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Hello! And welcome to my yu-gi-oh site! I have long played this game and have loved collecting all of it's cards. I have all of the sets near complete. This awesome game has taken me away from Magic:the gathering, and has me so addicted. This game, and the cartoon have taken me by storm. There has not been a game since Magic: the Gathering that has caught my attenion such as this one. I have long been into anime, and I think that this is what has made me love this game so very much. I play yu-gi-oh! with my little cousin when he comes down. I put the following pages up, just for my pleasure, but I hope that you can get something out of them. I have scoured the web for info about this game, and the pages that follow are the best of the best of what I've found. Happy wandering! Laters! - samhain_13

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