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Espa Roba - The ESP Duellist (2)


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Episode Information
Episode Number59
First AiredFebruary 1, 2003

Average Rating:8.09
Number of Votes Cast:11 
Episode Rank:105 
As the duel continues Espa plays Amplifier to raise Jinzo's attack to 2900. But on his next turn it'll raise another 300. Roba attack's Jeoy's Aligator Sword reducing him to 1200 life points.

Espa Roba's brother still cheer him on while Yugi says Joey can win.

Roba tells Joey to give up bur he refuses and he draws the Baby Dragon. Joey plays him and Rex remebers the same move. Roba laughs at his move and joey then plays Time Wizard. Roba also realizes his combo and Joey does it any ways. He knows that Jinzo will rust and Baby Dragon will grow up. The time rulet lands on a time machine and the Baby Dragon turns to a Thousand Dragon. But Jinzo isnt rusted. Espa tells Joey Jinzo has a special armou so he cant rust.

Yugi still thinks Joey can win though.
Espa attacks Joey's dragon with destroying it and bringing him down to 700.

At the hospital Tristen has to lie again to Serenity and says Joey is winning. She belives him and he is worried. The nurse comes in and Tristen leaves fo a while. He has an idea and leaves. Serenity asks the the nurse to tell her who is winning the duel.

It then shows Tea' and Grampa sneaks up on her and she almost breakes his nose. She gets a call from Tristen telling her to find Joey.

Roba tells Joey he has lost but Joey refuses to believe it and plays Scape Goat to stall for time. Roba laughs and agin tells him to give up. Rex also tells him to give up but Joey doesnt listen.
Back at the hospital Serenity tells Tristen not to lie about the duel and that she knows Joey has been loseing. Tristen says sorry and she forgives him and says he'll win cause she'll help him in spirit.

Its Roba's turn and he summons Reflct Bounder(something like that) The monster reflects attacks right back at Joey and Joey tells him to attack. Jinzo's attack raises to 3200. Espa orders Jinzo and Reflect Bounder to attack the scape goats. Two are dead. Roba laughs at Joey and says he's a gonner. Joey tels himself he has to win.
Yugi tells him to keep trying.

Joey then starts telling himself he cant win and that he'll lose but then Tea shows up. She tells him that Serenity says that they'r a team forever and she believes in him. Joey smiles and says he's not giving up. He is gonna beat Espa Roba. Grandpa tells Joey he can win and Joey believes. He draws and what he drew was the Rulet Spider. The spider attaches itself to Jinzo. Joey says that Jinzo will walk to the center of the duel. Espa asks whats happening and Joey says " for a duelist with ESP you sure ask alot of questions" Joey tells Espa that Jinzo will spin around and when Roba tells it to stop it'll stop and what ever it stops on it will attack it. Rex says the idea is stupid and it wouldnt work. The spider spins and spins and Espa is afraid to tell it to top. Eventually he does and it stops on his Reflect Bounder. Jinzo attacks and attacks Reflect Binder. It kills it but also reflects the attack back at Jinzo. They both have died lowering Espa's life points to 0. Joey has won.
Espa is being picked on by the crowd and Joey asks for Jinzo and the locator card. Espa freaks out and refuses. He says people count on him to win and that he doesnt get it. He has to win cause he's dueling for his brothers. If his reputation as a loser spreads his brothers will be picked on. Joey asks if he needs help but Roba refuses. Joey starts to walk off but they all hear Roba's brother in the ear piece. His brothers say that he isnt a loser and he's the best.
Yugi walks away.

Roba gives up Jinzo and the locator card and says sorry. Joey accepts the apology. Joey walks off with Tea and Gramps.

Yugi tells himself Joey has gotten better. Joey also tells himself he'll go farther in the tournament and that he did good for his first duel.
  • Listen carefully to Tea's/Anzu's cell phone as it rings. The tune comes from "Shuffle," the second original opening theme for the show.
  • Quotes
    Joey: For a duelist with ESP you sure do ask alot of questions.

    Joey:I'll beat you somehow you mind-reading Psycho!

    Espa-Robo:It's Psychic!!

    Serenity: "My brother is still winning the duel, right?"
    Tristan: "Um... yea...I-I mean... you see....he's sort of, um.....What was the question?"

    Rex Raptor:It's because he's Pshychic!
    Joey:He's PSHYCO!?!?!

    Half those quotes arent even from this episode...

    Goofs and Nitpicks
  • Nitpick: In this episode Time-Wizards staff has two hands on ot when it's spinning where in all the past episodes it only has one.
  • Analysis

    Cultural References

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