, Glory of the King's Hand, at Duellist Kingdom and she tells him that she was touched by his story and wanted to help. However as Mai tries to justify her actions, Joey has been distracted by a poster for Jean-Claude Magnum's latest ninja movie and is no longer listening to what Mai is saying. Infuriated by Joey's short attention span, Mai prepares to confront him as a white limousine bursts through the poster in front of Mai and Joey.

Startled by the limo, Mai grabs Joey for support but then backs away embarassed as Joey prepares to confront the owner of the limo, however as the door opens and the passenger gets out, he is thrilled to see that it is none other than Jean-Claude, the same guy from the poster. As Joey introduces himself as Jean-Claude's number one fan, the movie star is only interested in Ma, however while he appears to know Mai she does not recognise him. Joey can't believe that Mai knows Jean-Claude however as she insists that she doesn't know him Magnum reminds her of their encounter one year previously.

Somewhere at sea, on a cruise ship, a duel between Mai and Magnum comes to a close as Mai uses her Harpie Lady combo to win the match. Stunned by such a powerful opponent, Magnum is infatuated with Mai and proposes to her, wishing to spend the rest of his life with her. Amused by the request, Mai shuns Magnum's proposal but jokingly offers that she will marry him if he can ever beat her in a duel.

As Mai realises that Magnum did not sense that she was joking when she made the offer, Joey suggests that she should accept the proposal as she is unlikely to ever find a better one. Although she doesn't want to marry Jean-Claude, Mai agrees to the duel in order to teach her suitor a lesson, however Yugi tells her that she doesn't have to duel if she doesn't want to. As Duke warns his friends not to anger Jean-Claude in case he pulls any of his kung-fu moves on them, T?a is sure that Mai will beat Magnum without any problems.

Ready to start the duel, Mai calls for Joey to lend his Duel Disk to Magnum however he reveals that he already has a Disk, as well as five Locator Cards. Realising that Magnum intends this to be an official Battle City duel, Mai knows that losing the duel will mean losing her place in the finals however she refuses to pull out of the duel, determined to teach her arrogant opponent a lesson.

While Yugi is shocked that Mai has agreed to the terms of the duel, it is too late for Mai to pull out as Magnum summons a monster, Ninja Commander Akousa (700/700), a monster which, when summonned, calls Ninja Soldier Katana (400/400) to the field. Not worried by Magnum's multiplicity combo, Mai summons Amazon Swordswoman (1500/1600) and easily crushes Jean-Claude Magnum's Ninja Soldier (JC's LP: 2900).

As Mai accuses Jean-Claude of duelling like an amateur, he smugly responds that Mai is agressive as ever as he summons another Ninja Commander Akousa (700/700), using its special effect once again to summon a second Ninja Soldier Katana (400/400). Impressed by Mai's skills so far, Serenity tells Joey that she thinks that Mai is really cool, however joey disagrees beliving Mai is too full of herself. Angered by the comment, Mai orders her Swordswoman to attack, destroying the second Ninja Commander (JC's LP: 2100).

Confident that victory will soon be hers, Mai is concerned as Magnum explains that she has fallen into his trap and now that he has two ninjas in his graveyard he need only sacrifice one of his Ninja Soldiers to summon his most powerful ninja, Ninja Master Shogun (1600/1600). Unimpressed with his new ninja, Mai discovers that it packs more of a punch than the others, with the ability to not only summon another Ninja Soldier Katana (400/400) but also Ninja Commando Kibouki (700/700). Not only that, but Magnum's Ninja Commando allows him to summonn Kounoichiyayami the Ninja Girl (300/300).

With so many ninjas on the other side of the field, Mai is naturally concerned as the Ninja Master destroys her Swordswomam before the other four ninjas attack her Life Points directly (M's LP: 1800). As Jean-Claude is confident that he is about to win the duel, and Yugi and the others worry that Mai may not be able to turn things around, Magnum sets one card and then ends his turn.

Summoning Cyber Harpie(1800/1300) to the field, Mai orders it to attack Magnum's Ninja Master however he activates his Ninja Smoke Ball trap card blocking the attack. Although infuriated that her attack was blocked, Mai isn't disheartened as she sets a card and ends her turn. Amused at Mai's attempt to defeat him, Magnum plays the Great Kite of Ninja, lifting his Ninja Master high into the air, safe from all attacks and Magic cards.

As if being protected from attacks was not bad enough, Magnum explains that he can sacrifice one monster in order to allow his Ninja Master to attack Mai's Life Points directly. Tributing his Ninja Soldier, Magnum uses the power of his Kite to attack Mai directly (M's LP: 200). Down but not out, Mai refuses to give up and as Joey asks Yugi if there is any way that Mai could win, his friend suggests that Mai could eliminate Magnum's Kite is she could play Harpie's Feather Duster.

Calling out to Mai to ask if she has the Feather Duster in her hand, Mai snaps back that she would have already used it if she did have it. However as Yugi suggests that she could also stop Magnum from attacking her directly if she could eliminate all of his ninjas, Mai sees a way to stop Magnum in his tracks as she draws and activates Elegant Egotist. As her one Cyber Harpie is transformed into three Mai attacks and destroys all three of his Ninjas.

As Magnum becomes furious that Mai coould be turning the tables once again, Joey informs the movie star that he is no longer impressed with his skills as an actor or his personality as a person. However as Mai sets a card and ends her turn, Magnumm summons another Ninja Girl (300/300) only to discover that Mai had prepared for the move as she activates her Grave Arm magic card to destroy the Ninja Girl.

Unable to attack directly with no ninjas left on his side of the field Magnum has to end his turn, and as Mai begins her turn she gladly informs Magnum that his Ninja Kite prevents his monster from defending as well as being attacked. As her trio of Cyber Harpies attacks Magnum, Mai eliminates the rest of his life points winning her the match.

As the monsters disappear from the field, Magnum is surprisingly unconcerned at having lost the duel as he points out that his Ninja Master and Ninja Kite have not disappeared from the field as they were not holograms. As the Ninja Master swoops down and scoops Mai up in a net Magnum explains that he is determined to have Mai one way or another. As the Ninja flies off with his catch, Joey runs after Magnum who is chasing after Mai.

Determined not to remain captured, Mai struggles to get free and the Ninja Master drops her and she has to grab on to a pole sticking out the side of a building to prevent hurting herself in the fall. As Magnum panics about what to do, Joey offers to catch Mai but as she lets go she ends up landing on top of him. Approaching Mai to try and help her up, Magnum is shunned by Mai once again as she accuses him of being nothing more than a cheap phoney and a poor actor.

Getting to her feet on her own, Mai tells Jean-Claude that the only hero here is Joey and as she thanks her duelling rival for helping her she informs him that she didn't want to marry Magnum because she wants to beat Joey in the finals. With what will hopefully be their final distraction now out of the way, the gang heads on towards the stadium where the finals will be held ready to see what Kaiba has in store for them.

81. Let the Finals Begin!

As Copter 1 lands in the centre of the open-top, empty, Kaibacorp Stadium and Kaiba and Mokuba disembark, Kaiba looks forward to the arrival of the seven other Battle City finalists, however he does not realises that Marik and Odion have already arrived and are talking in the empty stands. Marik informs Odion that his plan to claim the pharaoh's power is coming together and that once he claims the Millennium Puzzle and the two remaining Egyptian God Cards he will be able to drain Yami's power and banish him to the Shadow Realm forever.

However while things are coming together it is important that nobody knows Marik's true identity and so he orders Odion to pretend to be the real Marik while he uses the guise of Namu to get close to Yugi and his friends. As the two continue to discuss their plans, Kaiba senses that somebody is in the stadium and orders the lights to be turned on however as the stadium is filled with light there is nobody to be seen.

Before Kaiba has a chance to look into things further, Yugi, Mai, Joey and the others arrive however they are all confused to see the stadium empty and barely constructed. Even so, the trio of finalists present their Locator Cards and are given Tournament ID cards which will gain them access to the finals. As the gang asks where the other finalists are they are informed that so far only Seto Kaiba and themselves have arrived.

As the group await the arrival of the next finalists, wind begins to howl through the stadium as the next entrant arrives. Although Yugi is suspicious of the new arrival, as well he should be, Joey and T?a are both surprised to see their friend Namu who helped them out when Bakura was injured. While Namu asks how Bakura is doing, Joey is somehow creeped out by him however as T?a introduces Namu to Yugi Joey starts to calm down as they explain how Namu found Bakura after he had been attacked.

As Namu announces that he is honoured to be meeting the great Yugi Moto, Marik is pleased that nobody has worked out who he really is. However before any of them can get talking Bakura staggers into the stadium, clearly still weak from the injury he suffered. As the gang questions how Bakura found them Yugi spots that Bakura is wearing a Duel Disk and everyone is stunned as their friend reveals that he is the sixth finalist. While Yugi is suspicious that this may not be their friend, Bakura distracts them by pointing out that the next finalist is arriving.

Shrouded in a dark robe, the tattoo-faced finalist enters the arena and as Joey recognises him from his encounter when he was captured they realises that this must be Marik, leader of the Rare Hunters. As the robed figure introduces himself as one and the same Kaiba warns Marik that he could have him disqualified for hacking his way into the tournament however he won't do that because he wants to defeat Marik and claim his Egyptian God Card.

Now that seven of the finalists have gathered, the tournament officials announce that although the Locator Cards lead the duellists to this location, it is not actually where the finals will be held. As everyone wonders what they could mean by this, the stadium lights are angled upwards as a large blimp, Kaiba Craft 3, lands in the center of the stadium. While the finalists look on in amazement Mokuba explains that the finals will be held 4000 feet in the sky.

As a door onto the blimp opens, the finalists begin to board and are informed that the ship will take off as soon as the eighth finalist arrives. However while Yugi wonders who the eighth finalist will be T?a. Tristan, Duke and Serenity are blocked from boarding as none of them are qualified for the tournament. As the four friends plead to be let onto the ship, Maokuba tells the officials to let them on, pointing out that he isn't qualified either and yet he will be boarding.

With everybody else on board, Kaiba informs the officials to take off even though the last finalist has not arrived, however as they wonder whether they should wait or follow his order the last entrant, Ishizu Ishtar, arrives and Kaiba Craft 3 takes off into the skies. As the blimp reaches the crusing altitude of 4000 feet, the gang are amazed by the view of Domino from so high up, however as Serenity thanks Joey for bringing her Joey is distracted by Kaiba who insists that Joey qualified through luck not skill. While Joey is left reeling from Kaiba's remarks, Kaiba tells Yugi that he must use his God card in the finals as Kaiba claims to win it when he defeats him in a duel.

As the finalists are asked to go to their rooms to prepare for the first round, Serenity is impressed with Joey's room and thanks him for helping her regain her sight so that she could see all the wonderful things he has shown her so far. However as the two do some brother-sister bonding they are rudely interrupted by T?a, Tristan and Duke who are looking for a place to crash until rooms can be found for them.

While Joey is furious that he won't be able to focus with the others around, Tristan plans to ask Serenity to look at the view with him but Duke beats him to it. Unable to get close to Serenity, Tristan apologises to Joey for bothering him, explaining that they didn't want to distract Yugi while he was preparing for the finals. Reminding Tristan that he is also supposed to be prepping for the finals, Joey goes on to thank his friend for looking after Serenity while he was duelling in Battle City.

As Kaiba prepares his deck in his room, Mokuba sees the officials approaching his room and tells them to stop, warning them that Kaiba may well have them fired if they interrupt him while he is preparing. The officials apologise and explain that they only wanted to inform Kaiba that the eighth finalist arrived before the ship took off, however Kaiba does not look like he would be concerned by this as his only interest is destroying Yugi and Marik and claiming their Egyptian God Cards.

Elsewhere on the ship, Mai is psyched about the finals, sure that she will do better than she did in Duellist Kingdom, while Odion is determined not to fail his master. Marik is also confident that success will be his, especially as he has control over T?a and Bakura, although his control over Bakura will not be needed as long as Yami Bakura agrees to keep up his end of their bargain.

Yugi, meanwhile, knows that Kaiba was right and that he will have to use Slifer the Sky Dragon is he is to have any hope of winning the finals, however he fears that Slifer may be too dangerous for some opponents to handle. As Yami agrees that Slifer is their only chance of beating Marik he warns Yugi that the finals will turn into a clash of all three God cards, however Yugi is more concerned about Bakura, worried that the evil spirit that controlled him at Duellist Kingdom has somehow returned even though Tristan got rid of the Millennium Ring.

Pointing out the the Millennium Items work in unpredicatble ways Yami agrees that he senses something different about Bakura. However neither of them know just how climatic the finals will be, unlike Ishizu who knows that everything is in place for the final clash between Yugi and Marik to begin. As all the finalists finish their preparations, an announcement comes across requesting everyone's presence in the main hall.

Leaving his room, Joey sees Kaiba coming along the corridor and the two exchange insults before Joey and Namu meet up. While Namu tells Joey that he never thought he would make it to the finals, Joey warns him that he won't make it much further once the two of them meet on the duelling field. As the two make their way to the main hall, Yugi also sets off knowing that the fate of the world lies in his hands.

82. The Dark Spirit Revealed: Yugi vs. Bakura (1)

As everyone gathers in the main hall, Mai tells Yugi that she is eager to get started, confident that she will go all the way to the final round this time. However while she gets psyched about the tournament Joey is more excited by the all you can eat buffet until he bumps into Bakura and discovers that he forced Bonz into giving up all five of his Locator Cards after defeating him in a duel.

As a freaked out Joey backs away from Bakura, hoping that he won't have to face him in a duel, he asks Kaiba what the hold up is. Kaiba explains that the eighth finalist has not yet arrived, however as he sends one of the officials off to collect her he decides to begin the proceedings anyway and as a large lottery machine appears at one end of the room the other official explains that the machine will randomly choose the pairs of duellists who will compete against each other.

However unlike Duellist Kingdom, the second pairing will not be chosen until after the end of the first match, meaning that none of the duellists will know who they will be duelling until just before the match starts. As the duellists wait for the first two numbers to be chosen, they are all reminded of their numbers in the tournament; Kaiba (1), Joey (2), Yugi (3), Mai (4), Namu (5), Bakura (6), Marik (7), Ishizu (8).

As the official arrives at Ishizu's room to request her presence in the main hall, she explains that her presence will not be required as her number will not be chosen, however as the official leaves Ishizu worries that the fate of the world depends on the victory of one of the two duellists who will be chosen.

Back at the hall, the lottery machine starts up and chooses the first duellist for the opening match; Bakura. Surprised to see that he has been picked for the first duel, Bakura is eager to see who his first opponent will be and is pleased when it is Yugi's number which is drawn as his opponent. As Yugi and Bakura are lead away to the Stratos Duelling Arena the rest of the finalists are invited to make their way to the spectator platform to watch the proceedings.

As the elevator carries Yugi and Bakura up to the top of the ship, Yugi is suspicious of Bakura , sure that he is still after the Millennium Items. Meanwhile Kaiba is eager to see how Bakura will cope against the might of Slifer the Sky Dragon, assuming that Yugi uses it in the duel. Arriving at the Stratos Arena, Yugi is determined not to lose the duel as the fate of the world is at stake, and as the other finalists arrive Kaiba informs them that the strong winds and cold temperature of the altitude are intended to test the true limits of the duellists.

Confident that he will be the victor, Bakura asks if Yugi is ready to lose, however Yugi demands to know who is really in control of Bakura. As Yami Bakura reveals the Millennium Ring around his neck, Yugi realises that his opponent is the same opponent he fought in the Shadow Realm at Duellist Kingdom. While Tristan is shocked to see the Millennium Ring after he threw it into the woods of Duellist Kingdom, Namu and Mai do not understand what all the fuss is about until T?a and Joey explain how Bakura's Millennium Item contains an evil spirit.

As Joey hopes that they won't end up dragged into the Shadow Realm again, Namu is amused that none of the others realise he is really Marik, but as Yugi asks Yami Bakura why he is duelling Yami Bakura suggests that he is not intent on taking the Millennium Puzzle but has his sights on something more powerful. However as Yami Bakura goes on to taunt Yugi, explaining that not everybody is who they seem on the ship, Marik contacts Yami Bakura mentally and warns him that he is giving too much information away.

With the duel about to begin, Yugi and his friends are sure that he will win however Yami Bakura is confident that victory will, in the end, be his however as his first turn begins he summons The Portrait's Secret (1200/1500) in attack mode. As Yugi wonders what Yami Bakura could be up to he summons Gazelle, the King of Mythical Beasts (1500/1200) and destroys Bakura's monster (B's LP: 3700) before setting one card.

Not bothered by the loss of his first monster, Bakura summons The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams (1300/1800), once again in attack mode, and while Joey is freaked out by the creepy monster Yugi s unimpressed by such a weak card. Sensing that Bakura must be wanting him to attack, Yugi realises that his only hope is to wipe out Bakura's Life Points before he can start his strategy and, summoning Gamma the Magnet Warrior (1500/1800) orders both of his monsters to attack Bakura (B's LP: 2000).

With half of his Life Points already gone, it looks like Bakura will be easily crushed in the next turn and as he summons The Headless Knight (1450/1700) it seems like there is no way for him to turn the tables and win the duel, especially as both of Yugi's monsters attack once again (B's LP: 450). Confident that he is about to win, Yugi doesn't realise that he has been reeled into Bakura's trap until his opponent explains that he needed three monsters in his graveyard to summon his most powerful monster.

As Yugi realises that Bakura played him like a fool he is shocked as Bakura summons Dark Necrofear (2200/2800). As Bakura explains that Dark Necrofear possessed some very special powers he sets two cards and then ends his turn, much to the surprise of Yugi who thinks that Bakura must have been worried about his set card. Deciding to put Bakura out of his misery Yugi sacrifices his Gazelle to summon the Dark Magician Girl (2000/1700) before activating his set card, Magic Formula to increase her ATK to 2500.

Now more powerful than Dark Necrofear, the Magician Girl attacks and destroys it (B's LP: 150) however Bakura is glad, explaining that Yugi has once again fallen into his trap. With Dark Necrofear in the graveyard, Bakura activates his Dark Sanctuary magic card and, as he does so, the arena is shrouded in a red fog filled with mysterious eyes. As Yugi looks on bewildered Bakura explains that there is no escape from defeat now that Yugi has fallen well and truly into his trap.

83. The Dark Spirit Revealed: Yugi vs. Bakura (2)

Having lured Yugi directly into his trap, Bakura thanks Yugi for all his help so far but his confidence seems misplaced with no monsters to defend himself and only 150 Life Points. However as Yugi's confidence grows strong Yami Bakura informs him that the evil ghost of Dark Sanctuary will protect him from any of Yugi's attacks. While Yugi is unimpressed with the threats, Bakura warns him that his naivety will get him nowhere in this duel and taunts his opponent to attack him.

