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132. Destoy the Hatred! Black Paladin (4)

Yami is shocked when Obelisk disaapears from the field. Then, 3 Blue yes takes it's place! With only 2 cards in his hand, Kaiba easily destroys Yami's Slyther.

Yami eventualy draws the Red eyes, but is reluctant to play it.

Joey wakes up, and rushes out to watch the duel. He tells Yami to go ahead and play his Red eyes. Yami plays it in defense mode, but Kaiba plays Defense Poralysis which forces his monsters to attack.

Yami has nothing in his hand that can help him.

133. Destoy the Hatred! Black Paladin (5)

Thinks look bad for Yami, but instead of attacking with all 3 of his Blue eyes, Kaiba fuses them all into the Blue eyes Ultimate Dragon!

Yami plays Swords of revealing light to stall for time, hoping to find a way to stop Kaiba's Blue eyes. Joey tells Yami not to give up, and that he can beat Kaiba, he's proven that to him 3 times. Kaiba reminds Joey he won the 3rd time, but Joey says that's because Kaiba cheated.

Yami sacrafices his Red eyes for Dark Magician, and plays the Magical hats.

Is Yami merely deleaying his inevitable defeat?

134. Destoy the Hatred! Black Paladin (6)

After another turn or so, Kaiba's Ultimate Dragon is freed, and now he has to find Yami's Dark Magician.

But he misses twice, leaving only one empty hat leaft, and Yami still has nothing in his hand that can fend off Kaiba's Ultimate Dragon, and with Defense Poralysis on the field, his Dark Magician will be leaft in attack mode. This will devestate Yami, and wipe out a good portion of his lifepoints, as well as one of his best monsters!

Yami seems ready to quit, when Joey tells Yami how he always believed in him, and how he won't give up on his best friend.

So Yami believes in the heart of the cards, and is able to transform the Dark Magician into Dark Magician sage!

Kaiba tells Yami how big of mistake he made, unaware of his effect.

But just when Kaiba's Ultimae Dragon prepares to attack, Yami plays Defusion.

Yami explains to a shocked Kaiba his monster's special effect. Then he plays a card that wipes out all monsters on the field. He then sacrafices his Sage for a stronger monster(can't remember who) and wipes out the rest of Kaiba's lifepoints. Kaiba reluctantly hands over Obelisk, and walks out in rage.

Joey follows, as he believes now that without his God card, he can take Kaiba.

Malik is pleased, as now he will use his Ra to take the 2 remaining God cards and Yami's puzzle!

135. The Common Folk's Path of Flames - Joey vs. Kaiba (1)

Yugi could win Kaiba by Black Paladin. In fact, he won the monster in Kaiba's mind or his hate. Joey was proud of himself that he was a part of Yugi's victory. Without Red Eyes Black Dragon, Yugi would have lost. Anyway, Kaiba still didn't believe in friendship power. He believed only in future. Thus, Joey challenged Kaiba to have a duel with him to prove that. They played this game outside Duel Tower on ground of Alcatraz.

Kaiba started first. He summoned a monster and faced down 2 cards. He was going to use his professional technique, virus. Turn to Joey, he summoned Gear Freed and attacked Kaiba's monster. Then Kaiba opened a card that decreased halp of attack power of his monster. His monster had attack power below 1,000 points. When Gear Freed destroyed the monstter, virus trap card activated. This card could be activated with monster having attack power below 1,000 only. So Joey couldn't summon any monsters having attack power more than, 1,500 any more. Then Kaiba could summon another monster and attack directly Joey. His LP was 2,200. At his turn, Joey summoned Lanstar Warrior and combining with Angel's Dice. Lanstar Warrior was power up destroyed Kaiba's monster. Kaiba had LP 2,800 left. Yugi really believed in Joey's strength as a real duelist.

On the other side, Tea having Malik's spirit separted her friends and went to see Isis. He realized everything he had done with Istar family and would like to get rid of a shadow Malik himself. Then he, in Tea's body, ran to see him at the duel battle on the top of Duel Tower.

