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Legendary Fisherman (2)


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Episode Information
Episode Number69
First AiredMarch 29, 2003

Average Rating:8.78
Number of Votes Cast:9 
Episode Rank:84 
The Duel Continues As Joey Draws Polymerization. He Then Plays Baby Dragon And Then Plays Polymerization To Fuse Baby Dragon And Alligator Sword To Form The Alligator Sword Dragon And Has It Attack Mako's Lifepoints Directly. Mako Plays A Magic Card Face Down And End His Turn. Joey Has Alligator Sword Dragon Attack Again But Mako Activates His Face-Down Card Tornado Wall Which Prevented Joey's Monster From Attacking And Protects His Life Points. Knowing That Mako May Call Off His Tornado Wall And Return The Field Into An Ocean Field, Joey Tell Him To Call Off His Magic Card. Mako Then Contributes His Face Down Defense Monster To Summon The Legendary Fisherman. Joey Tris To Use The Magic Drain Card But The Ocean Blocked The Magic Drain From Hitting The Legendary Fisherman. Mako Orders It To Attack The Alligator Sword Dragon Reducing Joey's Life Points. Joey Then Plays A Monster In Defense Mode But The Legendary Fisherman Destroys The Tiny Guardian. Mako Then Tells His Legendary Fisherman To Surface And Joey Sees It Almost Looks Like Mako. Mako Tells His Story About When He Was A Boy His Father Getting Into The Storm And Then Explains He Always Waited For His Father To Return And One Day, He Gets A Mail From Someone With A Letter Saying Never Give [Knowing That's His Father Who Wrote That] And A Card Of The Legendary Fisherman. After His Story They Continue Their Duel. Joey Plays Another Monster In Defense Mode And Then Mako Plays Fortress Whale's Oath And Sacrifices Great White And Jellyfish To Summon The Fortress Whale Which Gets Stronger Thanks To Umi And Then Has His Legendary Fisherman Attack Joey's Defense Monster And Then Has The Fortress Whale Attack His Life Points Directly. Mako Says That With His Legendary Fisherman Below And His Fortress Whale Above, Joey Wouldn't Stand A Chance Against Them. Joey Looks At His Hand And Sees He Has A Monster Card And Some Magic And Trap Cards In His Hand Which Might Help Him Out. First, He Summons The Panther Warrior And Plays A Magic Card Face Down And Ends His Turn. Mako Has His Fortress Whale Attack But Joey Plays His Face-Down Card Magic Arm Shield Which Grabs What Identifies The Legendary Fisherman To Block The Fortress Whale's Attack And Reduce Mako's Life Points. Fortress Whale Attempts To Attack It Again, But Joey Plays Kunai W' Chain Which Stops It From Attacking Giving Panther Warrior The Advantage To Attack It Directly And Reduces Mako's Life Points. Mako Plays Return From The Doomed To Bring Back One Of His Monsters. Joey Then Plays Giant Trunade Removing Umi And Revealing The Legendary Fisherman. Knowing That He's Going To Lose, Mako Tells Him To Do So And Joey Sacrifices A Scapegoat For Panther Warrior To Attack And Win Him The Duel Causing Mako To Give Joey His Legendary Fisherman And His Fortress Whale Card. Mean While Yami Yugi And Seto Kaiba Have Located Joey And Are Heading There.
  • Kids WB used the promo title "Tsunami's Rage" for this episode.
  • Quotes
    Joey: (thinking) Aw, man! How can I attack something I can't even see! This don't look good!

    Joey: Oh no! You don't have to give me your Legendary Fisherman Card.
    Mako: You were right my friend. I don't need a card to remember my father. He has always been with me, in my heart...
    Joey: I'll take good care of it!
    Mako: (giving him a high five) You better!!

    **After Mako tells the story of his father and how he got that Legendary Fisherman Card***

    Joey: I have a lot of respect for you Mako, but I'm gonna win this duel!
    Mako: Then let's get it on!

    Joey: You're almost outta life points! Any last words, Mako?
    Mako: Yes, six. This duel is not over yet.

    Goofs and Nitpicks
  • After Joey uses Giant Trunade to expose Mako's Legendary Fisherman it's DEF was incorrectly shown as 1000 when it should be 1600.
  • Mako said his most powerful monster was the Fortress Whale(atk/2350), but earlier he played Amphibian Beast (atk/2400)
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