Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode Guide

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Season 1

1. The Heart of the Cards

The episode begins with Joey dueling Yugi. Joey eventually loses. Then Yugi says that his grandpa has a really rare card. Kaiba over hears them and arrives at Yugi's grandpa's shop. Kaiba tries to trade for them but Yugi's grandpa wouldn't accept. When yugi and his friends go to the shop they fing his grandpa with Kaiba. When they arrive they found Kaiba ripping grandpa's Blue Eyes. Yugi's friends take his grandpa to the hospital while Yugi duels Kaiba. Kaiba begins by summoning Hitotsu Me Giant(1200/1000) in attack mode. Yugi counters with The Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress(1400/1200) and attacks his giant.(K 1800) Kaiba then played Saggi the Dark Clown(600/1500)and then tripled his clown's attack with Negative Energy and it destroyed Yugi's dragon. (Y 1600) After Kaiba destroyed 3 defense monsters Yugi played Gaia The Fierce Knight(2300/2100) and destroyed Saggi.(K 1300) Then Kaiba played the Blue Eyes White Dragon(3000/2500) and destroyed Yugi's Knight.(Y 900) Kaiba gets another Blue Eyes on the Field. Yugi was out of options so he stalled for time with his Swords of Revealing Light. Kaiba played Judge Man(2200/1500) in attack mode. Yugi countered with his Dark Magician(2500/2100) and attacked the Judge Man(K 1000). Kaiba grinning summoned his third Blue Eyes and destroyed the Dark Magician.(Y 400) Just before the Swords of Revealing Light faded Yugi drew the final piece of Exodia and won the duel

b: 29-Sep-2001

2. The Gauntlet is Thrown

Celebrating Yugi's victory over Kaiba, Yugi, Taya, Joey, Tristan, and Yugi's grandfather are at The Game Shop, discussing it, and talking about the game. Yugi has recently beaten Joey again, whose weakness is trusting in power over skill. After going home, Yugi and his friends watch the final round of this week's Duel Monsters tournament on TV. The duel is between Weevil, a small nerdy kid who uses bug cards, and Rex, who uses dinosaur cards. Eventually, Weevil ends up winning, and gets an award from Maximillian Pegasus, the creator of Duel Monsters. Later, Yugi gets a box with a video and a glove inside. On the video is Maximillian Pegasus, who can somehow talk to Yugi. He explains that because he beat Kaiba, the only champion who made it through the official tournament without losing a match, he wants Yugi to compete in the next tournament. The glove is an official Dueling Glove, for competeing in an official tournament. Pegasus then shows Yugi the Millenium Eye, which he wears, and says that he will give to Yugi if he wins the tournament. This is how he is communicating over a video. Its power is tempting, so Yugi agrees, and again becomes Yu-Gi-Oh. To prove his worth, Yu-Gi-Oh challenges Pegasus to a match. It goes down to the wire, but in the end, Pegasus wins. Because Yu-Gi-Oh lost, Pegasus uses the powerful Millenium Eye to capture Yugi's grandfather's soul. Pegasus will give Yugi both his grandfather's soul and the Millenium Eye to Yugi if he comes and wins the tournament.

b: 06-Oct-2001

3. Journey to the Duelist Kingdom

Joey gets a tape from his sister, Serenity, who he knew only for a short time as a kid. She has an eye disorder, but their dad can't pay for surgery to fix it. Joey vows to help her by winning the Duel Monsters tournament. When he talks to Yugi about Dueling, he hides the fact about why. Yugi decides not to help. But then, when he tries to sneak onto the ship bound for the Duelist Kingdom (the island where the tournament is held), Yugi gives him one of his two starting Dueling Stars, which show how many wins each Duelist has had. Each one starts with two, but they can give one out if they want to. If you lose all of your stars, you are eliminated. The first two to get ten stars compete in the final round. Tristan and Taya sneak on board, by hiding in a box of cargo. While on board, they think they see a kid from their school, but aren't sure. Meanwhile, Rex (the loser to Weevil from last week's tournament) is challenged by Mai, a Duelist who seems to have the ability to predict what card she will draw from her deck. The winner keeps Rex's fancy room, which he got for making it to the final round last week. Mai wins, and Rex gets booted out. Meanwhile, Joey and Yugi are trading with other Duelists to strengthan their decks. Weevil shows up, and throws Yugi's Exodia cards oberboard. Joey, who thinks that if Yugi wins, he will help pay for his sister's surgery, dives overboard and begins retrieving the cards. Yugi dives in after him. When Tristan and Taya pull them up, Joey only got two of the Exodia cards. He then explains about his sister, and Yugi says he's sorry. He remembered how he and Joey became friends. At first, Joey picked on Yugi, along with Tristan, but then Yugi helped Joey settle some other issues, and they became friends. Almost to the Duelist Kingdom, the two begin to discuss strategy.

b: 13-Oct-2001

4. Into the Hornet's Nest (1)

As the boat arrives at the Duellist Kingdom, all the duellists seem amazed by the huge size of the island. But as the duellists are amazed by the glory of the island, Tristan is concerned that he and Taya may be stopped as they get off the boat and be found out as stowaways. Fortunately, as the four friends get off of the boat, none of them are stopped to check their star chips.

As the four head off for Pegasus's castle, where all the duellists are supposed to meet, Yugi notices that Joey has caught a cold from trying to rescue the pieces of Exodia. Joey vows that he is going to get Weevil back for what he did, but, as he is talking, Taya spots Bakura hiding in the woods. Having seen him twice now, Taya is sure that she isn't seeing things, but no one in the group can understand why he always seems to be hiding from everybody.

As the duellists gather at Pegasus's castle, the general topic of conversation is Kaiba and the fact that he has dropped out of the tournament after being defeated by Yugi in a duel. However Yugi is more concerned about duelling Pegasus for the chance to rescue his Grandpa. At this point, Pegasus steps out onto the balcony of his castle to greet the competitors. He explains that the tournament will test their skills in new ways but that eventually one duellist will be crowned the King of Games.

Pegasus explains that each duellist has been given a duelling glove and two star chips, and that the aim of the tournament is to wager star chips on duels in order to win ten star chips. Once a duellist has ten star chips, they will be eligible to enter Pegasus's castle and duel him for the title of King of Games. However Pegasus warns the duellists that the arenas on the island have intriguing new rules that will have to be learnt and mastered in order to win. As the duellists begin to prepare their decks before the duelling starts in one hour's time, Pegasus is pleased to see that Yugi has taken the bait and come to the island.

Concerned that he isn't a good enough duellist to earn ten star chips, Joey decides to give Yugi back the star chip that he gave him, but Yugi insists that he keep it as he needs the prize money for his sister's operation. As fireworks light up the sky, signalling the start of the tournament, Yugi decides that he might as well begin by duelling Weevil. However as the group finds Weevil in the forest, he runs away from them, deep into the forest.

As Yugi follows his opponent, he wonders why Weevil seems so eager to run away when he knows that Weevil wants to duel him. However as the group catches up with Weevil, he taunts Yugi, explaining that he has fallen into the trap that Weevil had laid for him. But as Yugi vows to make Weevil pay for what he did on the boat, the ground beneath them begins to shake as the duelling arena rises from under ground.

As the two players prepare themselves for the duel, Weevil is confident about the match as he knows that he only has to risk one of his two star chips against Yugi's only chip. However when Yugi proposes an all-or-nothing duel, with Yugi's deck as a prize as a substitute for a second star chip, Weevil is perfectly happy to accept. As the two duellists prepare to duel, other duellists arrive to watch, amazed that they are getting to see Weevil and Yugi duel before the finals.

For his first move, Weevil plays the Killer Needle, but Yugi counters with the Mammoth Graveyard. But as Yugi's Mammoth attacks, what should have been a stalemate causes his monster to be destroyed. As Yugi wonders what could have happened, Weevil relishes in explaining that each arena is split into field types that match its surroundings and that in this case, the arena is part wasteland and part forest.

The different arena types give certain monster types a Field Power Bonus, causing their ATK and DEF to increase, and seeing as how Weevil's bug gets an FPB from the forest, it was stronger than Yugi's Mammoth. However as Weevil continues to gloat, Yugi comments that his Mammoth also receives an FPB from the wasteland, meaning that the attack was still a stalemate and that Weevil's Killer Needle will also be destroyed.