136. Blue-Eyes White Dragon vs. Blue-Eyes White Dragon (2)

Kaiba was surprised that he ws attaced by Joey. Kaiba's turn, he summoned a monster to destroy Landstar Swordman of Joey. When turn came back to Joey, he summond a monster and intended to use his magic sword card to power up his monster's attack power. Suddenly, Kaba openned his trap card to steal that magic sword for his own monster. At the other side on the top of duel tower, Yami Malik was fighting the spirit of Malik in Tea's body. The Millenium puzzle reminded Yugi that Tea was under Malik's attack. Yugi hurried to help and left Joey with Tristan and Duke. He also believed in Joey. Turn back to Kaiba turn, he used his magic card, controller, to control the opponent's monster by lossing his 1,000 LP. Kaiba controlled Joey's monster and sacrifice to summon Blue Eyes White Dragon. Blue Eyes White Dragon attacked Joey, then opened his card, Scape Goat, to be the first targets. There were 4 scape goats,one was destroyed by Blue Eyes White dragon. However, Kaiba used his additional monsters to destroy all of the scape goat.

At the duel on duel tower, Tea with Malik's mind, was in danger but Isis and Yugi appeared to save her in time. Yugi and Malik were almost fighting by power of millenium items but Malik stopped and told Yugi that the final battle was starting soon. He didn't have to hurry.

Joey hasn't lost all hope yet. He drew a magic card that allowed him to draw 2 more cards. He used Grave Robber to steal a magic controller card from Kaibas graveyard. He lost 1,000 LP for using this card, so he had only 100 LP left. Joey used this magic to control Blue Eyes Whit Dragon of Kaiba and Destroyed it. Then he used Reborn Monster to regenerate Blue Eyes from the graveyard. Blue Eyes White Dragon of Joey's destroyed Kaiba's monster. Before ending his turn, he placed a monster into a defense mode and faced down a card. Turn back to Kaiba, he summoned Blue Eye's White Dragon and attacked Joey's Blue Eyes White dragon. Both dragons were destroyed each other with the equal power. Anyway, Kaiba used his Reborn monster to regenerate Blue Eyes White Dragon again.

137. The Path of Duelist's Mind (3)

Taken from March 2003 Newtype USA-
Junouchi hopes to turn the tables on Kaiba by using his baby dragon/time wizard combo, but he's defeated. Isuzu asks Kaiba to lend his strength to Yugi, who's fighting with Marik, but Kaiba refuses.

138. Final, Yugi vs. Marik (1)

After perswasion Kaiba reluctantly gives Yami his Devil's Santuary card. Despite the hurt he faced loosing to Kaiba yet again(who still treats him like dirt) Joey joins the others anc cheers on Yugi as he stares down Yami Malik.

Yami Malik says this will be a very special Dark Game, as he shows his flashes of Mai, regular Malik, and even little Yugi trapped! Yami demands to know what he has to done to Yugi. Yami Malik explains that if Yami wins, Mai and Little Yugi will be freed, and regular Malik will die. If Yami Malik wins, Mai, Little Yugi and regular Malik will ALL die and so will Yugi's friends(so either way regualr Malik will die)

Yami excepts and the duel begins. As before, Yami sacrafices his 3 knight cards to summon Orisis and Malik is damaged by Orisis but it dosen't matter to Yami Malik as he summons Ra on his next turn and topples Orisis. Yami has faith that there's a card in his deck that can help him but Ra seems unstopable. Can Yami defeat Ra for the very first time ever?

139. Devil's Sanctuary Arises! (2)

Yami has nothing in his hand to take down Ra, and is fearful of what Ra's special ability might be, as if having 5400 attack strength wasn't enough.

Yami Malik summons another monster and sacrafices it.

Yami is confused when he dosen't see another monster apear on the field.

Yami Malik tells him to look at Ra's stats and saw they rose! Yami Malik explains that Ra's special ability allows him to sacrafice monsters, and the sacraficed monster's attack and defense combine together and add to Ra's attack and defense power.

Yami Malik keeps using this ability and raising Ra's attack power higher then anything Yami has ever faced and Yami Malik tells him to surrender but with so much at stake Yami refuses to quit, even though he can't see a way to win, especialy since his Egyptian God is gone!

However Yami draws Devil's Santuary card and uses it to turn the tables on Yami Malik but it won't be enough to win him the match!

140. An Eternal Wall, God Slime! (3)

Yami Yugi has just used Obelisk to attack Yami Malik's life points directly. Things look bad for Yami Malik but...

Yami Malik isn't worried at all, even though his life points are now at 700. He tells Yami Yugi that such an attack was what he was waiting for.

