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Change of Decks, Yugi Vs. Noa (4)


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Episode Number117

Average Rating:10
Number of Votes Cast:3 
Episode Rank:6 
Noa (bonded to Shinato) and Yami start their match, with Yami shuffling in the rest of Kaiba's deck into his own. However, the match must start as if it were Kaiba making his next move. This means that in addition to having the life point totals as they were before (with Noa at 7400 and Kaiba at 400), Yami cannot start with any cards in his hand and must rely on the cards he draws. He also must keep Kaiba's Deckmaster (the Kaizer Seahorse), which is useless to Yami since most of his monsters are Dark Monsters. Tristan points out that if Yami does not draw a monster card on his first turn, he is finished, as Noa's monster Shinato (with an attack of 3300) is on the field.

Yami draws, gets Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts and promptly puts it in face-up defense mode. Noa draws but doesn't get a monster that he can play, so he attacks Gazelle with Shinato. However, Shinato's effect is that if it destroys a monster in defense mode, it cuts Yami's life points in half, placing him at 200. What's more, Noa gains whatever life points Yami lost, placing Noa at 7600.

Yami draws and places his monster in face-down defense mode. Noa draws and plays Yata-Garasu (which will prevent Yami from drawing cards in his draw phase when it does damage to his life points). To clear the way for Yaga-Garasu, Noa attacks the face-down card with Shinato. However, the card is the Retrained Celtic Guardian, which cannot be destroyed by any monster with an attack power greater than 1900, so it survives. However, Noa plays the card that Pegasus gave him: Spring of Rebirth, which gives him 500 life points whenever a monster is returned to a player's hand. Since Yata-Garasu is a Spirit monsters, it returns to Noa's hand at the end of his turn and sets his life points at 8100. Noa mentions that all Spirit Monsters return to a player's hand at the end of the turn and that they cannot be Special Summoned. The Spring of Rebirth was thus designed to help players who played Spirit Monsters.

Yami draws and places another card in defense mode. Noa then takes his turn, draws and plays Asura Priest Fairy, a Spirit Monster with an attack of 1700, which can attack all of the opponent's monsters on the field. Its destroys the Guardian and destroys the face-down monster…which was the Cyber Jar, which destroys all the cards on the field. Before Noa loses Shinato, though, he "unbinds" himself from Shinato by using its final effect: Noa can recall Shinato back to the Deckmaster position if it is going to be destroyed, but he can never summon Shinato again.

Since Spirit Monsters can't be Special Summoned, Noa gets nothing from the effect of the Cyber Jar. Yami, however, gets Sangan and Gamma the Magnet Warrior onto the field. On his next turn, Yami sacrifices the two to summon the Dark Magician and gets a Big Shield Gardna into his hand through the effect of Sangan. He attacks with the mage and reduces Noa to 5600. Noa is furious, and on his next turn plays a magic card called Next Life. It allows him to Normal Summon a monster that has the same level as one of his opponent's monsters on the field. Noa plays Yamata Dragon (with an attack power of 2600) and destroys the Dark Magician. Yami lost 100 life points (setting him at 100), but the effect of Shinato still activates (even though its in his Deckmaster position), so Noa gains the life points Yami lost since his monster was in attack mode (100 life points) as well as an additional 500 life points through the Spring at the end of his turn, setting him at 6200. Noa says it looks hopeless for Yami, but Tea and co. cheer Yami on. This gives Noa the idea that Yami only has hope because of his friends, so he comes up with an idea…

Yami then plays Swords of Revealing Light, halting Noa from attacking for three turns. He plays Kuriboh and attacks Noa directly, but the damage is minimal. Noa still has 5900 life points. Noa plays a monster in defense mode. Yami draws and gets the Dark Magician Girl, but plays Big Shield Gardna in defense mode and switches Kuriboh to defense mode as well. Noa plays another monster in defense mode and plays one card face down. Yami then places one card face down. Noa begins mocking Yami, but Tea and co. cheer him on. Noa takes his turn and turns Duke to stone. He activates his trap card: Destiny Clock, which speeds up time by one turn, destroying the Swords. He starts by switching Otohime (which was face-down) to attack mode, a princess that can switch the mode of one of Yami's monsters. Noa switches the annoying Kuriboh that bit him into attack mode and then sacrifices Otohime and the face-down monster to play the Yamata Dragon again. He attacks Kuriboh, hoping to finish Yami…
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