Amazed to learn that Yugi has managed to use the field power bonus to his advantage as well, Weevil warns Yugi that there are other surprise rules that he doesn't know about yet. As Weevil plays the Hercules Beetle, Yugi counters with the Feral Imp, powered up with the Horn of the Unicorn. But as his Imp attacks, the attack is deflected by the Beetle, which then destroys Yugi's monster, reducing his life points to 1350.

Weevil explains that any monster with an FPB has a resistance against magically enhanced attacks. As Yugi plays a monster face down, Weevil brings out his Basic Insect, powering it up with a Level 3 Laser Cannon and a Level 2 Power Boost. Weevil destroys Yugi's monster, but Yugi simply plays another, once again in defence mode.

Confident that he has Yugi on the run, Weevil decides to play a trap card, which will activate as soon as Yugi next attacks. But as he begins to gloat, believing that the match is certain to be his, Yugi decides to set up a trap of his own. As Weevil continues to play more bugs onto the field, Yugi is able to set up the cards needed for his trap without Weevil even noticing. As Weevil announces that he is playing his last insect onto the field, Yugi realises that the time has come to spring his trap.

Playing the Dark Magician in defence mode, Yugi successfully lures Weevil into attacking his favourite monster. But as Weevil's Basic Insect attacks, Yugi reveals his Mirror Force trap card, reflecting the attack back at Weevil and destroying all of his monsters, reducing his life points to 555. However as Yugi is confident that Weevil has no more monsters to play, Weevil reveals that he was in fact lying on that point. As he reveals that he still has one monster available to play, he warns Yugi that there is no way he will be able to stand against it.


NOTE: The American version of the two-part Yugi V Weevil duel was combined into one episode called "The Ultimate Great Moth". All other countries received the epsiode in its two-part form.
  • Althought the two-part version of this episode has never been aired in the USA, the complete version is available on the second volume of the VHS/DVD collection, "Into the Hornet's Nest"

  • 5. The Ultimate Great Moth (2)

    As the duel between Yugi and Weevil continues, Mai has arrived to watch the rest of the match, hoping to see Weevil pull off a comeback in spectacular style. However as she argues with Taya over who is going to win, Yugi seems unimpressed by Weevil's bragging.

    As Weevil plays a monster face down in defence mode, Yugi remembers that he still has a trap card in play and sees that Weevil is trying to lure Yugi into activating it. However Yugi is not so foolish and, playing Monster Recovery, returns all the monsters on his side of the field before playing Kuriboh in attack mode. Attacking Weevil's monster, Yugi activates the trap, destroying his Kuriboh and reducing his life points to 1050, but saving his other monsters from being destroyed in the process.

    However as Weevil reveals his monster to be the Larvae Moth, he seals it inside a Cocoon of Evolution. Trapped inside the cocoon, the Moth will begin to evolve over the next five turns until it becomes the Ultimate Great Moth. Weevil challenges Yugi to try and destroy the cocoon, but with the added strength of the field power bonus the cocoon seems indestructible.

    Playing Gaia, the Fierce Knight, onto the field Yugi attacks the cocoon, but the attack is deflected, reducing his life points to 750. His friends begin to cheer him on from the sidelines, but Mai tells them not to waste their breath, as Weevil is famous for using the Cocoon of Evolution and nobody has ever managed to destroy it. With four turns to go until the Moth is fully evolved, Yugi plays the Beaver Warrior in defence mode.

    As Joey cheers on from the sidelines, he tells Yugi to get fired up and, although only a figure of speech, the suggestion gives Yugi an idea. Playing the Curse of Dragon, he equips it with the Burning Land magic card before attacking the forest arena around the cocoon. With the forest burnt down, the cocoon loses its field power bonus, making it weak enough to destroy.

    Attacking the cocoon with Gaia, Yugi cracks it open, preventing the Moth from evolving fully. However the Moth has still reached the fourth stage of the evolution, making it stronger than it had been before entering the cocoon. And as it takes flight, Yugi realises that the only monster that he can use to attack it is his Curse of Dragon. As the moth destroys Yugi's Beaver Warrior, Yugi uses the Polymerisation card to fuse together Gaia and the Curse of Dragon to produce Gaia, the Dragon Champion.

    However as his Dragon Champion prepares to attack, Yugi realises that its DEF is getting lower because of the poison spores released by Weevil's moth when it attacked. Playing Makiou, the Magical Mist, Yugi washes the spores away, but the damage has already been done. As Weevil's attack destroys the Dragon Champion, Yugi's life points fall to 50.

    Back on the sidelines, Mai and Taya are still arguing, but as Mai insists that there is no way for Yugi to win, Taya asks her why Yugi is grinning. Yugi answers their question by warning Weevil that cheaters never win and, playing the Summoned Skull, he proves his point. Although Yugi's Skull is weaker than Weevil's Moth, the field is still wet from the magical mist. The Summoned Skull has an electrical attack, meaning that it will be more powerful as the water will conduct it. As Weevil and Mai watch on amazed, Yugi destroys Weevil's moth, reducing his life points to 0.

    As an impressed Mai looks on, Yugi tells Weevil that he is nothing more than a cheat and that he doesn't deserve his title of Regional Champion. As Yugi takes Weevil's star chips, Joey claims the duelling glove for his own. But with both duellists still in need of many more star chips, the road to Pegasus's castle looks set to be a long one.

    b: 20-Oct-2001

    NOTE: The American version of the two-part Yugi V Weevil duel was combined into one episode called "The Ultimate Great Moth". All other countries received the epsiode in its two-part form.
  • Althought the two-part version of this episode has never been aired in the USA, the complete version is available on the second volume of the VHS/DVD collection, "Into the Hornet's Nest"

  • 6. First Duel

    When Joey accepts a duel with Mai, the girl from the boat, his cacky attitude vanishes after just the first move; because Mai makes it without even looking at what card it was she played! Forgeting eveything he's learned about the game, Joey plays without thinking, because he mind is stuck on figuring out how Mai plays without looking.
    After taking some advice from Yugi, Joey closes his eyes and concentrates. While concentrating, he realizes how Mai can tell what card is what without flipping them over because she has sprayed them all with different perfume fragrances.
    Mai is angry that Joey has figured out her trick, but with her monsters multiplying on the field, she sees no way to loose. But Joey trusts in the heart of the cards, and draws the Time Wizard; a card Yugi gave him on the boat.
    Using it's time magic, it evolves Joey's Baby Dragon on the field into a powerful Thousand Dragon, and making Mai's monsters age.
    Joey attacks with his evolved dragon and wipes Mai's life points out in one blow. Before he leaves, he tells Mai that there's more to dueling than just beating the opponent; you need to learn to care about someone.

    b: 03-Nov-2001

    7. Attack From the Deep

    Joey is gloating over his victory, when his stomach begins to groan. He and Tristan are so hungry that they sniff out some fish cooking on a camp fire. They devour them, and a guy who has been swimming near by jumps onto the scene and accuses them of stealing his meal. He introduces himself as Mako, the sea duelist. He lures them into a false sense of security by telling them of how when he was little, his father disappeared on a ship during a storm at sea. He noticed that the lifebaot was gone too, so he thinks his father is still alive. He challenges Yugi to a duel.
    Yugi accepts, and Mako shows him the arena which is 1/2 land and 1/2 water. Yugi and Mako wager 2 starchips and it begins. Mako summons a giant yellow squid, Fiend Kraken, but it's underwater and Yugi can't see it. Yugi plays Horn Imp in attack mode, but Fiend Kraken destorys it. Then Yugi uses Feral Imp with Horm Of Unicorn, believing that the electricity will beat it. Mako uses his Jellyfish card to absorb the electricity, and Feral Imp is destroyed by Fiend Kraken too. Nent, Yugi unwisely plays Silver Fang powring it up with Full Moon. Tihs is a mistake. The moon contorls the tides, so the high tide is used to his advantage when Mako summons Kairu-Shin. Silver Fang is gone along with all the land except a teensy bit. Yugi plays Giant Rock Soldier in defense mode, but it hardly fits on the little piece. Mako summons Great White to lead the other monsters, who will kill Yugi's monster next turn. Yugi has a brilliant plan. He uses his Rock Soldier and destroys the moon. This makes the tide recede and the entire field is land. Yugi sends out Curse Of Dragon, who destroys all of Mako's sea creatures. Mako gives up his starchips to Yugi, and Yugi wishes Mako good luck on finding his father.

