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Mime Control (3)


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Episode Information
Episode Number67
First AiredMarch 15, 2003

Average Rating:9.33
Number of Votes Cast:21 
Episode Rank:60 
The episode starts out with Kaiba saying that Yugi should be able to beat Slifer the Sky Dragon.

Yami Yugi has see that Slifer's attack power is too high. Yami Yugi then plays Big Shield Ganard in defense mode and puts one card faced down, doing that will activate Slifer's second effect, it's second mouth opens and shoots Ganard, now he has only 400 defense points left. Now Slifer simply destroys Ganard. Suddenly, Kaiba concoct up a plan that Slifer CAN be defeated but he wonders if Yugi knows that. Marik then draws another card and Slifer just grows stronger. Then Mokuba said to Seto that Slifer has 3 time sthe power of his Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Now Yami Yugi plays Monster Reborn to reborn......Buster Blader and puts another card faced down, his attack power is 3100 since Slife is on the field. Now Yami Yugi orders Buster Blader to attack Slifer; Mokuba thought Yugi is crazy since how can a Buster Blader with 3100 attack power defeat Slifer while he has over 10,000 attack points. But again, the Revive Jam blocks Buster Blader's attack and Marik draws 3 cards again.

Now Slifer's second effect activates again, draining Buster Blader's attack points to 1100. Marik then informs Yami Yugi that Slifer cannot be control since he is too powerful and magic cards are ineffective when it's played against Slifer. Kaiba thinks that Yugi might have figure out how to defeat Slifer. Now when Slifer is about to attack Buster Blader again, doing that activates Brain Control, Yami Yugi's faced down card, now Marik again tells Yami that he CAN'T control Slifer but Yami Yugi claims that he is not going to control Slifer but the Revival Jam. Yami Yugi controlling Revival Jam will activate Slifer's second effect, now Slifer attacks Revival Jam and he reforms and since he is Marik's monster, he draws 3 cards, then when Revival Jam refors, Slifer just keeps attacking it, Marik realized he can't control his OWN Egyptian God card and the process keeps going of Slifer attacking Revival Jam and he reforms then Marik ran out of cards to draw. Mokuba then claims Yugi the winner of this duel then he went to pick up the God card, Mokuba wishes he can't keep Slifer but Yugi won it, so it is Yugi's. Mokuba also gives him the Locator Card.

Then Kaiba walks towards Yugi and congratulate him BUT now him and Yugi is gonna duel. Yugi accepts but then Strings started talking, well actually Marik, he said that it doesn't matter if he has lost one god card because he has another one which is stronger(The Winged Dragon of Ra). He also informs Yami Yugi that he has Rare Hunters all over Battle City and his next brainwashed victim will be one of Yugi's friends. Yami Yugi then threatens Marik to leave his friends alone because they never done anything to Marik and if Marik has a score to settle; settle it with him, Yami. Now Marik arrives to Battle City and cruises through it with his motorcycle. Yami Yugi then runs off so that he can get to his friends before Marik does. But when he runs off, Kaiba told him to STOP! They are going to duel right now; but Yami Yugi says that he has to go saved his friends; the safety of his friends are more important than dueling.

Then Yami yugi runs off and Mokuba said Good Luck; while Kaiba said that you can't turn down a challenge!
  • Kids WB used the promo title "Return of the Pharaoh" for this episode.
  • Quotes
    "No, how could i lose with a God Card!" Merik

    Yami: Sorry Kaiba, but my friends are worth much more than any duel (runs off)
    Mokuba: (softly)Good Luck...
    Kaiba: Its against Battle City rules to run away from a duel...***although, Kaiba ran away from Joey's offer....****

    Goofs and Nitpicks
  • Kaiba told Yugi that running away from a challenge was a breach of Battle City rules, however he ran from Joey's challenge during the

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  • Despite what people are trying to argue, Brain Control was activated during Yugi's turn and only lasted for one turn, however in that turn Revival Jam's effect was used multiple times (obviously allowed under anime rules). The whole point of that combo was that Yugi's turn didn't end, it never got to be Marik's next turn after Yugi activated the card.
  • When Slifer's Second Mouth was activated on Big Shield Gardna and attacked it, how come Gardna didn't switch to attack Mode? isn't that its effect?
  • CORRECTION: To avoid confusion, this is Slifer's special ability: It reduces 2000 atk or def points from a monster. For example, if Dark magician was placed in Atk mode, his attack would drop from 2500 to 500. If Dark Magician was placed in defense mode, his def points would drop from 2100 to 100. The effect works only once per monster and only to either atk or def points.
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