Taking the bait, Yugi orders Gamma the Magnet Warrior to attack, but as he does so the Evil Ghost counters the attack and Yugi suffers in the recoil. As Yugi wonders what has happened, Bakura explains that Yugi's Magnet Warrior has been posessed by the evil ghost. While Yugi wonders whether any of his other monsters have been posessed by the spirit as well, Bakura informs him that the Dark Sanctuary has other effects as well as the ones that Yugi has experienced so far. Bakura explains that whenever a posessed monster attacks, half of its ATK is deducted from Yugi's Life Points and added to Bakura's Life Points (Y's LP: 3250, B's LP: 900)

Although taken aback by the attack, Yugi isn't concerned by the spirit's effect however as Bakura activates the Destiny Board things start to look grim. As Yugi wonders what the Destiny Board does, Bakura explains that the Ouija Board which has appeared on his side of the field is able to communicate with the lost souls of the Shadow Realm, and as the board moves to the letter "F" Bakura explains that over the next four turns the board will spell out a five letter word and when the word has been spelled out in full Yugi will automatically lose.

While the gang and Mokuba are worried that Yugi might not be able to win, Kaiba's only concern is whether Yugi will use Slifer the Sky Dragon or not. However Yugi's turn has not yet begun and Bakura continues by playing The Dark Door, a magic card that prevents Yugi from attacking more than once per turn. Summoning Earthbound Spirit (500/2000), Bakura sacrifices it, explaining that he has to offer one monster as a tribute each turn in order to keep the evil ghost of Dark Sanctuary in play.

Realising that he needs to finish things quickly if he is going to win the duel, Yugi is confident that if he attacks with Dark Magician Girl he will win the duel, however he is concerned about Bakura's set card and begins by summoning Kuriboh (300/200) in defence mode. With a line of defence to protect him if Bakura's face down card turns oout to be a trap, Yugi orders his Dark Magician Girl to attack, however as it does so the evil ghost counters the attack (Y's LP: 2000, B's LP: 2150). As Bakura relishes in informing Yugi that the spirit posesses a different monster each turn, hiis turn begins and he activates the second letter of the Spirit Message - I.

While Bakura is confident that the duel will be over in three moore turns, Yugi informs him of a flaw in his plan, that the Duel Disk only has room for five magic and trap cards and Bakura only has space for two more letters thanks to The Dark Door. Bakura isn't too concerned by this though as he explains that Dark Sanctuary allows him to use his monster slots to play more magic and trap cards meaning that he still has plenty of room for the rest of the Spirit Message. While Bakura is confident that Yugi only has three turns until he will be defeated, Mai is sure that Yugi will be able to turn the duel around if he can only work out which monster the evil ghoost has posessed.

As Bakura summons and sacrifices Sangan (1000/600) to maintain the effect of Dark Sanctuary for another turn he uses its effect to draw another monster from his deck before ending his turn. As Bakura watches the evil ghost repossess Yugi's Dark Magician Girl, Yugi has no idea which monster has been possessed although he doubts that it is his Kuriboh. Apprehensive as to which monster he should attack with, Yugi is frustrated that the only monster in his hand is Big Shield Gardna (100/2600). Although it has a weak ATK, Yugi summons it in defence mode just in case he will need it however Bakura tells him that any attack will be futile, and as Yugi orders his Magnet Warrior to attack Bakura activates his trap card, Dark Spirit of the Silent, forcing Yugi's possessed Magician Girl to attack (Y's LP: 750, B's LP: 3400).

While Duke and Serenity worry that it might be too late for Yugi to turn the tables, Tristan tells them to stay positive for Yugi's sake, however while Yugi himself is not confident of his ability to win their support may be for nothing. Even so, as Yugi sets two cards he warns Bakura that the evil ghost will soon be no more but as Bakura activates the next letter of the Spirit Message - N and summons Souls of the Forgotten (900/200), which he then tributes to Dark Sanctuary, he taunts Yugi to try to attack him however Yugi is happy to take the bait on this occasion.

Explaining that he does not need to guess where the ghost is hiding, Yugi activates his trap card, Collected Power to gather the effects of all equipment cards on to Kuriboh. While Kaiba wonders what Yugi is planning, everything becomes clear as Yugi activates Exile of the Wicked to destroy his Kuriboh and all cards equipped to it, including the evil ghost of Dark Sanctuary. Even though his evil ghost has been destroyed, Bakura is still confident that he will win in only two more turns, but Marik is not so confident and he contacts Bakura mentally, reminding him that if he loses the duel then their deal will be off.

Although Bakura is still confident that he can win the duel, things start to go from bbad to worse for him as Yugi activates Monster Reborn to revive Dark Necrofear (2200/2800) from Bakura's graveyard, negating the effect of Dark Sanctuary in the process. With the evil ghost gone and Bakura now only allowed to have five magic and trap cards on the field things are looking up for Yugi as he uses Dark Necrofear to attack Bakura's Life Points directly (B's LP: 1200). As Bakura activates the penultimate letter of the Spirit Message - A, Yugi realises that the word being spelt is FINAL however he informs Bakura that he would have to discard The Dark Door during this turn in order to activate the end of the Spirit Message during his next turn, and this would leave Bakura open to a three-way attack which would wipe out the remainder of his Life Points.

Although Bakura is furious at how the tables have been turned, Kaiba doubts that Yugi will find victory quite this easy and as Marik contacts Bakura mentally once again and suggests that he should take control of Bakura in order to win the duel, Bakura refuses to give in as he draws what could be his final card. Looking at the card he holds in his hand, Bakura is delighted with it, sure that it will seal Yugi's defeat. But as he prepares to play it, both Yugi and his friends are naturally uneasy as to what is in store for Yugi in what could be the final turn of the duel.

84. The Dark Spirit Revealed: Yugi vs. Bakura (3)

Excited with the card that he has just drawn, Bakura takes great pleasure in summoning it, Jowgen the Spiritualist (200/1300) to the field. Although Joey and Yugi both have no idea what the monster can do which makes it so useful, Bakura explains that if he discards one card from his hand he can destroy any monster whiich was specially summoned to the field, namely Dark Necrofear. As he discards one card, Necrofear is destroyed and, as it is sent to the graveyard, the magic of Dark Sanctuary returns to the field.

With the ability to play magic cards in his monster slots available to him once more, Bakura reminds Yugi that he now has room to activate the last letter of the Spirit Message at the start of his next turn. However while Joey and Yugi are both confident that Yugi will somehow be able to pull through and win the duel, Bakura is also confident that victory will be his as he sacrifices Jowgen to revive the evil ghost of Dark Sanctuary. As he sets one card and ends his turn, Bakura warns Yugi that there is no way for him to win, as attacking with the possessed monster would wipe out the remainder of Yugi's Life Points. Not only that, but Bakura's set card is Dark Spirit of the Silent meaning that there is no way for Yugi to not attack with the possessed monster.

Unable to win whether he attacks or does not attack, Yugi is unable to see any way to win with the cards that he holds in his hand. As Duke suggests that Yugi may be unable to win, Tristan tells him to stop doubting Yugi but Mai agrees with Duke telling Tristan that things may be too bad for Yugi this time. As Serenity also begins to worry that Yugi might lose the rest of the gang continues to cheer him on and Yugi realises that there is still one card that could win him the duel; Slifer the Sky Dragon. As Kaiba hopes that Yugi is planning to try and summon the Egyptian God Card, Yugi puts all his faith in the Heart of the Cards and successfully draws the card, immediately sacrificing all three of his monsters to summon it to the field.

As Slifer the Sky Dragon (X000/X000) appears on the field, it's massive body wrapped around Kaiba Craft 3, Yami Bakura is worried by the sight of the powerful beast, as are Yugi's friends, however Kaiba is glad to finally see Yugi using the card. Seeing Slifer's body from the window of her room, Ishizu senses that everything is going as the Millennium Necklace predicted it would and that Yugi is on track to win the duel. However Yami Bakura is still not willing to give in and even as Marik contacts him mentally once more he refuses to accept help, sure that the evil ghost of Dark Sanctuary will be able to control Slifer the Sky Dragon.

The ghost prepares to enter Slifer the Sky Dragon, however as it does so it is destroyed by the powerful Egyptian God and Bakura begins to realise the true might of the legendary beast. As Yugi prepares to attack, things seem helpless for Bakura but Marik refuses to give in so easily and Odion, who everyone else believes is Marik, approaches the duelling arena with the Millennium Rod in his hand. As 'Marik' approaches, Joey is furious and prepares to make him pay for what he has done, however 'Marik' ignores him as he explains that he controls Bakura and the evil spirit of the Millennium Ring.

'Marik' explains that he is going to force Bakura back in control of the body which is currently being controlled by te evil spirit, and as he says this the real Marik tells Yami Bakura that he has to relinquish control of Bakura's body if he seeks to win the duel as Yugi would not risk attacking his injured friend. As Yami Bakura releases Bakura from his control, Bakura collapses to the ground confused, injured and scared. As 'Marik' warns Yugi that Bakura will not survive the force of Slifer's attack, Bakura calls out for Yugi to help him but as Yugi goes to approach him the umpire warns him that contact with his opponent will result in him being disqualified.

As Yugi struggles to choose between attacking and possibly destroying his friend or forfeiting the duel and leaving the world to suffer the wrath of Marik, Kaiba tells him to attack and be done with it. Angered by the fact that Yugi iis unable to help Bakura, Joey calls to the umpire to halt te duel but he refuses, warning Joey to back off lest he be disqualified from the tournament as well. However as Yugi debates what he should do, Yami Bakura senses that he is not going to give up the duel and regains control of Bakura's body, not able to risk it being destroyed. Realising that the evil spirit has regained control of Bakura's body, Yugi orders Slifer to attack, but as the powerful blast elimiinates the last of Bakura's Life Points he warns Yugi that he hasn't seen that last of him yet.

As the injured Bakura collapses to the ground, Yugi and the others rush over to see if he is alright and, while weakened, he is still conscious. Tristan picks Bakura up and, carrying him on his back, leads him back to his room to rest, however while the rest of the gang follows him Yugi stays behind and contacts Yami. The two discuss what has happened and they both sense that Yami Bakura needs Bakura somehow, like how Yami needs Yugi. However Yugi explains that while Yami and he support each other, Bakura and his evil spirit are at constant conflict with each other and that in the end it will be Yugi and Yami who are victorious in Battle City.

Heading off to see how Bakura is doing, Yugi is stopped by the umpire who tells him that he can take a card from Bakura's deck but Yugi refuses, more worried about his friend's well-being. As he reaches Bakura's room, he and the rest of the gang all agree that Bakura needs to get to a hospital as soon as possible, but while they are gathered together talk turns to what happened between Bakura and Marik and T?a suggests that Marik and the evil spirit of the Millennium Ring may be working together to achieve some common goal, although none of them hhave any idea what that might be.

As Tristan and the others head off to try and get Kaiba to land the ship at the hospital, T?a offers to stay and watch over Bakura, however as Yugi prepares to leave he realises that the Millennium Ring has gone missing. Deciding not to worry about that now, Yugi also heads off but as he does so Marik takes control of T?a and reveals that she has the Millennium Ring, keeping it safe until Marik sees fit to return it.

85. Rage of the Egyptian Gods

With the first duel complete, a half hour intermission begins before the selection of the two duellists for the second match, however while Mai, Marik, Namu and Ishizu while away the time in their quarters, Yugi and the others head off in search of Kaiba to get him to land the blimp so that Bakura can get medical attention.

Arriving at Kaiba's quarters, the gang are stopped by Mokuba who tells them not to disturb his brother's preparations for the next duel, however Joey ignores him and bangs on Kaiba's door, demanding that he let them in. As Kaiba opens the door and warns Joey not to cause any more trouble, Tristan and Yugi intervene to beg Kaiba to land the ship. Kaiba refuses to land, heartlessly suggesting that Bakura's current status is his own fault for leaving the hospital before he had fully recovered, however as Serenity begs that he land the ship he relents slightly, calling for a medical team to be sent to Bakura's room.

As the gang look on slightly bewildered, Mokuba explains that Kaiba Craft 3 has medical staff on board who far surpass that of Domino Hospital. Pleased that their friend will be alright, the gang leave Kaiba's room and Tristan and Duke once again begin competing for Serenity's affections. As Joey and Yugi wonder how Bakura is doing, the gang remembers that the Millennium Ring has yet to be found and Tristan volunteers himself and Duke to go search for it up at the Stratos Duelling Arena. While Yugi and Joey offer to help, Tristan tells them that they need to focus on the duels as he drags Duke off towards the top of the blimp.

Up on the top of the ship, Tristan and Duke begin to argue once more as their search for the Ring proves fruitless. However as Duke accuses Tristan of being scared of a little competition when it comes to Serenity, a fight between the two breaks out and the two rivals stumble over the edge of the ship. As Tristan does his best to hold onto the ledge, Duke is trying his best to hold onto Tristan lest they fall. Calling for help without success, things look bad for the pair as Tristan begins to lose his grip, however just as his hand slips from the ledge it is grabbed by a man wearing white robes, Shadi.

As Tristan and Duke are pulled back up onto the blimp, Tristan goes to thank the robed stranger who saved them but he is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile Yugi is sorting his deck ready for the next round and is worried that somebody else might get hurt if he has to use Slifer in the semi-finals, however before he is able to reflect further on the true power of his God Card Shadi enters the room. As Shadi explains that Yugi is starting to comprehend his fate, Yugi explains that he doesn't know very much other than the fact that Yami was an ancient egyptian pharaoh.

While Yugi tries to get some straight answers out of Shadi, the mysterious man explains that he has only come to Kaiba Craft 3 because he senses a misalignment of the Millennium Items. As he goes on to inform Yugi that all the items required to save or destroy the world are gathered upon the ship, he warns Yugi that if the God Cards and the Millennium Items fall into the hands of the wrong people then a catastrophe similar to that which occurred when Maximillion Pegasus first created Duel Monsters might occur once again.

"After Pegasus met Shadi and was given the Millennium Eye, he discovered the origin of the Shadow Games and became obsessed with them, seeking to resurrect their ancient powers. As he discovered the legend of the Egyptian God Cards, Pegasus became determined to find and recreate these three ancient beasts however he had little success until Shadi came to him once again, offering to help him find the tablets that he was looking for."

"Intrigued, Pegasus followed Shadi to an ancient tomb beneath the sands where an underground city was located. Recording everything that he saw on camera, Pegasus was amazed when Shadi used the Millennium Key to prevent the search party being discovered by the many guards in the city and eventually, after many hours of walking, the party arrived at the tomb where the God tablets resided. Although Shadi would not let Pegasus remove anything from the tomb, Pegasus was exstatic and gathered all of the data he needed in order to reproduce the three Gods."

"As Pegasus returned to America to begin producing the prototype God Cards, Shadi was not certain whether Pegasus would be able to control the power of the three beats although he knew that it was his destiny to unseal them. As the project continued, Pegasus learned that all of the people working on designing the God cards had met with unfortunate accidents and, going against Croquet's wishes, decided to finish production of the cards on his own."

"Weeks later, Pegasus finished the paintings of the three Gods and had yet to meet with any unfortunate accident, however as he fell asleep in front of the canvas he had a terrifying dream in which he saw the three Gods destroying Egypt. Realising that it was not Pegasus's destiny to control the God cards, Shadi convinced him to seal the God cards away and so he did so, handing all three cards over to Ishizu Ishtar for safe keeping."

As Shadi warns Yugi that Marik must not be allowed to gather all three cards together, Yami promises him that such a thing will never happen. Honoured to be in the presence of the pharaoh once again, Shadi is confident that Yami will be able to end the chaos like he did in ancient times. Before Yami can ask anything else, he is distracted by an announcement requesting all finalists to proceed to the main concourse, and by the time that he has turned back Shadi has vanished. While Yugi and Yami prepare to head off for the main hall, they hear Tristan discussing having seen a robed man but decide not to mention anything.

Meanwhile, Shadi arrives at Ishizu's room where she explains that although she is ashamed that Marik is to blame for everything that has happened she is determined to save him before it is too late. Over in Bakura's room, Marik still has control over T?a as he decides to keep control of both her and the Millennium Ring for the time being. Nobody in the room notices Shadi as he enters, however as he does so he senses that this is where the disturbance in the Millennium Items is the most strongest. Realising that Marik is behind the disturbance, Shadi can but hope that Marik will be stopped before it is too late.

86. Awakening of Evil (1)

With the finalists once again gathered in the main hall, the selection for the second duel begins as the numbers of the six duellists yet to compete begin to rotate within the lottery machine; Kaiba (1), Joey (2), Mai (4), Namu (5), Marik (7), Ishizu (8). As the first ball, number 2, appears from the machine, Joey is excited that he won't have to wait any longer for his chance to shine, and as his opponent is revealed to be duellist 7, Marik Ishtar, Joey is thrilled to be getting the opportunity to take Marik down in the first round.

As everyone makes their way to the duelling arena, Yugi is worried that Marik may use the Millennium Rod to help him with the duel however this doesn't concern Joey who, although angry at Marik for everything that has happened, is sure he will win. As the gang worries that Joey may find it hard to stay focused, Serenity is nervous about seeing her brother duel for the first time but the gang reassure her that everything'll be alright. However as the two duellists make their way to their sides of the arena, Joey begins to get cocky as he announces that he will defeat Marik in exactly nine turns.

While the gang can't believe how lame Joey is acting, Serenity is amazed at how professional her brother is, already having planned exactly how he is going to defeat his opponent. Completely unfazed by the comment, Marik withdraws the Millennium Rod from his belt but then puts it away again, a sign that he intends to duel fairly. As Namu, the real Marik, looks on he is amused at how easily the others have been fooled into believing that Odion is the real Marik. However while he is not worried by Yugi or Joey, he is concerned as to what Kaiba's role in the ancient destinies is and why the stone tablet depicting the final duel between the sorceror and the pharaoh showed Kaiba with the Millennium Rod in his posession.

Confident that Kaiba does not realise the true potential of the God Cards, Namu is sure that as long as Odion continues to fool people into thinking that he is Marik they will be able to defeat both Yugi and Kaiba without any major problems. Kaiba, meanwhile, is eager to see the true power of The Winged Dragon of Ra and merely hopes that Joey will survive long enough for Marik to summon it to the field.