    b: 10-Nov-2001

    8. Everything's Relative (1)

    Its now been six hours since the tournament started. Yugi has 5 star chips, and Joey has 2. At Pegasus's castle, a small, masked kid is escaping a cell. When a guard realizes, he tells Pegasus about him. Pegasus says to watch Yugi, who he believes the masked kid will want to duel. Meanwhile, while walking, Yugi and company encounter a guard keeping a kid hostage. Tristan, with his odd attitude, attempts to wrestle the guard down, but the guard explains that the kid, who has no star chips left, and must leave the island. After following him to the boat, where Weevil and other eliminated members are, he explains to Yugi that his star chips were stolen by a masked kid. Yugi returns to the scene of the crime, and finds the masked kid. He is the same kid who escaped the castle where he was held prisoner. He challenges Yugi. After using the Millenium Puzzle to become Yu-Gi-Oh again, he sends out a Winged Dragon, while the kid sends out a Man Eating Plant. After Yugi defeats it, the kid identifies himself as Kaiba's brother, Mokuba. He want to defeat Yugi, because Kaiba left town after Yugi's victory against him, and he wants revenge. But when he starts losing, he stals Yu-Gi-Oh's star chips instead, and runs away. Meanwhile, on the mainland, Kaiba is sitting in his office, when two of Pegasus's guards come in, and try to kill him. But Kaiba escapes by jumping out of his window. After chasing down Mokuba, and convincing him to work together to defeat Pagasus, who is the real enemy, they return to the boat with the kids stolen star chips, but it has already left. Then, the guard nearby steals the star chips of both Yugi and Mokuba, and throws them into the water. Now with drastically less chips each, Mokuba is once again captured. Yugi requests another duel with him later, and the guard agrees to bring him later. When they arrive at the holographic chamber, Mokuba is there with the guard. But so is... Kaiba! He challenges Yugi to a duel, and says "This time, you don't stand a ghost of a chance". TO BE CONTINUED...

    b: 17-Nov-2001

    9. Duel With a Ghoul (2)

    Kaiba? Impossible! How could he have gotten there? The guard holding Mokuba captive claimed that two witnesses saw Kaiba jump to his death. This had to be Kaiba's ghost! But it wasn't. Kaiba was at that very moment lurking around his neighborhood. He had managed to grab onto a small plateu while falling from his office window. He found his secret office door, and went inside. After using his own computer to attempt to crack the Duelist Kingdom's security, he found that Yugi's files were encrypted. But, he wouldn't give up. He knew that if Yugi won, his company would be safe from Pegasus. But, after taking a look through Yugi's deck through his computer, the computer informs him that he somehow lost Exodia (stupid Weevil), which Kaiba thought of as Yugi's best hope of winning. Back at the duel, the battle starts out the same as Yugi's first battle with Kaiba. Yugi's Dark Magician attacks and does some damage to "Kaiba". But then, "Kaiba" sends out a Blueeyes White Dragon. Because Kaiba had the only three remaining Blueeyes White Dragons with him, this had to be Kaiba's deck. Mokuba however, insists that this isn't Kaiba. But the real Kaiba, back in his secret lab, hacked into the satalite that transfers data between the Duelist Kingdom and other locations. He altered its course to crash into the mainframe of Pagasus's Duelist Kingdom Computer. The system swtiched to the backup system automatically, but it lost the extra security over Yugi's files. Kaiba found where Yugi was dueling, but his computer couldn't get in. However, he inputted a virus, and overloaded the door. The next blocade was a password, but Kaiba, who had a feeling that Pegasus's arrogance would be involved, guessed the password correctly: PEGASUS. Meanwhile, Yugi managed to cover his Dark Magician in one of four hats. Confusing "Kaiba", Yugi explains that if he guesses the wrong hat, his something bad will happen to him. There is a 25% chance that "Kaiba" will guess it right. Will he? For that matter, who is this person impersonating Kaiba's ghost? TO BE CONTINUED...

    b: 24-Nov-2001

    10. Give Up the Ghost (3)

    Kaiba guesses the wrong hat twice, and Yugi's Dark Magician defeats the Blueeyes White Dragon. But, "Kaiba" sends out another Blueeyse White Dragon. All looks bad, until Kaiba, who is still sneaking around, realizes that Yugi is dueling an imposter of him. Kaiba uploads a virus into "Kaiba's" Blueeyes White Dragon, which makes its attack power lower, but Pegasus realizes that Kaiab is hacking into the system, and (while getting mad after realizing Kaiba isn't dead), stops the virus through his computer. Kaiba gets really mad, and his anger destroys the Blueeyes White Dragon somehow. "Kaiba" reveals himself as Kaiba's evil side, who was rejected by Kaiba after Yugi defeated him. He stalls Yugi for a while, and Yugi manages to get three monsters out, including a Mystic Elf, who he strengthans with a magic card for extra attack and defense points. But the evil side draws the final Blueeyes White Dragon, which will kill Yugi no matter how many monsters he has out. But Yugi plays a trap card which reflects the dragon's atatck. But the evil side dissolves the attack with a magic card. Yugi plays anothe rmagic card, which allows him to control a Blueeyes White Dragon. His Dragon is tougher then the evil side's, because his elf transfered its power to the dragon. The evil side is defeated, and vanishes. All seems good, but Kaiba is still on the run, and the guard has taken Mokuba away once again. And Pegasus begins to laugh in his office. He has something else up his sleeve...

    b: 01-Dec-2001

    11. The Dueling Monkey (1)

    Yugi and his friends have given up their search for Mokuba, and they go to find more people to duel. However, Mai is doing very well for herself. She has won 8 star chips, and when Rex Raptor returns to duel her, he has only 5 star chips. And, because of what Mai did on the boat (see Journey to the Duelist Kingdom), he wants a rematch. But, Mai is very mad, because she lost to Joey (see First Duel), and he is a rookie to Duel Monsters. She decides to agree to the duel, but only if Rex beats Joey first. Rex agrees at the thought of easy star chips. When Joey finds Rex and Mai, he decides to accept their challenge. But Mai says he can't have nay help from Yugi. He will have to beat Rex alone. The holographic projector is raised, and the match starts with Joey's Baby Dragon vs. Rex's Two Headed King-Rex. Rex calls Joey a "dueling monkey", because he has no idea what he is doing. This makes Joey really mad, and makes him want to win even more. The King-Rex beats the Baby Dragon easily. Yugi also leaves the area to check something out he sees nearby. Joey sends out a lion creature, and then he sends out an Axe Raider, which has a power bonus, and destroys the King-Rex. But Rex's next creature is very powerful, and he kills the Axe Raider. Meanwhile, Yugi and Tristan are talking about Joey. Tristan wants Yugi to help Joey, but Yugi says that they have to believe in him. Yugi reminds Tristan about Joey's sister, and how he needs to be able to win on his own. Back at the duel, Joey sends out his Time Wizard, and this brings memories back to Mai. The Time Wizard was what beat Mai, but she thinks that he can't use it without Yugi's guidance. After Rex defeats an ogre creature, Joey then sends out a Flame Swordsman, with the Time Wizard still in play. Mai sees Joey's strategy, and tries to warn Rex, but he ignores her. Fire is strong against dinosaur cards, and his Flame Swrodsman and his new Swamp Battleguard fight through Rex's deck like a hot knife through butter. But, Rex sends out a Sperpent-Knight Dragon, a promotional card, given to people who make it to the final round of regional tournaments. It wipes out Joey's monsters. Joey then draws a card Tristan gave him, and Joey enters a flashback to when Joey and Tristan were in a gang, and fighting rivals. Joey realizes Tristan is a true friend, and he looks down at his friedns, who have come back, and he sends out the card. Because Trsitan's card is related to one of Joey's cards, they look out for each other, like best friends, and deflects Rex's attacks. But, Rex sends out a shadowed creature, and tells Joey to prepare to be wiped out. TO BE CONTINUED...

