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The Past is Prologue [a.k.a The Past is Present]


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Episode Information
Episode Number52
First AiredNovember 23, 2002

Average Rating:9.08
Number of Votes Cast:12 
Episode Rank:71 
Ishizu Ishtar arrives in Domino City to set up an Ancient Egyptian exhibit in the local museum. While Mokuba is excited about the new exhibit, Kaiba has not interest until Ishizu calls him and invites him to come to a private viewing of the exhibit.
Kaiba arrives and Ishizu begins by explaining about egyptian gaming history. Kaiba insists she get to the point about the card stronger than Exodia that she mentioned on the phone.
Ishizu explains more about egyptian history, but Kaiba is anything but interested until she shows him a large artifact with carvings of Duel Monsters. Than she insists he study one artifact of the Pharoah and an evil sorcerer in a duel. Kaiba is shocked when he realizes the Pharaoh is Yugi and Ishizu tells him the sorcerer is himself.
Kaiba doesn't believe her, so she takes him into the past to watch the sorcerer in a duel with one of the pharoah's followers. Kaiba refuses to believe the sorcerer is really him, but is shocked as the sorcerer uses the Blue Eyes White Dragon, Kaiba's own signiture card.
Kaiba turns to leave, but Ishizu asks him to set up a tournament to draw to town the thieves of two of her three cards. The god cards more powerful than Exodia. Kaiba agrees, but not because of her silly stories, but because he wants to become the number one duelist again. Ishizu gives him the third card to borrow in the tournament, but explains she expects it back.
Kaiba tests her trust, but she tells him she is certain he will return it.
Meanwhile, Yugi and Yami have been talking about the fire and how Yugi's mistake almost lost him Yami. Yami cheers him up, telling him that he believes in him and that together, they will defeat the mysterious thief.
Tea, also, has had a restless evening. She had a nightmare of Yami going to find his destiny.
But Kaiba is more excited about the god card he has, and is eager to find the two others.
Kaiba: "That sorcerer is a no-good, losing chump. How can you compare him to me?"

(Kaiba answers the phone, while vaguely watching Ishizu on TV)
Ishizu: "You know, you should really pay more attention to my press conference."
Kaiba: "How did you know I was watching that?"

Ishizu: Before this tournament is over, you will have to face your past.
Kaiba: (smiles) Hm. You know, I read that once in a fortune cookie.

Ishizu: Ancient Egyptains believed that the true path of one's life was pre-determinded, because history repeats itself through out the ages in a never ending circle, they would say it was not your choice to come here for it was destined that the two of us would meet.

Ishizu: Duel monsters is based on a 5,000-year-old game.....
Kaiba: Who cares?
Ishizu: Maxamillion Pegasus did, he fell in love with the game and re-invented it for modern time.

Chanters:"Magic power heed my cry release the monster trapped inside..."

Kaiba says, "The Rare Hunters will be drawn to us like vultures to a carcass..."

Kaiba: (to his driver; smiling) Leave the car running....this won't take long

Kaiba: (thinking) down, two more to go! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (alhtough I don't see what is so funny)

(After Kaiba recivies Obelisk)
Kaiba:(Laughs to himself)What if I leave and never return it.What if I want to keep it forever...

Ishizu:...You will return the Card!

Goofs and Nitpicks
  • Some guy says "Welcome to America," but isn't Domino City in Japan?
  • That is correct that Domino is in Japan, but apparantly 4Kids is trying to make the show based in America. Why else would they show that Industrial Illusions' main computer is in southern California?
  • When Ishizu hands Kaiba Obelisk the Tormentor, it has no attack/defense numbers but when Kaiba is looking at it in his limo, it clearly has 4000 attack and 4000 defense.
  • The reason that the Industrial Illusions mainframe is in Southern California is that Industrial Illusions is an American company, even in the Japanese version.
  • When Seto was watching the third vision, the Past-Kaiba sends out his Blue Eyes White Dragon. When he is blabbering on and on about how powerful it is, you can see that around his neck he is wearing the Millenium Ring. (doens't that guy Shadi have it now???)
  • That was NOT the Millennium Key. It was just an Anhk, which if I'm not mistaken is one of the egyptian symbols of life. I'm sure if Kaiba were a priest he'd probably have one. (Notice that there are no teeth on it, like on the Millennium Key)
  • Thanks for clearing up that whole 'Millenium Key' thing for me! I've also noticed that on the body of Exodia there is also that 'Anhk' thing there too. (Since Exodia is all powerful, it makes sense that it means "life".) How did you know that stuff anyways?
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