As the duel prepares to begin, Namu contacts Marik mentally and tells him that he must win, and as Marik promises to defeat Joey, the duel begins and both duellists are confident that victory will be theirs. Cheering Joey from the sidelines, the gang is shocked to learn that Joey still hasn't taken back his Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Hoping that Joey will be able to keep his cool against an opponent like Marik, the gang are horrified as Joey, distracted by the prospect of defating Marik and being proclaimed a hero, has the cards from his hand blown away by the wind.

Safely recovering his cards before they are blown away, Joey realises that he will have to be more careful and, focusing on the duel, summons Gearfried the Iron Knight (1800/1600). Although Joey has summoned a strong monster on the opening turn, Marik is not concerned as he activates a Field Magic Card, Temple of the Kings. As an Ancient Egyptian temple appears behind Marik's side of the duelling arena he explains that the Temple will restrict the number of Magic or Trap cards that Joey can play to just one per turn.

However while Joey is restricted Marik faces no such limit as he sets two cards face down and ends his turn, challenging Joey to attack him. As Duke summises that Marik is trying to lure Joey into a trap, Yugi is worried about the full power of Temple of the Kings. Trying his best to keep his cool, Joey sees that he has Giant Trunade in his hand and is confident that he will be able to use it to destroy all of Marik's monsters when the time is right.

Summoning Tiny Guardian (1400/1800) Joey ends his turn without attacking and as Marik's turn begins he sets two more cards before ending his turn. As Yugi and Mai are dumbfounded by the fact that Marik is trying to use such an old strategy to win, Joey is confident that victory is about to be his as he summons Hayabusa Knight (1000/700). With a total attack strength of more than 4000 points at his disposal Joey plays Giant Trunade, hoping to blow away all of Marik's trap cards leaving him open to a direct attack.

As the Trunade closes in on Marik's cards, the gang are sure that Joey is about to win, however at the last minute the Trunade's effect is blocked. As Joey wonders what went wrong, Marik explains that he knew his trap cards were vulnerable and had therefore set a counter trap, Judgement of Anubis. As all of the monsters on Joey's side of the field are destroyed, half of their total ATK is deducted from his Life Points (J's LP: 1900).

Understandably furious at having fallen into Marik's trap, Joey tries to shun the move by claiming that he knew all about Marik's counter trap and was merely testing him. However while the gang do not believe this even for a second, Serenity has full faith in her brother. As Marik sets two new cards on the field, Joey's is beginning to lose his cool as he summons Alligator's Sword (1500/1200). Sure that Marik will activate another trap if he attacks, Joey sets one card and ends his turn however Marik simply passes.

Realising that Marik is trying to force him into attacking, Joey also passes but as Marik passes for a second time Joey cracks and as he summons Rocket Warrior (1500/1300) and orders it to attack. Although surprised that Joey cracked so soon, Marik is pleased as he activates his Eye of Oujot Trap Card, taking control of Joey's Rocket Warrior and redirecting its attack at Joey's own Alligator's Sword.

However Joey is prepared for Marik's Trap as he reveals his Fairy Box, concealing his Alligator within one of many holes. As the Rocket Warrior attacks, it finds itself attacking an empty hole. Having successfully avoided one of Marik's traps, Joey becomes confident that Marik has no monsters in his deck, however Marik's begs to disagree as he explains that while he may have no ordinary monsters, he does have a rare breed of Trap Monster.

As Marik reveals his Embodiment of Opopis, the gang are concerned as to what monster it will summon. However thing go from bad to worse as Marik reveals that he has set not one but three of these traps and as he summons three Opopis Snakes, each with an ATK of 1600, Joey looks done for as Marik prepares for a triple attack that will wipe out almost all of his remaining Life Points.

87. Awakening of Evil (2)

Clearly intimidated by Marik's Opopis Snakes, Joey refuses to give in even though things look hopeless for him. Setting Scapegoat face-down he changes his Alligator's Sword to Defence Mode, hoping that together they will be enough to block Marik's attack, at least until he can think of a way to win. As Marik orders his three snakes to attack, Joey activates Scapegoat however Marik counters it with Magic Jammer. As both of his monsters are destroyed, Joey takes the full impact of the third snake's attack (J's LP: 200) and begins to wonder whether he has any chance of surviving another turn.

Unable to see his friend struggle alone any longer, Yugi calls out to Joey, telling his friend that he has to defeat Marik for everybody's sake. While this comment amuses Namu, the real Marik, Kaiba is furious that Marik will win without summoning Ra to the field. As Marik tells Joey that he may as well give up now, Mai calls out to tell Joey not to give up and to stay strong until the very end. Not one to back out no matter how bad things look, Joey's spirits are raised by the support of Mai and the others, especially as Serenity tells him that she is sure that he can win, reminding him that he inspired her to not give up when things got tough. With all his friends behind him, Joey gets back up and informs Marik that his friends are what will keep him going.

As Joey remarks that Marik probably doesn't know what friendship is, his opponent remembers a time when he did feel such warmth, when he was rescued by the real Marik's mother after being deserted by his own parents. With both duellists as determined as ever to win, Joey remembers his Battle City duels against Mako, Espa and Weevil and as Yami reminds him of the promise he made to help defeat Marik, Joey begins to weave the plan which could help him win the duel. Setting two cards, Joey summons Swordsman of Landstar (500/1500) in defence mode and ends his turn. However as Marik orders his trio of serpent swordsmen to attack, Joey reveals the first of his two set cards to be Foolish Burial. As he uses his Magic card to send one card from his hand to Marik's graveyard, Joey activates his other set card, Graverobber

Summoning his own Jinzo (2400/1500) from Marik's graveyard, Joey uses his monster's special ability to destroy all three of Marik's Trap Monsters. As Joey remembers how Espa Roba used Jinzo against him back in his first duel of Battle City, Joey is pleased that the monster is now coming in useful although Marik still seems worryingly confident that victory will be his. Pleased that Joey may now survive long enough for Marik to have to summon The Winged Dragon of Ra, Kaiba begins to take interest in the duel once again as Joey summons Battle Warrior (700/1000) in attack mode. Switching his Swordsman of Landstar into Attack Mode as well, Joey's trio of monsters attack Marik directly (M's LP: 400) taking a big chunk out of his Life Points.

With the scores almost level, Joey and the others are confident that he might be able to win after all, however Marik's Temple of the Kings still poses a possible problem. As Namu contacts Marik mentally and orders him to destroy Joey, Marik is confident that he can render Joey's monsters useless as he plays Swords of Revealing Light. As Joey hopes that Marik won't be able to recover during the three turns he has bought himself he tributes his Battle Warrior to summon The Legendary Fisherman (1850/1600). Determined to use it well, as he promised Mako he would, Joey switches his monsters to Defence Mode as he ends his turn.

Hoping to draw a card which could help him win, Marik is shocked as he draws The Winged Dragon of Ra. As Namu explains that he slipped the card into his deck in case it was necessary to reinforce the fact that Odion is the real Marik, Odion is worried that he won't be able to control the powerful God. As Marik sets one card, Namu orders him to seal Ra within the Ancient Ark of the Temple of the Kings, however as Marik considers whether he should use the card or not T?a notices that he has been acting weird since he drew that last card.

Yugi has also noticed this and suggests that it might have something to do with the Temple's Ark and as Joey calls for Marik to make his next move he confirms this as he seals a card within the Ark. While Yugi is worried that the card Marik sealed might have been The Winged Dragon of Ra, Joey takes the opportunity to strengthen his defences as he uses Monster Reborn to revive his Alligatro's Sword before tributing both it and his Swordsman of Landstar to summon Insect Queen (2200/2400) in Defence Mode.

With all three of his Battle City prize cards on the field, it is apparent that Joey's deck has grown more powerful since he entered the tournament, however as Marik's Swords of Revealing Light fade away Marik explains that Joey will soon be defeated. Playing Cup of Sealed Soul from his hand, Marik activates his face-down card Seal or Serket along with the special ability of Temple of the Kings to summon the Mystical Beast of Serket. As the huge beast appears on the field, the gang are all freaked out by it's grotesque appearance, however Marik informs them that although this beast is powerful there are more powerful monsters in his posession, namely The Winged Dragon of Ra.

88. Awakening of Evil (3)

With Marik's Mystical Beast on the field, things look bad for Joey however he refuses to give up even thoguh the monster's stats (2500/2000) make it stronger than any of his monsters. As Marik is intrigued by Joey's determination, Serenity is worried for her brother however Yugi reassuers her that Joey can still win this as long as Marik refrains from summoning The Winged Dragon of Ra.

Meanwhile, Marik once again contacts Namu to ask why he put Ra in his deck and Namu explains that the card is not the real one but merely a copy. Namu explains that the Rare Hunters spent months perfecting the copying process and althogh some problems occurred when the early copies were tested he is sure that Marik will have no problem using this copy. Although honoured that Namu has such faith in him, Marik is sure that he can defeat Joey without needing to use Ra and as Joey passes, having drawn Polymerisation, Marik decides to show off his monster's power.

Attacking Joey's Jinzo, Marik's Mystical Beast absorbs the monster along with half of it's ATK points (MB's ATK: 3700). As Joey realises that Marik's monster is only going to get stronger as the turns go on, he is forced to pass, allowing Marik to absorb his Insect Queen (MB's ATK: 4900). As Serenity starts to worry that her brother may be about to lose, Joey calls to her to be strong explaining that she is his biggest inspiration.

Touched by the bond between Joey and his sister, Odion remembers how he was rescued by Marik's mother when he was abandoned as a child. "Although Odion lived peacefully with Mr and Mrs Ishtar for a time, things became complicated when Odion learned of the Tomb Keeper's Initiation and how the Ishtars needed an heir to pass their heritage down to. Although Mrs Ishtar suggested that Odion could partake in the ritual, her husband refused to go against tradition."

"Some time afterwards, Ishizu was born and the Ishtars were pleased although as they still had no male heir Mrs Ishtar informed Odion of the Initiation, hoping that she may be able to convince her husband to let Odion take part in it before his twelfth birthday. However as Odion's twelfth birthday grew close Mrs Ishtar gave birth to Marik meaning Odion would no longer be needed to take part in the Initiation."

"As Mrs Ishtar died in labour giving birth to Marik, Odion was given the task of making sure he remained safe as he grew up. The task was hard and whenever Marik injured himself Odion was blamed by Mr Ishtar and often beaten, however Odion devoted his life to protecting Marik and the two grew close like brothers. Forced to devote his life to the pharaoh and the scriptures, Marik grew bitter about the prospect of having to live in the tomb forever and Odion offered to partake in the ritual in Marik's place."

"Furious at this suggestion, Mr Ishtar refused Odion's offer and forced Marik to take part in the painful ritual. After the Initiation, Marik was furious at Odion until his friend revealed that he had performed his own ritual to show his loyalty for his master. Although the hatred towards Odion faded, Marik's anger remained and he seemed somehow changed, as if infused with an evil side".

As Namu (Marik) orders Marik (Odion) to hurry up and make his next move, Marik is sure that he will defeat Joey and his opponent is starting to doubt his chance of winning as well. However as Joey refuses to surrender Mai is worried that he is about to be defeated although Yugi doints out that Joey seems more confident than ever, even with the odds stacked against him. As Joey's Legendary Fisherman is absorbed (MB's ATK: 5825) Joey is upset at having let Mako down and as he passes he challenges Marik to attack.

With no cards on Joey's side of the field, victory seems assured for Marik however Joey is still confident that he will not be defeated, and as Marik orders his Mystical Beast to attack Joey announces that he does not believe that his opponent is the real Marik Ishtar. As everyone looks on confused, Joey explains that while the Marik from Battle City was evil and ruthless, this Marik has fought a fair duel since the beginning.

Accusing his opponent of being an impostor, Joey angers Marik and Namu and Yugi agrees with Joey explaining that he too has his doubts that Joey's opponent is the real Marik. As the gang wonder who Marik could really be if he is not Joey's opponent, suspicion is cast towards Namu until he orders Marik to summon Ra to convince everybody that he really is Marik. Although worried that the God Card may prove to powerful for him to handle, Marik has little choice but to obey unless he wishes to face the wrath of the real Marik.

89. Awakening of Evil (4)

As Marik begs Namu not to make him summon Ra, Namu insists that he do it as a sign of his loyalty towards the Tomb Keepers. While the gang looks on, confused as to why Marik has not yet attacked and finished Joey off, Marik brings out the Millennium Rod once again, announcing that he will summon The Winged Dragon of Ra as proof as to who he really is. Sacrificing the Mystical Beast of Serket, along with half of his Life Points (M's LP: 200) Marik calls forth The Winged Dragon of Ra from the Ancient Ark within Temple of the Kings.

Pleased that he will finally see the power of the third and final God Card, Kaiba is impressed as the Ancient Ark opens and the sky lights up as Ra is called to the field. As Ishizu senses that Ra has been summoned, Kaiba is in awe as he looks upon the most powerful of the three God Cards. Determined to get the duel finished quickly, Marik explains that Ra adopts the ATK and DEF of the monsters used to summon it, making its ATK an immense 5845.

Although worried for Joey, the gang hopes that he still has some way to win however Namu is not so sure, confident that everything is going according to plan and that soon Joey will be defeated. But as Marik orders Ra to attack, both Namu and Ishizu sense that something has gone awry as Namu's real God Card begins to glow, as if angered by the use of a fake version. As Namu realises that Marik is not strong enough to control the copy of the card, a storm begins to brew above the duelling arena as Ra's wrath bears down on the duellists.

As lightning bolts begin to strike the field, Odion, the duellist who everyone believed was Marik up until now, is struck down and as he does so his fake Millennium Rod is shattered. As Odion apologises to Namu, the real Marik, for failing him the gang realise that they have been duped by somebody. As Joey tries to cross the arena to see if Odion is alright, Yugi warns him to be careful but it is too late and Joey is also struck down by lightning.

As the gang prepare to see if Joey and the fake Marik are alright, the referee stops them from entering the arena while the duel is still in progress. Furious that Kaiba is allowing the duel to go on with both players unconscious, the gang is even more angry as Kaiba announces that the first person to stand up in the next five minutes will win the duel, unless neither stand up in which case they will both be disqualified.

With only three minutes remaining until both players forfeit the duel, Ishizu senses that the evil presence within Marik is growing once again and remembers how the only thing that had been sealing it away was Odion's loyalty to his master. Although Ishizu is determined to revive the goodness within Marik, things look bad as Marik struggles to fight the evil within him and although Odion begins to stand up he then collapses once again. With two minutes remaining until their friend is disqualified from the tournament, the gang call for Joey to stand up not realising that he is deep in a dream at the present moment.

"Sleeping at his desk at school, Joey is woken by T?a, Tristan, Duke, Yugi and Bakura who tell him that he has to get up because time is running our for the most important duel of his life. As a dazed Joey tried to ready his deck he drops all of his cards on the floor but the gang helps him to pick them up, offering to help him prepare his deck as best they can. Kaiba calls to Joey to give up but he refuses, handing Tristan a list of the cards in his deck."

"As the gang continue to gather up the cards, Joey sees Serenity and Mai helping gather the cards and they explain that they weren't going to miss the biggest duel of his life. However as Joey tries to make sense of everything Tristan pulls him to one side and points out that the list he handed him was blank. Joey is confused but thanks Tristan for being such a great friend considering everything that has happened and as the two return to help sort the deck Yugi hands Joey the finshed pile of cards."

"Now ready to head off, the gang makes for the classroom door but Joey is unable to stand up and calls for some help only to find every one of his friends offering to help him stand up." As Joey stands up in his dream, he wakes to find himself standing on the arena with his opponent lying unconscious on the other side of the arena. Remembereing everything that has happened, Joey is pleased as he is announced the winner of the duel.

As Joey rushes over to his opponent to see how he is doing, Kaiba wonders what went wrong as Odion apologises to Joey for everything that has happened. As Joey and his opponent agree that they fought an honourable duel, the gang see Namu struggling to fight something and realise that he is clutching the real Millennium Rod.

Announcing that he is indeed the real Marik Ishtar, Marik informs Yugi that he will take great pleasure in defeating him however as Odion begins to lose consciousness once more he tries to warn Yugi and Joey that there is a presence within Marik that is more evil than the nemesis they have been facing so far. As Odion collapses unconscious, the evil presence within Marik takes control of Marik's body and warns Yugi that soon he and his friends will be banished to the Shadow Realm for eternity.

As the new Marik explains that only a chosen few people can successfully control a God Card Ishizu senses that her brother is no longer in control of his body. However this new spirit seems more confident than ever that he will defeat Yugi and claim the power of the Gods and the Pharaoh and it may be that even Yami will be unable to defeat him when the final battle begins.

90. Mind Game (1)

As Odion's condition begins to stabilise as he recovers in his room, T?a tells Joey that he is lucky to be alright considering the mental strain that Odion suffered during the duel. Although the gang want to know more about what Odion was doing pretending to be Marik, they are unable to ask any questions while Odion is in his current state and while Joey is furious that Marik has shown no interest in how Odion is doing Mai asks him what he expected from their main rival.

As Mai comments that they will all need their friends more than ever now, Joey remembers the dream he had during the duel and tells the gang about it, however as the group head off to see the selection for the next duel Mai asks Joey if she was in the dream and he claims that she wasn't, not wanting Mai to know that he was dreaming about her. Although Joey thinks he has done the right thing, T?a sees that Mai has been hurt by the remark and confronts Joey to tell him how much of a jerk he had just been.

Believing that Joey doesn't think of her as a friend, Mai decides that she can go it alone from here on in and makes her way to the main concourse, however when she gets there she discoveres that Marik and the eighth duellist are yet to arrive. As Joey demands that Marik should be disqualified from the tournament, Kaiba refuses, stating that the tournament is about skills and not names. Kaiba also muses that if Marik were to be disqualified then there would be no way for him to claim The Winged Dragon of Ra, however he does not mention this to anybody else.

As the selector statrs up to decide choose the final two pairings for the first round, Kaiba wishes to be pitted against Marik and as Mai's ball is the first one to be picked the pairing could still go one of three ways. Not concerned with who her opponent will be, Mai makes her way up to the duelling arena before the second ball is picked and as Yugi and the others go to follow her she tells them not to bother.

Meanwhile, as the doctor leaves Odion room, Yami Marik takes control of his mind forcing him to hand over the key card to Odion's room. Entering the room, Marik prepares to send his old friend to the Shadow Realm as an announcement over the tannoy system calls for him to make his way to the duelling arena to participate in the third duel. As Marik arrives at the arena, Mai is waiting for him, confident that she will be able to defeat him, however Yami Marik is also confident that victory will be his.

As she makes her first move, Mai summons Dunames Dark Witch (1800/1050) in attack mode, ending her turn, however as the gang arrive at the spectator's box Yugi is worried to see that Yami Marik has made a familiar first move, summoning Revival Jam (1500/500) in defence mode and then avtivating his Jam Breeding Machine. As Mai asks the gang why they bothered coming, Joey explains that they wanted to support their friend, but as Yugi tries to warn Mai about Yami Marik's strategy she tells him not to interfere.

