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The Miracle Ark (2)


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Episode Number115

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Seto plays Spear Dragon in attack mode, and attempts a
direct attack on Noa's life points, but Noa activates one
of the numerous effects of the arc, allowing him to take
one monster from the arc and make it be in defense mode.

The arc chooses Vampire Lord, and Spear Dragon destroys it,
however, Spear Dragon does damage even if the monster is in
defense mode, so Noa loses a few life points, though not

As Noa's turn begins, he activates the arc's 1st turn,
which makes the surrounding environment look as it would
have in the age of the dinosaurs. To go along with the new
theme, he plays Giant Rex, which destorys Spear Dragon.

Seto begins his turn by playing Cloudy Dragon in defense
mode, and due to the effect of the Deck Master, light
monsters requiring Tribute can be summoned with one less
tribute than usual. Cloudy Dragon, requiring one tribute,
doesn't need any now.

Noa starts his 2nd turn and plays a meteor like card, which
clouds the Virtual sun and causes an ice age to come about.
(which freezes and kills his dinosaur, by the way.)

He then activates Ice Age Panick, which causes them both to
loose half their remaining life points bringing Seto down
to 700. Noa then special summons Last Mammoth, which is
going for a direct attack! (atk power = 800)

But Seto activates the ability of the Cloudy Dragon, which
means it will never be destroyed by Magic or Monsters. But
Noa explains the Last Mammoth's effect.

The damage Noa will get from an attack to a monster with
higher defense will be deducted from SETO'S life points!
Cloudy Dragon, with a defense of 1500, would cause him to
lose exactly 700 life points!!!

But he activates the Destruction wheel on the mamoth, and
defends his own life points with Defense Wheel which the
mammoth is destroyed and Noa looses the attack power of the

Seto then takes his turn and uses Thunder Dragon's special
effect: Discard it from the hand to bring out 2 thunder
dragons, and he fuses the two into the Twin-Headed Thunder
Dragon. He then calls an attack, causes Noa to summon two
monsters in defense mode from the arc.

Seto then activates a trap, allowing for 1 turn differences
in defense to be delt with in damage. (As if the defending
monster was in attack mode)

He orders Cloudy Dragon to attack Noa's first monster, but
before the Twin Headed Dragon can attack the last monster
and wipe out Noa, Noa calls for Seto to stop, and Mokuba

He steps in front of Noa and spreads out his arms to
protect him.

Noa explains that if Seto attacks, Mokuba might not
survive. He then laughs and tells Seto that his prophecy
has come true: Something happened in the third round
to "shock his existence."...
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