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Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Items

"Long ago, when the pyramids were still young, Egyptian kings played a game of great and terrible power. But these Shadow Games erupted into a war that threatened to destroy the entire world until a brave and powerful pharaoh locked the magic away, imprisoning it within the mystical Millennium Items. Now, 5000 years later, a boy named Yugi unlocks the secret of the Millennium Puzzle. He is infused with ancient magical energies, for destiny has chosen him to defend the world from the return of the Shadow Games just as the brave pharaoh did 5000 years ago."

It is said that if all seven Millennium Items are brought together, along with the three God Cards, the magic will once again be released and the Pharaoh's memories will be restored...

Millennium Puzzle
The Millennium Puzzle is held by Yugi Moto and contains the memories of the ancient pharaoh who sealed away the dark powers of the Shadow Realm. When Yugi assembled all the pieces of the Puzzle he was infused with the ancient energies of the pharaoh and unlocked his Yami side. Separately the two are both powerful forces, but together the two Yugis make an unstoppable team.

The Millennium Eye was originally given to Maximillion Pegasus during his search to resurrect his dead wife Cecelia. The Eye gave Pegasus to see into people's minds and with it he was able to see his memories of his wife. Pegasus used the Eye to defeat his opponents in Duel Monsters in an attempt to gather all seven Millennium Items but also found that he could use it to steal a person's soul, trapping it inside a Duel Monsters card. However after Pegasus was defeated by Yugi the Eye was stolen by Bakura who also hopes to gather all seven items.
Millennium Eye

Millennium Ring
The Millennium Ring was give to Bakura by his father who bought it from an Egyptian market. Like the Millennium Puzzle, Bakura's Ring infused him with ancient energies, however the spirit of the Ring was a tomb robber and has corrupted Bakura's soul creating an evil Yami side. The Ring has the power to locate the other Millennium Items, but it also has great powers in its own right and is able to seal a person's soul inside an inanimate object.

The Millennium Key is one of the two items held by Shadi, the guardian of the Millennium Items. The Key has the power to unlock a person's mind, allowing its holder to gain access to their memories. With this power comes the ability to change the personality of a person, however Shadi has not yet used this particular talent of the Key.
Millennium Key

Millennium Rod
The Millennium Rod is a dark and mysterious item held by Marik Ishtar. While Marik is an evil person on his own, the Yami side unleashed by the Rod is darker than any other. The Rod is principally used to take control of another person's mind and a number of the duellists that Yugi fights during Battle City are actually puppets under Marik's control, however it can also be used as a dagger.

The Millennium Necklace was originally held by Marik's sister Ishizu Ishtar and gave her the power to see both the past and the future. When Ishizu and Seto Kaiba first met at Domino Museum, Isis used the Necklace's powers to show Kaiba images of an ancient duel that his ancestor had fought against Yugi's ancestor. However when the actions of the present day Yugi and Kaiba distorted the future that Isis had seen with the Necklace she was no longer able to use its power and gave it to Yugi Moto who was able to use its powers.
Millennium Necklace

Millennium Scales
The Millennium Scales are held by Shadi and have powers similar to the scales of Egyptian legend that were used when a person died. It is said that if a person's heart weighs heavier than the feather of truth then they will be devoured by a dark and mysterious monster.