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The Master of Magicians (1)


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Episode Information
Episode Number60
First AiredFebruary 8, 2003

Average Rating:9.86
Number of Votes Cast:7 
Episode Rank:43 
Its still the second day of the tournament and a duelist is pbeing pushed around by another. He says he should take two of the kid's rare cards for winning but the kid refuses. The winner grabs him but then the great Mokuba shows up and repots a violation. The champ tells him to get lost but Mokuba says no and that he's the comistioner. The man tells him to get lost or he'll hurt him but then Kaiba Shows up. Kaiba challenges him after giving him the rarest cards to add to his deck. Its Kaiba's turn and he some how brings out Obilisk and beats the kid in one turn!

Marik then finds out that Kaiba has played Obilisk. He tells how he used to rob temples for the other two cards and that his siter Ezhezu has been trying to beat him all along. He had threatened to use his Millennium Rod against her if she stands in his way again. He knows she gave Kaiba Obilisk and thats why the Battle City Tournament has taken place. He plans to weaken Yugi by sending a man named Arkana to deal with him.

Tristen leaves Serenity to stay at the hospital and she asks that when she gets her bandages removed if he will take her to Battle City to see Joey duel. He promises and leaves.

Joey, Tea' and Gramps are walking in the streets. Tea' tells Joey his duel with Espa was awesomeand Gramps says he's impressed at how his dueling skills have improved. Then Tea and Gramps go in search for Yugi.

It shows Yugi holding Joey's Red Eyes and he says he's glad he has it and its like Joey is with him. He says he hopes Joey can get through the tournament without it and Yami says he will.Then Yugi wanders where Marik will strike next when a clown looking guy appears out of no where. Yugi asks who he is and the clown says to go to a tent ahead to duel his master. Thats when Tea' and Gramps show up and call out to Yugi but he doesnt seem to hear and walks into the tent. Ahead is a box that Yugi has used in duels and the clown comes out of it. He says his master is waiting and to come inside.
Yugi walks in and Tea and Gramps call out once mre but he ignores them again and dispears into the box.

Kaiba and Mokuba realize the tracking device cant track Yugi and Kaiba tells Mokuba to check the signal again.

Yugi then appears out of the box into an office. Then theres a computer telling his stats for dueling and that he has 5 star ranking and his rarest card is the Dark Magician. Then the Dark Magician appears but in a shade of red not purple. It tells Yugi he is not worthy of having him in his deck. Then Arkana appears in front of Yugi. He says Yugi's Dark Magician will soon be in his deck and that only a true master can hold a Dark Magician. Arakan challenges Yugi and he accepts. Yugi says that his Dark Magician is connected to him and he wont lose him. Arakana leads him to a dueling arena below. Yugi suspects that Arakana works for Marik and cautiously follows. The duel starts as the floor beneath them both start to move backwards and shackles appear around both of their feet.Arkana then tells him that whoever lose will be touched by a Dark Energy Disk they will lose their mind to the Shadow Realm. Theres a key box that will open when someone has won and then the winner can escape.
They draw cards Arakana Reveals that he has a Dark Magician in his hand and that he trimmed the edges of his Dark Magicians so that they would each fall on top. Yugi goes first by playing a card face down and Alpha the magnet warrior in defsne mode and Arkana plays a monster in defense mode and says he's gonna tribute for his Dark Magician but the Yugi plays Card Destruction. They discard their hands and draw new ones. Yugi uses his face down card Brain control and takes Arkana's defense monster and tributes his and Arkana's for his Dark Magician. Arkana is now shaken up and Yugi attacks directly reducing his life points to 1500.Arkana gets mad as the dark energy disk gets closer and that he'll be playing harder and Yugi will lose.
To Be Continued...
  • Arkana is Pandora in Japanese version.
  • It should be noted that in the original version (i.e. the Japanese original) of this episode, the loser of the Duel would get his legs cut off by a buzzsaw, not have his mind sent to the Shadow Realm by the Dark Energy Disk.
  • Quotes
    Yugi(thinking): Where am I? Huh?
    Computer: Hacking into Battle City Database. Duelist profile for Yugi Moto, dueling level 5 stars, rarest card 5 stars. (then the red Dark Magician appears)
    Yami Yugi: My Dark Magician!!!!
    Red Dark Magician: I have been waiting for you, you are not worthy of having me in your deck! So prepare to lose me forever! You are not the only duelist with my power in their deck, and you are certainly not the best!(points his staff at Yugi) It is time you met the true master of the dark Magician!
    Yami Yugi: Hmm, alright, enough of these tricks.

    Kaiba: (when he finds Mokuba with that cheater)Fine then. We'll duel. I have a real problem with bullies....

    Ishizu: If you want to carry out this madness, your going to have to find the last card!
    Marik: (Holds up Millennium Rod)I'm warning you..
    Ishizu: You'd use your Millennium Rod on your own flesh and blood?
    Marik: If you continue to stand in my way, then yes, I'll have to!

    Arkana: That was just the openning act, before this duel is over, your mind will be trapped in the Shadow Realm forever! AHAHAHAHAHA!

    Goofs and Nitpicks
  • When Kaiba duels that bully, doesn't he need three monsters to sacrifice before summoning Obelisk?
  • If you look ever-so-closely at ARKANA'S hand, you can clearly see OBELISK behind some of his cards, you can also see a MAGICIAN OF BLACK CHAOS, however, later in the duel, the cards aren't there anymore. -submitted by: SteffenMC
  • Response: Yugi used Card Destruction to make each player discard their hand, that's what happened to those cards.
  • RESPONSE: Reguardless of Card Destruction, Obelisk The Tormentor is "A One of A Kind" card, and only Kaiba has it, so Arkana could never have it in his hand. -submitted by: SteffenMC
  • Arkana does have Obelisk in his hand. Its the very back card and u can only see a part of it but its Obelisk. Man thats a big mistake.
  • When the duel began and Arkana drew his cards, Obelisk and Magician of Black Chaos were not the cards he was holding. he was actually holding(NOT counting Dark Magician): a doll of demise(which is use later), Invigoration, Mystic Tomato(which is also use later) and Reckon to the Dark(Also use later)but when you see his hand again(after Yami Yugi played Card Destruction), he had Obelisk(that's not possible) and Magician of Black Chaos! That's just weird!
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