Since Yami Yugi took more than half of Yami Malik's life points in an attack, Yami Malik is now allowed to activate a trap called Metal Reflect Jam. It turns into a clone copy of Obelisk, but it is placed in defense mode with a defense of only 3000.

Yami Malik then plays Revival Jam and uses Polymerization to fuse his Revival Slime and his Metal Reflect Jam into a God Slime. However, it still only has a defense of 3000.

Yami Yugi then takes his turn, places a Big Shield Gardna in defense mode and attacks the God Slime with Obelisk, but the God Slime just splatters and reforms. The new God Slime has the same effect as Revival Jam.

Yami Malik takes his next turn. He places one card face down and summons a Bowgunian to the field, which will do 300 damage to Yami Yugi's life points at the end of his turns.

Yami Yugi then takes his turn and sacrifices the Gardna to summon the Dark Magician Girl. He attacks the Bowgunian with her, but Yami Malik activates the Jam Defender, placing the God Slime in the way of the attack. As a result, Yami loses 1000 life points, bringing him down to 1300. Yami ends his turn and gets shot by the Bowgunian, reducing his life points to 1000.

Yami Malik then takes his turn and activates Magic Shard Excavation, which allows him to discard two cards from his hands to put one Magic card from his graveyard into his hand. He chooses Monster Reborn. Soon, Ra shall appear...

141. Obelisk's Anger, Soul Energy Max! (4)

Yami Malik has just used a card called Magic Shard Excavation, which allows him to discard two cards from his hand to put one magic card from his graveyard back in his hand. The card he chooses is Monster Reborn. However, instead of resurrecting Ra immediately, he brings out a new monster (with an attack power of 1900) that allows him to gain 1000 life points, setting him at 1700. He then ends his turn.

Yami Yugi starts his turn. However, he is trying to decide how to save Malik. After a chat with Yugi, they decide that Ra is the weakness of Yami Malik, as Yami Malik must combine his soul with Ra's when performing the One Turn Kill move. Yami then brings Gazelle onto the field and places a card. Since his turn is over, Malik's Bowgunian card shoots Yami, reducing his life points to 700.

On his turn, Yami Malik uses Monster Reborn to resurrect Ra. He then pays 1000 life points to destroy Obelisk. Yugi then activates his own Monster Reborn, resurrecting Osiris and putting it in the way of the attack. Osiris takes the hit and Obelisk is unharmed.

However, Malik then activates a card that gives him another battle phase and brings Ra back onto the field (as the card states that any monster that was summoned and attacked previously on the turn could come back). This time, Malik begins to use One Turn kill. First, he starts chanting, reducing his life points to 1 and makes Ra's attack 699.

BUT at this instant Yami activates his Soul Taker card, which allows him to sacrifice one of Malik's monsters (but at the same time gives Malik 1000 life points). Malik thinks that Yami will sacrifice Ra, so he laughs since Ra cannot be sacrificed through special effects. However, Yami sacrificed Malik's slime monster. It sets off Obelik's special ability to destroy all monsters on the field and do damage to Malik's life points. This normally requires two sacrifices, but the slime monster counted as two since it was fused from two creatures.

Obelisk's fists fire at Ra, and...

142. The End of Battle City! (5)

Before Obelisk's fists hit, Yami Malik uses Ra's ability to sacrifice the rest of his monsters to increase Ra's attack, and then sacrifices the additional 1000 life points he got from Yami's Soul Taker card. This makes Ra's attack 4899. It seems pointless but...

Obelisk's fists hit Ra, but bounce off and do not destroy Ra or do any damage to Yami Malik, who laughs because he states that Ra cannot be destroyed by the special effect of Obelisk. He prepares to attack Obelisk and wipe out all of Yami's life points...

BUT Yami counters again with his Dimension Magic card. It allows him to sacrifice two monsters to special summon a Spell-caster to the field if another Spellcaster is also on the field. Since Yugi has his Dark Magician Girl on the field, he sacrifices Gazelle and (in a surprising move) Obelisk to bring the Dark Magician onto the field to join his young apprentice. The two Magicians can now automatically destroy one monster on the field. Yami picks Ra and destroys it.

