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Espa Roba - The ESP Duellist (1)


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Episode Information
Episode Number58
First AiredJanuary 25, 2003

Average Rating:8.45
Number of Votes Cast:11 
Episode Rank:93 
Joey is out looking for a duel on the second day of battle city. He finds Rex Raptor who was just beaten by a duelist by the name Of Espa Roba. Rex warns Joey about Roba's ESP, but Joey challenges him anyway.

Meanwhile, Triston is visiting Serenity in the hospital. He brought a laptop so they could watch the tornament on the internet. Triston seems to forget that Serenity can't quite see yet from time to time. To make matters worse, he dosn't know how to turn the computer on!

Yugi is also looking for a duel. He hears about Joey dueling and goes off to find him.

Back at the hospital, Triston got a nurse to get the computer working and is telling Serenity about Joey's duel.

Joey is about to make a move when Roba calls for his phsycic powers. Joey ignors him and plays Giltia the Knight. However, his move is stopped because he needs to sacrifice a monster. Espa also predicts the top card in Joeys card, and gets it right. Roba attaks and takes a big chunk out of Joey's life points.

Yugi who is watching from a balconey sees a group of boys, who look alot like Roba, speaking into a wakie-takie. They are telling Roba what Joey's cards are. The boys see that Joey drew a Graceful Dice card an tell Roba. They also see another dice card in Joey's hand and think it's also a Graceful Dice. What they don'tknow is that it's Skull Dice, not Graceful Dice.

Joey figues out that Roba was almost right when he said Joey drew another Graceful Dice and decides to trick him. First he places one monster on the feild. Then he put's both Dice cards on the field and figures that Roba wil think they are both Graceful Dice. Roba dose think just that and dose not think that the second one is a thret. He says that Joey can only use one Graceful Dice per turn.

Roba sacrifices a monster to call out a stronger one. Joey activates Graceful Dice and it lands on a three, bringing his monster's attack to 1500, not nearly enough to bring down Roba's monster. Roba attak, and is shocked when Joey playes the other face down card, Skull Dice. The dice lands on five, bringing Roba's monster down to 440 attack power. Thats when Joey figures out that someone is telling Roba what Joey's cards are.

Mokuba also finds out and tries to bust the cheaters. But they tell him that their big brother is dueling for them. Roba dose it so when older kids pick on his brothers, they will stop because they respect his dueling talents. Mokuba belives their story and dose not stop the duel. He figures this is alot how Seto protected him, and cuts them a break, as lond as they stop cheating. (The only other person who saw this was Yugi.)

Back at the duel Roba denies everything and tells his brothers to read the cards right next time. It's too bad he dosn't know that they wont tell him anymore because of what Mokuba told them.
So Espa plays one card face down and ends his turn. Joey attacks Roba's life points whith Aligator Sword. He tries again with his other card, but is stopped by a trap card, Mind Control. Joey sees that the only reason Roba wants that card is so he can sacrifice it, so he plays a trap card to stop the monster that Roba is going to bring out. Roba sommons a monster by sacrificing Joeys card, and the monster can destroy all trap cards.

To Be Continued...
Esper Roba: Alright! Who should I embarass next? You?
First Guy: Heh, I left my deck at home!
Second Guy: Uh, my duel system is fritz.

Tristan:*thinking* Hmm..whats going on? Joey's getting whipped by this guy! If he loses this duel, he's outta the tournament!
Serenity: How's he doing?
Tristan: AAAH!! *calming himself down*
Serenity: You're supposed to be giving me the play by play, remember? Is something wrong?
Tristan: Um, no, its all good! Its just that this duel is totally one sided, that its a snooze!
Serenity: Ah, that means my brother is winning right?
Tristan: Um.....sure! Come on, he's the runner up in Duelist Kingdom and this time he's going straight to the top! HAHAHAHAHAHA *nervously laughing*
Serenity: Thanks Tristan.
Tristan: *thinking while lying on the laptop* Don't make me a liar Joey.

Rex: (Handing over his Serpent Night) "Take good care of it."
Espa: "I don't think it deserves a spot in my deck, but perhaps it will make a nice coaster for my drink."

Tristan: *walks into Serenity's hospital room* Hey it's me, whoops, i mean Tristan.
Serenity: Hey you.
Tristan: I brought you some entertainment!
Serenity: A Yo-Yo?

Espa Roba-I knew you were dumb but who knew you were that much of a fool

Joey-Watch yourself you mind reading freak show!

Mokuba: "Big brother stories get me everytime..."

"You mean he's psyco?"-Joey. "No, psychic."-Rex.

I tried top warn you pea-brain."-Rex.

Goofs and Nitpicks
  • When Esper Roba plays Cyber Raider, it shows its card, having stats of 1400/1000. After it's summoned, its stats show as 1400/2100.
  • The real versions of the Graceful and Skull Dice increase/decrease the stats of a monster by 100 times the number rolled, however the show versions of them are more powerful, multiplying/dividing the stats of the monster itself by the number rolled
  • When Cyber Rader attacks Joeys life points directly, Joey doesn't have his duel system on his arm>
  • If Espa Roba was cheating, shouldn't Rex still be in the tournament?
  • When you look at Joey's hand at one point you can see Cyber Raider in it.
  • When Joey played Baby Dragon and Time Wizard against Espa and prepared to create Thousand Dragon, Rex Mentioned that it was the same combo Joey used to beat him. However, Joey beat Rex with only the Time Wizard's Time Magic, without help from Baby Dragon or Thousand Dragon since Rex stomped Baby Dragon at the start.
  • At the beggining of the duel, Roba says "Since I've foreseen your defeat, I'll be taking your Time Wizard". How did he know about the Time Wizard since Joey never mentioned it to him and this is the first time they met?
  • It is possible that he used a computer to see what card Joey has like the Rare Hunter.
  • Even so, the computer would have said that Red Eyes is his rarest card as Kaiba Corp probably didn't know it got taken.
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