Amused by Mai's confidence, Yami Marik looks on eagerly as Mai attacks his Revival Jam only to see it return to the field unharmed. Playing Pot of Greed, Yami Marik draws two more cards before using his Jam Breeding Machine to create a Slime Token (500/500). Setting one card face down, Yami Marik is sure that he will be able to render Mai's monsters helpless, however as she activates Harpie's Feather Duster she destroys both his set card and his Jam Breeding Machine before destroying the Slime Token which Yami Marik had produced (YM's LP: 2700).

Not realising that Yami Marik is lulling her into a false sense of security, Mai sets one card and ends her turn. Summoning Melchid the Four-Face Beast (1500/1200), Marik sacrifices it along with his Revival Jam to summon the Masked Beast Des Guardius (3300/2500). However as Marik's monster attacks, Mai activates her Mirror Wall and Yami Marik's monster is destroyed (YM's LP: 2550). As Marik's Masked Beast is destroyed, it leaves behind a mask which gives Marik control of Mai's Dark Witch and with Mai's monster under his control, Marik plays Remove Trap, destroying Mai's Mirror Wall.

Althoguh Tristan is unsure as to whether Mai will be able to pull back against Marik, Joey is confident that she can win however as he tries to offer support Mai tells him not to bother. However as the two argue, Yami Marik is confident that soon all of Mai's friends will be helping him as he uses the Millennium Rod to send the duel into the Shadow Realm. Worried about what could happen not that a Shadow Game has begun, the gang fear for Mai's safety however she refuses to give up, not realising the severity of the situation.

Setting one card on the field, Mai summons The Unfriendly Amazon (2200/1000), however as she does so she notices that there is a purple aura surrounding her monster. As Yami Marik explains that the aura is a sumbol of Mai's mind and that if the monster is destroyed some of Mai's memories will be taken with it. As Mai triea to make sense of what Yami Marik is saying she attacks her Dunames Dark Witch, now under Marik's control, and destroys it (YM's LP: 2350).

However as the monster is destroyed, Yami Marik explains that because the monster was originally Mai's then it is her memories that will be erased. Taking the opportunity to elaborate on what he means, Marik explains that each of their monsters contains the memories of one person that they know and as Mai looks on Marik reveals that her Dark Witch contained her memories of T?a. As Mai tries her best to resist she finds her memories of T?a slipping away and she is quickly not even able to see T?a standing on the sidelines cheering for her.

As Marik informs Mai that she has no chance of being victorious in the Shadow Game and that soon she will be alone in her mind the gang worries whether Mai will be able to survive much longer, knowing that things will only get worse as the duel continues.

91. Mind Game (2)

As Mai tries to work out what Yami Marik has done to her, she can hear T?a's voice calling to her but is unable to make out where the voice is coming from. As the gang wonder why Mai is ignoring T?a, Yugi realises that Yami Marik was telling the truth before and that he has erased Mai's memories of her friend. Amused to see that the others are beginning to work out what is happening, Yami Marik is confident that soon all of Mai's memories will be gone forever.

Setting one card, Yami Marik summons Makiura the Destructor (1600/1200), equipping it with the Black Pendant to raise its ATK by 500 points. As Yami Marik prepares to attack, announcing to Mai that she has no chance against a duellist with his experience, Mai activates her Amazon Archers trap card, reducing Marik's monster's ATK by 500 points making it weaker than her Unfriendly Amazon.

As the two monsters clash, Yami Marik's monster is the one that is destroyed (YM's LP: 1950) along with his memories of Strings however Yami Marik merely thanks Mai for removing his memories of his servant explaining that he wants to be alone. Although the attack may have finished, Yami Marik is far from finished as he explains that the Black Pendant deals 500 points of damage to his opponent when it is sent to the graveyard (M's LP: 3500). He then goes on to explain that when Makiura the Destructor is destroyed he is allowed to activate a Trap card from his hand.

Playing his Rope of Life, Yami Marik revives his Destructor with an extra 800 ATK points and uses it to destroy Mai's Amazon. As Mai's monster fades away she senses her memories of Joey beginning to fade away and tries her best not to lose them. Remembering how she has been alone all her life, with her parents moving around so often when she was a child, the only time that Mai found true friendship was after she met up with Yugi and the others at Duellist Kingdom.

Unable to break Marik's Shadow Spell, Mai's memories of Joey fade completely and she is unable to see him as he calls to see if she is alright. Confused as to why Mai isn't answering him, Joey looks to Yugi for answers and he explains what Yami Marik is doing. Determined not to let the twisted game go on any longer, Yami decides that the time has come to show Mai that she is not alone and, using the power of the Millennium Puzzle, he is able to penetrate Marik's Shadow Magic.

Discovering Mai wandering alone in the darkness, Yami calls out to her like a beacon of light and tells her than everything she believes to be real is merely an illusion which will fade if only she can defeat Yami Marik in the duel. Although Mai is unsure as to whether she has the strength to win she hears Joey's voice calling to her again and decides to keep on going in the hopes that she can still win.

As Mai regains some of her confidence, Yami Marik is furious that Yugi managed to break his spell. Summoning her Amazon Chain Master (1500/1300), Mai sets one card and taunts Yami Marik to attack her, however her new found confidence seems misplaced as Yami Marik summons Holding Arms (500/0) and uses its effect to prevent Mai's Chain Master from attacking for three turns. Fearing for Mai's safety, Yugi tries to convince Yami Marik to stop the Shadow Game and duel normally however he insists that the two games are intertwined.

Confident that she is not yet defeated, Mai calls out to Yugi to have faith in her as she activates Grave Arm. While Yami Marik informs her that his Holding Arms cannot be damaged by anything during the next three turns, Mai reveals that she is using the card on her own monster. With Mai's monster sent to the graveyard because of her own move none of her memories are destroyed. Not only that, but her Amazon also allows her to draw a card from Yami Marik's deck.

Knowing exactly which card she wants, Mai chooses Marik's God Card, The Winged Dragon of Ra, however while she is pleased to have the chance of test driving it before she claims it as her prize Yami Marik is not concerned, sure that she will be unable to control the card if she does manage to summon it. Also, with no monsters on her side of the field and two monsters on Marik's side, Mai realises that gathering enough monsters to tribute won't be easy.

Nonetheless, Mai is not dissuaded as she sets two cards and summons her Amazon Fighter (1500/1300). Amused that Mai is still relying on her weak Amazon monsters to win, Yami Marik attacks, but as he does so Mai activates Amazon Magician, swapping the ATK points of their two monsters and destroying Yami Marik's revived Destructor (YM's LP: 1050).

As his memories of Arkana fade away, Yami Marik reveals that he set Mai up as he activates his Trap Card Card of Last Will, a card which allows him to draw five cards when the ATK of one of his monsters is lowered. Not only that, but Makiura's effect is activated once more and Yami Marik plays Nightmare Wheel. However before Marik's Trap Card can begin to take effect, paralysing Mai's Amazon and dealing her Life Points 500 points of damage each turn, Mai activates Rescue Operation to call her Amazon Fighter back to her hand.

Annoucing that her card also allows her to Special Summon one monster from her hand to the field, Mai explains that she isn't foolish enough to summon Ra that way as its ATK and DEF would both become 0. Instead she summons Cyber Harpie (1800/1300), hoping that she will draw Elegant Egotist in order to triple her Harpies and summon Ra. Drawing and playing Graceful Charity, Mai is fortunate enough to draw the card she needs.

Activating Elegant Egotist, Mai transforms her one Cyber Harpie into a trio of the winged beasts. Sacrificing her three monsters she summons The Winged Dragon of Ra, however as the wind begins to build up and the sky lights up with the glow from Ra's body, Mai is horrified to see that the God card is locked inside a spherical ball which she has no idea how to open.

92. Mind Game (3)

Amused by Mai's futile attempts to control The Winged Dragon of Ra, Yami Marik informs his opponent that he is the only one capable of unsealing the monster and that soon her mind will be trapped in the Shadow Realm forever. As Yami Marik explains that only those with knowledge of the ancient scriptures is able to read the and text on Ra's card, Mai is shocked to see that the previously blank card now has a number of lines of ancient writing printed on it.

Going on to explain that the person who reads the card text will gain control of the monster, Yami Marik offers to let Mai have a go at deciphering it before he takes control. However while Mai is unable to decode the text, Kaiba informs Mokuba to scan the card and begin translating what the text says. As Mokuba heads off, Yami Marik announces that the writing is a form of heiroglyphics known only by high ranking officials in Ancient Egypt and mockingly informs Kaiba that he should be able to read it.

Explaining that very few people on the ship will be able to translate the card, Yami Marik informs his audience that even Pegasus himself did not understand what the text said and that he simply copied them onto the card. As Mai summises that her attempts to decipher the text are futile, Yugi realises that Yami Marik set the whole duel up in order to get Mai to summon the God Card. Setting one card, Gravity Bind, Mai ends her turn and passes to Yami Marik.

With his final turn now at hand, Marik summons Holding Legs (800/600) and uses its effect to return Mai's Trap Card to her hand. He then proceeds to use the special ability of his two monsters to summon the Sacred Stone of Oujah, a mystical stone tablet that appears on the field behind Mai. As the two monsters attack Mai directly they grasp her arms and legs before pinning her to the Sacred Stone, preventing her from moving or reaching her Duel Disk.

Amazed at the power of the holograms, Mai is shocked to be told that these monsters are actually real. As Mai feels the full force of the attack (M's LP: 800), Joey calls out to her but she is still unable to see him or recognise his voice, and before she can do anything else Yami Marik begins the chant that will gain him control of Ra:

Great beast of the sky, please hear my cry,

Transform thyself from orb of light and bring me victory in this fight.

As the orb containing Ra begins to glow brighter and open, Yami Marik continues to chant:

Envelope the desert with your glow and cast your rage upon my foe.

Unlock your powers deep within so that together we may win.

Appear in this Shadow Game as I call your name...

Winged Dragon of Ra

With the chant complete, a winged, golden dragon appears on the field as Marik successfully unlocks The Winged Dragon of Ra (5400/3900). Sensing the immense power of the God Card, Yugi knows that Mai will be destroyed if she is hit with the full strength of Ra's attack and tells Yami Marik to leave Mai alone as his dispute is with him. However Yami Marik is enjoying the duel too much to give up now and is determined to cause the Pharaoh as much pain as possible before he is destroyed, even if it means targetting his friends.

As Yami Marik orders his Winged Dragon to attack, Joey decides that enough is enough and rushes over to Mai to try and help her break free before Marik's God attacks. Calling out to his friend, telling her that she will be alright, Joey starts to break Marik's spell and Mai's memories of him begin to return to her. Realising how much of a jerk he had been earlier, Joey tells Mai that she had also been in the dream he had and that he thinks of her as a friend.

Realising that she is not alone, Mai breaks Marik's spell and is able to see Joey again, however things may be too late for her as Ra's attack is unleashed with her still chained to the Sacred Stone. As Joey refuses to leave Mai to face the force of the attack, Yami jumps onto the arena and uses his body to shield his friends from the force of the attack. Hoping that he may have defeated the pharaoh much sooner than expected, Yami Marik is furious to see that Yugi has survived the attack and that all three friends are still alive.

As Yami Marik is declared the winner of the duel and the Shadow Magic fades, Joey tries his best to wake the unconscious Yugi as Yami Marik approaches and threatens to send his nemesis to the Shadow Realm. As Joey tries to stop Marik he uses the Millennium Rod to paralyse Joey before approaching Mai and using the Rod to seal her mind in the Shadow Realm.

Stunned by the light, Mai finds herself trapped inside a large hour glass and as she looks down she can see Yugi, Joey and the others playing at the beach. Calling out to them, Mai finds that they canot hear her although Yami Marik can. As her opponent taunts her he informs Mai that she will be trapped in the Shadow Realm, alone, for eternity and as he reclaims Ra from the center of the hourglass sand begins to fall into Mai's half and her memories of her friends begin to fade away once again.

With her mind gone, Mai's body collapses, lifeless, and as Yami Marik prepares to walk off Joey demands to know what has happened to her. As Joey's anger builds and he prepares to attack Marik, Serenity tells him not to, worried about what might happen to her big brother. Leaving the group of friends to pick up the pieces, Yami Marik walks off content in the fact that he grows stronger with every mind he sends to the Shadow Realm.

Desperately trying to wake their friends, the gang are glad to see Yami waking although they are still concerned about Mai. As the gang explain to Yami what Marik did to their friend, Mokuba contacts Kaiba over their personal intercom system to inform him that there are other texts printed on Ra that were not revealed during the duel. As Kaiba tells Mokuba to continue translating the text he orders Yugi and the others to clear the field, determined to get his duel over and done with as quickly as possible.

93. Kaiba vs. the Future (1)

Kaiba begins his duel with Ishizu. He appears to have the upper hand, as she falls for the crush card and he iliminates eight of her magic cards from her deck. But Ishizu has seen the future, and claims she has seen Kaiba's defeat, and that Obelisk will be his downfall. She secretly is fighting to save her brother from Yami Malik, the evil spirit who has taken control of her brother ever since Lishto was knocked out in the duel with Joey. But as Kaiba feels he has got the game won, she reveals her strategy:
A card that switched the deck for the graveyard of both players. While her grave is very full of powerful monsters and magic cards, his grave only contains six cards. Can he win the duel in just six turns?

94. Kaiba vs. the Future (2)

Things look grim for Kaiba as he draws his first of only six cards remaining in his deck. Ishizu, however, activates a trap card that forces him to discard the card he drew. Kaiba serches for a way to use the cards in his hand to win, and realizes he has Obelisk and Soul Exchange. He waits for Ishizu to bring out three monsters, and then tributes them all for Obelisk.

With nothing guarding her life points, it looks like an easy way to victory, but Ishizu isn't worried. She's seen the future, and in it is Kaiba's defeat. Unknown to him, one of the monsters he tributed for Obelisk has attached itself to him. If he calls for an attack, it will backfire against him, giving Ishizu the victory.

Kaiba prepares to attack, but Yami Malik uses the Millennium Rod to stop him and force him to see images of his previous life as an egyptian priest. Part of the vision includes the stone tablet of the Blue EYes White Dragon. When Kaiba returns to the real world, he notices he has a Blue EYes in his hand.

He tributes Obelisk and one other monster to summon his faithful monster before attacking and wiping out Ishizu's life points. But the attack was not seen in the future Ishizu saw, and she is stunned, but also glad the future is still unknown.

Now she can still believe there is hope for Malik: That one of the finalists can beat the evil spirit and help her brother.

95. The Grave Keeper's Secret

Ishizu visits Yugi and his friends and explains to him how Malik aquired the evil spirit.

After Malik was forced to undergo the custom ritual, he created a Yami self, an being composed of the anger and hatered Malik had for the people who had done this to him.

One day, Malik managed to convince Ishizu to let him see the outside world, which was strictly forbidden to do. Ishizu and Lishto agree, so one morning, the two sneak outside.

They wander around the village taking in the sights when they run into Shadi, who warns them of great danger. They quickly return home and find Lishto on the ground, beaten. Malik's father tells Malik that what he has done was very wrong, and that it is his turn to be punished when the Yami takes control of his body. He takes the Millennium Rod and uses it to kill their father. THen, he is about to kill Lishto when he wakes up and the regular Malik returns, unaware of what just happened.

He asks who did this to his father, when Shadi appears, stating that is was the pharaoh who has brought this fate to the household. Malik then decided he must get revenge on the pharaoh for what he did.

Ishizu finishes by giving Yugi the Millennium Necklace, as she can no longer use it's power.

Meanwhile, Mokuba shows his brother the ancient egyptian pictures of Ra, and Kaiba is shocked to learn he can read the egyptian writing on the picture.

Ishizu tells Yugi that when he puts all the Millennium Items back he will have to let Yami go. Yugi is upset about this, but doesn't let his alter ego see his sadness.

Meanwhile, Malik takes over Tea once more and she returns Bakura's Millennium RIng to him, and he becomes possessed again. Yami Malik is about to kill Lishto again when Yami Bakura stops him.

They agree to Shadow Duel and the looser will remain trapped in the shadow realm...forever...

96. The Two Faces of Marik (1)

As Yami Bakura and Yami Marik prepare to duel, everyone else aboard the vessel is fast asleep. Joey dreams that he is seeing Mai back on her feet, and as he heads toward her he sees her bound up by the Holding Arms and Holding Legs to the Stone of Ojark, as happened in her previous duel against Yami Marik. Joey wakes up in a cold sweat, madder than ever at Yami Marik.

Meanwhile, Yami Marik laughs at the fact that even though Yami Bakura has the spirit Marik Ishtar backing him up, Yami Marik has switched most of the cards in his deck already. However, Yami Bakura is confident, as he has learned the secret of the Winged Dragon of Ra from Marik. This doesn't faze Yami Marik though, who only laughs and says that Yami Bakura will never be able to use the Winged Dragon of Ra.

Marik steps in and says to Yami Marik that since a part of Marik's soul inhabited Tea for a small amount of time, he was able to hear the story Ishizu told Yugi and the gang, and says that though at first he thought it was Shadi that sent his father to the Shadow Realm, it was really Yami Marik, who was born right when Marik received the tomb keeper's initiation.

Yami Marik shrugs it off, bringing them to the Shadow Realm with the Millennium Rod and begins his duel with Yami Bakura. Yami Bakura leads off the duel, setting one card face-down and play Terrifying Goblin Zombie (1100/1050) in attack mode, ending his turn. Yami Marik counters by setting one card face-down himself and playing Labravo (1600/1100) in attack mode and commanding it to attack the Goblin. However, Yami Bakura activates his face-down Trap card Fearful Earthbound, a continuous Trap that will decrease Yami Marik's Life Points by 500 every time Yami Marik attacks, and increase Yami Bakura's Life Points by 500 every time one of his monsters are destroyed. Yami Marik is not worried, though, as he activates Remove Trap and destroyed the Fearful Earthbound. Labravo then completes the attack, destroying the Goblin Zombie (B's LP: 3500)

Yami Bakura watches in horror as a piece of his right arm fades away into the Shadow Realm, and Yami Marik takes the time to mention that in this Shadow Duel every time a duelist loses Life Points, he will also lose a small part of his body.

Meanwhile, Yugi is asleep beside his Millennium Puzzle and his new Millennium Necklace when the Puzzle begins to glow, and Yugi finds himself within his own mind once again (he first did it in "Aftermath"). He leaves the small chamber of his mind and enters the large, complex chamber of Yami's mind, finding Yami and confiding in him that he is afraid of the great evils that threaten the earth. Yami mentions he still cannot unlock the secrets of his mind, but Yugi is confident that together, they can pull through.

