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Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Bios


Yugi Moto
Yugi is a duellist with a lot of confidence who is never afraid to fight for what is right. Yugi often takes risks that no other person would even consider in order to help out his friends and those he cares for, however sometimes the risks are too great for even him to take care of. Yugi's caring nature has lead him into a number of risky situations but with the help of his friends he has successfully over come every one of them.

Yami Yugi
A number of years ago Yugi successfully assembled the Millennium Puzzle and was fused with the ancient energies of his ancestor, Yami Yugi. To begin with Yugi did not realise that his Yami side existed as a force to guided him, but when he began to realise the power of the Millennium Puzzle he began to fear what it might make him do to his friends. The two later began to work together rather than against each other, but Yami still harbours many secrets that neither he nor Yugi knows about.

Joey Wheeler
Joey was once a rebellious street kid until he met Yugi and the two of them became friends. He often seems hot-headed, but underneath there is a truly caring side that wants to help his sister Serenity to recover her eyesight and although his quest to pay for his sister's operation failed, Yugi gave Joey the prize money as a token of their friendship so that he could still help his sister. Joey barely qualified for Battle City and immediately felt the pressure when the Rare Hunter defeated him and took his Red-Eyes Black Dragon, however Joey is determined to prove that he has what it takes to make it to the Battle City finals.

Téa Gardner
Téa is the one voice of reason amongst the hot-headed group of boys and often has to try and bail her friends out of trouble. She has known Yugi since the two of them were young and was eager to support both him and Joey at the Duellist Kingdom tournament. However while Téa and Yugi Moto are just good friends, Téa has a crush on Yami Yugi which Yugi Moto is trying to encourage to cheer up his other self.

Tristan Taylor
Tristan and Joey are old friends and both used to be rebellious street kids. However when Joey made friends with Yugi, Tristan realised that there was more to life than being a rebel and the three became good friends. Tristan sometimes seems to be overprotective towards Joey, but in truth he is just looking out for his friends. Tristan regularly checks on Joey's sister Serenity to see how her recovery is going and it seems that a relationship between the two may be blooming.

Solomon Moto
Yugi's grandpa is a valuable source of information and a trusted friend. In his younger years he worked in Egypt with fellow archaeologist Arthur Hawkins where the two investigated the link between Ancient Egypt and the Duel Monsters game, but now he runs the local Game Shop. Solomon was taken out of action before the start of the Duellist Kingdom tournament when Pegasus stole his soul, but since Yugi and his friends have returned from the contest he is eager to cheer on his grandson when he duels.

Seto Kaiba
Kaiba is not only a passionate duellist but he is also the CEO of his own company, KaibaCorp, a company that specialises in developing duelling systems. Kaiba is credited for the creation of the Duelling Arenas that are used in the Duellist Kingdom but he is also the creator of the two forms of portable duelling systems and the VirtuaPod game system. Kaiba used to believe that Duel Monsters was only about power, but after his encounters with Yugi he is beginning to believe that there may be a heart of the cards, although he is not willing to admit it anybody else.

Mokuba Kaiba
Mokuba and Seto's parent died when the two were young and the two ended up in a foster home. While many families were eager to take Seto because of his skills with computers, Seto refused to go anywhere without his little brother. Because of this Mokuba idolises his brother, but this made him unable to see his brother's bad side. When Yugi defeated Kaiba in a duel, Mokuba blamed Yugi for his brother leaving, but now that the two brothers are reunited once more Mokuba has begun to trust Yugi and call upon him and his friends for help.

Weevil Underwood
Weevil Underwood is a good duellist but also a devious cheat. His skill with Magic and Trap cards makes him a formidable opponent and his tendency to cheat makes him harder than ever to beat. Thanks to Weevil's underhand tactics, Yugi lost three of the five parts of Exodia, meaning that he could no longer use it in battles. However even with his ruthless methods Weevil is still unable to be truly victorious on the duelling field.

Rex Raptor
Rex is a tough opponent but also an arrogant fool who is too confident in his own success. No matter who his opponent is, Rex always assumes that he will have the advantage but things never seem to turn out that way. It was Rex's arrogance that lost him his duel against Joey when his proposition for each player to risk one of their cards on the result of the duel reminded Joey that he had the Time Wizard in play. If Rex relied more on duelling and less on bragging he could be a powerful force to reckon with.

Maximillion Pegasus
Pegasus is the creator of the Duel Monsters game which he modelled on an ancient Shadow Game that used to take place in Ancient Egypt. While he is a talented duellist in his own right, having the advantage that he created the game, Pegasus is also the holder of the Millennium Eye, an item that allows him to see into the minds of others, a talent that he finds invaluable while duelling. Pegasus used to be a painter until his wife, Cecelia, passed away shortly after the two married and he grew bitter and full of hatred.