    b: 15-Dec-2001

    12. Trial by Red Eyes (2)

    Rex sent out a card, and Joey beat it right away with his green and red team. Rex, in anger, sent out the Redeyes Black Dragon, a card only a bit less powerful then the powerful Blueeyes White Dragon. He kills Joey's red and green monsters. Yugi says he knows what to do, but he can't tell Joey, because he can't give him advice, due to the rules of this duel. Joey begins to falter, but after support from his friends, he puts down a card. Mai tries to force Rex to do better, but Rex gets mad, and propses a bet: if Joey wins, he gets Rex's Redeyes Black Dragon, and if Rex wins, he gets Joey's Time Wizard. Mai gets mad, because Rex is breaking their deal, but Joey agrees. He sends out his Time Wizard, and attacks. The Time Wizard attacks by spinning a want roulette, and if it lands on a time marking, it drives back time. The roulette spins, and it lands on a time marking barely. The duel is driven back, his Redeyes Black Dragon is fossilized from the millions of years the Time Wizard. When Rex tries to attack, his Dragon falls apart. Joey won by himself! Rex loses his star chips and his Redeyes Black Dragon to Joey. After Tristan and Joey get into a fight (read the quotes) to show (in a bizarre way) how they are good friends, it has become night on the Duelist Kingdom. One day of dueling has passed. Yugi and company are walking through some of the woods on the island. They camp out, and start telling ghost stories (more like food stories). Joey tries to eat some poisonous mushrooms, but he is destracted by Mai, who comes up, and says that she would give them food if they did chores for her. While Yugi, Joey, and Tristan are getting wood and water, Taya takes a shower in a nearby shower that just happens to be there (strange isn't it). Mai is outside, and tells her to turn her back on her friends. But Taya refuses. Mai then expresses her opinion about males, that they are only good for chores. The five of them eat dinner, and Mai thinks that she iwll be able to get her final star chips during the next day, and be allowed into the Duelist Castle, where Pegasus is. Mai leaves to do something. When they hear rustling in the bushes, they investigate, and find Baccura, the kid Taya has been seeing around on the boat, and they talk about their favorite cards. Baccura reveals his favorite card as the Change of Heart card. They all put their favorite cards into Yugi's deck, as if they were all dueling together. Baccura challenges Yugi to a duel that has nothing to do with star chips. But, Baccura reaveals himself as the third Millenium Duelist, along with Yugi and Pegasus. Yugi has the puzzle, Pegasus has the eye, and Baccura has the ring. Baccura takes them all into the shadow world, where Pegasus frist took Yugi over that video tape before they went to the Duelist Kingdom. Yugi and his friends' souls are extracted, ust like Yugi's grandfathers was. Baccura tries to steal teh Millenium Puzzle from Yugi's body, but it alerts his soul to return. He transforms into Yu-Gi-Oh, and prepares to duel Baccura. TO BE CONTINUED...

    b: 19-Jan-2002

    13. Evil Spirit of the Ring

    Yami Yugi and Bakura begin their duel, but Yugi realizes that this isn't Bakura at all! Its an evil spirit of some kind, that has the power of the Shadow Realm. Yami Yugi plays Tristan's favorite card, the Cyber Commander. When the card pops out, its a 6 inch tall Tristan. His soul has been trapped in the card. He is very confused and is almost immediately killed by the evil spirit's Magical Hat. Tristan goes to the card graveyard, and sees his name on a grave. Meanwhile, although Yami wants to avoid it, he knows he has to play the Flame Swordsman, Joey's favorite card. A 6 inch tall Joey pops out (read the quote, this is a hilarious scene).
    Yami begins to tell Joey what's going on, and Joey attacks the Magical Hat, and defeats it. But, then he defeats a card that makes all of the cards in Yami's hand cards useless. He discards them, and draws more, including the Dark Magician, Yugi's favorite card. Yami first plays a card that allows Tristan (Cyber Commander) to return to the game. Then he plays the Dark Magician. A 6 inch Yugi pops up. They wonder that if Yugi is down there, who is dueling. This is Yugi's first real concious awareness that Yami does exist, and is actually another conciousness. But the evil Bakura sends out another card that makes the rest of Yami's hand useless. He draws again, and gets Taya's favorite card. He plays it, and a 6 inch Taya pops up. The evil spirit sends out the Man-Eater Bug. Joey defeats it, but at the same time, he is deated, and lands in the graveyard. He finds the Duel Monsters equivalent of the Grim Reaper and he starts to run away. Back at the duel, the three that are left continue to fight, and Yami manages to restore Joey, just in time. But the evil spirit sends out the Change of Heart cards, which has the real Bakura's soul trapped inside. The Change of Heart card is supposed to make then opponent's cards turn against each other, but Bakura wants to help them, and inhabits the evil spirit's cards. Yugi manages to defeat the evil spirit, and all is returned to normal. But, just as soon as they come back out of the shadow realm, the hear Mai scream, and the FIVE of them (looks like Bakura joined the group) run to see what has happened.

    b: 26-Jan-2002

    14. The Light at the End of the Tunnel [a.k.a. Panik Attack] (1)

    Having heard somebody scream, Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Taya and Bakura run to see what has happened. Reaching a nearby duelling arena, they arrive just in time to see Mai's Harpy Lady Sisters be defeated in a duel. As Mai looks on in dismay, her opponent introduces himself as Panik, one of the Duellist Kingdom Eliminators.

    As Panik claims all of Mai's star chips, Mai warns the group to get away before Panik gets to them as well, but Yugi stands strong, challenging Panik to a duel to win back Mai's star chips. Mai tries to persuade Yugi not to duel Panik, unsure as to whether he would be able to win, but Panik seems eager to duel Yugi.

    He explains that Pegasus has offered a generous bounty to the eliminator who defeats Yugi, but warns Yugi that he would be willing to defeat him even if there wasn't any reward. As the two prepare to duel, Panik explains that there is more to duelling than strategy and Mai warns Yugi that Panik is a ruthless duellist, however Yugi is still determined to duel.

    As Yugi steps up to the duelling arena, his feet are clasped into place to prevent him from moving and then bursts of flame shoot out, barely missing him. As Mai and the others doubt that Yugi can win, he still seems confident in his chances.

    However as Panik plays his first card, the Castle of Dark Illusions, things don't seem to be going in Yugi's favour. As the Castle appears on the field, it smothers Panik's half of the arena in darkness, preventing Yugi from seeing which cards Panik has played. Panik explains that on this arena the only source of a field power bonus is the night.

    An uneasy Yugi plays the Celtic Guardian in defence mode, but as Panik plays a monster onto the field he attacks Yugi's Guardian, destroying it. Realising that he can't attack monsters he can't see, Yugi looks for a way to destroy the Castle of Dark Illusions, but with the field power bonus it is nearly impenetrable.

    As Yugi plays the Winged Dragon in defence mode, Panik senses that his opponent is beginning to fret as he plays a second monster into the darkness. However as Yugi's turn begins, he uses the Winged Dragon to attack the darkness, temporarily revealing the monsters that Panik has on the field. Even so, Panik attacks the Dragon, destroying it and reducing Yugi's life points to 1606.

    Panik begins to taunt Yugi, telling him that he can't win as long as the Castle of Dark Illusions is still in play, but Yugi is unfazed and begins to laugh at Panik, telling him that he knows exactly how to win. Showing Panik the Sowrds of Revealing Light, he tells him that he will use it to stop his monsters and dispel the darkness. As Mai watches on, shocked at the amateurish mostake Yugi has made in announcing his strateg, Yugi warns Panik that he will defeat him in five turns.

    As Yugi plays the Curse of Dragon in defence mode, he also plays a card face down, warning Panik that this card will make him see the light. Certain that the card is Yugi's Swords of Revealing Light, Panik summons the Reaper of the Cards to destroy Yugi's Magic card. However as the Reaper attacks, it is unable to finish the move as Yugi reveals that the card was not his Revealing Light but actually the Spell Binding Circle.