As Yami Marik and Yami Bakura continue their duel, Yami Bakura sets two cards face-down before summoning Girnia (1300/1200) in defense mode. At that, he ends his turn, saying that the Winged Dragon of Ra will soon be in his possession.

Yami Marik remains confident and plays Card of Sanctity, causing both duelists to draw cards until their hands have six cards. After drawing, Yami Marik is frustrated that he still hasn't drawn the Winged Dragon of Ra, and Marik Ishtar tells Yami Bakura that he is perfectly safe from Ra. As Yami Bakura's turn begins, he plays Chasm of Destruction, causing both players to discard their hands and draw brand new ones. However, Yami Bakura loses 100 Life Points for every card he sends to the Graveyard (B's LP: 2900). Plus, monsters cannot attack the turn they are summoned. He then watches as his left arm begins to fade away.

Confused at this tactic, Yami Marik sets one card face-down and ends his turn. Now Yami Bakura's turn once again, he sacrifices Girnia to summon Puppet Master (0/0), then activates its special effect, sacrificing 1000 Life Points (B's LP: 1900) in order to revive three monsters from his Graveyard to the field. As Yami Bakura's chest fades away into the shadows, the Earl of Demise (2000/700), Headless Knight (1400/1700), and Clown Zombie (1350/0) emerge on the field. Yami Marik realizes that reviving three weak monsters means he wants to use the Winged Dragon of Ra, but is still not worried.

Yami Bakura then plays Dark Decimator, which allows him to send one card from Yami Marik's deck to his hand, thus taking the Winged Dragon of Ra and putting it in Yami Marik's hand. Then, Yami Bakura activates Exchange, so Yami Bakura takes the Winged Dragon of Ra from Yami Marik's hand and Yami Marik takes Monster Reborn from Yami Bakura's hand. Still, Yami Marik is not flustered.

Excited that Yami Bakura has the Winged Dragon of Ra and at the chance of getting his body back, Marik is confident that it will be the Winged Dragon of Ra that will trap Yami Marik in the Shadow Realm forever.

NOTE: From this episode onwards, new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! were first being aired in a dubbed format on the UK channel Nickelodeon, however the dates quoted for the first airing are taken from the KidsWB broadcasts to avoid confusion.

97. The Two Faces of Marik (2)

As Yami Marik and Yami Bakura continue their Shadow Duel atop the KaibaCorp blimp, Tea awakes to find herself in Bakura's room. However, she is shocked to see that Bakura is gone. Tea figures that Yugi might know where he his, so she goes down the hall and over to Yugi's room. Yugi wakes up, and decides that it is possible Bakura and Marik could be dueling. Tea and Yugi go to the top of the blimp to see the dueling field covered in the purple fog of the Shadow Realm, and calling upon Yami, Yugi prepares to enter the looming fog.

Meanwhile, Yami Marik and Yami Bakura's duel continues as Yami Bakura has lost most of his body and Yami Marik's Life Points are untouched. Yami Marik takes his turn by playing Vengeful Bog Spirit, a Magic card which prevents monsters from attacking the turn they are summoned. Ending his turn, Yami Marik is still confident that he will win.

Marik Ishtar tells Yami Bakura to play the Winged Dragon of Ra, so Yami Bakura sacrifices the Earl of Demise, the Headless Knight, and the Clown Zombie, but as he does, Yami Marik activates his face-down card, Terror Strike, which saps the attack power of the three monsters and adds them to his Life Points (M's LP: 8550). Shocked and horrified, as The Winged Dragon of Ra (????/????) appears on the field, he finds it has 0 ATK. Switching it and his Puppet Master to defense mode, Yami Bakura reluctantly ends his turn.

Yami Marik laughs at Yami Bakura and as has Labravo destroy Yami Bakura's Puppet Master, saying that the Winged Dragon of Ra is next. Marik Ishtar is worried, but Yami Bakura manages to keep his cool.

Meanwhile, Kaiba is still working away at his computer, confused about the Winged Dragon of Ra. He can understand the text on the card, but does not know why. In addition, he knows there are several other effects the Winged Dragon of Ra has that are not written in the text. Figuring he must get the Winged Dragon of Ra as soon as possible, he thinks that once he has the Winged Dragon of Ra, Slifer will be an easy target.

Yami Bakura begins his next turn by, in a shocking move, sacrificing the Winged Dragon of Ra to summon The Dark Ruler Ha Des (2450/1600) in attack mode. Yami Marik does not understand the tactic, but Yami Bakura mentions that Trap cards are useless against Egyptian God cards and that Magic cards only last one turn on Egyptian God cards. Therefore, the Winged Dragon of Ra is basically eliminated from the match, as if it is revived it will be only revived for one turn. Then, because of Vengeful Bog Spirit, it can't attack in the turn it is summoned, so it will have been completely useless.

Yami Marik says that despite this, it will the Winged Dragon of Ra that will bring him victory, but Yami Bakura remains confident and sacrifices three monsters from his Graveyard to summon Dark Necrofear (2200/2800) in attack mode. He then plays Premature Burial and pays 800 Life Points (B's LP: 1100) in order to revive the Earl of Demise (2000/700) in attack mode. Since all three of his monsters were summoned that turn, he cannot attack and he ends his turn.

Marik Ishtar gets angry at Yami Bakura, saying that he is being reckless with "our" Life Points. Yami Bakura argues that it is he in control, and not Marik. Yami Marik laughs that the two "partners" are arguing so much.

Yami Marik says that this turn will be the last, as he plays Monster Reborn to revive The Winged Dragon of Ra (????/????). However, since no monsters were sacrificed to summon it, it has 0 ATK.

Yami Bakura laughs and says that Yami Marik wants to lose, as the Winged Dragon of Ra can't even attack and will be destroyed next turn, as Monster Reborn will only last one turn. However, Yami Marik activates the Winged Dragon of Ra's special ability, Instant Attack, which allows it to attack in the same turn it was summoned. Marik, confused, thinks that he had known all of the Winged Dragon of Ra's abilities when he still had it, but is surprised to see this new one.

Yami Marik then activates the Winged Dragon of Ra's second ability, Point-to-Point Transfer. Yami Bakura is confused to see that Yami Marik is fading away in the shadows, with just a portion of his head remaining. Yami Marik mentions that he paid all but one of his Life Points in order to enfuse the rest of his body with the Winged Dragon of Ra, increasing its power (M's LP: 1). Yami Bakura watches in horror as the Winged Dragon of Ra now has 8549 ATK/DEF, and Yami Marik commands the Egyptian God monster to destroy all of Yami Bakura's monsters (B's LP: 0). Yami Bakura then watches as the Winged Dragon of Ra strikes Marik Ishtar, trapping him in the Shadow Realm forever.

As Yami Bakura fades away into the shadows, he laughs and says that even though he was defeated, he can never be destroyed, and he fades completely away, leaving the Millennium Ring behind.

As the Shadow Realm fades away, Yami Marik picks up the Millennium Ring and sees Yami and Tea standing at the other end of the dueling field. Yami Marik mentions that Bakura is trapped in the Shadow Realm for eternity, then leaves. Yami, furious, leaves as well, and as Tea prepares to leaves, the portion of Marik Ishtar's soul that is still within her takes control, and sends her to Ishizu.

As Yami Marik enters Odion's room again to send him to the Shadow Realm, he is furious to see Odion's bed empty. Blaming his sister, Yami Marik goes out for the hunt.

Meanwhile, sitting in the labyrinth-like chambers of Yami's mind, is Yami Bakura. He says that he truly cannot be destroyed, as a part of him inhabits the Millennium Puzzle from when he transferred some of the power of the Millennium Ring into a piece of the Millennium Puzzle, back when Bandit Keith dueled Yugi.

Mokuba awakes to find Kaiba still working on the computer, and says that he should get some rest for the rest of the tournament tomorrow. Kaiba says he is getting ready, and declares that the next destination is the dueling tower on KaibaCorp Island, where his and Mokuba's stepfather was last seen. He says the dueling tower represents the beginning of a new era for the Kaiba family - that he is the strongest duelist in the world and that it is his empire now.

NOTE: This is the last episode of Season Two for the UK and Canada.
  • From this episode onwards, new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! were first being aired in a dubbed format on the Canadian channel YTV, however the dates quoted for the first airing are taken from the KidsWB broadcasts to avoid confusion.

  • 98. The Unknown Challenger - Giant Mobile Fortress Surfaces

    Morning dawns on the battle ship, but it isn't starting out to be a good day. Though the Alcatraz Duel Tower, the place where Kaiba had built a dueling tower in place of his foster father's military base after he died, is within distance, the blimp is acting funny.
    A boy named Noah has taken it over and has redirected it's destination to a large metal object floating in the ocean. The blimp lands inside and Noah, he is viewed from the screen in the blimp, "invites" Kaiba and "the other duelists" to get off the ship. Kaiba decides it's not safe and that he should go alone, but no sooner does he make the statement then the cannons begin firing at the blimp. Kaiba gets off, followed by Mokuba, Yugi, Joey, Tea, Triston, Duke, and Serenity. Yami Malik watches from the top of the blimp as Noah fires more cannons at the ship as more people attempt to get off. Kaiba and the others walk into a room where they see the figures of the former directors of Kaibacorp; the directors that attempted to trap Kaiba in the Virtual World. After Yami and Kaiba defeated them, they were trapped in the virtual world. They propose that each of them duel them in the virtual world and if they lose, then the member of the "Big 5" can switch places. They take over the loser's body and the loser must stay in Virutal Reality forever. They transport everyone to the virtual world where they wander around for a minute before another Kaiba walks out and he and another virtual person duel using the "Chief of the Card Set" rules. If the chief card, chosen by the dueler, is ever destroyed, then so is the dueler themselves, even if their life points are not 0. The 5 return them to the real world to see their response, but point out that they really have no choice. If they refuse, they can never leave. That, they inform the group, is their revenge...



    NOTE: Note to the summary: Although the subtitles say it is the "Cheif of Card Set" the Japanese voices actually say, "Deck Master."

    99. Deck Master - Deep Sea Warrior (1)

    Everyone accepts the dueling challenge and are transported to the virtual reality world in different places. Yugi finds himself alone in the middle of the forest, Tea in the middle of the dessert, Duke and Triston in a corridor, Serenity by the lake, Joey in a castle, and Kaiba and Mokuba in another part of the forest.

    Yugi finds one of the Big 5 members dressed as the Deep-Sea Warrior. He challenges Yugi and Yami takes over to accept. Cards appear before him and the Deep-Sea Warrior instructs him to choose his deck-cards and one Cheif Card.

    As Yami is browsing through his choices, he decides to choose the Dark Magician as his cheif card, but Kuriboh pops out instead!

    Stuck with Kuriboh, one of the weakest creatures in the game, Yami begins the duel.

    Meanwhile, Kaiba and Mokuba find a door in the forest. Considering it an exit, they open it, to find the orphanage where they grew up. They watch as parts of their past begin to play by them.

    Tea wanders around the dessert for a while, until she meets up with a crew of Hitopsume Giants, who take her captive.

    Back at the duel, Yami is informed that for every attack given to him, the brain will consider it real and the players will feel pain. If attacked too many times, regardless of life points, the player will die.

    100. The Scary Regeneration Combo (2)

    Yami continues the duel with Kimara, the Flying Mythic Beast and the Retained Celtic Guardian on his side. His opponent, the Deep-Sea warrior, has done little but defend the entire game.

    But as he calls an attack on the opponents life points, he activates a special Cheif of Card Set ability which shoots Yami's monsters back at him!

    Weakened from the various attacks, Yami begins to wonder how he can win this duel.

    Meanwhile, Duke and Triston, tired from running down an endless corridor, spot an ax and decide to chop their way through the wall. As Triston picks it up, however, Duke wonders how he is able to touch it in virtual world, as before, Tea couldn't hold the flowers in the demo.

    Seto and Mokuba are still watching images of their past. They watch as the young Mokuba is sitting on a swing in an empty park. Young Seto comes and tells his brother that they should go back.

    Mokuba explains that he was there because he remembered visiting there with their parents, and that he hoped he could bring things back the way they used to.

    His brother tells him that there isn't much good in crying, and that Mokuba shouldn't worry because he'll always be there to take care of him.

    While the two Kaiba brothers watch on, Joey is banging his way around the castle looking for one of the five to duel. As he shouts out that he has better things to do than waste time waiting for a duel, he remembers Mai, and how he needs to beat Malik in order to save her.

    Back at the duel, the Deep-Sea Warrior appears to have the upper hand, as Yami begins to get weak from all the attacks, but he mangages to find a way to reduce the warriors life points.

    But with so many rules and catches he doesn't know, can he win the duel and keep Yugi's body safe from the 5?

    101. The Rainbow Arch Strikes Back (3)

    Yami is cornered with no way out of a direct attack that will surely kill him, but as he falls to the ground, he manages to have the strength to get back up again.

    The warrior is surprised, but doesn't really care. Yami's life points stand at 400, and he is confident that he will win.

    Meanwhile, Duke and Triston chop their way through the walls and find themselves on the roof of a castle. They look down at the field below and spot Serenity, running away from a Mad Sword Beast.

    Triston jumps off the castle roof and onto the beast while Duke runs and gets Serenity out of the way. As Triston climbs out a river where he led the beast, he sees that Duke has already taken the credit for Serenity's rescue.

    Seto and Mokuba watch as the young Seto challenges the owner of Kaibacorp, and 6 time champion chess player, Kazoboro Kaiba to a game of chess. If he wins, he and Mokuba become his adopted sons.

    As they watch from outside through a window, the real Mokuba remembers that after that game of chess, Seto never was happy again. He runs over to the door, in an attempt to change the past and keep his brother the way he used to be.

    Seto tries to convince Mokuba that this isn't the past that it's just an illusion, but Mokuba opens the door anyway and starts to fall down a large hole.

    Seto grabs him just in time and after pulling him to safety calls out to Noa, who is watching every move they make, asking him what he is after.

    Noa doesn't answer, just smiles, and Seto and Mokuba walk away in the forest to find an exit.

    Tea wakes up in a large cave and spots Hitopsume Giants down at the bottom, boiling a kettle of water. Getting the feeling they're preparing for dinner, and not wanting to be main course, Tea spots a penguin who has drapped a vine down.

    She starts to climb up, but makes a noise that alerts the giants. She runs out of the cave after reaching the top, but meets a dead end. Either cross the shakey bridge over a long drop, or face the giants.

    She starts to walk across, but the giants attempt to follow and the bridge snaps in two. Luckily, Tea was on the side that will lead her to safety and begins to climb up to the top.

    Back at the duel, Yami realizes the power of Kuriboh and he combines it with the Rainbow Card to form a bridge directly over to the Deep Sea Warrior's life points.

    Using Gai, he marches across the bridge and destroys the Deep-Sea Warrior and his remaining life points.

    Yami thanks Kuriboh, who dissappears, and Yami heads off to find Tea and the others, before they are challenged by the remaining 4...

    102. A Duel on Ice - Anzu Under Attack (1)

    Tea collapses after reaching the top of the bridge and looks up at the sky. As she gazes upwards, she notices a peguin. She follows the penguin to a raft in an icy river.

    She gets on and is led to a large hallway. There, she spots what must be the lead peguin, and also another member of the 5. The Penguin points out that Tea is not a very good environmentalist and tells her all the terrible things she has done, like littering and forgetting to turn off the lights, which harm the penguins.

    Tea tries to run away, but is caught up on a large ice block which rises up. The penguin rises up on another and challenges her to duel.

    After Tea chooses her deck, she fishes through her cards to find a Cheif. She chooses the Dark Magician Girl, as she remembers how she wanted to play that role in a play someday when she grows up.

    But as the Penguin starts to question her choice, Tea realizes she forgot to put a Dark Magician in her deck, making Dark Magician Girl not a very helpful monster.

    Tea ingnores this and draws her opening hand. Meanwhile, Yugi is running desperately to get to Tea before she is challenged. Noa is alerted to this and decides to put Yugi in a maze.

    Yugi and Yami run through the maze as Tea's voice echoes in their ears asking them to help her.

    Back at the duel, Tea plays a monster in attack mode and Mirror Force face down.

    The Penguin begins his turn with Cold Wave, which forbids any magic or trap cards to be played or activated for one turn. Then, he attacks her monster with a water monster, that gets a power boost from himself, as he is the Cheif of his card set.

    As Tea looses life points, her feet freeze to the ground. The Penguin explains that for every life points lost, part of themselves will freeze.

    Tea shivers and the Penguin comments that she ought to buy better clothes next time she goes shopping. She ignores the penguin and draws a fire monster.

    She plays it which heats her and the Dark Magician Girl up. Then, she attacks the penguin directly. But on the Penguin's next turn, the fire girl is destroyed and Tea's feet freeze again.

    The Dark Magician Girl holds her hand for encouragement, but even with her support, can Tea win before she freezes to death?

    103. Shine! Wiseman's Jewel (2)

    Seto and Mokuba are walking through the forest and spot a cabin on a hill. They decide to rest and open the door cautiously, remembering what happened back at the last illusion.

    After opening the door, the cabin transforms into their house, but years earlier. They see themselves, years younger, walking through the house. They both recognize it as the day they were adopted...

    ... on the day they were adopted, they were taken to Kaiba's house where Seto got to start long and tiring school lessons. The people teaching him said he had to catch up with Kaiba if he ever wanted to be the owner of Kaibacorp.

    That evening at dinner, Kaiba asked Seto what he wanted to
    do when he became the owner of Kaibacorp. Seto responded
    that he wanted to build a paradise and Mokuba adds that
    Seto wants to build something like a Disney Land for kids
    like them who don't have anything.

    Kaiba thinks this idea is ridiculous and says that games
    are stupid. Seto is outraged by this and says that games
    are great and pure. Kaiba then tells his employee to take
    all Seto and Mokuba's games and toys away.

    That night, Seto goes to his room to rest before his
    lessons start in 1 hour! (the people said he didn't have
    time for sleep!) Mokuba is standing out in the hallway and
    hands someone a book and tells them to give it to his

    The person gives Seto the book and when he opens it, he
    finds duel monster cards in a hole in the book. Mokuba said
    that they should keep him company since the brothers have
    two different rooms. They are all weak monsters except for
    a drawing on notebook paper of a Blue Eyes White Dragon.
    Seto vows that someday, he'll get the real Blue Eyes White

    Noa then appears and Seto demands to know why he is showing them this. Noa responds that he just wants it fresh in their memory, and that Seto will get it for what he has done. Seto ask what Noa means but Noa laughs and disappears.

