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Legendary Fisherman (1)


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Episode Information
Episode Number68
First AiredMarch 22, 2003

Average Rating:8.9
Number of Votes Cast:10 
Episode Rank:78 
This episodes starts where it left off. Yugi is running to find his friends before Marik does when two Rare Hunters stop him. To get past them he has to duel them both which makes them start a game of rock paper scissors. After they've tried many times Yugi gets mad and tells them he will get through. They say he has to duel them both but then Kaiba shows up and says they'll tag team.
Kaiba tells Yugi when they're done beating these two they'll duel. Kaiba goes first and he plays Pot of Greed then Lord of Dragons. He plays two Flutes of Summoning and plays three Blue Eyes and another called Hiozonru. Its the shoter Rare Hunter's turn and he plays a monster in def mode. Yugi plays two cards face down and lays Kuriboh in Def mode. The taller Rare Hunter draws Mirror Force and lays it down with a def monster.
Kaiba then Tributes his three Blue Eyes for Obelisk and then tributes Lord Of D. and Hiozonru to destroy both the Rare Hunter's monsters and attacks directly. The taller one activates his trap but it has no effect and they both lose.
Taking their prizes Yugi and Kaiba had won the duel. Kaiba asked Mokuba to locate Joey to find Yugi's friends and they leave. The Rare Hunters are happy their plan worked and thus ends that part of the episode.
AT the moment Mako is fishing in an aquarium when he almosts get eaten. The employee gets mad and tell him he should leave cause she's sick and has to do a show. He tells her he'll do it cause he is one with the sea.(weird)
Marik is still cruisin on his motorcycle. He says he'll soon have Yami's power. Meanwhile Baura senses Marik and says he'll take Marik's Rod. Thats when Tea', Tristen and Joey and Gramps show up. Joey shows off his 4 locator cards when Tea' see's Mako on a sign. Joey then wants to challenge him and they leave.
Joey and the others arrive and see Mako riding on a whale. There are also Rare Hunters watching. The crowd is cheering for Mako when Joey and the others confront him. They say hi and Joey challenges him. The crowd gets happy that they'll see a duel. Whoever whens goes to the finals.
Joey draws and does a weird dance and he realizes he drew Weevil's Parasite he used to cheat. Joey thinks he can use it and plays it in def mode. Mako then plays Flying Fish(800/500) It attacks but Joey's plan fails because the parasite was destroyed. Joey plays a monster face down and Mako plays a monster face down. Joey draws and shows off and Mako gets mad which Joey makes this weird sound.
Joey tributes his def monster for his Garoozi's. But Mako activates Torriential Tribute which destroys it. Joey gets all dramatic and this makes Mako uneasy.
Marik tells his mind slaves to keep an eye on Yugi's frriends as they'll be of some use very soon. He turns into an alley and meets Bakura. They make a deal in which if Bakura helps Marik get Yami's powers he'll hand over his Millennium Rod.
The Flying Fish gets Joey directly wich reduces his life points to 3200. He lays a card face down and tells a story of his looking for his father. Joey says he's also dueling for someone, his sister. Joey summons Alligato Sword in attack mode and plays two cards face down.
Mako tributes his fish for Amphibian Beast(2400/2000). The beats attacks the Gator and Joey activates Fairy Box in which Mako will have to play Wak a Crock. Mako then draws again(screw up) and plays Umi(screw up) which makes Joey's Gator come up for air and Amphibian Beats's attack raises to 2600.
Joey then activates Skull Dice and brings Amphibian's attack to 650 and Mako's life points drop to 3300.(screw up)
Mako congradulates Joey but says he has a secret weapon which will defeat Joey.
To Be Continued.....
  • Kids WB used the promo title "Tsunami's Rage" for this episode.
  • Quotes
    "Well, hop off Shamoo and let's duel!" -Joey

    Even the great beasts of the sea can be tamed! -Mako

    Marik: My name is Marik
    Yami Bakura: I don't care

    Mako: I am the true fisherman of the seven...ahh!!!(falls into the water)

    Yami Yugi: (after Kaiba summons Obelisk)What is that?!

    ***Yami Yugi is running down the street****
    Rare Hunter: In order to pass through, you have to duel us.
    Rare Hunter: Since there are two of us, you have to duel us one at a time.

    Kaiba: (walks in) Not if both of us duel...
    Yami Yugi: Kaiba!

    Mako: Prepare to lose!
    Joey: The only thing I'm gonna lose is my lunch!

    ***During Yami's and Kaiba's Tag Team Duel***

    Kaiba: (after his four dragons are on the field)
    "See...I told you this wouldn't take long"

    Kaiba: (after Yami Yugi plays two cards face down with Kuribo in defence mode) "Is that the best you got? If so, I can't wait 'till our duel"

    Yami Yugi: (quietly) Listen carefully....

    Child (in the audience): "Wow! They're gonna duel!"
    Child (in the audience): "Cool! This is better than the whale!"

    **After the tag team duel is done***

    Kaiba: Yugi!
    Kaiba: KaibaCorp's Satellite Tracking System can find your friends because every dueldisk gives off a signal. (calls to his brother) Mokuba! Find the tracking co-ordinates on that pathetic wannabe, Joey Wheeler.
    Yami Yugi: Thank you Kaiba

    **After the tag-team duel is won***

    Yami Yugi: (goes to the fallen Rare Hunter) WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY FRIENDS! (no response)*sighs*
    Kaiba: Hey, Yugi. Don't forget the prize. Catch! (throws him the locater card)

    (After Joey makes the bloop with the parasite card)
    Tea: Come on Joey, this is embarrasing to watch.

    Mako: I have four locator cards.
    Joey: Join da club, fish boy.

    Mako: If there's one thing I've learned about the sea, it's don't underestimate it's power.

    Rare Hunters: "Rock, paper, sissors, shoot! Rock, paper, sissors, shoot! SHOOT!"
    Hunter 1: "This always happens...."
    Hunter 2: "It wouldn't happen if you played something besides paper!"
    Hunter 1: "Well, why don't YOU play something else?!"
    Rare Hunters: "Rock, paper, sissors, shoot! Rock, paper, sissors..... rock...."
    Yugi: THAT'S ENOUGH!!!

    Goofs and Nitpicks
  • After Amphibian Beast is destroyed by Alligator Sword Mako's Life Points dropped to 3300 which was not right. They should've decreased to 3150 instead.
  • When Mako used Torrential Tribute, it should have destroyed his Flying Fish, but it only destroyed Joey's monster.
  • Mako called his Torrential Tribute a monster when he played it face-down.
  • When Alligator's Sword fuses with Baby Dragon, their attack is 1750. But on the card it's 1700.
  • CORRECTION: You obviously weren't paying attention, Alligator's Sword Dragon WAS CORRECTLY displayed as 1700/1500. -submitted by: SteffenMC
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