    With the Reaper of the Cards caught within Yugi's trap he is free to play his Revealing Light whenever he wants. As Mai looks on, amazed at Yugi's strength in such tough conditions, Yugi decides the time has come to play the Swords of Revealing Light. Playing one card face down, Yugi activates the Swords, flooding Panik's side of the field in a bright light which not only reveals his monsters but prevents them from attacking. However while Yugi seems confident that he can keep his promise to defeat Panik within the next four turns, Panik also seems sure that victory will be his.

    b: 02-Feb-2002

    NOTE: The American version of the two-part Yugi V Panik duel was combined into one episode called "Panik Attack". All other countries received the epsiode in its two-part form.
  • Althought the two-part version of this episode has never been aired in the USA, the complete version is available on the second volume of the VHS/DVD collection, "Evil Spirit of the Ring"
  • Althought the two-part version of this episode has never been aired in the USA, the complete version is available on the sixth volume of the VHS/DVD collection, "Evil Spirit of the Ring"

  • 15. Winning Through Intimidation [a.k.a. Panik Attack] (2)

    With both duellists convinced that they can still win the duel, it seems like victory could go either way depending on the next few turns. With Yugi prepared to activate the Sowrds of Revealing Light, it could all be over for Panik's intimidation tactics, however every duellist must have a back-up plan.

    As Panik plays the King of Yamimakai, he attacks Yugi's Curse of Dragon, hoping to wipe it out. However sa the attack rushes towards Yugi's monster, it is drawn away by the Spell Binding Circle, destroying Panik's own Reaper of the Cards instead, reducing his life points to 494. With Panik's monster destoryed, Yugi decides the time has come to acitvate the Swords of Revealing Light, revealing all of Panik's monsters and sealing them where they are for three whole turns.

    With Panik's side of the field once again visible, Yugi is able to see what Panik's other two monsters are: Barroks and Dark Chimera. However as Yugi's plan begins to come together, Panik throws a spanner in the works as he plays equips the Castle of Dark Illusions with the Chaos Shield, a forcefield that protects his monsters from any attack Yugi might throw at them.

    As Mai worrites that Yugi won't be able to win, Yugi warns Panik that intimidation and cowardice won't help him win. A furious Panik activates the flamethrowers stationed either side of Yugi, but he dodges them with ease, hardly breaking a sweat. As a game of mental warfare begins, Yugi uses Polymerisation to fuse his Curse of Dragon with Gaia the Fierce Knight to form Gaia the Dragon Champion.

    Panik plays the Metal Guardian onto the field, but refrains from attacking with it, and as Yugi's final turn begins his friends wonder whether he will be able to defeat Panik after all. As Yugi plays the Catapult Turtle, he uses it to fire his Dragon Champion into the Castle of Dark Illusions. However as the smoke from the balst clears, Yugi's Champion is gone, reducing his life points to 300 while the Castle has merely lost its flotation ring.

    As Panik mock's Yugi's fruitless claim to defeat him in five turns, Yugi warns him that he will still win before Panik's turn begins. As Yugi finishes his turn, the Swords of Revealing Light begin to fade, releasing Panik's monsters from their paralysis. However as Panik prepares to make his move, Yugi points out that without a floatation ring the Castle is no longer able to stay airborn.

    As the Castle plummets to the ground, Panik's monsters are trapped by the Chaos Shield, preventing them from evading the Castle's impact. The impact destroys Panik's monsters, reducing his life points to zero. A furious Panik uses the flamethrowers in an attempt to destryo Yugi, but the power of the Millennium Puzzle protects both Ygi and his friends from the flames and as the flames clear, Yugi uses the Millennium Puzzle on Panik to seal away the dark side of him.

    With Panik defeated, Yugi tries to give Mai back her star chips, but she refuses to take them even though that was the only reason Yugi duelled Panik in the first place. But as Joey jokingly offers to take the chips instead, Mai gets annoyed with him and orders him to give them to her. Joey willingly does so, explaining that she should stop being so defensive and start trying to like people.

    With her star chips back in the duelling glove, Mai promises Yugi that she will repay him for what he has done and the two agree to look forwards to eventually duelling each other, whenever the time may come to do so.

    b: UNAIRED

    NOTE: The American version of the two-part Yugi V Panik duel was combined into one episode called "Panik Attack". All other countries received the epsiode in its two-part form.
  • Althought the two-part version of this episode has never been aired in the USA, the complete version is available on the sixth volume of the VHS/DVD collection, "Evil Spirit of the Ring"

  • 16. The Scars of Defeat

    Pagasus is in a meeting with his council of unknown people who want Pegasus to overtake Kaiba's company. They ask Pagasus what happened earlier that day with Mokuba, and Pegasus says everything's under control. It is also revealed now that only Pegasus can see these people through the millenium eye, so they must not really be in the room with him. Meanwhile, Kaiba is flying to the duelist kingdom with a helicopter, and he explains to us that he wants to save his brother. He lands right where Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Baccura, and Taya are sleeping. Actually, Yugi and Baccura are talking about Baccura's millenium ring, and they realize that it points to other millenium items. Kaiba tries to evade Yugi, but Joey insults him, and challenges him to a duel. Kaiba agrees, but only if they use his company's new holographic technology. Joey agrees as well. This new system is a small device that you download your cards into, then place on your hand. While playing, it spawns a very realistic duel monster or whatever card, making in very real loooking, especially sence its not surrounded by an arena. But, Joey does terrible against Kaiba, and loses quickly, and due to the realism of the fight, his courage is lost. Yugi and company get mad at Kaiba for staining Joey's confidence just when he staretd believeing in himself, but Kaiba heads toward the castle, ready to try and defeat Pegasus in a match. Kaiba flashes back to when he watched Pegasus duel a person, and he predicted every move he made with the millenium eye. It was the same way when Yugi battled him over the video tape before they came to the Duelist Kingdom. Yugi and company go back to sleep, ready for a fresh new morning for dueling.

    b: 09-Feb-2002

    17. Arena of Lost Souls (1)

    Joey is running along the clouds... chased by a giant Blueeyes White Dragon! All of a sudden, he sees Kaiba. He begs Kaiba to call off the dragon, and Kaiba says that Joey has to obey him like a dog. All of a sudden, Joey is a dog! Then light.... its morning on the Duelist Kingdom. Joey wakes up from his dream. His confidence is obviously still dmaged from his loss to Kaiba during the last night. Taya says that Mai, who was camping with them for the time, had left to continue dueling, but she left a note for Yugi that said "I owe you eight star chips". Little the five of them know that they are being spied on by three weirdos, and big strong dumb one, a red haired one, and a kid who looks like a zombie. They run back to their master, who is revealed to be Bandit Keith, the man who lost to the kid in the match Kaiba mentioned last episode. They inform him about Joey, and how arrogant he is. Bandit Keith takes his cronies to a cave, where Keith informs them about a hidden arena. He tells Bones (the zombie kid) to lure Joey into the cave to duel. He also gives bones lots of new cards to put in his deck. Meanwhile, Joey is out at a waterfall washing his face, when the big strong guy comes up and knocks him out. He wakes up in the cave, attached to a holographic arena. He never agrees to the duel, but Bones tells him that if he runs away, he'll be just a little dog. Remembering his dream, he accepts the challenge. In order to psyche Joey out, Bones calls this arena "The Arena of Lost Souls", and he says if he loses, he'll die and become a zombie. Bandit Keith is hanging out behind Bones, telling him what to do. The cave arena will give zombie cards a field power bonus, but the cards Bandit Keith gave Bones weren't zombie cards at all, just regular ones. Much to Bones' dismay, Joey's Axe Raider kills his first three creatures. Bones thinks that Keith wants him to lost purposely for some reason. Meanwhile, Yugi, Taya, Tristan, and Baccura are looking for Joey. Thewy find the cave, and go inside. Inside are real coffins and skulls, obviously a result of Pegasus's sick sence of humor. Back at the duel, Bones draws a card that allows all of his dead cards to return as zombies. Now he realizes that Bandit Keith was not trying to steer him wrong at all. He plays the card, and all three now zombie field power bonused dead duel monsters gang up on Joey's Axe Raider and Flame Swordsman. TO BE CONTINUED.

    b: 16-Feb-2002

    18. Arena of Lost Souls (2)

    Things were looking bad for Joey. With three zombie cards, and Bones adding all kinds over zombie power ups to them, Koey couldn't kill any of them without getting hurt himself. Meanwhile, Yugi and company were still searching for Joey. Baccura accidently steps on a switch, which triggers an Indiana Jonesish boulder scene to ensue. A HUGE boulder chases them all to a dead end. After it runs down Baccura, Tristan tried punching it, and it just pops, revealing itself to be aballoon boulder with a speaker. It would appear that Pegasus wanted to scare someone, and he got all the screaming on tape. Back at the duel, to make things worse, Bones sends out the Ghost King, which injects ectoplasm into the zombies to power them up even more (for thos who don't know, ectoplasm is a substance which often appears out of no where in so called "haunted houses"). Joey gets his time wizard, but the spinner hits the skull, and all of Joey's monsters are killed. Now, Yugi finally finds Joey, and helps him out. It goes down to the wire, but Joey wins. Bandit Keith, in a rage, steals all of Bone's and his other henchmen's star chips, and heads for Pegasus's castle, as he now has 10 star chips. Joey and Yugi only need a few more themselves, however.

    b: 23-Feb-2002

    19. Double Trouble Duel (1)

    Yugi and his friends tried to push off the boulder, but they couldn't. Suddenly, Bakura's ring glow and it point the way. Yugi and his friends follow the direction the ring is pointing then they encounter Para and Dox known as the Paradox brothers.

