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Kaiba vs. the Future (2)


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Episode Information
Episode Number94

Average Rating:10
Number of Votes Cast:2 
Episode Rank:11 
Things look grim for Kaiba as he draws his first of only six cards remaining in his deck. Ishizu, however, activates a trap card that forces him to discard the card he drew. Kaiba serches for a way to use the cards in his hand to win, and realizes he has Obelisk and Soul Exchange. He waits for Ishizu to bring out three monsters, and then tributes them all for Obelisk.

With nothing guarding her life points, it looks like an easy way to victory, but Ishizu isn't worried. She's seen the future, and in it is Kaiba's defeat. Unknown to him, one of the monsters he tributed for Obelisk has attached itself to him. If he calls for an attack, it will backfire against him, giving Ishizu the victory.

Kaiba prepares to attack, but Yami Malik uses the Millennium Rod to stop him and force him to see images of his previous life as an egyptian priest. Part of the vision includes the stone tablet of the Blue EYes White Dragon. When Kaiba returns to the real world, he notices he has a Blue EYes in his hand.

He tributes Obelisk and one other monster to summon his faithful monster before attacking and wiping out Ishizu's life points. But the attack was not seen in the future Ishizu saw, and she is stunned, but also glad the future is still unknown.

Now she can still believe there is hope for Malik: That one of the finalists can beat the evil spirit and help her brother.
**After Kaiba wins the duel**
Joey: Look, here comes Johnny Sunshine

Goofs and Nitpicks
  • Correct me if I'm wrong....but how did Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon AND Obelisk appear in his graveyard if he didn't even play them on the field? Also, if he said that he only had six cards in his graveyard, how could he continue to draw more cards??
  • CORRECTION: The decks and graveyards were switched. That's why Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon ended up in his graveyard. Obelisk was in his hand so it wasn't sent to the graveyard until he sacrificed it for his Blue Eyes. He was able to draw only the six more cards that became his deck.
  • Most of Ishizu's monsters were coloured yellow, the colour of normal monsters, but all of her monsters are effect monsters in the card game.
  • When Seto plays Darth Gremlin he says that he puts it in Defense Mode. However, if you look at his Duel Disk, you can clearly see that the card is in Attack Mode (Because of it's posistion).
  • Correction: Seto's Blue Eyes (The one he used in the duel) was already in his hand. It was one of his first 5 cards if I remember correctly.
  • Ishizu played a trap card inside one of her monsters. When Kaiba used Souldl exchange to sacrifice it, the trap was transferred into obelisk. Shouldn't it have been transferred into blue eyes when Kaiba sacrificed Obelisk?
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