    Back at Tea's duel, she draws a card and plays it in defense mode. Freezing, she ends her turn. The penguin attacks her defense and then attacks her directly with a torpedo penguin.

    Meanwhile, Yugi and Yami have figured out the secret to the maze and that they must use one of their monsters and run through each of the four doors before they can find Tea.

    At the last door, the four star door, Yugi picks up the Dark Magician, one of the last cards in his duel tray he hasn't used.
    Yami tells him not to use the Magician yet, so Yugi chooses four star lady-bug of doom, and destroys the mosnter.

    They run through and end up behind a thick sheet of glass facing Tea's duel. Yugi tries to break through, but can't and realizes they are too late to help. Yami tells him that he believes in the Dark Magician Girl, and that she will help Tea.

    Tea plays Maha Vailo, and powers him up to 2550. But he is destroyed and this shatters Tea's last bit of hope. Then, the penguin attacks her directly again and plays a 2450 defense monster.

    Tea looses faith in herself but the Dark Magician Girl summons herself to the field claiming she can use her powers to win. But Tea tells the Magician Girl that she has no dark Magician to help her with.

    Dark Magician Girl then uses her powers as Cheif of Card Set. This allows Tea to draw cards up to the number of monsters in her graveyard.

    Tea draws The Stone of the Supieror and plays it, which allows Dark magician Girl to call her master, Dark Magician. Since Yugi had not played him yet, the Dark Magician is summoned from his duel disk out to Tea's field and the force shatters the ice wall behind which he was trapped.

    Tea attack and wins the duel. Then, she blacks out. She wakes up later with Yugi beside her, and she hugs him, thanking him for rescuing her.

    104. Deck Master - The Judgement of Judge Man (1)

    Joey is still wandering around the castle looking for a duel when, frustrated, he kicks the wall, which promptly collapses. Behind it, is a door, which Joey opens and finds himself back at the hanger where the Battle Ship is.

    Overjoyed at being free of the Virtual World, he boards the ship and searches for the others. He finds no one, but notices that Mai's door is open. Sadly, he walks inside and sees her, still asleep.

    He vows that he will defeat Malik, and let her awaken, when all of the sudden, she does wake up!

    She sits up, but as a stunned Joey asks her if she's really okay, she replies in a deep voice and turns into one of the Big 5. He apologizes for scaring Joey like that and challenges him to a duel.

    Joey accepts, determined to make him pay for making Joey think Mai was alright. The room transforms into a court room and Joey is standing in the accussed chair. The man turns into the Judge Man, and announces that this will be his Cheif Card.

    Joey chooses the Flame Swordsman, knowing he can trust him. The Swordsman appears, and tells Joey that his special ability is raising warrior monsters attack power by giving them bits of his own.

    The duel begins and the Judge Man plays Hysteric Angel in attack mode. Joey counters with Gearfried, and raises it's attack power by 500 with the special effect of the Flame Swordsman. He destroys the angel.

    The Judge Man defends, and Joey destroys the defense with Gearfried and has his Feather Warrior attack directly. The man then plays Mystic Elf in defense.

    Joey attempts an attack, but the man activates the Judge Man's special ability, Death Sentence, which destroys all of Joey's monsters on the field at the cost of 1000 life points.

    The man then fuses Mystical Elf with another creature to form a very weak fusion. After activating a magic card that allows 800 life points to return to the owner of a fusion monster when it gives damage to the opponent.

    The man's life points raise to 1000 and Joey's drop to 2700. Meanwhile, Tea and Yugi and walking around the artic world. Yugi lends Tea his jacket as they walk through the freezing weather for the others.

    Duke, Triston, and Serenity are also milling about while Kaiba and Mokuba recieve yet another flashback. Young Seto in angry with K. Kaiba because he is using Seto's inventions, originally created for pleasure and fun, for warfare.

    Seto is upset with this and demands that K. Kaiba stop, but K. just has his guards drag Seto out of the room without speaking to him.

    Back at the duel, Joey attempts to use Graceful Dice, and at first it lands on a six, but changes strangely to a 1, doing nothing for Joey's monster.

    Is there any way for Joey to beat the Judge Man, or has Joey's luck finally run out?

    105. Gamble to Victory (2)

    The duel between Joe and Big 3 still continues. Being cornered after Big 3's counterattack, Joe aims to turn things around in his favor by using "Devil's Die" and "Angel's Die" but fails.
    The next thing at Joe's hand is a trap card called "Gamble." This card becomes activated once there are minimum of 6 and 2 cards at hands of the opponent and the player respectively. The player is allows to guess heads or tails of a coin. If he guesses right, he gets to draw until he has 5 cards at hand. If he guesses wrong, he misses his next turn. This is the last chance for Joe because he is in a real fix of not having cards or monsters. Would this gamble get Joe out of the woods?

    106. Tristan's Suicidal Attack (1)

    Now there are only two opponents left, as 3 out of Big Fives are defeated. The mysterious boy Noah's next target is a trio of Tristan, Serenity, and Duke. Still wondering in the virtual realm, they open a door that floats above field. Behind the door is a place that is much like a factory. There they find Big 4 waiting. He is Ota Soichiro the former manager of Kaiba factory for military equipments.
    Big 4 challenges the three to have a 3:1 duel with him. Tristan and Duke defend an inexperienced Serenity and declare to have 2:1 duel. But since Big 4 is after all three bodies, he does not allow Serenity to withdraw from the game. It is then Serenity accepts the challenge and joins the duel.
    Big 4's deck-master is "Mechanic Sergeant." Using its special deck-master attack called "Backup bombardment," Big 4 attacks each player and reduces their life powers by 500 per machine-type monster card that has discarded from the hand. In addition, Serenity becomes an easy target since she doesn't know the rules to duel?

    107. St Joan's Trinity Attack (2)

    Joey, Yugi, and Tea are running through the cave when Serenity's shrill cry sounds through the cave. Joey runs ahead, toward the sound of his sister. Yugi and Tea follow.

    Serenity falls to the floor and starts to cry. Duke tries to get her to take her turn, but she's lost in her own mind, and shocked at Triston's sacrifice.

    The Machine tells Duke to take his turn instead, so Duke plays Dimension Hole, making his Machine Dark Assailent disappear and then tributes his Yoronzo and 13th grave for Orgoth, the Relentless.

    Then, he plays Dice Field and Dungeon Dice. Orgoth and Machine King are transported to the dice field where the players must role the die to determine the moves.

    Since dice is Duke's specialty, he rolls and manages a six, which doubles his attack power. The Machine man roles a one, lowering his attack by 1000.

    Duke attacks with Orgoth and destroys the monster. The machine man summons himself to the field and recalls why he hates Seto Kaiba so much.

    After being forced to destroy his own machine factory, Kaiba ordered a duel tower to be build, and told the man the only thing he needed to do was not get underfoot during construction.

    Humiliated and angered by this, the man is determined to get revenge on Kaiba for what he did.

    They are transported to the dice field where Duke rolls a one and he rolls a two. The Machine Man defeats Duke's Orgoth and Dungeon Dice disappears.

    Serenity's turn approaches again and despite Duke's efforts to make her get up, she simply sits there with a blank face. Duke finally tells her to remember what Triston told her about duel monsters.

    Serenity remembers on the train to Battle City, Triston had been explaining rules like tributing for 5 stars and over, and how to fuse monsters with polymerazation.

    Right on cue, Joey bursts in and calls down to his sister. Serenity looks up and smiles. Duke explains to Yugi and Tea what happened, and Joey offers to play in Serenity's place.

    The Machine Man says he cannot allow them to do that, and that Serenity must play. Joey then tells Serenity, like she watches his duels, he'll watch hers.

    Serenity stands up and Tributes one of her monsters for the Fallen Angel. Then, The Goddess of Third Eye, her cheif, tells her she can subsititute for a fusion card as long as Serenity puts one card in the grave.

    Serenity does this and fuses to form a new monster with an ATK of 2800. Duke activates his Cheif card's special effect, to turn over and activate the face down card of Triston's.

    It raises the fused monster's attack power enough to destroy the Machine Man. The Machine Man already has a body though, so it doesn't matter, he calls out to them before he vanishes.

    Joey leaps down and runs over to Serenity, who breaks down and starts crying. Joey hugs her in an attempt to comfort her, and Yugi points out that Triston is still in virtual world somewhere, so they must go find him.

    At the same time, in another part of the world, a small robotic monkey wakes up...

    108. Kidnapped Mokuba - Kaiba vs. Jinzo (1)

    Okay, the episode (the first part) begins where Ota, (The
    big 5 memeber who has taken over Triston) attacks Kaiba
    using Triston's body and kidnaps Mokuba.

    He jumps on a motorcycle and rides away, and Kaiba of
    course finds a motorcycle and follows him.

    However, he looses the trail (his motorcycle crashes) and
    he runs into Jinzo, who says he cannot pass until he duels.
    So Kaiba agrees.

    Jinzo starts with one monster in defense mode. Kaiba
    attacks on his turn with the "Spear Dragon" which does
    damage even if the monster is in defense mode. The monster
    in defense turned out to be "Hiro's Shadow Scout" which
    forces Kaiba to draw out three cards, and any magic cards
    among them are discarded, so Kaiba must discard one card
    I'd never seen, and "Virus-Eliminating Cannon."

    On Jinzo's next turn, he plays defense and a card face
    down, which Kaiba finds odd as Spear Dragon must go into
    defense mode after attacking, and his defense is zero.

    Kaiba plays "Giant Germ" in attack mode and switches Spear
    Dragon to attack mode. He then orders and attack, but the
    card face down activates, putting a strange mask on Kaiba.
    Kaiba then must choose his attack target, but the mask
    confuses him and he ends up attacking his own Giant Germ.

    He is allow to draw out another Giant Germ, due to the
    effect, and ends his turn. Jinzo simply plays another
    card, "Solemn Wishes" which allows him to gain 500 life
    points each time he draws a card, and ends his turn. Kaiba attacks, but it turns out to be Cyber Jar.

    Cyber Jar destroyed all the monsters on the field and Jinzo
    summoned out Lily, the Injection Angel and Kaiba summons
    Blood Vorse and Doldra.

    Lily only has 400 attack power, so Kaiba feels it was silly
    to let it stay in attack mode, so he attacks with Doldra.
    Jinzo activates the special ability of Lily, sacrificing
    2000 lp to raise her attack power to 3400. Doldra is
    destroyed, and Kaiba's lp is reduced, but he activates
    Doldra's special ability, which allows it to be returned to
    the field in defense mode with it's attack and defense set
    at 1000.

    Jinzo takes his turn and taunts Kaiba about his V. reality
    system still being used for war. Kaiba ignores this and
    Jinzo plays a magic card which reduces the selected monster
    by it's level x 100. Therefore, Blood Vorse is reduced to
    1500. (-400)

    He then activates Life Squeezer, which allows him to take
    back any life points that he spent last turn.

    Kaiba takes his turn and I believe he plays Giant Trunade,
    but Jinzo activates Imperial Order, which negates all magic
    cards at the cost of 700 life points per turn. Kaiba then
    switches Blood Vorse to defense mode and ends his turn.

    Jinzo sacrifices his defense monster to play "Satilite
    Cannon" which appears up in the outer space of the Virtual
    Reality world. No monster with an level lower than eight
    and no monster that cannot fly can attack it.

    And as the first part ends, the satilite cannon locks onto

    109. Attack From Space - Satellite Cannon (2)

    I forgot to mention in the last ep. summary, that Noa found
    Mokuba and took him back to his "place." The two are
    watching the duel from one of Noa's TV screens.

    So Kaiba takes his turn and tries to defend from Lily.
    Every turn, Jinzo will continue to get back life points to
    use for Lily's attack, so it's useless to try and attack
    her with anything below 3400.

    Kaiba plays one defense monster and ends his turn.

    Meanwhile, Yugi and his friends and riding in some old
    truck Joey has found and they're riding down the same
    highway that Kaiba and Jinzo are dueling on.

    Jinzo goes into the whole flashback of the year-long test
    when Seto was a kid.
    As Mokuba looks on, Jinzo tells Seto a story to refresh his memory of past events.

    Okay, on Seto's birthday one year, he was given as a present a test. (What IS it with these Yugioh! people and these life-changing birthday presents??!!) He and Mokuba would each recieve two shares of Kaibacorp. Seto had to get more than half of the shares of Kaibacorp by his birthday the next year and then he would become the successor.

    Seto went to all lengths to win, because K. Kaiba was using his own inventions for evil, to hurt people. Seto had to stop him. He succeeded in secretly turning the Big 5 against K., but someone told K. what had happened and Seto blamed Mokuba! (This is where I think things get a bit far-fetched)

    Seto told Mokuba to stop getting in his way, so Mokuba went to K. Kaiba's side for the battle.
    On Seto's birthday the next year, Seto has 49% of the shares, K. 51%, but just as they are about to call Seto the looser, Mokuba breaks in. He explains two percent of the shares are his to use, and he chooses to give them to Seto, switching the scores and giving Seto the victory.
    Also, Mokuba doesn't believe that his brother would use
    him, although Noa keeps trying to get him to think that.
    (This is where I get stuck. Is it true that he used him? Or
    was he mistaken?)

    Anyway, Jinzo activates the Satilite cannon's effect, which
    destroys the monster Seto played into defense mode.

    Yugi and his friends arrive just as the cannon hits the
    monster. It causes a major explosion, but Seto doesn't
    really get hurt by it. (i think that last thing was just to
    make the cliff-hanger even worse for the viewers.)

    Lily then destroys Blood Vors. Kaiba takes his turn and
    plays a new monster. (I'm sorry, I forget the name) He
    manages to power the monster up to 3200, but Jinzo thinks
    this is ridculous, as Lily still destroys it.

    But as Kaiba looses 200 lp, he laughs. Lily costs 2000 lp
    EACH time a monster attacks her, so now, with less than
    2000 lp left, Jinzo cannot activate her special effect,
    leaving her very vulnerable to Doldra's attack.

    Kaiba wipes out lily, but the Satilite Cannon is still a
    problem. It destroys Doldra, and despite Seto's open lp,
    Jinzo plays Dreamsprite in defense mode.

    Kaiba summons a fire-type monster and attacks Dreamsprite,
    but Jinzo activates her ability; transfer the attack order
    to another monster on the field, namely the Satilite Cannon
    that cannot be attacked by any monster lower than 8 stars.

    Kaiba takes his next turn and starts with Pot of Greed. He
    draws two more cards and plays a monster in attack mode.
    Then, he activates the Lord of Dragons special ability as
    the Cheif of Card set; pay 500 life points to summon a
    dragon type monster to the field.

    Kaiba sacrifices his two monsters for his Blue Eyes, and
    it, having both 8 stars and the ability to fly, destroys
    the Satilite Cannon and the remainder of Jinzo's life

    Kaiba rushes over to Jinzo and demands to know what
    happened to Mokuba, but Jinzo replies he doesn't know and
    dissappears into the atmosphere.

    Noa asks why Mokuba is so happy Kaiba won, when he betrayed
    him before. Mokuba says he doesn't care about that, and
    that he just wants to help his brother.

    Back with Kaiba, he just looks up into the sky and calls
    out Mokuba's name...

    110. Ever Intensifying Mystery of Noa's True Identity

    Seto looks for Mokuba and sees a tunnel. He follows it and Tea and Yugi rush after him. Joey and Duke debate whether to go or not, but decide too late, as the door to the portal closes, leaving them, along with Serenity and Monkey-Triston alone on the bridge.

    Inside the tunnel, Seto runs madly after the fading voice of his brother. Then, he sees a light in one side of the wall and sees Noa and Mokuba.

    Noa tells Seto that K. Kaiba has him try to defeat Seto because Noa wanted an opponent, someone he could compete against. If he can beat Seto, he will be the rightful heir to Kaibacorp.

    Seto ignores this, walks past Noa and takes Mokuba's hand and starts to lead him out, but Mokuba slaps Seto's hand away and tells him he isn't going with him. He's staying with Noa, his brother!

    Seto is angry at Noa, because he knows he brainwashed him change Mokuba. Meanwhile, Yugi and Tea run down the tunnel, but end up in front of the Kaiba Mansion. They enter and hear a baby crying.

    Yugi wonders if they have gone back in time to when Seto was a baby, but that can't be, as Seto was adopted at the age of 10. Yugi then finds a dusty photo, which shocks him. He carries it with him and he and Tea soon find Seto.

    He shows the picture to Seto who finds it shocking as well, as Noa and K. Kaiba are in the photo, but K. looks younger! And earlier, Noa looked the same in another photo, but K. was older! How can Noa stay the same but others age?

    Seto doesn't get his answer, as Noa leaves, taking Mokuba with him.

    111. Revenge of the Big Five (1)

    Kaiba is going to go search for Mokuba but tells Yugi and his friends that it's not there busness and to stay out. Tea gets in front of Kaiba's way and tells him: "Mokuba is our friend and we worry about our friends!"
    Then Tristan's body apears behind them. Kaiba: "Then you should worry about him." and then he leaves. Tristan's body (which is being controlled by all the big five) chalenges Yugi to a duel. The STAKES: If Yugi wins they give Tristan's body back if he loses everyones body will become theirs!
    Yugi accepts but Joey says that it's unfair to have a 5 against 1 duel so he wants to play too. The big five agree if they get 8000 life points and Joey and Yugi only get 4000.
    When they are picking their cards again Joey picks Harpie Lady and many of Mai's cobonations to remember her.
    The game begins with the Deep Sea worrior playing for the big five. The Deep sea worrior plays the field card Atlantis which lowers a star on every water card so if it was a 5 star monster it would be a four star so you could play it with out a sacrafice. The deep sea worrior plays The Legenday fisherman which hides under water. Yugi and Joey stick to playing defence for a while: Joey plays Alagator sword in Def and Yugi plays Gazzle the king of mythical beasts in def. When it gets back to the Deep sea worriors turn the big five start arguing again to let somone else take over for dueling so the Pengiun Nightmare takes over (he increases water monsters) and plays Catapult turtle in defence and has the legendary fisherman attack Gazzle the king of mithical beasts. On Joeys turn Joey plays Harpie Lady SB in attack mode and switches Alagator sword into attack mode and then plays a card face down. On Yugi's turn he plays the Mystical elf in defence.
    On Penguin Nightmares turn they start arguing again but the Penguin gets another turn. The Penguin Nightmare plays a defence monster and has the Legendary fisherman attack the Mystical elf but Joey uses Cuni with Chain. Then Joey starts telling the penguin that "This isn't a duel all I hear is Yugi this Yugi that! What about me?" On Joey's Turn he plays Harpie's feather duster which gets rid of Atlantis! Then Joey has Harpie lady attack the legendary fisherman and Alagator sword attack his other defence which turns out to be the Magician of Faith! So the Penguin gets Atlantic back in his hand! On Yugi's turn Yugi plays Kuriboh in Defence and plays Card destruction sending Atlantic once again to the grave! Tea, Duke, Serenity, and Tristan-Monkey are standing there when Tea notices that Tristan is starting to sound like a monkey. Tristan gets very upset at this "Oh no I never noticed that, I'm turning into a monkey!!!"
    While all this is going on Kaiba is walking around looking for Mokuba and Noah when he spots Kabia Land.