    They announced that they have to duel together,then Yugi transform to Yami Yugi. Then Yami Yugi picked Joey to be his partner, then they also announced that if one duelist lose all 200 life points, the other person loses also.

    The Paradox brothers started by playing Labyrinth Wall which turns the field into a maze. But the catch is that the opponents' monsters can only move the number of steps corresponding to the level of the monster.

    Then Yami Yugi plays Beaver Warrior and it took six steps.

    Then Dox played Shadow Ghoul polymerize with Labyrinth Wall to make Wall Shadow which can glide on the walls and can strike anytime. Then it kill Beaver Warrior lowering Yugi's hp to 1600.

    Then Joey plays the Axe Raider and one card face down.

    Now it's Yugi's turn and he plays Celtic Guardian in attack mode.

    Then Para tells Wall Shadow to attack Celtic Guardian, but then Joey reveal his faced down card which was Kunai with Chain, now when the Kunai with Chain is active, Yugi and Joey's Monsters get 600 more attack points. Then Celtic Guardian destroy Wall Shadow, leaving Dox with 1800 hps left.

    Then Dox played Labyrinth Tank and Jurai Gimo a monster that lays his spider web on the labyrinth floor and whoever steps on the floor with the Jirai Gimo web symbol, that monsters get destroy by Jirai Gimo.


    b: 16-Mar-2002

    NOTE: From this episode onwards, new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! were first being aired in a dubbed format on the UK channel Sky One, however the dates quoted for the first airing are taken from the KidsWB broadcasts to avoid confusion.

    20. Double Trouble Duel (2)

    The duel between Yugi and Joey versus Para and Dox continues. Yugi and Joey try to keep the Celtic Guardian, Flame Swordsman, Axe Raider and Dark Magician in a solid group, but Para plays Magical Labyrinth and Joey's monsters are cut off from Yugi's. Axe Raider accidentally triggers Dox's Jirai-Gumo and it destroys it. Yugi counters by playing Mystic Box on the Dark Magician, causing the Jirai-Gumo to be captured and switch places with the Dark Magician. Then Yugi destroys the Labyrinth Tank. Meanwhile, Kaiba is searching for Mokuba and captured Kimo, Pegasus' guard that captured Mokuba earlier, so he could enter the castle. Back at the duel, Para plays Saga of Thunder, the top part of the Trinity Gate Guardian. Joey then advances his Flame Swordsman again. Next, Dox plays Shujin and activates his Dungeon Worm in combination with Ingrovation, allowing it to destroy the powered-up Celtic Guardian, dropping Yugi's life points to 800. Yugi uses his Magical Hats to hide the Dark Magician and Flame Swordsman. Para plays the Monster Tamer to control the Dungeon Worm and have it attack a hat, but the hat was empty. Joey then lets his Flame Swordsman attack the Dungeon Worm along with Salamandra, taking away the bonus the Worm got from the Monster Tamer. Then Dox played Kanejin and the Trinity Gate Guardian was formed! Meanwhile, Kimo activated the alarm and Seto races off the find Mokuba. At the duel, Yuig lays two cards face down and ends his turn. Then the Gate Guardian attacks the Flame Swordsman.

    b: 23-Mar-2002

    21. Double Trouble Duel (3)

    With all three elemental guardians assembled, it seems the Paradox brothers are unbeatable with their Gate Guardian, a Trinity monster in the same class as Exodia. But Yugi and Joey are relentless in their battle to win entrance to Pegasus's castle.

    With Yugi's Dark Magician still protected in the magical hats, the water guardian's attack only succeeds in destroying Joey's monster. But with team work the two manage to destroy the first section of the Trinity. With the water monster gone, the Gate Guardian is weakened.

    Teamwork begins to pay off, as Yugi and Joey combine monsters to form the Black Skull Dragon, a combination of the Summon Skull and Red Eyes Black Dragon. But the flying beast is unable to move in the labyrinth.

    The two brothers play Ryoku, a card which steals the hitpoints from Joey and Yugi, but they counter it by reviving the water monster on their team. As the brothers destroy the monster with their Guardian, the tables are turned as Yugi switches monsters bringing forth the Black Skull Dragon and Joey replays Ryoku using a magic card.

    Together the two defeat the Paradox brothers and solve the puzzle of the doors, successfully gaining acces to the castle.

    Meanwhile, Kaiba finds his brother but Mokuba's soul is trapped inside a card by Pegasus. The only way he will release him is if Kaiba battles Yugi and wins. But can he defeat his old enemy when his deck was unable to in the previous rematch? Begin to find out in the next climatic episode.

    b: 30-Mar-2002

    22. Face Off (1)

    After solving the Paradox Brothers' puzzle, Yugi and Joey are on their way to Pegasus's castle for their final duels, but little do they know that their journey is far from over yet. Mokuba's soul has been trapped by Pegasus in a card, and the only way for Kaiba to free him is to challenge Yugi in a rematch. With the five star chips Kaiba has been given, his duel with Yugi will ether gain him access to a duel with Pegasus or eliminate him.

    Free from the labyrinth, Bakura's millennium ring is pointing towards the castle, being drawn to Pegasus's millennium eye. This doesn't bother Yugi, because they are heading there already. Taya has a flashback of how Yugi seems to be two different people, like the time when he was forced to duel Bakura in the Shadow Realm ("Evil Spirit of the Ring"). She them recalls how Yugi and Joey once helped her to find a warehouse to use as a dance studio (New 'flashback').

    As the gang arrives at the castle, Kaiba is waiting at the doorway. He tells Yugi that he won't let him pass unless the two of them battle again. Yugi wants to refuse, but Kaiba accuses him of being too scared to fight him without having Exodia. Joey agrees to fight, but Taya convinces him not to as he will only lose again.

    Yugi remembers his first battle with Kaiba ("The Heart of the Cards") and how he now seems different, like he has a purpose for duelling. He doesn't know about Mokuba and Kaiba is not willing to tell him. Yugi agrees to the duel because he is unable to refuse the heart of the cards.

    On the rooftop of the castle, the two enemies prepare for a duel using Kaiba's dueling disc system (from "The Scars of Defeat") as Bandit Keith arrives at the castle for his duel with Pegasus. The guard tells him that there is a match about to start and so he heads to the roof to watch the commencing duel.

    As the match starts, Kaiba leads Yugi into destroying his first monster in order to use its fallen life points to power up his next. But Yugi plays the Dark Magician and easily crushes the Sword Stalker. Kaiba then plays a genie monster, Lajin, and uses a magic card to defend it in a lamp. When Yugi attacks, the Dark Magician's attack is deflected, destroying his Curse of Dragon.

    With both duelists on 1500 life points, it seems like the match could be close. But Yugi does not know that Kaiba has one Blue Eyes White Dragon waiting in the wings, or that he is planning to do something no duelist has ever done before, polymerise all three Blue Eyes to form the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

    b: 06-Apr-2002

    23. Face Off (2)

    As the battle on the rooftop rages, both Yugi and Kaiba have 1500 life points remaining. But Yugi is beginning to worry because Kaiba seems different. He is not toying with Yugi as he did in their first match, but is getting down to business. As Kaiba makes his next move, he plays the 'Despell' card, destroying Yugi's 'Swords of Revealing Light', the card which shut down his Blue Eyes White Dragons the last time they duelled.