When the cloud settles, everyone sees that the normal Malik is back in his body while Yami Malik is now chained on the field. What happened was that since Yami Malik had been combining his soul with Ra's while performing One Turn Kill, he was weakened. When Ra was destroyed, it severely weakened Yami Malik, allowing the normal Malik to reclaim his own body. However, a sacrifice had to be made, so Yami Malik was put in his place.

Malik realizes now what he needs to do. He forfeits the match, causing Yami Malik to disappear completely.

Yami Yugi is now the official winner of Battle City.

143. The Destruction of Alcatraz

Yugi and his friends are seeking for the Kaiba Brothers while Alcatraz is being destroyed in a few minutes. The other side, Battle Ship also has some problem that makes it unable to fly. Kaiba is thinking whatever Yugi told him about hate that caused him to be defeated. Also, he reminds himself that before he saw Kaiba Gonsaburo when he was young, he had had a dream and promise with Mokuba that he would create the greatest game world. At present he decides to follow his road again. Yugi and his friends change a plane from Battle Ship to carrier plane that first was called to take Joey to the hospital. After taking off, Alcatraz exploded. Suddenly, everybody notices that there is a Blue eyes White dragon Jet flying out. Surely, Kaiba is controlling it with Mokuba sitting behind. Kaiba says good bye and tells the others that he is going to America to make his dream come true. Then he flies off to America.

Every body is back at Domino port. Rishid, Malik and Isis also says good bye to Pharaoh before going back home. Besides, Duke tells his friends that he is going to America and keeping on playing his professional game, DDM. Also, Joey says good bye to Mai who is leaving. Everybody walks to his own road. Next day, Yugi knows that time has come. He takes Red Eyes Black Dragon and leaves home much early in the morning. He walks into Domino city to have the final duel of Battle City with Joey. For both of them, Battle City hasn't finished yet.

144. A Sign

Serenity accidently sees Tea in town. Tea decides to take Serenity around before she is leaving. First tea take her to Domino museum to see an acient tablet, the origin of Yugi's destiny. Serenity realizes who is on the tablet once she sees it. Tea also reminds herself when she and Yugi came here and saw Isis. Then, Tea points Serenity the road of battle between her brother and Esper Roba. Serenity remembers Tristan gave her live report of this battle when she was still in the hospital. She is very proud of her brother who almost lost but he could to win. Next, two girls stop at Domino port. Serenity never forgets here where she first opened her eyes and saw her brother's bravery while he was trying to help Yugi.

Tea and Serenity turn back to Domino park. They see many children playing duel monster games by duel disks of Kaiba technology. Tea thinks that Yugi should enjoy playing like that. All the time he played, he is usually serious for fighting for his purpose. Similarly, Joey also fought for his Battle City. Then Tea tells Serenity that she is having a date with Yugi. Serenity says good bye before leaving her. At Battle City, she becomes a good friend. Tea sees Yugi waiting for her. She knows that somewhere Yugi is leaving. Anyway, she and he are still good friends forever, then she goes to see him.

145. A Beating of New Shadow

A man with a wierd duel disk challenges Weevil and Rex Raptor to a duel in wich they have to bet their souls. Yugi is ready to go to the muesam alone but Joey Tea and Triston follow him. Yugi takes the 3 god cards and holds them up. A light shows from the millenium puzzle symbol on the tablet. There is someone performing a dark ritual on the tablet so yugi fails recovering his memories. Suddenly everyone hears a noise and they walk outside. There are duelmonsters flying around the city. Everyone thinks its KaibaKorp but Kaiba is in America. EVeryone is watching TV at gramp pas house. Then Gramp pa yells. They go out and he is lying on the ground and the God cards are STOLEN. Yugi runs outside and sees Obelisk, Osiris, And RA in the sky. Yugi is challenged to a duel by dome strange guys. They call him Pharoh and they say they no about the millenium items. Yugi has to bet his soul on the duel. His opponent uses Dark powers and uses a curse ring to use the millenium power in Yugi. And then he summons Dark Obelisk...