Serenity Wheeler
Serenity is Joey's sister, but the two were separated at an early age when their parents divorced. Over the years Serenity has developed an illness that is causing her to lose her eyesight, however the problem could have been cured using expensive surgery. Joey competed in the Duellist Kingdom tournament in order to try and win the money needed for his sister's operation, and although Yugi defeated him in the final round, his friend donated the money towards Serenity's operation and she is now recovering slowly in hospital.

Bakura is a transfer student at Yugi's school and is also the holder of the Millennium Ring. However while Yugi's item unlocked a power that works with him, the spirit of Bakura's Ring is a dark force that Bakura has no control over. Although Yami Yugi and Tristan have both attempted to banish the evil spirit to prevent it taking control of Bakura again it seems that the two are inseparable as both attempts have failed and Yami Bakura seems to be the main controller of the shared body.

Mai Valentine
Mai is a top quality duellist whose motives for duelling have begun to change after meeting Yugi and his friends. Mai used to believe that two duellists could never be friends as their friendship would prevent them from being able to duel each other, but after seeing how Yugi and Joey's friendship brings them closer, even when duelling against each other, Mai has seen the error of her ways and has on a number of occasions worked alongside Yugi and Joey for a common cause.

Mako Tsunami
Mako Tsunami is a duellist with strong bonds to the sea. His powerful sea-based monsters earned him the rank of third place in the Regional Championships and fared well against Yugi's deck. However there is more to Mako's life than just duelling and he is also a keen fisherman, however in recent years Mako has devoted his life to one thing only, finding his father. As a young boy, Mako lost his father in a storm but he is sure that his father is still alive and now searches relentlessly for him until they are reunited once more.

The Big Five
The Big Five are the lead members of Kaibacorp and the group who lead the attempt to take over Kaibacorp and merge it with Pegasus's company Industrial Illusions. While the group's main aim was to overthrow Kaiba and take unite with Pegasus, they have since proved that they are not concerned as to whether or not they unite with Pegasus, just that they overthrow Kaiba. However since Yugi and Kaiba beat the VirtuaPod game that the Big Five trapped them in it seems that Kaiba has a secure control on his company once more.

Kemo was one of the leading members of Pegasus's security team and was responsible for the capture of Mokuba, leading to the Big Five's attempt to take over Kaibacorp. However Kemo is not loyal to only one boss and ended up taking a post working for the Big Five in their attempt to trap Yugi, Joey and Mokuba in the VirtuaPod game.

Panik is one of the special duellists who were employed by Pegasus during the Duellist Kingdom tournament to eliminate Yugi from the contest. A shadowy coward, Panik used scare tactics to frighten his opponents into making mistakes and successfully eliminated Mai from the tournament. However when Yugi took on Panik in an attempt to win back Mai's star chips, Yugi proved that hiding in the dark won't always secure you victory when he used Panik's own cowardly tactics against him to win the duel.

Bandit Keith
Bandit Keith is the inter-continental champion of Duel Monsters but was also a man with a mission. During the championships Pegasus humiliated Keith in an exhibition match and Keith came to Duellist Kingdom seeking revenge. Although Keith used ruthless methods to get to Pegasus, stealing star chips and cheating in his duel against Joey, he was still defeated by Joey and was thrown off the island.

Bones was one of Bandit Keith's lackeys on the Duellist Kingdom and he and Joey duelled in a creepy graveyard arena. Bones is a cowardly duellist with little talent of his own. With Keith's help Bones pulled off some amazing moves to create an almost invincible force of zombies, however alone he would have probably been eliminated in the early stages of the competition.

Sid was another of Bandit Keith's lackeys on Duellist Kingdom, however things went wrong for him and his friends when Bones was defeated by Joey. Unable to face not qualifiying for the tournament, Keith stole Sid, Bones and Zygore's star chips and ditched his three "cheerleaders", making his own way to the finals.

Like Sid and Bones, Zygore followed Bandit Keith in Duellist Kingdom hoping that working with the Inter-Continental Champion would mean he would easily get into the finals. The three returned to their devious ways during Battle City, scaring other duellists into giving up their Locator Cards, however when the trio were challenged by Yami Bakura their luck seemed to run out as Yami Bakura not only beat them but banished the three to the Shadow Realm. The trio have not been seen since.

Paradox Brothers
The Paradox Brothers are two of the eliminators that Pegasus employed during the Duellist Kingdom tournament. The two brothers only ever work in a pair and it is doubtful that either could survive without the other one. The brothers duelled Yugi and Joey in a two-on-two duel in an underground labyrinth where it was hoped that they would have the advantage over their opponents. However even with their riddles and mysterious ways they were no match for the combined power of friendship.