    But Yugi retaliates with a card which reveals Kaiba's hand, showing the Blue Eyes that he is holding. Yugi is concerned because Kaiba would have played this immediately last time they fought. He doesn't realise Kaiba intends to draw all three Blue Eyes and merge them.

    Using the 'Mystic Box' Yugi finally manages to destroy Lajin and the Magical Lamp, taking Kaiba's life points down to 800. But Kaiba plays his Dark Clown, trapped with the virus card Crush. As Yugi destroys the clown, the virus infects his monsters on the field, destroying them. Not only that, but it infects all monsters in his deck with an attack power of 1500 or more. If yugi tries to play one, it will be destroyed immediately.

    Forced to play weak cards in defence mode, Yugi is unable to protect his monsters from Kaiba's onslaught. But as Kaiba draws his second Blue Eyes, Yugi uses a magical combo to destroy one of Kaiba's monsters, taking his life points down to 400. But Kaiba is unphased as he draws his third Blue Eyes. Playing his 'Mystical Elf', he restores his life points to 900 before attacking Yugi with one Blue Eyes, taking Yugi's life points down to 400.

    As Yugi plays his next monster in defense, Kaiba draws the card he needed, 'Polymerisation'. Merging all three Blue Eyes, he forms the strongest monster in the game, the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. With his stone soldier destroyed, Yugi prepares for his next turn. But will he be able to pull himself back from the brink of defeat?

    b: 13-Apr-2002

    24. Face Off (3)

    It seems like Yugi's hope is lost as Kaiba has managed to combine the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. But as Yugi draws the card that could be his last, he begins to see a way out of defeat. Playing the Karebo, the weakest monster card in the game, he begins to multiply it with a magic card creating an unstoppable defence.

    As Kaiba attacks, the Karebo have multiplied into a defensive wall of hundreds of monsters, capable of stopping even the Blue Eyes' attacks. While Kaiba has the ultimate attack monster, Yugi has managed to create an ultimate defence to counter it. Not only that, but Yugi is beginning to spin a plan which will destroy Kaiba's Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon once and for all.

    Using a trick from Kaiba's book, Yugi uses a Polymerisation card to create a combination monster. But rather than polymerising with one of his own monsters, Yugi uses the Living Arrow to fuse his Mammoth Graveyard with Kaiba's Blue Eyes. The combination of dead and living monsters causes the Dragon to begin decaying and lose its life points

    Kaiba attacks once more, but the Karebo block the attack and continue to multiply. The Blue Eyes is down to only 900 attack points now and Kaiba is beginning to lose hope for ever rescuing his brother. Yugi calls forth his Celtic Guardian and attacks the Blue Eyes, wasting one of the decaying heads and reducing Kaiba's life points to 400. With the two duellists once again tied, it seems like Yugi could win the duel.

    But Kaiba is not so willing to accept defeat. In an attempt to win, he backs up towards the castle wall positioning himself behind his Blue Eyes. He warns Yugi that the blast from an attack on the Blue Eyes could knock him off of the ledge and kill him. Yugi is in a stalemate, unable to win without risking destroying Kaiba at the same time. Yugi and Kaiba both have loved ones at stake, but Kaiba is the more ruthless, willing to risk anything to win.

    Kaiba tells Yugi that the only thing to do is to surrender, but Yugi is not so sure. In order to make his decision easier, Kaiba uses Reborn the Monster to revive the lost Blue Eyes head. Now with one head at full strength, Kaiba is able to destroy Yugi on his next turn unless he has the willpower to attack Kaiba. A battle of consciences rages between the two Yugis. As the duellist Yugi orders the Celtic Guardian to attack, Taya pleads for Yugi to stop. Just as the Guardian is about to strike, normal Yugi prevails and shouts for it to stop.

    Kaiba begins to gloat as he attacks the Celtic Guardian, wasting both it and Yugi's remaining life points. Yugi breaks down and begins to cry as his only chance to save his grandpa is torn away from him. Taya tries to comfort him but he tells her that he is scared of the other presence inside of him and that he will never duel again. Meanwhile Pegasus is notified of the duel's outcome and authorises Kaiba's entry into the castle. With Yugi's spirit broken, Pegasus no longer has to worry about the only duellist truly capable of beating him.

    b: 20-Apr-2002

    NOTE: From this episode onwards, new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! were first being aired in a dubbed format on the UK channel Nickelodeon, however the dates quoted for the first airing are taken from the KidsWB broadcasts to avoid confusion.
  • In the dubbed version, Kaiba said that the blast would knock him off the edge of the the castle, but in the original Japanese version Kaiba threatened to jump off if Yugi ordered the attack.

  • 25. Shining Friendship

    After losing his duel with Kaiba, Yugi no longer has enough star chips to duel Pegasus in an attempt to save his Grandpa. Not only that, but the battle he had to wage with his other self has left him scared to duel ever again in case he can't control the presence inside him.

    His friends try to offer support, but Yugi is too lost in his own fears to hear them. Joey offers Yugi his chips, but Yugi is too stunned to answer. Just then Mai arrives, ready to duel Pegasus. Seeing Yugi, she teases him, asking why he hasn't yet entered the castle even though he has enough chips. Yugi's friends tell her about his duel with Kaiba and she tries to give him a pep talk, explaining that he shouldn't give up just because he's lost one duel.

    She offers him the star chips that she owes him (from his duel with Panik) but once again he refuses, too scared to ever duel. Mai challenges Yugi to duel her for the chips, but he is too afraid to duel her, or anyone, so Taya accepts instead. A duel begins between the two girls for Yugi's chance to enter the castle again.

    Taya plays the weak Petite Angel, but it is quickly crushed by Mai's Harpy Lady. On her next turn, Taya plays Fairies' Gift in attack mode, and a trap card, Wobaku, face down. Taya attacks Mai, but forgets that Mai had played a magic card on her previous turn, the Rose Whip. With the extra power of the Rose Whip, the Harpy Lady destroys Taya's monster and knocks her life points down to 1100. Mai then plays another magic card face down, the Harpy's Feather Duster.

    Tea draws her next card, Shining Friendship. She hopes that this card will be as strong as the friendship of her group of friends. She plays the card and Mai attacks, but Taya's trap card activates, reducing the Harpy's attack points to 0. Mai has been mocking Taya, claiming that she is too scared to win. Taya admits this, but tells Mai that no matter how afraid she is, she will never give up because she has her friends to help her out. Her emotional speech finally begins to get through to Yugi who begins to realise what is happening around him.

    Taya tells Mai that she has to fight on, for Yugi, and that she will duel even though she is scared. On her next turn, Taya plays the Magician of Faith in defence and then plays the Silver Bow and Arrow on Shining Friendship. But Mai counters with the Cyber Shield before using Despell to remove the Silver Bow. She attacks the Magician of Faith, meaning Taya gets to draw a card from her graveyard, the Silver Bow. Taya replays the Bow, along with the Elf's Light, but Mai is still confident that her monster is stronger and attacks before Taya is finished.

    Playing her own Despell card, Taya dispels the Cyber Shield, meaning that Mai's Harpy Lady is weaker than Taya's Shining Friendship. Taya attacks, reducing Mai's life points to 1600. At this point, Mai surrenders, claiming that Taya has destroyed her only strong monster. But both she and Yugi know that she could have easily won the match if she had played her Harpy's Feather Duster. Yugi tries to ask Mai about it, but she changes the subject, asking why he isn't racing to get back into the castle. Together, the friends with Mai head back towards the castle in order to duel Pegasus. But they'll have to wait for Kaiba to have his match first.

    b: 27-Apr-2002

    26. Champion vs. Creator (1)

    With ten star chips each, Yugi, Joey, Mai and the others head back to Pegasus's castle ready for their chance to duel him. As the three submit their star chips to enter, the guard stops Tristan, Bakura and Taya as they don't even have duelling gloves. But determined to get in, Mai flirts with the guard and they all sneak in, shutting the guard outside. Inside the castle they find Bandit Keith who is also waiting for his duel with Pegasus. He tells them that they'll have to wait for the current duel to end first, a duel between Kaiba and Pegasus.

