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Double Duel (1)


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Episode Information
Episode Number70
First AiredMay 3, 2003

Average Rating:8.88
Number of Votes Cast:8 
Episode Rank:81 
This episode starts off with Joey talking to his sister, Serenity. She says she can get her bandages off that night. Joey is excited and he hangs up. he throws Tea's cell phone up in the air in his happiness. He also realizes he need someone to pick up Serenity.
Tristen begs Joey to let him go and without his approval, Trsiten heads off. Tea sees Bakura and another kid. Bakura is injured and the other boy, who is Marik, says he found him on the ground. Gramps says he'll take Bakura to the Hospital and they head off.

Yugi and Kaiba arrive at the amusement park not even noticing his friends accross the street.

Marik tells Joey and Tea his name is Namu. They thank him for Bakura. Joey see's Marik has a duel disk and Marik/Namu gets afraid that he may challenge him to a duel. Realizing his wont he asks for some tips maybe later on.
As the two walk off he laughs at them and starts talking to two hooded rare Hunters.(Lumis and Umbra the guys Yugi and Kaiba beat earlier) He tells them not to fail again or they'll be punished. He plans to get Tea and Joey caught. He cathes up to them and asks Joey for some tips. Behind them two Rare Hunters and behind Marik is one.

Yugi runs into the Amusement Park and see's his friends gone.

As Joey is about to give some tips Marik/Namu sees the two Rare Hunters and warns them but he is grabbed. Joey i guess knocks the attacker's out but one grabbs Tea. As he tries to save her the others tackle him.
Tea's cell phone rings and the leader answeres. Its Yugi. Tea yells but the Hunter smashes the Cell.

Yugi realizes whats going on and remembers what Marik had said earlier. He hangs up and tells Kaiba they're too late. Kaiba doesnt care but tells him that Marik wants him and not them. And that his satelite will find them and that they'll duel soon.
Mokuba then calls and says Joey's duel disk isnt responding and that he'll figure out the problem.
Kaiba tells Yugi this.
Then Rare Hunters corner Mokuba and he tries to escape. Odion is with them and he's captured.

Serenity tells her nurse that when ever she gets her bandages off that she wants to see her brother.

Yugi and Kaiba are walking down the street when Lumis and Umbra see the. Lumis jumps across various buildings down to the two. Yugi and Kaiba get angry but then Mokuba appears tied to Kaiba's chopper. Kaiba threatens the Rare Hunter but Lumis doesnt care. He tells them to go to the dueling arena where they'll be. Lumis leaves.

They arrive and the rules are explained. They will double duel and the winner will get their prize. One side will have to beat the other two duelsis to win and whoever loses will fall down into the shadow realm. The winner gets a locator card and the two opponents rarest card.
They all agree as the Rare Hunter's promise to release Mokuba if they win.
The duel starts with Lumis who sets two cards face down and ends his turn. Yugi draws and summons Beta the Magnet Warrior(1700/1600)in defense mode.
Umbra summons Shining Abyss in defense mode and Lumis activates Mask of Brutality which gives a chosen monster 1000 attack points but must pay 1000 each turn. Umbra then plays Masked Doll which lets them not have to pay
Yugi asks if Kaiba will work with him but Kaiba diclines. He takes his turn and lays two cards face down and summons Vorse Raider the Man Beast(1900/1200) in attack mode. Yugi is afraid that Kaiba may ruin the duel
Kaiba plans to tribute his monster for a stronger one. Yugi is afraid that he may never see his friends cause of Kaiba. He wants them to work together.
To Be Continued...
  • From this episode onwards, new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! were first being aired in a dubbed format on the Canadian channel YTV, however the dates quoted for the first airing are taken from the KidsWB broadcasts to avoid confusion.
  • Kids WB used the promo title "Tag Team Takedown" for this episode.
  • Quotes
    Kaiba: MOKUBA!!!

    Yami Yugi: We will to work as a team! Right, Kaiba?
    Kaiba: Yugi, teamwork is for boyscouts....I'm gonna save my brother on my own

    Namu(Marik): Ah, Thanks. I was just doing what anybody else would have done.

    Tea: Joey!Watching it with the technology, you spaze!

    Seto: Listen Yugi, I'm doing this for my brother. When it comes to your friends, your on your own.

    Mokuba: Are you Rare Hunters?
    Rare Hunter: Yes.....and you are my prey...(all start wasn't that funny)

    Goofs and Nitpicks
  • Yugi said that nobody could attack until everybody had drawn at least one card, however the actual Tag Team rule (even in the show) is that nobody can attack during their first turn. That's why Kaiba made the comment at the end of his turn about seeing who's strategy would be best.
  • At the fighting scene in the beginning, when Namu says: 'wait, Joey behind you!" Just before he says that, you can see Namu looking at the ground...why? because its Joey! In the Jap episode they have a huge fight and the dubbed version cut it all out! And why do you think you can see namu's feet when Joey gets knocked down? Because its real edited and after Joey falls........don't you wonder why he keeps talking but you never see him?? cause' in the english version he is suppossed to be awake and everything but the Jap episode he is knocked out cold..........Why do you think you can't see Namu either? Because he is getting beat up by the Gurus Duo (Rare Hunters)
  • That shouldnt go in the goofs thingy. It should go in the note or analysis thingy. Stop giving the editors such a hard time.
  • At one point, Kaiba takes a look at his hand, he looks at "dragon seeker" and says " i can summon an extremely powerful monster on my next turn" when nor umbra or lumis had any dragons on the field and dragon seeker is really a Saggi the dark clown in the Jap version
  • Analysis

    Problems with Death
      The U.S. run of the show differs from the Japanese version in subtly ways. The first up is that all the guns in the show are badly edited out and replaced with guys pointing their fingers at somebody. The next is that only the cards are seen actually hitting each other, not the human characters who say they've been pushed. Other edits include that the word death or dying is replaced with something different. This episode for example changes the consequence of losing the duel. The original version is that the losers would drop down through the glass of the skylight of a large building and fall to their deaths from a 130-story drop on top of a water fountain. This was changed to "being banished to the Shadow Real" through a rift that's somehow at the ground level of the building.
    Cultural References

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