    112. Target: Joey - Victory in Teamwork (2)

    Kaiba walks to his Virtual Kaibaland building. The door is locked by a chessboard. Kaiba looks at it, takes one move and checkmates the other side. The door is unlocked and Kaiba walks inside. He is shown a movie of Gozaburo and Noa together, as well as Noa's funeral.

    As of yet, no one's life points have been dented. The Big 5 in "Tristan" still have their 8000 life points while Yugi and Joey both hold their 4000. After some discussion, Big-3 switches over into Tristan's body, allowing his deck-master Judge Man to come out. He pays the 1000 life points (Big-5: 7000) to remove Yugi's Mystical Elf and Kuriboh as well as Joey's Cyber Harpie and Alligator Sword from the game. 1000 damage is done to both of them (since they each had two monsters out on the field.). (Yugi: 3000, Joey: 3000). After deciding to focus on removing Joey first, he then plays Hysteric Angel in attack mode (attack: 1800) and attacks Joey directly. (Joey: 1200). Then he loads the Angel onto the Catapult Turtle to launch it at him and do 900 damage to him. (Joey: 300). To end his turn, Big-3 places one card face down and plays a Magic Card that resembles an Altar.

    Joey's turn comes up. He draws and plays the Rocket Warrior in attack mode, and then activates the Flame Swordsman's Deck-Master ability to reduce the Swordsman by 1000 attack points and raise the Rocket Warrior by that amount (attack: 2500). He then attacks the Catapult Turtle and destroys it. But then Big-3 activates his face-down card: a Magic card that allows him to sacrifice the Rocket Warrior to summon his own monster: Machine King.

    After some thinking, Yugi Special Summons a Rock Spirit by removing Buster Blader (an Earth-type) from his Graveyard. He then sacrifices it to summon Death Volstargaf in attack mode (attack: 2200) and places the Mirror Force trap down. However, it is extremely obvious to Big-3 that the fact down card is a trap (a fact that Joey tries to warn Yugi about), but Big-4 wants to play. So after switching, he plays Heavy Storm to destroy it (but not destroying the Altar card). He then attacks the Volstargaf. The other members of the Big-5 try to warn him, but Big-1 has fallen into Yugi's real trap. The Volgstarf destroys the Machine King. Yugi explains that every time a Magic card is played, the Volgstarf gets a 200 point bonus (attack:2400). Volstargaf also does 500 more damage when it destroys a monster, leaving the Big-5's life points now at 6400.

    Joey draws and gets a Panther Warrior, but since he doesn't' have any additional monsters to sacrifice for it to attack, he plays it in defense mode and lays a trap card down. Yugi then draws, attacks Big-4 directly with the Volstargaf (The Big-5: 4200), and places a Big Shield Gardna in defense mode.

    The Big-5 pull another switch. After "Tristan" draws, Joey tries to activate his trap Drop Off, but it gets destroyed because the person inside of Tristan's body is now Big-5 (with his deck master Jinzo, negating and destroying all opponent's traps). Big-5 then plays Pot of Greed, allowing him to draw two cards: Sebek's Blessing and Gravity Bind, but it also raises Volstargaf's attack to 2400. Big-5 then plays Injection Fairy Lily and pays the 2000 life points to make her attack 3400 in the damage step after attacking the Volstargaf. (The Big-5: 2200 Yugi: 2000). Big-5 then chains with Sebek's Blessing from his hand, allowing him to gain the damage he did to Yugi to his own life points (The Big 5: 3200), and then plays the Gravity Bind card face down.

    Joey's turn comes up, but Big-5 activates his Gravity Bind trap. Joey chuckles and summons HIS OWN Jinzo, destroying the Gravity Bind trap. He wants to target Lily, but is aware that Big-5 could still use her effect. With a little help from Yugi, Joey realizes that Lily can only use her effect if she's in attack mode. He then uses Block Attack to switch her to defense mode and destroys her with Jinzo. Yugi's turn comes up. He sacrifices the Gardna to summon his Dark Magician Girl and attacks Big-5 directly (Big 5: 1200).

    Big-5's turn comes up. He draws and starts laughing maniacally, because the card he drew is...

    113. Defeat It! Mythic Dragon! (3)

    Yugi & Joey VS big 5 continues. In the third turn Big 5 activates a "Misty Altar" to initiate a ritual to revive an evil dragon. This ritual requires sacrificial monsters of five attributes, the earth, water, fire, wind, and darkness from either the field or hand. Completion of this process takes up to 5 turns. "Our victory was decided when this monster was summoned," Big 5 says and summons a "Five-God Dragon" using the five deck masters. The Five-God Dragon is a mighty monster with attack points of 5000. Yugi & Joey are soon put in a tight spot. Cornered Joey summons a deck master the Flame Swordsman and leaves the rest to Yugi, who in turn summons a deck master the Black Magician. They also unite the deck masters and summon "the Black Flare Knight" with attack points of 2200. Making an attack against the Five-God Dragon with the Black Flare Knight seems suicidal. But?

    114. Noa Vs. Seto - Duel of the Creators (1)

    Joey is shaking monkey Tristan, who is upset, believing his must remain a monkey forever. Duke finds a secret pannel on the back of the monkey's back, and inside are 6 buttons.

    Joey presses one, and the monky sprouts wheels and starts racing around them. Duke presses another, and the monkey sprouts propellers and begins zooming around Yugi, Tea, and Serenity.

    Meanwhile, Seto has found Kaibaland, and walks inside to find a railroad track. As if to "welcome" him, as Seto puts it, a BEWD train comes by and Seto boards it.

    Yugi finally presses the Red Button and the monkey goes into Emergency Mode, (which is not Tristan at all) it leads them straight to Kaibaland.

    Meanwhile, Seto has reached an odd lava-world, and steps out of the train onto a piece of rock. Noa is waiting for him on another rock surrounding the lava.

    Seto tells Noa that he found out the truth; that Noa is dead. Noa realizes that Seto saw the clip, and meanwhile, Yugi and his friends are watching it themselves.

    Noa explains the situation to Seto. That when Noa was young, he was being trained to be a sucessor of Kaibacorp, but was hit by a car and was killed.

    K. Kaiba put Noa's mind into a Virtual Computer, and transfered all his memories there. Noa woke up thinking everything had been a dream, but when he can't open his door, a screen pops up and K. Kaiba is there.

    Noa asks his father to let him out, but K. explains that Noa is dead, and must live in the computer world now. Noa isn't too happy to find out he has died already, but he sees a cat on the floor, and pets it.

    Noa explained that the VW was slowly expanded, but it was still virtual, and the people were limited. (For example, the hot dog vender never said anything to him other than, "Hello, Master Noa, what would you like?)

    He made adjustments to the V world to make it more life like (too life-like. His cat got really wild and he had to put a muzzle on it!), and also figured out plans for his father, but he wasn't interested in listening.

    Then, Seto and Mokuba were adopted. Noa explains that everything Seto did was just so someday he would compete with Noa.

    Seto can't believe that everything he has acomplished was just for someone else, and tells Noa to start the duel.

    Meanwhile, Yugi and his friends discover the tracks. (Tristan turns back into Triston-Monkey again)
    Triston scurries down the tracks and finds a little train-car equip with a handle-bar that Joey and Duke begin pumping to make it go.

    However, they go too fast, and when Tea suggests the brake, Joey admits he has broken the brake! So they speed away down the tracks and are deposited on another rock near where the duel is begining.

    Seto appoints a reptile monster as his Deck Master and plays Giant Germ in attack mode, and the Crush Card face down. Noa summons a warrior monster, uses it's effect to destroy the Crush, and then takes down the germ.

    Although Seto loses some life points, Noa loses 500 due to Giant Germ's effect, and Seto is allowed to summon out another Giant Germ.

    He sacrifices it for Vampire Lord and attacks Noa's warrior. It is destroyed, and due to Vampire Lord's special ability, Noa must give up one card from his deck of Seto's choosing, and his chooses monster card.

    Noa discards the Giant Soldier of Stone. He then plays Fissure to destory the vampire, and attacks Seto directly with another warrior monster reducing him to 1400.

    Seto activates Vampire Lord's second ability, allowing it to revive itself if it was destroyed by a card effect of the opponent.

    He then summons Newt. 1900/400. Noa activates Earthshaker, choosing the attributes Wind (Newt) and Dark (Vampire). Seto chooses to destroy the Dark monster, as he'll get the Vampire back next turn.

    He then attacks Noa's monster.

    Noa begins his turn by playing a Flood card. (Can't recall the name) It washes all the monsters on the field and the graveyard into Noa's cheif card, The Miracle Arc.

    He then tells Seto he must be aware of the special abilities of the arc. In 7 turn, something great will happen and in 3 turns, something will happen to "shock Seto's existence."

    While he wonders what this could mean, Noa activates the 1st turn of the arc....

    115. The Miracle Ark (2)

    Seto plays Spear Dragon in attack mode, and attempts a
    direct attack on Noa's life points, but Noa activates one
    of the numerous effects of the arc, allowing him to take
    one monster from the arc and make it be in defense mode.

    The arc chooses Vampire Lord, and Spear Dragon destroys it,
    however, Spear Dragon does damage even if the monster is in
    defense mode, so Noa loses a few life points, though not

    As Noa's turn begins, he activates the arc's 1st turn,
    which makes the surrounding environment look as it would
    have in the age of the dinosaurs. To go along with the new
    theme, he plays Giant Rex, which destorys Spear Dragon.

    Seto begins his turn by playing Cloudy Dragon in defense
    mode, and due to the effect of the Deck Master, light
    monsters requiring Tribute can be summoned with one less
    tribute than usual. Cloudy Dragon, requiring one tribute,
    doesn't need any now.

    Noa starts his 2nd turn and plays a meteor like card, which
    clouds the Virtual sun and causes an ice age to come about.
    (which freezes and kills his dinosaur, by the way.)

    He then activates Ice Age Panick, which causes them both to
    loose half their remaining life points bringing Seto down
    to 700. Noa then special summons Last Mammoth, which is
    going for a direct attack! (atk power = 800)

    But Seto activates the ability of the Cloudy Dragon, which
    means it will never be destroyed by Magic or Monsters. But
    Noa explains the Last Mammoth's effect.

    The damage Noa will get from an attack to a monster with
    higher defense will be deducted from SETO'S life points!
    Cloudy Dragon, with a defense of 1500, would cause him to
    lose exactly 700 life points!!!

    But he activates the Destruction wheel on the mamoth, and
    defends his own life points with Defense Wheel which the
    mammoth is destroyed and Noa looses the attack power of the

    Seto then takes his turn and uses Thunder Dragon's special
    effect: Discard it from the hand to bring out 2 thunder
    dragons, and he fuses the two into the Twin-Headed Thunder
    Dragon. He then calls an attack, causes Noa to summon two
    monsters in defense mode from the arc.

    Seto then activates a trap, allowing for 1 turn differences
    in defense to be delt with in damage. (As if the defending
    monster was in attack mode)

    He orders Cloudy Dragon to attack Noa's first monster, but
    before the Twin Headed Dragon can attack the last monster
    and wipe out Noa, Noa calls for Seto to stop, and Mokuba

    He steps in front of Noa and spreads out his arms to
    protect him.

    Noa explains that if Seto attacks, Mokuba might not
    survive. He then laughs and tells Seto that his prophecy
    has come true: Something happened in the third round
    to "shock his existence."...

    116. Save Mokuba! The Seventh Turn of Fate (3)

    Seto is shocked to see Mokuba standing there...on someone else's side. Noa tells Seto that Mokuba thinks Noa is his real brother and that Seto is the enemy. Mokuba says that any enemy of his "brother" is an enemy of his.

    Seto ends his turn, definately not willing to risk losing Mokuba for the attack. Yugi calls out for Seto to keep fighting, and that to remember when he fought Joey under similar circumstances.

    Seto doesn't want to accept Yugi's help, but realizes that there is one card to prove his and Mokuba's relationship. Noa activates the next day's effect, causing the ice to vanish and the modern world to appear.

    He activates Dark Hole, getting rid of all the monsters, except Cloudy Dragon, of course, who must stay.

    He then plays Gradius, and equips it with Cyclone Laser and and the Modifyer, allowing every attack made by the monster to be 100 points higher than the defense of the other monster, meaning each turn, Seto will lose 100 life points. He is attacked and is brought down to 600.

    He begins his turn, hoping for the card, but doesn't draw it. He instead thinks back to the promise he made Mokuba, that he would protect him no matter what, that he would be his father...

    Then he thinks to how he treated him back when he had to take the test, and explains that he didn't USE Mokuba, but knew that no matter what, he would always keep Mokuba in his family, that he would never abondon him.

    It was the relationship between the two of them that only they could understand that beat K. Kaiba.

    Seto then ends his turn, and Noa activates the Choice card, allowing it to copy his Gradius and allowing two attacks. One attack brings Seto to 500, and another knocks him off his feet and he collapses on the ground.

    Yugi shouts over to Mokuba. He asks him if he really wants to see Seto treated like this. Mokuba starts to remember a little, but doesn't do anything yet.

    Seto stands up and tells Mokuba that when he was first adopted, it was a nightmare. He was about the crash, and the only thing that saved him was the card that Mokuba drew him...the blue eyes white dragon. He made a promise to become a man who would deserve that card...and then asks Mokuba if he has done that. He asks him if he is worthy of the dragon, and being his brother.

    Seto then draw the Blue Eyes White Dragon, sacrifices Cloudy Dragon for it, and plays a card face down.

    Mokuba remembers everything now. He remembers drawing the picture for Seto... and how he imagined riding the dragon with him...

    Duke and Joey shout for Mokuba to run out of the way so Seto can attack, and he runs away from Noa. Seto attacks the Gradius and Choice is destroyed as well.

    Noa begins his turn, and Seto activates the card that will decide the game...LAST BATTLE.

    Both players choose one monster, and abondon everything else on the field and in their hand to the graveyard. The two monsters battle, and the one that survives the turn is declared the winner.

    Noa chooses the arc, and BEWD attacks it. Seto declares himself the winner, but Noa laughs and tells Seto, "Did you forget? It is the 7th turn...and now my real cheif appears."

    A large monster with wings appears and kills the Blue Eyes White Dragon.

    Noa fuses himself with the winged chief card and tells Seto that he is the loser. Seto falls to the ground, and Mokuba runs toward him, apologizing for what he didn't even realize he had done...

    Noa then curses both of them, and turns them into stone, sadly staring at each other with their hands inches apart...

    Yugi and everyone else runs over to them and as they arrive, one tear falls out of the stone Mokuba's eye. Noa names the "work" Wonderful Brotherhood, the two brothers who will never touch.

    Yami takes over and shouts at Noa for what he has done. He tells Noa Seto could have made the duel a tie, but not summoning Blue Eyes but using Cloudy Dragon, who cannot be destroyed by a monster.

    But Seto chose to awaken Mokuba's heart instead. He tells Noa that the duel cannot count as a victory, and shuffles Seto's remaining cards into his own deck.

    He tells Noa he will take over, 400 LP vs. 7400 LP, and if he wins Noa will release the two.

    Noa laughs and all of Yugi's friends beg him not to do it, but he has made up his mind. He will defeat Noa!

    117. Change of Decks, Yugi Vs. Noa (4)

    Noa (bonded to Shinato) and Yami start their match, with Yami shuffling in the rest of Kaiba's deck into his own. However, the match must start as if it were Kaiba making his next move. This means that in addition to having the life point totals as they were before (with Noa at 7400 and Kaiba at 400), Yami cannot start with any cards in his hand and must rely on the cards he draws. He also must keep Kaiba's Deckmaster (the Kaizer Seahorse), which is useless to Yami since most of his monsters are Dark Monsters. Tristan points out that if Yami does not draw a monster card on his first turn, he is finished, as Noa's monster Shinato (with an attack of 3300) is on the field.

    Yami draws, gets Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts and promptly puts it in face-up defense mode. Noa draws but doesn't get a monster that he can play, so he attacks Gazelle with Shinato. However, Shinato's effect is that if it destroys a monster in defense mode, it cuts Yami's life points in half, placing him at 200. What's more, Noa gains whatever life points Yami lost, placing Noa at 7600.

    Yami draws and places his monster in face-down defense mode. Noa draws and plays Yata-Garasu (which will prevent Yami from drawing cards in his draw phase when it does damage to his life points). To clear the way for Yaga-Garasu, Noa attacks the face-down card with Shinato. However, the card is the Retrained Celtic Guardian, which cannot be destroyed by any monster with an attack power greater than 1900, so it survives. However, Noa plays the card that Pegasus gave him: Spring of Rebirth, which gives him 500 life points whenever a monster is returned to a player's hand. Since Yata-Garasu is a Spirit monsters, it returns to Noa's hand at the end of his turn and sets his life points at 8100. Noa mentions that all Spirit Monsters return to a player's hand at the end of the turn and that they cannot be Special Summoned. The Spring of Rebirth was thus designed to help players who played Spirit Monsters.

    Yami draws and places another card in defense mode. Noa then takes his turn, draws and plays Asura Priest Fairy, a Spirit Monster with an attack of 1700, which can attack all of the opponent's monsters on the field. Its destroys the Guardian and destroys the face-down monster?which was the Cyber Jar, which destroys all the cards on the field. Before Noa loses Shinato, though, he "unbinds" himself from Shinato by using its final effect: Noa can recall Shinato back to the Deckmaster position if it is going to be destroyed, but he can never summon Shinato again.

    Since Spirit Monsters can't be Special Summoned, Noa gets nothing from the effect of the Cyber Jar. Yami, however, gets Sangan and Gamma the Magnet Warrior onto the field. On his next turn, Yami sacrifices the two to summon the Dark Magician and gets a Big Shield Gardna into his hand through the effect of Sangan. He attacks with the mage and reduces Noa to 5600. Noa is furious, and on his next turn plays a magic card called Next Life. It allows him to Normal Summon a monster that has the same level as one of his opponent's monsters on the field. Noa plays Yamata Dragon (with an attack power of 2600) and destroys the Dark Magician. Yami lost 100 life points (setting him at 100), but the effect of Shinato still activates (even though its in his Deckmaster position), so Noa gains the life points Yami lost since his monster was in attack mode (100 life points) as well as an additional 500 life points through the Spring at the end of his turn, setting him at 6200. Noa says it looks hopeless for Yami, but Tea and co. cheer Yami on. This gives Noa the idea that Yami only has hope because of his friends, so he comes up with an idea?