146. The Seal of the Oracle Curse

Yugi can beat Dark Obelisk by his 3 Magnet Warriors. There are 3 mysterious guys watching this duel. They tell Yugi that they have 2 cards sealing the souls of Weevil and Rex. Yugi will get them back if he can win. However, he will lose his soul if he is defeated at this game. Yugi realizes that this power is similar to the power of the Millennium eye of Pegasus (but little does Yugi know that Pegasus doesn't have his Millennium eye) that can transfer a soul into a card. Anyway, with a combination of Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl, he can win this duel. His opponent sends Obelisk card back to those mysterious guys before his soul is sealed into a card. The souls of Weevil and Rex are also released. The guys had introduced themselves as 3 warrious; Raphael, Varon and Almelda before they left. Tea sees a bright stone and takes it to Yugi. He sees some strange characters on it. Next day, Yugi and his friends try to get more details from Weevil and Rex but it is useless. Then a pretty girl comes out. She is Rebecca, an American girl who had that duel with Yugi. She invites Yugi and his friends to see her grandfather at Domino museum. There, Yugi sees his and Rebecca's grandfathers who are standing in front of the sealed tablet. Rebecca's grandfather calls Yugi "Pharoah" and tells him that he has some very important things to talk about.

147. Timaeus, the Nameless Dragon

Yugi and friends go to see Professor Holfskin, grandfather of Rebecca and friend of Sugoroku, at Domino Meseum. Professor knows about past life of Yugi as nameliss Pharoah. Also, he is a person who travels around the world and studies about history and archeology especially details about ancient Eygpt of Yugi. Yugi asks him how whatever he found matches the current situation. Professor give Yugi some pictures of carved stone in Duel Monster images. He found them at the temple during his exploation. They represents that Duel Monsters might really exist in the world around 10,000 years ago and also involve with Eygpt 3,000 years ago. Tristan disagrees with him because he believes the Duel Monsters are created by technology of Kaiba Corporation. Anyway, Professor reminds him that the real creater is Pegasus whose inspiration came from the monster tablets in Eygpt. Rebecca is getting furious when her grandfather's theory is rejected. However, Joey strongly believes that opinion because after the battle against a shadow game and god card, he feels the existence of Duel Monsters. Rebecca additionally explains in difficult knowledge. It is hard to believe that such a child like her can understand the Rebecca shocks everybody when she says that she is University student by her genius. Then, Yugi lets Professor see a glowing stone he got from the duel ysterday. Professor feels that it is similar to the glowing stones embeded in the eyes of woman statue found inside the temple. Anyhow, he would like to keep and learn more about it. When he gets any further information, he will let Yugi know. Before leaving the museum, only Yugi hears some girl voice asking for help.

The 3 warriors submits 3 god cards they got to his leader, Dartz who needs power of 3 gods and souls of duelists to awaken the queen.

At that nigt both Yugi are getting so much anxious that they can't sleep. Original Yugi hears the girl voice asking for help again. It comes from the millennium puzzle. Both Yugi get up inside Yugi's maze mind. They together help to find the source of that sund but they get nothing. Suddenly, Kuribo appears in Yugi's mind and leads them to the real door. Behind the door, both of them are brought to the Duel Monster world that is being treatened by giant eye monster. Both Yugi go inside the castle and see the 3 sealed dragons. Then, the owner of voice appears. That is Black Magician Girl. She lets them know that they are in Duel Monster world now being in danger. The evil monster absorbs he friends into itself until there are a few monsters left in the castle. Three dragons, the monsters protecting this world, are also sealed. Only chosen warrior with heart of duelist can unseal them. Thus, both Yugi together help unsealing the dragon by drawing the sword. When the dragon is awaken, it is named by both Yugi as Timaeus. Then, Yugi wakes up and notices that there is an aura appearing on the night sky. He hurries to go into the Domino City with his Duel Disk. The aura is shaping as green crystal and cracking out into a giant monster that Yugi saw in his Duel Monster World. Person who is behind this monster is Dartz. This monster is absorbing the Duel Monsters supposed to come out from Duel Monster Game into itself. Yugi comes to see his friends at Domino City. Anyway, Dartz lets the monster strongly attack to that nameless Pharoah. Anyway, Yugi sees a light going into his deck in duel disk. When he draws that card, it is Timaeus. Thus, he believes that whatever he saw isn't a dream. Yugi summons Timaeus and use it's power attack that strikes Darts back. The evil monster is destroyed into green glowing pieces falling down to the earth.