    As the gang looks down, they see Kaiba awaiting Pegasus's arrival so that they can duel. Pegasus enters the room and begins to taunt Kaiba, but he is unfazed. He is here to rescue his brother and nothing else matters. Pegasus points out to Kaiba that they have an audience and Kaiba spots Yugi and the gang. Kaiba is shocked but not surprised to see that Yugi has managed to regain the star chips he needed and Pegasus is also pleased that Yugi has passed all the ?tests' he has been set.

    Kaiba challenges Pegasus to use the duelling disc system, but Pegasus plays with it, arguing that it wouldn't be fair as he doesn't even know how to use it. He agrees to duel with the system, but only if Kaiba lets another player play the cards in Pegasus's place. Kaiba is confused but things become clear as two guards drag in Mokuba. Pegasus tells Kaiba that Mokuba (still missing his soul) will duel in his place.

    The others are shocked to learn that Kaiba is not just fighting to rescue his brother, but that Mokuba's is at stake. Yugi now realises why Kaiba was so desperate to win the duel they fought on the castle roof. Pegasus warns Kaiba that if he loses this battle, his soul will also become trapped inside a card forever. Kaiba refuses to duel against Mokuba and agrees to use the traditional duelling simulator.

    As the room changes and an arena descends, Yugi warns Kaiba that he must trust in the Heart of the Cards and that he should be careful of the Millennium Eye, but Kaiba ignores him. Pegasus begins his turn by playing two cards, a monster in defence mode and a second card, both face down. On Kaiba's turn, he has a Blue Eyes White Dragon in his starting hand but is uneasy about playing it yet. Instead he plays a card face down but also plays the Rude Kaiser in attack mode and destroys Pegasus's monster.

    Not concerned by the attack, Pegasus begins to taunt Kaiba as he plays the Parrot Dragon. But as Pegasus attacks, Kaiba activates the Mesmeric Control, reducing its attack power by 800. Once again unfazed, Pegasus continues to toy with Kaiba, just as he did when duelling Yugi. Kaiba begins to wonder whether Pegasus has known what he is doing before he does it.

    Determined to crush Pegasus, Kaiba decides to play his first Blue Eyes, but as he does so Pegasus interrupts to activate his magic card, Prophecy. Like a guessing game, if Pegasus can guess if the card's attack power is above or below 2000, it will become Pegasus's. Not only guessing the card's attack power, Pegasus also announces what the card is, shocking Kaiba who does not understand the power of the Millennium Eye.

    He then decides to use the Millennium Eye to scout out Kaiba's hand. Learning that Kaiba has both Crush and Saagi in his hand, Kaiba plays a card face down, ready to counteract the combo that shut down Yugi's attack force during Kaiba's last duel (Face Off: Part 2). As Kaiba plays the combo, Pegasus's Negative Energy card increases the Dark Clown's attack points meaning it is too strong to host the virus. He then plays the Dark Rabbit which, powered up by the Negative Energy, destroys the Dark Clown and halves Kaiba's life points in one attack.

    With Kaiba's life points down to 1000 and Pegasus sitting at an untouched 2000, does the Duel Monsters champion have any chance of defeating the game's creator, especially with the Millennium Eye helping his opponent?

    b: 18-May-2002

    27. Champion vs. Creator (2)

    As Kaiba continues his duel with Pegasus, Yugi tells the others about the power of Pegasus's Millennium Eye and how it allows Pegasus to see the cards Kaiba is holding. The others doubt what Yugi is saying, but Joey seems to think that if the Millennium Eye really has such powers there will be no way for Kaiba to win. Yugi disagrees with this, reminding Joey that Kaiba is the champion of the game and hopefully has a reserve plan to help him win from behind.

    Meanwhile, Kaiba is also beginning to realise the power of the Millennium Eye, but still believes that he can win by playing the cards in his hand. Playing a second monster in defence mode to aid his Rude Kaiser, the champion can do little but wait for Pegasus to make his move.

    As Pegasus begins his turn, rather than playing a card he decides to take a time out to reminisce about his favourite cartoon show, "Funny Bunny". As Pegasus recalls the mishaps of the cartoon bunny, Kaiba calls for him to stop talking and start playing, so Pegasus does just that, playing his next card, the Toonworld.

    With its new haven inside the covers of the cartoon world, Pegasus's Dark Rabbit is protected from all of Kaiba's attacks but can still emerge to attack. Crushing Kaiba's Battle Ox, the rabbit then retreats back inside the book until Pegasus's next turn. Kaiba, unable to attack the Dark Rabbit, plays one card face down and then ends his turn.

    Not content with the fortress-like protection of the Toonworld, Pegasus decides to show off the card's power further by playing the card that he took from Kaiba turns before. But as he plays the Blue Eyes White Dragon, it merges with the habitat of Toonworld and emerges as a Blue Eyes Toon Dragon, a cartoon monster with the power of its normal counterpart. The Dragon attacks the Rude Kaiser, destroying Kaiba's last defensive monster.

    Shocked but not yet beaten, Kaiba begins to realise that Pegasus can see the cards in his hand and so decides to discard his current hand, playing instead the top card from his deck. Trusting in the heart of the cards, his faith is rewarded as he draws a second Blue Eyes White Dragon. But as Kaiba attacks the Toon Dragon, another of the Toonworld's rules becomes apparent as the Toon dodges the attack. Pegasus informs Kaiba that like "Funny Bunny" in the TV show, his Toon Monsters cannot be damaged by any attack.

    From the sidelines, the gang questions the legality of playing with the Toonworld card. Yugi admits that the Toonworld card was never released on the open market because it was too powerful and that Pegasus's version must be the only one. Meanwhile it is Pegasus's turn again, but with Kaiba playing "blind", Pegasus turns his tactics to seeing into Kaiba's mind and his knowledge of his deck.

    Adding yet another layer to the Toonworld, Pegasus plays the Shine Palace, a card that energises all Toon Monsters with its radiant light. The powered-up Toon Dragon attacks, but is blocked by Kaiba's Negate Energy magic card. As what could be his last turn begins, Kaiba must place all of his trust into the cards. Playing the Shadow Spell, he successfully traps the Blue Eyes Toon Dragon before destroying it with the original Blue Eyes, reducing Pegasus's life points to 1200.

    Furious that Kaiba has destroyed one of his precious toons, Pegasus retaliates by playing the Dragon Capture Jar. Absorbing the second Blue Eyes inside, the jar's defence points rise to that of the Blue Eyes. Kaiba is unwilling to relent and plays a monster in defence, but on Pegasus's turn he plays the Dragon Piper. As the Piper begins to draw the Blue Eyes, trapped in the Dragon Capture Jar, under Pegasus's control, Kaiba attacks, hoping to shut down the Piper. But as the Sword Stalker prepares to strike, Pegasus reveals his Doppelganger card and uses it to clone Kaiba's Crush card. Infecting the Dragon Piper with the virus, Kaiba's attack leaves his entire deck infected.

    With every monster except for one infected by the virus, Kaiba has no choice to revive Saagi, the Dark Clown with the Reborn the Monster card. But as Pegasus prepares for his final attack, Kaiba realises that it is hopeless and that he is about to lose. As the Dark Clown is destroyed, Kaiba loses the last monster not infected by the virus and has to forfeit the match.

    As Pegasus gloats and taunts Kaiba for losing the only chance to save his brother, he reminds Kaiba that his soul now belongs to Pegasus. Drawing a blank card, Pegasus uses the Millennium Eye to seal Kaiba's soul within the shadow realm inside the card. Shocked and distraught at Kaiba's defeat, Yugi Yama threatens Pegasus, warning him that soon the duel between the two of them will begin and with it will come Pegasus's final defeat.

    Intrigued by the power of the Millennium Power, Pegasus reminds Yugi Yama that in order to earn the right to fight him, he must first defeat the other finalists in the last rounds of the tournament. But will Yugi be able to win the right to fight Pegasus when he must go up against his friends, Joey and Mai?

    b: 25-May-2002

    NOTE: The US first season ended with this episode, however in the UK and Canada the first season ran until episode 48.

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