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Legendary Heroes (3)


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Episode Information
Episode Number45
First AiredOctober 26, 2002

Average Rating:9.69
Number of Votes Cast:13 
Episode Rank:48 
As the flying machine rises up out of the ground, Yugi, Joey, and Mai wave good-bye to the people of Simlou. Eirro flies up and joins Yugi as Joey takes command. As they are attacked by several duel monsters, Mai summons the Harpie, Joey summons Giltia, and Yugi the Dark Magician. But a monsters comes straight for Yugi and before the Dark Magician can reach him, it prepares to strike. But Eirro gets in the way and is hit instead.
The Dark Magician destroys the monsters as Yugi watches sadly as Eirro vanishes, destroyed. Yugi transforms into Yami Yugi, having had enough of the virtual world. They penitrate the barrier, but are hit with a blast from the castle. The all hop on the Winged Dragon as the flying magician falls.
Meanwhile, the Whitty Phantom returns to Kaiba and shows him the second offering, Mokuba.
Mokuba, however is far from ready to be sacrificed and summons the Swordstalker who frees Kaiba. Kaiba then summons the Blue Eyes and destroys the phantom. As they head out into the hall, they run into a bunch of armed ninjas. After defeating them and freeing the Blue Eyes that was trapped within their capture jar, Mokuba explains to Kaiba that to get into the game, he had to get help from Yugi and Joey.
Kaiba is upset that Mokuba had to get Yugi's help but they continue on their way out of the cave. Meanwhile, Yugi and the others destroy a bunch of insects and then meet up with Kaiba and his brother.
The directors of Kaibacorp then reprogram the game and summon the Mythic Dragon. The group decide to use their strongest dragons, as the dragon seal prevents any other creature from attacking.
They attempt to attack Mokuba, but Joey uses his red eyes black dragon as a blockade, but in the process he looses all his life points and disappears. Mai angrily orders harpie's dragon to attack, but it is destroyed and all of her life points with it. As she vanishes, Yugi summons the black luster soldier, but it is barred from attacking because of the seal.
He asks Kaiba to summon the ultimate dragon, but Kaiba tells Yugi that he doesn't need to do anything Yugi says and can win by himself. But the Mythic Dragon launches another attack straight at Kaiba and to protect his brother, Mokuba pushes him out of the way and is hit with the blast.
As he falls, Kaiba reaches out to catch him but he disappears before he reaches his arms. As Kaiba sadly falls the the ground, Yugi pleads with Kaiba to summon the dragon. Kaiba agrees and summons his monster. Yugi then fuses it with the Black Luster Soldier and they oblitherate the Mythic Dragon.
The two wake up back in the city, where Adina and her people thank them for saving the city. Kaiba doesn't care, having lost his brother, and Yugi tells them that the real heroes aren't them, but Joey and Mai who were killed.
Adina then turns into the Mystical Elf, and revives all three of the fallen friends and Eirro as well. As an exit portal appears, Kaiba tells Yugi that he is grateful for his help, but they still aren't friends. Yugi wonders what Kaiba has against him, but Kaiba and Mokuba leave.
Yugi and the others wake up just as Kimo and the other guards break in. Mokuba taunts the guards, telling them that his brother is free too.
As they run off to stop Kaiba, Mokuba thanks Yugi, Joey, and Mai for their help and runs off to catch up with his brother.
Whitty Phantom: "Wake up Seto Kaiba, I was programmed to torment my prisoners, not let them fall asleep."
Kaiba:"Obviously you weren't my most inspired creation then."

Joey: This is your captin speaking, if you look to your right you can see the floating castle ssurrounded by that creepy black fog

[actual quote]
Joey: "Uhh, this is your captain speaking. If you look tot eh elft of our aircraft, you'll see that freaky floatin castle, some clouds... and an army of angry montsters waiting to devour us!"

Kaiba: Let's go, Mokuba.
Joey: Hey! Aren't you even going to say thank you?
Kaiba: I never asked for your help, and as far as I'm concerned, I never needed it. Yugi, on the other hand... to you I will offer some gratitude.

Yugi: "Sometimes heroes must COMBINE their strength and this is the card to do it **draws a polymerization card**"

Ok in the Japanese version how the whole dialog between everyone went before Kaiba left. This is something like what it should have been...
Joey: Hold on, Kaiba. Saying thanks won't kill you, you know?
Kaiba: You couldn't have defeated Five God Dragon without me.
Joey: What did you say?
Kaiba: Yugi, i want to ask you something. Master of Dragon Knight...You knew about it from the start?
Yugi: As long as we believe, the cards repay our kindness. I believed in my cards then. Kaiba, you too, right?
Kaiba: ......Let's go Mokuba.

Yami Yugi: We'll win together or together we'll fall.

Yami Yugi: I don't know what you have against us Kaiba, but maybe you can stop looking at us like adverseries....but more as ... friends...
Kaiba: (grunts) Lets go Mokuba...

Mai: (throws her arms around Joey) YOU DID IT!
Joey: Get off me!

aww Joey, you know you liked it!

Goofs and Nitpicks
  • Yugi claimed that the Dragon Master Knight gained the attack power of every dragon, which would have made his ATK a massive 20,300 (an ATK beaten only by Slifer the Sky Dragon). However what Yugi actually meant was that Dragon Master Knight gained 1000 attack points for every Dragon that had played (except for the three BEWD that were used in the fusion)
  • When Yugi, Mai, and Joey were on the Castle Of Dark Illusions in the forest, they were suddenley attacked by insect monsters, mai said:look it's a swarm of killer needles!" when actally it was killer needles and Kwagata Hercules beetles, mai needs to learn the names of duel monsters
  • According to the Japaneese Cards of the Mythic Dragon and Dragon Master Knight both of their Defense Points are both 5000 yet in this episode they were shown as 4000 instead.
  • When Mythic Dragon(5000/5000) was summoned Seto by then had three Blue Eyes White Dragons(3000/2500).
  • CORRECTION-Seto summoned more than than three.(probably four)
  • In Legendary Heroes 3, when Joey, Mai and Yami Yugi were battling the flying Insects, Joey said to Mai and Yami Yugi "No problem. Go Fierce Knight!" How can he say Fierce Knight? Joey had Giltia the Dark Knight in play. Gaia is known as the Fierce Knight, not Giltia. What a screw up.
  • Actually, their were 7 dragons in the graveyard and one dragon on the field, so if you times that by 500, you get 4000, which is what Dragon Master Knight's attack increased by. So therefore, Dragon Master Knight gains only 500 attack for each dragon in the graveyard and on the field (excluding itself).
  • When Yugi, Mai, and Joey were getting close to the castle, a dragon monster attacked the flying machine and Mai said that it was a Salamandra. The dragon couldn't have been Salamandra because Salamandra is a magic card. The monster that attacked them had to be a Dark Fire Dragon.
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