148. Pegasus's Invitation

News about strange aura and duel monsters are spreaded all over the world. Yugi and his friends are discussing about that in Yugi's room. They have no idea where to start. Whatever trace they have is only Timaeus card. Then, Grandpa comes in with a mailing package from America to Yugi. Everybody thinks that it may come from Duke. Anyway, sending address is from Industrial Illusions, the company of Pegasus in America. Everybody is frightened because the same situation of duel against a shadow game of Pegasus may occur (but they don't know that Yami Bakura took Pegasus millennium eye). Yugi still decides to open it. It is news from Pegasus who also has no idea about the curret situation of duel monsters coming out from the game. However, he has something to tell Yugi and also needs his help. Pegasus asks Yugi immediately to come to America and he is waiting for him there. Thus, Yugi decides to go to America, all of his friends do to. Outside, Yugi's room, Rex and Weevil are intercepting his conversation. They understand that Pegasus invite Yugi to America to give him a large amount of rare cards. So, they plan to follow them.

Dartz is thinking when he was facing nameless Pharoah. He hadn't expected that Pharoah ham Timaeus in his hand. Also, he gives his order to his warriors to get the duelists' souls. Amelda chooses to hunt Kaiba's soul because he has some painful backround agaisnt Kaiba Corporation. Then, Varon chooses Joey. He is also doing something for his girl. The last remaining target is Pegasus. At Industrial Illusion company, Pegasus is getting anxious and waiting forward for coming of Yugi. A shadow of unexpected girl, Mai, appears with the scream of Pegasus.

At night, Tea, Joey and Tristan are preparing their baggages for the trip to America. Yugi sees the card of something. Then, he notices that his other character Yami Yugi is very quiet and inactive. The reason comes from this trip and Pegasus. In fact, both of them much worry about this trip. Next day, everybody is ready at airport. Yugi wonders if he will see Kaiba in America. This is a personal trip by Industrial Illusion Plane from Pegasus. No one realizes that Weevil and Raptor follow them by hiding themselves in the baggage for all trip. When they reache America, they continue the trip by car of the company. Tea notices that there is over amount of baggage. Thus, the officer takes it out. Certainly, it is the luggage haveing Weevil and Rex inside.

At Kaiba Corporation in America, Kaiba is seriously in trouble if monsters really come out from his technology. He tries to refuse Kaiba Corporation doesn't involve with that situation. Anyway, he gets contact from Pegasus to have a duel against him if he would like to know the truth. Kaiba reminds himself that a related person other than Kaiba Corporation may be the creator as Pegasus. He also suspects where Pegasus has been after losing to Yugi at Duelist Kingdom. Thus, he dicides to go seeing Pegasus to find the answer. Kaiba goes down to the underground and takes out his deck and card. Then his prepares himself to fly to Duelist Kingdom with Mokuba to find the answer from Pegasus.

149. The Nightmare of Toon World

Yugi,Joey,Tea and Tristan are travelling by car through San Fransisco city in California. This is the first time of everybody to come to America, thus everyone seems to be excited with new scenery. Anyway Yugi is getting very anxious about Pegasus, stolen god cards, 3 warriors etc. until he doesn't feel happy with the others.

Kaiba and Mokuba fly to Duelist Kingdom because of Pegasus's invitation. After landing at Pegasus's castle, both of them enter the castle inside where no one seems to exist. Kaiba reaches the duel field in the castle and shouts to let Pegasus appear. Pugasus has been waiting for him there. Kaiaba accuses Pegasus that other than Kaiba corporation, there is only the game creator like Pegasus who is the answer of the current situation why duel monsters come out from the game. Pegasus tells him to win the duel first, then he will know the truth. Kaiba reminds himself when he was defeated last time and captured inside a card with Mokuba. This time he is confident that he must win. Kaiba uses his own duel disk link to battle Pegasus in the duel. Also, Mokuba leaves both of them and watches the duel from a distance.

Weevil and Rex have still been hiding themselves in a baggage during the trip to America. The baggage was separated and carried on truck. However, it is accidently dropped on the road. When both of them get out off the baggage, they find themselves in a weird slum where they haven't been before.

