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The Mystery Duellist (2)


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Episode Information
Episode Number51
First AiredNovember 16, 2002

Average Rating:8.88
Number of Votes Cast:8 
Episode Rank:80 
With Keith using rare monsters as well as machines, Yugi isn't sure of how he can win the duel but is determined to keep on fighting. Drawing the Koumori Dragon, he plays it in defence mode where his life points will be unharmed if it is destroyed. However as Keith begins his next turn, the person controlling Keith is determined to push Yugi to his limits in the hopes of forcing Yami to appear.

Playing Seiyaryu, Keith uses Stop Defence to force Yugi's monster into attack mode and then plays one card face down. Attacking Yugi's Dragon, Keith destroys it, reducing Yugi's life points to 400. Keith once again demands that Yami appear, but Yugi still refuses, fearing for his partner's safety. Playing a monster face down, Yugi passes back to Keith who destroys the monster with Seiyaryu. As Keith plays two cards face down, he switches Zera to defence mode and ends his turn.

Wary as to what Keith is planning, Yugi plays the Dark Magician in defence mode and then plays the Magical Hats, concealing his Magician from Keith's monsters. However as Keith begins his turn, he reveals Magic Jammer, destroying the Hats, and then plays Demon's Ritual to switch the modes of every monster on the field. As Zera attacks Yugi's Magician, Yugi counters the attack with Mirror Force, but Keith pays half of his life points to negate it using Solemn Judgement, destroying Yugi's Magician in the process.

Outside the warehouse, Bakura senses the dark presence within and uses the Millennium Ring to remove the darkness. Meanwhile with Yugi down to 100 life points and Keith resting at 250 the match could still sway either way. Playing one card face down, Yugi places a monster onto the field face down as well. As Keith's turn begins, he plays Hand Reaching Out to the Dead to destroy Yugi's monster, but Yugi activates the Living Arrow card, causing Zera to be destroyed instead.

As Bakura enters the warehouse, he senses that Keith is being controlled by another person and uses the Millennium Ring to break the link between the two, but the shock of being set free leaves Keith confused and startled. As Keith's controller tries to take control once more, Keith suspects that the Millennium Puzzle is to blame and smashes it against the side of the arena, shattering it into its separate pieces.

Bakura knocks Keith away and he and Yugi collect up the pieces of the Puzzle, but Yugi is afraid that it may take him years to reassemble all the pieces. As Yugi remains determined to reassemble the Puzzle, no matter how long it may take him, Yami Bakura is still holding one of the pieces. Bakura recalls how in ancient times the pharaoh and six priests sacrificed themselves to seal all the evil within the seven Millennium Items. Bakura wants Yugi to collect all seven items so that the evil will be released again, but he wants to be able to explore the secrets of the Puzzle until that time arrives.

Using the power of the Ring, Yami Bakura transfers a small amount of his soul into the piece of the Puzzle and then hands it back to Yugi. As Yugi gathers up all of the pieces of the Puzzle, Bakura heads off for school, however as he leaves Yugi finds that the main piece of the Puzzle is trapped on the hook that attaches it to the arena. Meanwhile Bandit Keith is coming to, still confused, and in an attempt to escape manages to set fire to the warehouse.

Elsewhere in the town, Joey, Taya and Tristan are still looking for Yugi when they spot smoke rising from a nearby building. Rushing to investigate, they find the last of the arrows that Yugi was following and realise that he must be inside. As Taya heads off to find help, Joey and Tristan try to help Yugi. As Yugi realises that he must assemble the Puzzle inside the warehouse, a race against time begins as the flames spread through the warehouse.

As Tristan and Joey break down the door to the warehouse, Keith runs out still confused and the two head over to help Yugi, who has managed to reassemble the Puzzle. However as his friends try to get him to leave, Yugi refuses to go without the Puzzle, not wanting to leave Yami behind. As Tristan grabs Yugi's deck from the arena, Joey tries to knock the hook off with a pole but it unable to dislodge it, however just as he is about to give up Yami talks to him, telling him to pull the hook out with the pole. With the hook free, Tristan and Joey have to carry out the unconscious Yugi and as they get out they find Taya waiting for them as a fire crew is tackling the blaze.

When the gang goes to visit Yugi in the hospital, Yugi explains that he felt like Yami was helping him in the fire and Joey agrees, explaining what happened to him. Tristan thinks that they're both nuts, but Taya comments that the important thing is that they are all safe. However Taya has other things on her mind as she thinks about the two Yugis, realising that Yami is not inside Yugi, but a part of him that rests in the Millennium Puzzle.
(After Tristan and Joy broke the door down and went in)
Bandit Keith: AHHHHHHHH!!!! This place is haunted!
Joey: Uhh, did we just rescued Bandit Keith??
Tristan: Forget him, lets see if there is anyone else in here.

"Knock it off guys or i won't share my hospital food with you!" -Yugi to Joey and Tristian in the hospital

Bandit Keith:"Get out of my head!"
Malik:"Shut up and duel!"

Tristan: Good thing I spotted Yugi in there.
Joey: And good thing I came up with that genious plan for getting the Millenium Puzzle!
Tristan: Oh, yeah, "stick the pole in the hole and pull!"

Joey: I will take the cake and Tristan can have the jello.

Yugi: (as the fire rages) C'mon! Fit! Fit! (the puzzle is complete) There d..o...n..e.....

Joey: Yugi! C'mon! Let's go!
Yugi: I can't leave yet, guys, I have to finish putting together the Millennium Puzzle!
Tristan: All that smoke's gone to his brain.

Yugi: Come on! Focus! If I solve the Puzzle I save the Spirit. Even if I don't make it out, at least he will!

Actual quote:
Tristan: It's a good thing I spotted Yugi in there.
Joey: And what about me? I came up with the brilliant plan for gettin' the Puzzle off the wall.
Tristan: (laughs) Oh yeah, brilliant! "Let's stick the pole through the hole and then pull on it really hard!"

Goofs and Nitpicks
  • when the kamori dragon was destroyed by Zera Yugi's life pionts went from 1500 to 400, but yugi should have lost 1300 life points, and Keith shouldn't have been able to attack with Zera when he had just played the other monster that turn
  • (English version) When Bakura looks down at the arena, it shows Yugi having a card face down, but his field is empty.
  • During the duel with Bandit Keith,Malik says this quate: "You might have beaten Bandit Keith in the Duelist kingdom..." .However,JOEY faced off against Keith,not YUGI.
  • When Yugi plays Magical Hats, Keith/Marik plays a card that he called "Magic Jammer". In Yugi Vs. Pegasus 3, Pegasus used the same card, but it was called "Magical Neutralising Force".
  • When bandit Keth plays tribute to the doom he didn't sacrifice a card from his hand to active it.
  • actually magical neutralizing force is a magic card and magic jammers a trap card(when they activate it right then they used it while its on the field) yet magical neutralizing force was played from his hand
  • when keith plays tribute to the doomed,yugi says its one of the rarest cards in the game,but Rebecca played it and he didn't say anything and just thought it was a common card or something.
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