An Eternal Wall, God Slime! (3)


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Episode Number140

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Yami Yugi has just used Obelisk to attack Yami Malik's life points directly. Things look bad for Yami Malik but...

Yami Malik isn't worried at all, even though his life points are now at 700. He tells Yami Yugi that such an attack was what he was waiting for.

Since Yami Yugi took more than half of Yami Malik's life points in an attack, Yami Malik is now allowed to activate a trap called Metal Reflect Jam. It turns into a clone copy of Obelisk, but it is placed in defense mode with a defense of only 3000.

Yami Malik then plays Revival Jam and uses Polymerization to fuse his Revival Slime and his Metal Reflect Jam into a God Slime. However, it still only has a defense of 3000.

Yami Yugi then takes his turn, places a Big Shield Gardna in defense mode and attacks the God Slime with Obelisk, but the God Slime just splatters and reforms. The new God Slime has the same effect as Revival Jam.

Yami Malik takes his next turn. He places one card face down and summons a Bowgunian to the field, which will do 300 damage to Yami Yugi's life points at the end of his turns.

Yami Yugi then takes his turn and sacrifices the Gardna to summon the Dark Magician Girl. He attacks the Bowgunian with her, but Yami Malik activates the Jam Defender, placing the God Slime in the way of the attack. As a result, Yami loses 1000 life points, bringing him down to 1300. Yami ends his turn and gets shot by the Bowgunian, reducing his life points to 1000.

Yami Malik then takes his turn and activates Magic Shard Excavation, which allows him to discard two cards from his hands to put one Magic card from his graveyard into his hand. He chooses Monster Reborn. Soon, Ra shall appear...
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