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The Grave Keeper's Secret


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Episode Information
Episode Number95

Average Rating:10
Number of Votes Cast:2 
Episode Rank:12 
Ishizu visits Yugi and his friends and explains to him how Malik aquired the evil spirit.

After Malik was forced to undergo the custom ritual, he created a Yami self, an being composed of the anger and hatered Malik had for the people who had done this to him.

One day, Malik managed to convince Ishizu to let him see the outside world, which was strictly forbidden to do. Ishizu and Lishto agree, so one morning, the two sneak outside.

They wander around the village taking in the sights when they run into Shadi, who warns them of great danger. They quickly return home and find Lishto on the ground, beaten. Malik's father tells Malik that what he has done was very wrong, and that it is his turn to be punished when the Yami takes control of his body. He takes the Millennium Rod and uses it to kill their father. THen, he is about to kill Lishto when he wakes up and the regular Malik returns, unaware of what just happened.

He asks who did this to his father, when Shadi appears, stating that is was the pharaoh who has brought this fate to the household. Malik then decided he must get revenge on the pharaoh for what he did.

Ishizu finishes by giving Yugi the Millennium Necklace, as she can no longer use it's power.

Meanwhile, Mokuba shows his brother the ancient egyptian pictures of Ra, and Kaiba is shocked to learn he can read the egyptian writing on the picture.

Ishizu tells Yugi that when he puts all the Millennium Items back he will have to let Yami go. Yugi is upset about this, but doesn't let his alter ego see his sadness.

Meanwhile, Malik takes over Tea once more and she returns Bakura's Millennium RIng to him, and he becomes possessed again. Yami Malik is about to kill Lishto again when Yami Bakura stops him.

They agree to Shadow Duel and the looser will remain trapped in the shadow realm...forever...
Goofs and Nitpicks
  • During the flashbacks, if this was the first time Ishizu had been outside, how did she know what a motorcycle was?
  • It wasn't Isis' first time, it was Malik's.
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