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Miraculous Escape - Blue-Eyes Vs. Exodia Necros (2)


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Episode Information
Episode Number120

Average Rating:5
Number of Votes Cast:2 
Episode Rank:146 
Yugi and co. are upset because Noa has separated them from Kaiba. Suddenly they are surrounded by Duel Monsters (such as the Skull Night and the Cosmo Queen). Yugi and Joey begin to deal with them by pulling cards out of their deck and summoning them into battle like they did in their previous trip to the Virtual World.

Noa (in Mokuba's body) prepares to blow up the area in which Kaiba, Yugi and their friends are still trapped. However, Yami Marik wanders into the power source and begins using his Millenium Rod to emit electric bolts which shut down the power source. However, an emergency source gets the system back online. Noa successfully sends his command to the satellite. In thirty minutes, the Virtual World will be destroyed. Noa heads for a helicopter to escape from the imminent explosion, but suddenly begins thinking of how Mokuba had talked to him about the possibility of Kaiba giving him a new body provided that he change his evil ways and about how he and Mokuba were brothers. Noa chuckles, saying Mokuba was an idiot and that soon he will destroy them all. But as he prepares to take off, he begins to have second thoughts…

Meanwhile, Seto Kaiba has gone to the Kaibacorp building in the Virtual World to meet his stepfather Gozaburo Kaiba, who had (apparently) placed the monsters in front of Yugi and co. via his chessboard. Seto demands that Gozaburo release all of them from the virtual world, but Gozaburo wants to play against Seto in a game. He suggests that they play Duel Monsters, since that is the game that Seto is best at. Seto accepts.

In the virtual stadium, Gozaburo takes his first turn by playing Painful Choice. He draws five cards from his deck and shows them to Seto. Seto will pick one for Gozaburo to keep and all the others will go the Graveyard. However, the five cards that Gozaburo draws and shows Kaiba are the five pieces of Exodia. Seto's in shock and is puzzled as to why Gozaburo would show him those five, since four of the pieces would go to the Graveyard and thus would be useless to him in summoning Exodia. He decides to play it out and see what his stepfather's strategy is. Seto lets Gozaburo keep the Left Arm of the Forbidden One. Gozaburo then plays one card in defense mode and ends his turn. Seto plays one card face down, summons Vorse Raider , and attacks the card in defense mode…which was the Left Arm of the Forbidden One.

Finally, Gozaburo draws and announces his trump card: a ritual Magic card called "Pact with Exodia" that could only be activated once all five pieces of Exodia were in his Graveyard. After paying 2000 life points, Gozaburo summons (via the Pact) a dark "dead" version of Exodia called Exodia Necros, but it only has an attack strength of 1800 and a defense strength of 0. Nevertheless, he attacks the Vorse Raider (which has an attack of 1900). Seto thinks that Exodia Necros should be destroyed, but it does not. Gozaburo explains that Exodia Necros is immortal and gains 1000 life points for each battle it has with a monster, True, Gozburo loses 100 life points, placing him at 1900, but the attack power of Exodia Necros becomes 2800.

Seto then tries to get around by summoning a "Spirit Dragon" (with a defense of 1000) and activates his face down card, which allows him to offer Spirit Dragon as a tribute to destroy all monsters with a defense power of 1000 or less. Since Exodia Necros has a defense of zero, it should be destroyed but it stays alive. Gozaburo then explains that in addition to gaining 1000 attack points each time it does battle with a monster, Exodia Necros cannot be destroyed by battles, magic or trap cards, thanks to its five pieces in the Graveyard. Seto immediately switches his Vorse Raider to defensive mode and plays one card face down.

Meanwhile, Noa is trying to stop the missiles from being fired, which will be launched in ten minutes. He quickly tells Yugi and co. (who are battling) and Kaiba and Gozaburo that he has Mokua's body and that the Virtual World will be destroyed soon…
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