Croquet is an important member of Pegasus's security team and was also Chief Tournament Liason, responsible for looking after the finalists from the Duellist Kingdom tournament. Croquet is also in charge of Pegasus's welfare and was one of the first people on the scene when Pegasus was attacked by Bakura after being defeated by Yugi in the final duel of the tournament.

Cecelia Pegasus
Pegasus and Cecelia met at a young age and fell in love instantly, spending all of their free time together. However Cecelia was taken ill shortly after her and Pegasus married each other and passed away soon after. Her death left Pegasus twisted and bitter as he sought a way to bring her back from the dead. When Pegasus was given the Millennium Eye he realised that he could use it, along with the other six items and KaibaCorp's technology, to bring his wife back to him, but when Yugi defeated him in the Duellist Kingdom tournament his hopes were crushed.

Shadi is the guardian of the seven Millennium Items, and the keeper of both the Millennium Key and the Millennium Scales. He is a mysterious character whose task it is to ensure that the Millennium Items are returned to their rightful possessors so that the memories of the ancient spirits can eventually be restored. However since Bakura claimed Pegasus's Millennium Eye Shadi has become concerned that things are not as they should be and is determined to ensure that things do not get too far out of hand.

Rebecca Hawkins
Rebecca is an amazing duellist considering that she is only eight years-old who stormed through the American tournaments to earn the rank of best duellist in America. Rebecca held a resentment for Yugi's family, believing that Solomon Moto had stolen the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card from her grandfather. Both Yugi and his grandpa tried to make her see sense, but it was not until her own grandpa explained what had happened that Rebecca began to believe it. With the situation reconciled, Yugi gave Rebecca his Ties of Friendship card as a sign of their friendship.

Arthur Hawkins
Professor Arthur Hawkins was a revolutionary archaeologist who studied the link between heiroglyphics and Duel Monsters. His work was mocked by his colleagues but he found a friend in Solomon Moto. During one expedition Arthur and Solomon became trapped in a cave in and when Solomon saved his friend's life, Arthur gave him the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card as a token of their friendship. However when his granddaughter tried to reclaim the card, Arthur and Solomon had to explain to her about the heart of the cards and eventually the rift she tried to create between the two families was repaired.

Princess Adina
Princess Adina is the ruler of the virtual world of Simlau, a place created by Kaiba as the main setting for his VirtuaPod system. Adina was modelled on Kaiba's younger brother Mokuba, a fact that Mokuba was very proud of. When Yugi, Joey, Mokuba and Mai tried to rescue Kaiba from the Big Five's trap, it was Adina and her fairy guide Aero who offered them advice and guidance on their quest. However when Yugi and Kaiba defeated the Mythic Dragon Adina revealed to them that she was really a Mystical Elf and honoured their victory by reviving their friends who had been destroyed in the combat..

Duke Devlin
Duke Devlin is the owner of a large Game Shop in Domino City and is also the creator of the Dungeon Dice Monsters game. Before the Duellist Kingdom tournament began, Pegasus had agreed to go into partnership with Duke to market his new game, but since Yugi defeated Pegasus in the tournament Duke had been unable to contact Pegasus and blamed Yugi for this. Duke and Yugi competed in a game of Dungeon Dice Monsters, but even though Duke had the advantage Yugi was still victorious.

Mrs Moto
Yugi's mom is a relatively unknown character who was cheated out of her cameo role when the show was dubbed. Although she has only been seen very briefly in the dub (she's with Solomon in the hospital in episode 41) in the anime she lives with Yugi and Solomon above the Game Shop and has begun to grow concerned of the fact that Yugi always seems to be talking to himself. However the scene where she confronts Yugi with her fears was cut from episode 50 when it was dubbed.

Coach Morty
When Yugi's Millennium Puzzle was stolen by Bandit Keith, Téa ran back to school to get help from Tristan and Joey. But as they tried to get out of school, Coach Morty, the soccer coach, stopped them as they were supposed to be helping prepare for the big match, until they lied to him and told him that they needed to take Téa's sick cat to the vets.

Ishizu Ishtar
Ishizu Ishtar is the director of the Ancient Egyptian exhibit in Domino, and she has taken it upon herself to teach Yugi and Kaiba about their past lives in Ancient Egypt. In an attempt to stop her brother Malik from gathering all three God Cards, Ishizu gave The God of Obelisk to Kaiba so that he could lure GURUS to Domino for the Battle City tournament.

Johnny Steps
Step Johnny is an arrogant dancer whose main aim in life seems to be to become popular and have girls fancy him, however below the surface Johnny is a talented dancer whose spirits were crushed when he failed a professional audition. When Johnny and Yugi duelled, Taya helped Johnny to see that a person should never give up on their dream just because they fail once.

