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Save Mokuba! The Seventh Turn of Fate (3)


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Episode Number116

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Seto is shocked to see Mokuba standing there...on someone else's side. Noa tells Seto that Mokuba thinks Noa is his real brother and that Seto is the enemy. Mokuba says that any enemy of his "brother" is an enemy of his.

Seto ends his turn, definately not willing to risk losing Mokuba for the attack. Yugi calls out for Seto to keep fighting, and that to remember when he fought Joey under similar circumstances.

Seto doesn't want to accept Yugi's help, but realizes that there is one card to prove his and Mokuba's relationship. Noa activates the next day's effect, causing the ice to vanish and the modern world to appear.

He activates Dark Hole, getting rid of all the monsters, except Cloudy Dragon, of course, who must stay.

He then plays Gradius, and equips it with Cyclone Laser and and the Modifyer, allowing every attack made by the monster to be 100 points higher than the defense of the other monster, meaning each turn, Seto will lose 100 life points. He is attacked and is brought down to 600.

He begins his turn, hoping for the card, but doesn't draw it. He instead thinks back to the promise he made Mokuba, that he would protect him no matter what, that he would be his father...

Then he thinks to how he treated him back when he had to take the test, and explains that he didn't USE Mokuba, but knew that no matter what, he would always keep Mokuba in his family, that he would never abondon him.

It was the relationship between the two of them that only they could understand that beat K. Kaiba.

Seto then ends his turn, and Noa activates the Choice card, allowing it to copy his Gradius and allowing two attacks. One attack brings Seto to 500, and another knocks him off his feet and he collapses on the ground.

Yugi shouts over to Mokuba. He asks him if he really wants to see Seto treated like this. Mokuba starts to remember a little, but doesn't do anything yet.

Seto stands up and tells Mokuba that when he was first adopted, it was a nightmare. He was about the crash, and the only thing that saved him was the card that Mokuba drew him...the blue eyes white dragon. He made a promise to become a man who would deserve that card...and then asks Mokuba if he has done that. He asks him if he is worthy of the dragon, and being his brother.

Seto then draw the Blue Eyes White Dragon, sacrifices Cloudy Dragon for it, and plays a card face down.

Mokuba remembers everything now. He remembers drawing the picture for Seto... and how he imagined riding the dragon with him...

Duke and Joey shout for Mokuba to run out of the way so Seto can attack, and he runs away from Noa. Seto attacks the Gradius and Choice is destroyed as well.

Noa begins his turn, and Seto activates the card that will decide the game...LAST BATTLE.

Both players choose one monster, and abondon everything else on the field and in their hand to the graveyard. The two monsters battle, and the one that survives the turn is declared the winner.

Noa chooses the arc, and BEWD attacks it. Seto declares himself the winner, but Noa laughs and tells Seto, "Did you forget? It is the 7th turn...and now my real cheif appears."

A large monster with wings appears and kills the Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Noa fuses himself with the winged chief card and tells Seto that he is the loser. Seto falls to the ground, and Mokuba runs toward him, apologizing for what he didn't even realize he had done...

Noa then curses both of them, and turns them into stone, sadly staring at each other with their hands inches apart...

Yugi and everyone else runs over to them and as they arrive, one tear falls out of the stone Mokuba's eye. Noa names the "work" Wonderful Brotherhood, the two brothers who will never touch.

Yami takes over and shouts at Noa for what he has done. He tells Noa Seto could have made the duel a tie, but not summoning Blue Eyes but using Cloudy Dragon, who cannot be destroyed by a monster.

But Seto chose to awaken Mokuba's heart instead. He tells Noa that the duel cannot count as a victory, and shuffles Seto's remaining cards into his own deck.

He tells Noa he will take over, 400 LP vs. 7400 LP, and if he wins Noa will release the two.

Noa laughs and all of Yugi's friends beg him not to do it, but he has made up his mind. He will defeat Noa!
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