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Double Duel (3)


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Episode Information
Episode Number72
First AiredMay 17, 2003

Average Rating:10
Number of Votes Cast:2 
Episode Rank:7 
The 2nd episode ended with Kaiba getting a B.E.W.D on the feild, now Yugi persuades Kaiba attack. Kaiba suspects a rat, because the Masked Beast's ATK is 3200, he attakcs and destroys it. Yugi explains that a card sent to the graveyard decreased his ATK to 2700. Mokuba and Tea find a way to get out, and Mokuba escapes. Through the microphone Mask of Light persuades Dark to attack. He attacks with Rolgue Doll.and powers it up to 2600 and decreases BEWD to 2300. Yugi activates a card increasing BEWD's ATK to 3300, and Rolgue Doll to 1600 again. Then Light and Darks teamwork combo is falling apart, because they dont trust each-other. Light doesn't trust Dark and plays card exchange, He gets it right and summuns Gest Guardian with 3200 ATK. He ponders on who to ATK. Meanwhile Tea finds Joey as Maliks mind slave.

  • Kids WB used the promo title "Tag Team Takedown" for this episode.
  • From this episode onwards, new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! were first being aired in a dubbed format on the UK channel Nickelodeon, however the dates quoted for the first airing are taken from the KidsWB broadcasts to avoid confusion.
  • Quotes
    Mask of Light: Your dragon is 300 ATK points lower than our you can't attack!
    Yami Yugi: Kaiba. Listen!! Attack his monster now! You will destroy it!
    **After the monster is destroyed**
    Mask of Light/Dark: NO! THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE!!
    Yami Yugi: Oh yes it is............

    Kaiba: Yugi, because your sloppy dueling, my cards would be better off in the graveyard...

    Don't you think that you're just a little too old to be playing with dollies, rare hunter?- Kaiba, after Umbra plays Rogue Doll

    Serenity: I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have a friend as awesome as you.
    Tristan: Aw man, I'm still stuck in the friend zone!

    Kiaba: You can't possibly make things worse than you already have, Yugi. Thanks to you the cards we hold in our hands are completly useless. In fact, I have a card in my hand that could win the game for us, but due to yor sloppy dueling I can't summon it to the field. It's better off in the graveyard.

    Tea:Joey! I'm glad your all right! Joey? Hey, Earth to Joey!

    Joey:(Under Marik's control)I am not Joey,fool.

    Goofs and Nitpicks
  • how can bewd's atk strength become 3000 from 3300 suddenly.
  • Because Lumis(or Umbra, I cant remember which) played some mask card on Blue Eyes to lower its attack points to 2300. Then he played mask of brutality on one of his monsters to raise its attack power by 1000. Then Yugi activated his fairy's refpanal to move the mask of brutality onto the Blue Eyes raising its attack power from 3000 to 3300. You must have been asleep during that part.
  • Actually, the BEWD's attack power was raised from 2300 to 3300, not from 3000.
  • the first person who wrote the goof was right after tygi uses the fairy's mirror to use mask of brutality on bewd its atk gets to 3300. But when Umbra or Lumis summons des guardias and is deciding who to atk , they show the bewd's atk as 3000 when it should be 3300. That is why only bewd gets destroyed when otherwise both the des guardias and the bewd should have got destroyed.
  • Blue-Eyes' attack power stayed at 3300, but it should have increased to 4000 because Mask Of Weakness works for only on turn.
  • Remember, Mask of Brutality was still Lumis' card, even though it was on the Blue Eyes. MoB has an Upkeep Cost, which was being absorbed by the Masked Doll. However, Lumis STILL decline to pay the cost (Even though it would've been 0) and destroy the Mask. Hence, by the time Lumis summoned his Guardius, the Mask was gone.
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