    Yami then plays Swords of Revealing Light, halting Noa from attacking for three turns. He plays Kuriboh and attacks Noa directly, but the damage is minimal. Noa still has 5900 life points. Noa plays a monster in defense mode. Yami draws and gets the Dark Magician Girl, but plays Big Shield Gardna in defense mode and switches Kuriboh to defense mode as well. Noa plays another monster in defense mode and plays one card face down. Yami then places one card face down. Noa begins mocking Yami, but Tea and co. cheer him on. Noa takes his turn and turns Duke to stone. He activates his trap card: Destiny Clock, which speeds up time by one turn, destroying the Swords. He starts by switching Otohime (which was face-down) to attack mode, a princess that can switch the mode of one of Yami's monsters. Noa switches the annoying Kuriboh that bit him into attack mode and then sacrifices Otohime and the face-down monster to play the Yamata Dragon again. He attacks Kuriboh, hoping to finish Yami?

    118. 10000LP Vs. 100LP (5)

    The attack went through, but Yami activated the trap card Nutrient Z, which gave him 4000 more life points (if the damage done to him was greater than 2000) before the attack. Now Yami now has 1800 life points. However, since Yami lost 2300 life points, Noa gains them, setting him at 8200. He then chains with a Quickplay Magic card from his hand (since it was his turn): Sebek's blessing, which lets him gain the damage done to Yami, setting his lifepoints at 10,500. BUT then the turn ends and the Yamata Dragon returns to his hand, setting off the Spring, which makes Noa's life points 11,000.

    Yami plays Alpha the Magnet Warrior in attack mode and attacks directly, making Noa's life points 9600. Noa then turns Tristan (in monkey-form) to stone. He explains that one person will be turned to stone during the end of each of Yami's turns. Noa draws and plays Inaba White Rabbit (with an attack power of 700) which can attack directly, setting Yami at 1100. He ends his turn, recalls the Spirit monster, and gains 700 life points from Shinato and 500 life points from the Spring, setting him at 10,800.

    Yami takes his turn, plays one card face down and sacrifices Alpha to summon the Dark Magician Girl. Her attack power goes to 2300 because of the Dark Magician in the Graveyard, and she attacks Noa directly, placing him at 8500. Noa turns Serenity to stone, takes his turn and plays Inaba White Rabbit again?BUT Yami activates the trap card Dark Renewal, sacrificing the Gardna and the Rabbit to revive the Dark Magician (although the attack of the Girl becomes 2000 again). Noa then places one card face down?

    Yami plays the Dark Magic ritual and sacrifices Valkyrion from his hand to summon the Magician of Black Chaos, which means all three of his major magicians are on the field. He attacks with the Magician of Black Chaos, but Noa activates his trap card. It takes the Dark Magician Girl as a shield (making Yami destroy it, lose 800 life points (300) and lets Noa gain it, setting him at 9300) and ends the battle phase. Noa then turns Joey to stone. On his turn, he plays a monster card face down and places one card. He takes another card from his hand and shows it to Yami before he places it (because, as Noa says, "You're going to die"). The card is a trap called Land Worship, which will allow Noa to return one Spirit Monster from the graveyard into his hand. He will choose Inaba White Rabbit, which he will use to attack directly, ending the duel.

    Yami draws, but Noa activates Land Worship, returning the Rabbit to his hand. Yami then plays the card he drew: Card Destruction, sending Noa's hand to the graveyard and making him draw a new one. He destroys the face-down card with the Magician of Black Chaos, but it was another Otohime. Since she was flipped, she switches the Dark Magician to defense mode. Noa then actives his other trap: Shadow Utensil, which revives the Otohime in defense mode. Noa then takes his turn, draws, and turns Tea to stone. He then plays Change of Heart to steal the Dark Magician for one turn (since it's Yami's favorite monster). He then sacrifices Otohime and the Magician for Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi (with an attack of 2800), and equips it with the "Hell Sword," giving it 200 more attack points for one turn. It punches the Magician of Black Chaos, setting Yami at 100 and Noa at 9500). But Noa also gains another 500 life points from the Sword when it goes to the Graveyard, so he's now at 10,000. He finishes his turn by playing Spiritual Energy Settle Machine, which allows the Spirit Monsters to stay on the field (as long as he discards a card from his hand at the end of his turn, which he does).

    Due to the punch, Yami is on the ground and is unsure if he can win, as he has no cards in his hand. Through the Puzzle, though, Yugi shows Yami another room, which contains all the memories of his friends. Everyone that was turned to stone (even Kaiba and Mokuba) are there, and they tell him to keep fighting.

    Yami gets up and draws the "Lottery Heaven" card (which is probably "Coins from Heaven"). He plays it, allowing Noa and Yami to draw until they both have six cards from his hand. As Yami draws, he feels the six spirits of his friends giving him each one card. Afterward, Yami tells Noa, "You have no next turn." He starts by playing Monster Reborn, reviving the Blue Eyes White Dragon in the graveyard from when Kaiba ended his game. He then plays Polymerization, fusing it with the other two Blue Eyes in his hand to play the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. After playing the Rapid Attack card (allowing the Ultimate Dragon to attack on its first turn), it attacks the Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi and reduces Noa to 8300. Then Yami chains with his Quickplay magic card De-Fusion, separating the Ultimate Dragon into the three Blue Eyes. They attack directly, doing 9000 damage to Noa, ending the game. Yami wins.

    119. Darkness of the Kaiba Family (1)

    Noah's life points drop to zero, and he falls to the ground, realizing that not only did he not defeat Yugi, he didn't really defeat Seto either, as Yugi took on Seto's will when he challenged Noah. Seto lost to save Mokuba.

    Everyone is restored, and Seto and Mokuba embrace each other. Tea and Duke then inform Seto of what happened; how Yugi took over and beat Noah with Seto's deck.

    Noah is angry at this, and tries to take over Yami's body, but the shocking scenes in Egypt Noah sees in Yami's deep memory, and the Millennium Puzzle protecting Yami, prevents him from doing so. Yami, on the other hand, sees images of the VR pods where he and everyone else's bodies are.

    Noah demands to know who Yami really is, but Yami doesn't get a chance to answer, as Gozaboro Kaiba appears at that moment. No one is too happy to see him, except Noah who is quite please...until Gozaboro tells Noah that he has failed, and that he has no use for Noah anymore.

    Then he explains how he only adopted Seto to be used as a body for Noah. Seto finds this very shocking, that not only was he just adopted to be used, but it wasn't even due to his intelligance.

    120. Miraculous Escape - Blue-Eyes Vs. Exodia Necros (2)

    Yugi and co. are upset because Noa has separated them from Kaiba. Suddenly they are surrounded by Duel Monsters (such as the Skull Night and the Cosmo Queen). Yugi and Joey begin to deal with them by pulling cards out of their deck and summoning them into battle like they did in their previous trip to the Virtual World.

    Noa (in Mokuba's body) prepares to blow up the area in which Kaiba, Yugi and their friends are still trapped. However, Yami Marik wanders into the power source and begins using his Millenium Rod to emit electric bolts which shut down the power source. However, an emergency source gets the system back online. Noa successfully sends his command to the satellite. In thirty minutes, the Virtual World will be destroyed. Noa heads for a helicopter to escape from the imminent explosion, but suddenly begins thinking of how Mokuba had talked to him about the possibility of Kaiba giving him a new body provided that he change his evil ways and about how he and Mokuba were brothers. Noa chuckles, saying Mokuba was an idiot and that soon he will destroy them all. But as he prepares to take off, he begins to have second thoughts?

    Meanwhile, Seto Kaiba has gone to the Kaibacorp building in the Virtual World to meet his stepfather Gozaburo Kaiba, who had (apparently) placed the monsters in front of Yugi and co. via his chessboard. Seto demands that Gozaburo release all of them from the virtual world, but Gozaburo wants to play against Seto in a game. He suggests that they play Duel Monsters, since that is the game that Seto is best at. Seto accepts.

    In the virtual stadium, Gozaburo takes his first turn by playing Painful Choice. He draws five cards from his deck and shows them to Seto. Seto will pick one for Gozaburo to keep and all the others will go the Graveyard. However, the five cards that Gozaburo draws and shows Kaiba are the five pieces of Exodia. Seto's in shock and is puzzled as to why Gozaburo would show him those five, since four of the pieces would go to the Graveyard and thus would be useless to him in summoning Exodia. He decides to play it out and see what his stepfather's strategy is. Seto lets Gozaburo keep the Left Arm of the Forbidden One. Gozaburo then plays one card in defense mode and ends his turn. Seto plays one card face down, summons Vorse Raider , and attacks the card in defense mode?which was the Left Arm of the Forbidden One.

    Finally, Gozaburo draws and announces his trump card: a ritual Magic card called "Pact with Exodia" that could only be activated once all five pieces of Exodia were in his Graveyard. After paying 2000 life points, Gozaburo summons (via the Pact) a dark "dead" version of Exodia called Exodia Necros, but it only has an attack strength of 1800 and a defense strength of 0. Nevertheless, he attacks the Vorse Raider (which has an attack of 1900). Seto thinks that Exodia Necros should be destroyed, but it does not. Gozaburo explains that Exodia Necros is immortal and gains 1000 life points for each battle it has with a monster, True, Gozburo loses 100 life points, placing him at 1900, but the attack power of Exodia Necros becomes 2800.

    Seto then tries to get around by summoning a "Spirit Dragon" (with a defense of 1000) and activates his face down card, which allows him to offer Spirit Dragon as a tribute to destroy all monsters with a defense power of 1000 or less. Since Exodia Necros has a defense of zero, it should be destroyed but it stays alive. Gozaburo then explains that in addition to gaining 1000 attack points each time it does battle with a monster, Exodia Necros cannot be destroyed by battles, magic or trap cards, thanks to its five pieces in the Graveyard. Seto immediately switches his Vorse Raider to defensive mode and plays one card face down.

    Meanwhile, Noa is trying to stop the missiles from being fired, which will be launched in ten minutes. He quickly tells Yugi and co. (who are battling) and Kaiba and Gozaburo that he has Mokua's body and that the Virtual World will be destroyed soon?

    121. Miraculous Escape - Blue-Eyes Vs. Exodia Necros (3)

    Noa then tells everyone that they can escape from the Virtual World by using the portal in the Game Room in the Virtual World. Gozaburo can't do a thing about it, since Noa is the one that controls the system. Most of the gang escapes through the Dancing Machine, but Noa asks Yugi to rescue Seto and to bring him back. Yugi agrees.

    Meanwhile, Gozaburo is infuriated after hearing what Noa has done. He changes into a hideous monster and tries to take Seto's body, but Seto makes a suggestion: they'll finish their battle and the winner will be the one allowed to go back into the real world. Gozaburo agrees. He promptly attacks Vorse Raider, but Seto activates Negate Attack, preventing Exodia Necros from destroying it and from gaining 1000 attack points. Seto has realized that although Exodia Necros cannot be destroyed by magic or trap cards, but it can still be affected by them.

    He then takes his turn. First, he activates Shrink, which cuts Exodia Necros's attack in half for one turn, making its attack 1400. He then sacrifices the Vorse Raider for the Emerald Dragon (with an attack power of 2400) and attacks Exodia Necros. Although he does not destroy it, he still does damage to Gozaburo's life points, bringing his total down to 900.

    However, since Exodia Necros was in a battle, after the effects of Shrink wear off, it gains 1000 attack points, making its attack 3800. On Gozaburo's turn, it attacks the Emerald Dragon and reduces Seto's life points to 2600. The attack power of Exodia Necros becomes 4800 as a result of the battle. Seto's turn comes up, and he draws Pot of Greed, which lets him draw two more cards. He plays it and then promptly places a card face down and another monster in defense mode. Gozaburo attacks with Exodia Necros and destroys the Ancient Lamp. He laughs, because Exodia Necros' attack just became 5800. Seto just says that Gozaburo is a terrible player. Seto's turn comes up and he draws the Blue Eyes White Dragon. He plays Monster Reborn, resurrecting the Ancient Lamp. The Ancient Lamp allows him to Special Summon La Jinn from his hand. He tributes them both for Blue Eyes White Dragon, and then activates his trap card. It allows him to remove an unlimited amount of cards from the graveyard out of play, but he must pay 500 life points for each card removed. He pays 2500 life points to remove the five pieces of Exodia from the Graveyard. Exodia Necros becomes "life-like" and looks like its original form, but it only has an attack power of 1800. He then attacks with Blue Eyes White Dragon and wins.

    Gozaburo is upset and changes into his monster form and tries to take Seto's body. Yugi rescues him in time, and although Gozaburo traps them on a building, they jump and Noa creates an exit in the air to bring them back to the real word. When they wake up, they realize that Mokuba's body is in one of the pods. This is because Noa is giving Mokuba his body back, stating that his true place is with his father in the Virtual World. Gozaburo is upset with his son, but Noa has destroyed all the exits and does not permit his father to leave.

    Tea, Joey, Duke, Tristan and Serenity are on the blimp, but it needs to take off since the missiles will be hitting soon. As they take off, Yugi, Kaiba and Mokuba run out. They get them on the blimp just as the missiles hit. Gozaburo tries to engulf the blimp in flames, but Kaiba speeds them out.

    As everyone else mourns the "death" of Noa (except for Yami Malik who is laughing because of the destruction), Kaiba reminds them that they have a tournament to finish. They now head for Alcatraz and the Duel Tower there, where the finals shall take place.

    122. Place of the Finals - Alcatraz (1)

    Kaiba announces that the remaining 4 duelists will have a 4 way match. The 2 duelists who are eliminated will face eachother, and the winners will face eachother after.

    After explaining the rules, the duel begins. However, Malik and Kaiba seem to be focusing on Joey, him being the weakest of the 4. With 2 duelists working against him, how can Joey possibly survive?

    123. Battle Royal! (2)

    Kaiba and Malik are still working together to take out Joey. However Yami has had enough, and backs up Joey's moves! Not only does this help Joey, but does damage to both Kaiba and Malik.

    Instead of a 4 way, this has turned into an all out tag team! But with with all 4 working on teams, how will they be able to decide this match?

    124. Their Respective Opponents (3)

    The duel rages on, yet not one of them has been eliminated yet!
    However, this soon changes when Kaiba turns on Malik! All 3 then quickly gang up on Malik, eliminating him from the match! Malik vows they will all be crushed for this/

    So now the match continues between Joey, Yami, and Kaiba. Joey put's up a good fight, but in the end is overpowered, and eliminated. But Joey seems unphazed, actually glad because now he get's his chance for revenge on Malik.

    Malik seems amused, as he believes Joey will be no challenge to him.

    Kaiba is also glad, as he will now be able to defeat Yami and take his egyptian God card!

    125. Joey Vs. Marik (1)

    Joey enters bravely in his match against Marik.

    Malik informs Joey that this is a dark game now, but Joey says he's willing to go through with it, and that he will make Malik pay for what he did to him and Yugi (taking control of Joey)and the pain he's caused Mai. Marik toys with him by playing a card that will take a card from Joey's hand every turn and discard it. Does Joey have a chance of beating Malik before he runs out of cards, or has his best cards discarded?


    126. Joey Vs. Marik (2)

    Malik's card continues to steal cards from Joey's hand, if he dosen't do something soon, he'll run out of cards!

    However, things look brighter for Joey as he summons his Jinzo, and delivers damage to Malik, and destroys Malik's card(the one that kept discarding cards from his hand)

    But Malik is worried little, for he has Ra in his hand, and all he needs to do is find a way to summon it.

    Can Joey stop Malik from summoning Ra? If Malik does manage to summon Ra, will Joey be able to stop it?

    127. Turning the Tide! Warrior of Thunder (3)

    Malik has Ra in his hand, but now must find a way to summon it.

    Malik keeps up his defenses well, even when Joey get's 2 other monsters onto the field.

    But Malik can't seem to be able to keep 3 monsters on the field to sacrafice as Joey keeps destroying them.

    Could Joey actually defeat Malik?

    128. Joey's Death (4)

    Things are looking up for Joey now. Everyone is cheering Joey on. Kaiba seems shcoked that Joey has the upper hand against Malik.

    Things look even better as Joey somehow get's Ra into his hand! However, he remembers what happened with Mai, so won't play it.But the tides turn as Ra's power strikes Joey down!

    With his heart in the cards, Joey draws the Iron warrior, which would win him tyhe match, but he has suffered FAR too much damage, and thus Malik wins by default.

    Yugi loses his fighting spirit as Joey lays in the hospital bed, but he uses Ichizu's necklace to see in the future, and sees Joey telling him to win the tournament and take out Malik, so Yami takes over, and heads. It's Yugi Vs Kaiba!

    Note:In this dark game Joey didn't die!

    129. Air Battle Colosseum - Yugi vs. Kaiba (1)

    Yami and Kaiba face eachother at the dueling arena, with everyone watching from the medical room, trying to wake Joey up.

    Afer a long talk over how they faced eachother in the past, they begin the duel. Both draw their god cards in theirfirst draw! Yami uses Lightforce sword to strike Obelisk, hoping to get the upper hand. However Kaiba plays a card that get's his Obelisk back, and Yami's God card!

    But Yami play exchange and get's the Orisis(or Slyther) back.

    Kaiba tells Yami he'll just destroy Slyther the old fashioned way. Who will get their God card out first?

    130. God-Summoning Tri-Knights (2)

    Yami and Kaiba both play skillfully, as they race to get their God cards out while delivering some damage in the meantime.

    Malik is watching in the shadows, curious to see what will happen when their God cards come into play.

    Meanwhile, Tea and the others continue to try and wake Joey up so he can watch the duel.

    Yami and Kaiba both summon their egyptian God cards, and are ready for the ultimate clash!

    131. Intense Conflict! Slifer vs. Obelisk (3)

    As Yami and Kaiba's God cards clash, everybody tries to wake Joey so he can see this.

    The monsters clash, making all kinds of explosions.

    While everyone is in aw, Malik is unsuprised, as he knows of their true power.

    But during the clash, Yami and Kaiba are taken back in time, and see themselves dueling in ancient egypt.

    After the flashback, they return to the dueling arena.

    Kaiba draws, and tells Yami the beggining of the end has come for him.

    What does Kaiba have planned? Can Yami stop it?

    Season: 1 2 3 4 All