Store Owner
The owner of the new Game Shop in Domino seems like any other store owner, but he is actually a member of GURUS. When Joey got his duel disk, the store owner set Joey up to be attacked by the Rare Hunter and the store was later the setting for Yugi's duel against Pandora.

Rare Hunter
The Rare Hunter is one of the three members of GURUS that Malik sent to Battle City in order to find the best rare cards and claim them for the group. The Rare Hunter's deck is based around Exodia and easily defeated Joey, winning the Red Eyes Black Dragon from him, however when the Rare Hunter faced Yugi in the first round of Battle City, Yugi pulled off some amazing mvoes to prevent his opponent from releasing Exodia before defeating him.

Mrs Wheeler
Joey's mom left him when she split up with his father and the two didn't see each other for years until Serenity's operation took place on the morning of the launch of Battle City. Although she has not seen her son for years, there seems to be surprisingly little tension between the two as they are more concerned with making sure that Serenity recovers from the operation.

Marik Ishtar
Marik Ishtar is a mysterious character and the leader of the criminal group GURUS. Although not at Battle City himself, Marik has made his presence known by controlling the minds of Yugi's opponents in the tournament and he seems to hold a vendetta against Yami Yugi. Marik is the holder of two of the three God cards, Osiris and Ra, however while he keeps Ra in his posession at all times he has allowed one of the rare card hunters to carry Osiris in his deck in order to draw Yugi into duelling him.

Espa Roba
Espa Roba is a duellist at Battle City who claims to have psychic powers. When Joey challenged him during Battle City, Espa was able to predict Joey's cards however it soon became apparent that he was cheating, using his brothers to spy on his opponent's cards. When Espa lost to Joey in their duel, he thought that everything was over for him until Joey taught him that the love of friends and family is the most important thing a person can have.

Arkana used to be a talented magician until his face was disfigured when a trick went wrong. Ashamed of his appearance, Arkana drove his girlfriend away from him but then, realising his mistake, joined GURUS believing that Marik could make Cadeline love him again. Arkana was the second rare card hunter to duel Yugi and his deck is based around the Dark Magician, however when Arkana sacrificed his own monster Yugi turned the tables on his opponent when he summoned the Black Magician Girl, an apprentice to the Dark Magician.

Catherine was not only Arkana's assistant, but also his girlfriend, until an accident disfigured Arkana's face. Although Catherine still loved her boyfriend, he did not want her to have to see his face and scared her away. Marik claimed that he could use the Millennium Rod to make Catherine love Arkana again, but he was lying and the woman who Arkana believed to be Catherine was only a manikin.

While Joey was seeking out a second opponent to duel in Battle City, this thief approached Joey asking for his autograph for his sister Jessica (in the anime, the thief was collecting the autographs of every duelist so that the winner's autograph would be worth a lot of money later on). While Joey was signing the book, the thief asked if he could try on his Duelling Disk but then ran off with it only to be stopped by Tristan. However neither of the two friends knew that the kid was working for Weevil Underwood and during the stunt had managed to plant a card in Joey's deck that could spell disaster for the wannabe-champion.

While Serenity was recovering from her operation, Kenta was also in the hospital but was scared about having to have an X-ray scan (in the anime, Kenta was scared to leave the hospital and that was why he hid from the nurses). He hid in Serenity's room to get away from the nurses and together he and Serenity tracked Joey's progress against Weevil. Although the kid was still scared about the scan, Joey's resiliance and courage gave Kenta the strength to face up to his fears and have the X-ray.

Strings' past is a mystery to all but Marik, and when he duelled Yugi during Battle City his body was an empty shell devoid of thoughts or actions when he was not being controlled by Marik. Despite his inability to act independently, Strings was a formidable opponent, especially with Slifer the Sky Dragon in his deck.

As a child, Odion was abandoned by his parents and taken in by Marik and Ishizu's parents, who, at that time, had no children of their own. As his eighth birthday approached, Odion was due to take part in a ritual which would pass down the knowledge of the Ishtar's tribe to him, but Marik was born before the ceremony took place and so he instead was made to go through the torturous ritual instead when his eighth birthday arrived. Odion and Marik grew up together and share a brotherly bond which has kept Yami Marik surpressed sinnce his creation during the ritual, but when Odion is defeated by Joey and collapses, the breaking of his link with Marik allows Yami Marik to be freed.

A famous movie star, Magnum and Mai met many years ago during a cruise where Mai beat Magnum in a duel. However Magnum fell in love with Mai and proposed to her, but she refused, joking that it he were to beat her in a duel then she would marry him. As the gang made their way to the location of the Battle City finals, Magnum stopped Mai and forced her to duel him again, with the winner gaining entry to the finals and Mai having to honour her promise if she lost. However Mai easily defeated Magnum but he kidnapped her and Joey had to step in and save Mai.