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Double Duel (4)


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Episode Information
Episode Number73
First AiredMay 24, 2003

Average Rating:9.71
Number of Votes Cast:7 
Episode Rank:47 
Yami and Kaiba are barely hanging on as Yami's life points dip to 1500 and Mask of Light and Darkness have summoned a monster with 3200 attack points!

Mask of Light contemplates what he should do. Destroy the Blue Eyes on Kaiba's side, destroying their last hope of winning, or simply put Yami out of his misery right then.

Kaiba manages to persuade them to attack the Blue Eyes rather than Yami and on Yami's turn, he summon Magnet Valkon with an attack power of 3800.

Kaiba tells yami to attack imeadiatly, still soar about having to sacrifice his dragon. Yami isn't sure, as he suspects the monster has a special effect.

He tells Kaiba that he should calm down for a minute and think clearly. That anger and revenge are the causes of defeat.

Kaiba doesn't understand what Yami is trying to say, as he always believed revenge and anger were what a duel was all about. He thinks for a moment and then tells Yami to attack.

Magnet Valkon destroys their monster, but it leaves behind a mask which is equiped to Magnet Valkon. Magnet Valkon then becomes their creature.

As Mask of Darkness takes his turn, he plays a card allowing him to control the Magnet Valkon. But as he does that, Yami activates de-fusion, which seperates Magnet Valkon into the three magnet warriors, and the mask disappears.

Kaiba then activates cross-sacrifice, sacrificing their three magnet warriors to summon Obelisk. He then attacks, and reduces Mask of Darkness's life points to zero.

The bomb goes off, but the mask of darkness activates a parachute and lands unharmed.

Yami offers Mask of Light the chance to surrender, but Malik takes over him and tells Yami that Joey and Tea have become his prisoners.

Kaiba demands to know where his brother is, as they won the duel, but Malik just laughs. A few minutes later, however, Kaiba's helecopter flies over to the roof and Mokuba jumps out.

He tells Yami and Kaiba how Tea helped him escape, but when he went back to help her, she was gone. Kaiba tells Yami to get in the helecopter so they can help find Tea, but he tells Yami he's only doing this to repay Tea for helping Mokuba.

The three get in the helecopter, but will they be able to find Joey and Tea before it's too late?
  • Kids WB used the promo title "Tag Team Takedown" for this episode.
  • From this episode onwards, new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! were first being aired in a dubbed format on the Canadian channel YTV, however the dates quoted for the first airing are taken from the KidsWB broadcasts to avoid confusion.
  • In the original version of this episode, Umbra was obviously NOT sent to the Shadow Realm. He used the parachute to stop himself from hitting the ground, as they weren't standing on any "Shadow Realm Barrier."
  • He wasn't sent to the Shadow Realm in this episode either. He saved himself with the parachute. That was the impression they were trying to make us get, but apparently some people on this site really thought he went to the shadow realm.
  • Quotes
    Kaiba: (thinking) What is Yugi talking about? Anger and hate....He's monster is obviously more powerful than he should attack!

    Yami Yugi:Why don't you stop hiding behind your Mind slaves,Marik!

    Marik:I would...but having my own mind slaves just makes it more fun!

    Kaiba - "This is for my little brother!!" *Obelisk Appears*

    (Tristen getting off the train to get food.)
    Tristen-I need something to go quickly, please!
    Lady-It'll help if you tell me what you want.
    Tristen-Uuh how about one of everything!
    Tristen-Comeon! Less yackin and more packin! I got a train to catch!

    Goofs and Nitpicks
  • At the start of the duel, Umbra and Lumis told Yugi and Kaiba that they would be sent to the Shadow Realm when their Shadow Box detonated. This did not physically happen to Umbra as he was saved by a parachute, however it could be argued that his mind may have been sent to the Shadow Realm even if his body was not.
  • The real De-Fusion only works on monsters fused with Polymerisation, however in the show it can defuse any merged monster.
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