Destoy the Hatred! Black Paladin (6)


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Episode Number134

Average Rating:7.71
Number of Votes Cast:7 
Episode Rank:116 
After another turn or so, Kaiba's Ultimate Dragon is freed, and now he has to find Yami's Dark Magician.

But he misses twice, leaving only one empty hat leaft, and Yami still has nothing in his hand that can fend off Kaiba's Ultimate Dragon, and with Defense Poralysis on the field, his Dark Magician will be leaft in attack mode. This will devestate Yami, and wipe out a good portion of his lifepoints, as well as one of his best monsters!

Yami seems ready to quit, when Joey tells Yami how he always believed in him, and how he won't give up on his best friend.

So Yami believes in the heart of the cards, and is able to transform the Dark Magician into Dark Magician sage!

Kaiba tells Yami how big of mistake he made, unaware of his effect.

But just when Kaiba's Ultimae Dragon prepares to attack, Yami plays Defusion.

Yami explains to a shocked Kaiba his monster's special effect. Then he plays a card that wipes out all monsters on the field. He then sacrafices his Sage for a stronger monster(can't remember who) and wipes out the rest of Kaiba's lifepoints. Kaiba reluctantly hands over Obelisk, and walks out in rage.

Joey follows, as he believes now that without his God card, he can take Kaiba.

Malik is pleased, as now he will use his Ra to take the 2 remaining God cards and Yami's puzzle!
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