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Yugi vs. the Rare Hunter (2)


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Episode Information
Episode Number57
First AiredJanuary 18, 2003

Average Rating:9.13
Number of Votes Cast:15 
Episode Rank:69 
Yami Yugi begins by putting one card faced down and use Chimera to destroy defense monster. Now when the Rare Hunter is about to draw the final piece of Exodia, Yami Yugi reveals his trap card which was Time Seal, which makes the opponent skip his drawing phase. That move may have help Yugi for one turn but he better think up of another plan though.

Then Yami Yugi plays Lightforce Sword(he got this card in Stepping Out) and Lightforce Sword dstroys one card for three turns, but the Lightforce Sword attacks randomly, Yami Yugi stiill took the risk and to his surprise, the Lightforce Sword destroy the right arm of Exodia, the Rare Hunter is now piss and then Yami Yugi summoned Summoned Skull by sacrificing Chimera.

Instead the Rare Hunter played Swords of Revealing Light therefore makes the Summoned Skull unable to attack! Then the rare Hunter drew a card and it was the head of Exodia, Exodia the Forbidden One, not the card he needs to summon Exodia.

Then Yami Yugi summoned Magnet Warrior, then Yami Yugi explain that there is a big fault in the Rare Hunter's deck because his deck is based on Exodia then puts a card faced down. The Rare Hunter drew another card but it was Left Leg of Exodia, again not the card he need. But the rare Hunter doesn't have any defenses and since he has two heads of Exodia on his hand right now, he instead plays the Head of Exodia in defense mode, doing that activates Yugi's faced down card which was Chain Destrution, Chain Destrution will destory the monster on the field and will destroy the same copies of the monster out on the field, meaning Head of Exodia, so all the Rare Hunter's Head of Exodia are now destroyed making it IMPOSSIBLE to summon Exodia now. But the Rare Hunter said that Swords of Revealing is still in play so Yugi can't attack, but Yami Yugi, instead played Dust Tornado, which destroys one magic crad on the field, now with Swords of Revealing Light destroyed, both Summoned Skull and Magnet Warrior can attack the Rare Hunter's life points directly, Yami Yugi also use Monster Reborn to reborn Chimera and then he use Summoned Skull's attack points and add it to Magnet Warrior, so now Magnet Warrior have 4100 attack points since he originally had 1400 attack points. The Yami Yugi use Magnet Warrior to attack the Rare Hunter's life points directly and the Rare Hunter lost.

Then Yami Yugi approach him and search his deck for Joey's Red Eyes Black Dragon, but something was wrong, he feels the inks on the Rare Hunter's Exodia cards slip off his hand and then he realized that teh Exodia cards are marked with invisible ink and therefore it is fake, so Yami Yugi simply rip them up pieces to pieces.

Meanwhile the Rare Hunter started paniking saying to his master let he go, he is sorry for losing! But then the Rare Hunter started floating up and move like a windup doll and then a yellow eye appears on his forehead like Yami Yugi's. Yami Yugi then said that that is the Millennium Sign and the "master" started talking using the Rare Hunter's body as a speak through dummy, he reveal himself as Marik, he reveal to Yami Yugi that he owns the Millennium Rod and it brainwashes people and he desires to own all 7 Millennium Items. Then Marik talk about how he is going to get all the ancient Egyptian God card, Yami Yugi didn't know what it was until Marik explain it to him and now Marik said that he will get revenge eventually then he stopped talking.

Yami Yugi tries to give Joey back his Red Eyes but Joey won't take it unless he can win it in a duel. Joey also said that with the Red Eyes in Yugi's deck, it will be like Joey's spirit is also in Yugi's deck, plus he also remember that Yugi gave him the Time Wizard and the Time Wizard is his current rarest card. Then both walk away in different directions.
Joey: It's kind of cool knowing that I'm helping you save the world and all.

Marik: I am in control now! *The rare hunter get's up and starts to dance and fly*

Joey: Woah! This guy's nuttier than I thought!

Joey: I knew thisguy was anut job, but I didn't know there was an even bigger nut case behind him.

Joey: What is with this guy? He's nuttier than a fruit-cake!

Goofs and Nitpicks
  • At the end of the duel, Yugi goes through the Seeker's deck and rips up a card he says is a fake. How did he know the differrence?
  • okay i read that all of rare hunters Exodia cards are fake, then he says he won them off duelists, so what is it?
  • Well, he could be saying that so that Joey doesn't go and rat him out or something like that, but wouldn't Kaiba Corp. know it was a fake?
  • Actualy, Yami (or Yugi or whoever) just noticed that there was some sort of marking on the cards. He found out that there was ink on them and saw that he was cheating. Kaiba noticed too.
  • The Rare Hunter plays "The Head Of Exodia" in defense mode, triggering Yugi's 'Chain Destruction.' However, the Exodia piece representing the head/torso is titled "Exodia The Forbidden One."
  • They didnt mess up on "The Head of Exodia" because if he said "I summon Exodia the Forbbin One!" theyy would think he got exodia out...whatever
  • Actually, Yugi knows the Exodias are fakes because he scratched off some ink
  • About the summary, Alpha the Magnet Warrior only got a power boost of 200 from Summoned Skull and they both attacked together for the win.
  • Alright, here's the story about the ink on the Exodia and the thing about them being fake. In the first part of this episode (part one), the Rare Hunter said he used x-ray contacts and invisible ink on the cards so he would know what he was about to draw. That is the ink Yugi found on the cards. The cards were, however, real. He then ripped the Exodia cards so the Hunter couldn't use them again.
  • The Rarehunter should not have lost.yugis final attack was completely wrong.he somehow added summoned skull attack power to alpha.its so wrong that yugi says alphas attack goes up by 200.alphas attack should have only been 1600.yet summoned skulls attack power was did that happen?!
  • Summoned's Skull's electric attack rose Alpha's attack by 200 and then he offered his orignal 2500 to it to make one monster attack.
  • Response to the first goof, Yugi never says the cards are fake.
  • How could Yugi tear up a whole deck? Iy'd be pretty hard.
  • Response to goof: Firstly, Yugi attacked with his magnet warrior AND summoned skull, he can do that, but he just had the magnet warrior do both jobs, you are correct that 200 points shouldn't have been added, even if the 200 pts. werent added, rare hunter would still have lost (2500+1400=3900)-submitted by: SteffenMC(
  • About the deck ripping thing, it's a cartoon and amything can happen that can't happen in real life.
  • CORRECTION: Yugi never ripped Yugi's deck in half, he only tore the 5 EXODIA cards so rare hunter wouldn't cheat again. -submitted by: SteffenMC
  • Then if he only ripped up the Exodia cards, where's the Rare Hunters' deck? It can be on his duel disk and it wasn't on the ground so he had to rip up the deck.
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