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Miraculous Escape - Blue-Eyes Vs. Exodia Necros (3)


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Episode Number121

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Noa then tells everyone that they can escape from the Virtual World by using the portal in the Game Room in the Virtual World. Gozaburo can't do a thing about it, since Noa is the one that controls the system. Most of the gang escapes through the Dancing Machine, but Noa asks Yugi to rescue Seto and to bring him back. Yugi agrees.

Meanwhile, Gozaburo is infuriated after hearing what Noa has done. He changes into a hideous monster and tries to take Seto's body, but Seto makes a suggestion: they'll finish their battle and the winner will be the one allowed to go back into the real world. Gozaburo agrees. He promptly attacks Vorse Raider, but Seto activates Negate Attack, preventing Exodia Necros from destroying it and from gaining 1000 attack points. Seto has realized that although Exodia Necros cannot be destroyed by magic or trap cards, but it can still be affected by them.

He then takes his turn. First, he activates Shrink, which cuts Exodia Necros's attack in half for one turn, making its attack 1400. He then sacrifices the Vorse Raider for the Emerald Dragon (with an attack power of 2400) and attacks Exodia Necros. Although he does not destroy it, he still does damage to Gozaburo's life points, bringing his total down to 900.

However, since Exodia Necros was in a battle, after the effects of Shrink wear off, it gains 1000 attack points, making its attack 3800. On Gozaburo's turn, it attacks the Emerald Dragon and reduces Seto's life points to 2600. The attack power of Exodia Necros becomes 4800 as a result of the battle. Seto's turn comes up, and he draws Pot of Greed, which lets him draw two more cards. He plays it and then promptly places a card face down and another monster in defense mode. Gozaburo attacks with Exodia Necros and destroys the Ancient Lamp. He laughs, because Exodia Necros' attack just became 5800. Seto just says that Gozaburo is a terrible player. Seto's turn comes up and he draws the Blue Eyes White Dragon. He plays Monster Reborn, resurrecting the Ancient Lamp. The Ancient Lamp allows him to Special Summon La Jinn from his hand. He tributes them both for Blue Eyes White Dragon, and then activates his trap card. It allows him to remove an unlimited amount of cards from the graveyard out of play, but he must pay 500 life points for each card removed. He pays 2500 life points to remove the five pieces of Exodia from the Graveyard. Exodia Necros becomes "life-like" and looks like its original form, but it only has an attack power of 1800. He then attacks with Blue Eyes White Dragon and wins.

Gozaburo is upset and changes into his monster form and tries to take Seto's body. Yugi rescues him in time, and although Gozaburo traps them on a building, they jump and Noa creates an exit in the air to bring them back to the real word. When they wake up, they realize that Mokuba's body is in one of the pods. This is because Noa is giving Mokuba his body back, stating that his true place is with his father in the Virtual World. Gozaburo is upset with his son, but Noa has destroyed all the exits and does not permit his father to leave.

Tea, Joey, Duke, Tristan and Serenity are on the blimp, but it needs to take off since the missiles will be hitting soon. As they take off, Yugi, Kaiba and Mokuba run out. They get them on the blimp just as the missiles hit. Gozaburo tries to engulf the blimp in flames, but Kaiba speeds them out.

As everyone else mourns the "death" of Noa (except for Yami Malik who is laughing because of the destruction), Kaiba reminds them that they have a tournament to finish. They now head for Alcatraz and the Duel Tower there, where the finals shall take place.
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