The duel between Kaiba and Pegasus starts. Pegasus uses his professional technique of Toon World. Kaiba doesn't let him easily use the same style with him again. Before the duel, he had already prepared the plan to handle that kind of deck. Kaiba sacrifices monsters and summons Blue Eyes White Dragon while Pegasus summons Toon Blue Eyes. Under Toon World, and any attack can't effect a Toon Monster. Kaiba can only defend himself. Pegasus changes a monster from Roon Blue Eyes to Toon Black Magician Girl. Kaiba realizes that the weakest point of this technique is at Toon World. Thus, destroying it is the best solution for Kaiba. Kaiba uses his magec card to destroy all the Toon Monsters and Toon World. At this point, Kaiba feels that his opponent isn't really Pegasus. That is true. Pegasus reveals himself as Amelda, one of the 3 warriors. Amelda tells Kaiba that the real game is starting from now on. Then, he draws a card and activates it. It is The Seal of Orable Curse. The curse ring appears and covers the battle field. Besides, under The Seal of Orable Curse, the loser must sacrifice his soul at the end.

150. Critias Awakens

Amelda uses The Seal of Oracle Curse cover the battle field. One way to get out off this curse ring is to win the duel. Also, the loser must sacrifice his soul. Kaiba wonders what technique Amelda is using or if he is kidding him. In duel, monsters of Kaiba are changed into dark monsters and controlled by Amelda. Amelda shows Kaiba a piece of toy robot that belonged to his younger brother. Kaiba and Mokuba are shocked when Amelda tells them that his brother was killed by Kaiba Corporation. His brother had been unlucky to be attacked by military planes of Kaiba Corporation. One thing left was a burnt robot of his brother. Whatever he remembered was Kaiba Gonsaburo and the military planes of Kaiba Corporation. Then he heard the voice of Dartz from the darkness tell her to memorize that. That is his resentment to Kaiba Corporation anyway, Mokuba tries to say that his brother is different. Current Kaiba Coporation focuses on game development and future. Kaiba tells Mokuba to be quiet. It is worthless to defend themselves. Then the duel continues. Though Kaiba can summon Blue Eyes White Dragons, they are controlled as dark monsters on Amelda's field. Kaiba thinks if he is going to lose before drawing the last card. Suddenly, his mind is brought to the other world on where the rest of sealed dragons are located. Kaiba draws the sword out to awaken a sealed dragon, Critias. Then, his sense comes back to current time. When Kaiba draws the card, it is Critias. He wonders if what he saw hadn't been a dream and how there is an unknown card in his deck. However, Kaiba decides to use and summon it. Amelda is amazed how Kaiba got that card. Rendering power of Critias, Kaiba strongly attacks group monsters of Amelda. Anyway, Amelda uses his trap card to save himself and let both LP become 0 at the same time. Then, The Seal of Oracle Curse disappears from the field as well as Amelda. He tells Kaiba he will certainly come back soon. Both of them still remains.

Yugi and his friends are during his trip on a car. Yet, the car stops out off the city and the driver gets off the car with saying nothing.

151. The Next Challenger

After defeating Amelda, Kaiba meets up with Yugi and the others. As they talk about what's going on, Mai enters. Everyone seems suprised and happy at first. Mai then challenges Joey to a duel, one in which the loser will die!

Everyone is quite shocked, and while Joey does what he can to snap Mai out of it, Mai demands Joey duel her. With no choice Joey does so.

Joey duels his hardest, and keeps trying to revive the Mai he knew like when yugi helped him when they duled under the control of Malik(or Marik) However it dosen't seem to be working. Can Joey help Mai like Yugi helped him?

152. Mai is Falling in Darkness

As the duel between Joey and Mai continues, she tells her former friends what happend to her...
After Battle City, Mai kept having dreams that Marik trapped her in her own mind again and that Yugi and Joey didn't seem to care! Later on in the flashbacks, Mai is seen running down this alley where it is raining because she is afraid that her nightmares would come true. She slumps down beside a wall and begins to cry. Then, Varon finds her and tells her that he will protect her from now on.
Then, both of them return to Varon's "head-quarters" where the leader puts that dreadful Oracle symbol on her forehead.
Mai then tells Joey to make his move.

153. Unsealing the Third Dragon

154. Helios, Miracle of the Third Dragon

155. Target: Nameless Pharaoh

156. Yugi Vs Raphael - The Impregnable Guardian Deck

157. The Truth of Doom

158. Darkness Inside Yugi, Timaeus Disappears

159. A Taken Soul

160. Rise Up Yugi and Don't Lose Joey (1)

161. Rise Up Yugi and Don't Lose Joey (2)

162. Activate Timaeus

163. Confront! Both Yugis

164. Orichalcos Soldier

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