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10000LP Vs. 100LP (5)


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Episode Number118

Average Rating:10
Number of Votes Cast:2 
Episode Rank:15 
The attack went through, but Yami activated the trap card Nutrient Z, which gave him 4000 more life points (if the damage done to him was greater than 2000) before the attack. Now Yami now has 1800 life points. However, since Yami lost 2300 life points, Noa gains them, setting him at 8200. He then chains with a Quickplay Magic card from his hand (since it was his turn): Sebek's blessing, which lets him gain the damage done to Yami, setting his lifepoints at 10,500. BUT then the turn ends and the Yamata Dragon returns to his hand, setting off the Spring, which makes Noa's life points 11,000.

Yami plays Alpha the Magnet Warrior in attack mode and attacks directly, making Noa's life points 9600. Noa then turns Tristan (in monkey-form) to stone. He explains that one person will be turned to stone during the end of each of Yami's turns. Noa draws and plays Inaba White Rabbit (with an attack power of 700) which can attack directly, setting Yami at 1100. He ends his turn, recalls the Spirit monster, and gains 700 life points from Shinato and 500 life points from the Spring, setting him at 10,800.

Yami takes his turn, plays one card face down and sacrifices Alpha to summon the Dark Magician Girl. Her attack power goes to 2300 because of the Dark Magician in the Graveyard, and she attacks Noa directly, placing him at 8500. Noa turns Serenity to stone, takes his turn and plays Inaba White Rabbit again…BUT Yami activates the trap card Dark Renewal, sacrificing the Gardna and the Rabbit to revive the Dark Magician (although the attack of the Girl becomes 2000 again). Noa then places one card face down…

Yami plays the Dark Magic ritual and sacrifices Valkyrion from his hand to summon the Magician of Black Chaos, which means all three of his major magicians are on the field. He attacks with the Magician of Black Chaos, but Noa activates his trap card. It takes the Dark Magician Girl as a shield (making Yami destroy it, lose 800 life points (300) and lets Noa gain it, setting him at 9300) and ends the battle phase. Noa then turns Joey to stone. On his turn, he plays a monster card face down and places one card. He takes another card from his hand and shows it to Yami before he places it (because, as Noa says, "You're going to die"). The card is a trap called Land Worship, which will allow Noa to return one Spirit Monster from the graveyard into his hand. He will choose Inaba White Rabbit, which he will use to attack directly, ending the duel.

Yami draws, but Noa activates Land Worship, returning the Rabbit to his hand. Yami then plays the card he drew: Card Destruction, sending Noa's hand to the graveyard and making him draw a new one. He destroys the face-down card with the Magician of Black Chaos, but it was another Otohime. Since she was flipped, she switches the Dark Magician to defense mode. Noa then actives his other trap: Shadow Utensil, which revives the Otohime in defense mode. Noa then takes his turn, draws, and turns Tea to stone. He then plays Change of Heart to steal the Dark Magician for one turn (since it's Yami's favorite monster). He then sacrifices Otohime and the Magician for Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi (with an attack of 2800), and equips it with the "Hell Sword," giving it 200 more attack points for one turn. It punches the Magician of Black Chaos, setting Yami at 100 and Noa at 9500). But Noa also gains another 500 life points from the Sword when it goes to the Graveyard, so he's now at 10,000. He finishes his turn by playing Spiritual Energy Settle Machine, which allows the Spirit Monsters to stay on the field (as long as he discards a card from his hand at the end of his turn, which he does).

Due to the punch, Yami is on the ground and is unsure if he can win, as he has no cards in his hand. Through the Puzzle, though, Yugi shows Yami another room, which contains all the memories of his friends. Everyone that was turned to stone (even Kaiba and Mokuba) are there, and they tell him to keep fighting.

Yami gets up and draws the "Lottery Heaven" card (which is probably "Coins from Heaven"). He plays it, allowing Noa and Yami to draw until they both have six cards from his hand. As Yami draws, he feels the six spirits of his friends giving him each one card. Afterward, Yami tells Noa, "You have no next turn." He starts by playing Monster Reborn, reviving the Blue Eyes White Dragon in the graveyard from when Kaiba ended his game. He then plays Polymerization, fusing it with the other two Blue Eyes in his hand to play the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. After playing the Rapid Attack card (allowing the Ultimate Dragon to attack on its first turn), it attacks the Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi and reduces Noa to 8300. Then Yami chains with his Quickplay magic card De-Fusion, separating the Ultimate Dragon into the three Blue Eyes. They attack directly, doing 9000 damage to Noa, ending the game. Yami wins.
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