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Legendary Heroes (2)


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Episode Information
Episode Number44
First AiredOctober 19, 2002

Average Rating:9.5
Number of Votes Cast:12 
Episode Rank:55 
As 'Senor Porky' Joey fights in a contest against a masked woman who turns out to be Mai, who is being paid to test the system. They get the Neatori (sic) Bird card and it leads them through the desert storm to a castle. They end up in a labyrinth dodging labyrinth tanks but Yugi uses his Magic Hats card to escape. Then a fairy takes them to meet Princess Adina, a character that Kaiba modelled on his younger brother.

Adina leads then out of the Maze to confront a Gate Guardian, but the guys form the Black Skull Dragon with the Dragon Nails to destroy it. Adina informs them that Kaiba is being held prisoner in the Castle of Dark Illusions by the Witty Phantom until he can be sacrificed to the Mythic Dragon. But when Mokuba is also kidnapped, Yugi, Joey and Mai must infiltrate the Castle to rescue the two Kaiba brothers once again.
Joey: Go, 'Drumsticks'!
Mai: Ummm, guys. Joey named his chicken.

Joey:"Hey look, Mokuba. That fairy turned you into a girl."
Mokuba:"Great. Can she make you smart?"

Yugi:"Mokuba, you should be flattered that Kaiba based such a cool character on you."
Mokuba:"On me?"
Joey:"Yeah. You. My lady!"

Kaiba: "Where am I?"
Witty Phantom: "You're with me, Seto Kaiba!"
K:"The Witty Phantom! I command you set me free!"
K:"Over ride protocal, end this simulation!"
WP:"No, no, no! Your safety precautions are a thing of the past! You're late to the party, Kaiba!"
K: "Gee, I never liked parties."

Mai: "Careful, everyone. Keepn your hands and feet away from Joey's mouth."
Joey: chokes on food
Mai: "Are you okay?"
Joey: "Yeah, happens all da time!"
Mai: "Disgusting."

Joey: "I'll use my Red Eyes Black Dragon..."
Yugi: "...And my Summoned Skull..."
Yugi&Joey: "...And fuse them with the Polymerization card, to form, the Black Skull Dragon!"

Mai: "Joey, what do you think you're doing? [sighs] That doofus would do anything to meet a girl. I guess he knows that I'm way out of his league."

Mai: "A girl like me could get used to this. How'd you make out, Yugi?"
Yugi: "Well, I feel a bit silly."

Joey: *thinking* Okay, that's it. There's only ONE duelist dat could be DIS annoyin.

Mai: "I knew guys could be dirty as pigs, didn't know they could dress the part."
Joey: "You know what I like about butterflies? They don't talk!"

Mai: Where's Joey?
Joey: (peeks out from behind curtain) Back here an' I'm not comin' out.
Mai: Come on ,Joey.
Joey:(pulls head in and pushes back curtain)
Look at me I'm wearin' a bathroom rug here.

Goofs and Nitpicks
  • Dragon Nails increases the Black Skull Dragon's ATK by 700 when it previously only increased the ATK by 600.
  • Joey is worried that the Time Roulette may land on a skull, but then he never actually uses the roulette.
  • Princess Adena may look like Mokuba a lot, BUT her eyes are different than Mokuba's, Mokuba's eyes are like Joey's, Tristan's or Kaiba's. However, Princess Adena's eyes look more like Tea's eyes rather than Mokuba's.
  • The Niwatori card shows ONE Niwatori, yet FOUR came out.
  • One part, Yugi said: We have to take the risk, we have to save Seto and Mokuba. Since when does Yugi call Seto Kaiba Seto?
  • It's probably because Mokuba's last name is Kaiba too and he wants to make the distinction.
  • After the monsters had taken Mokuba, they were at a loss on how to reach the castle. After everyone saw that image of the flying ship, the dub cut out a large scene. Originally, they didnt know how to revive the airship so a notice was sent out to the town to ask the citizens if they could find any clues. When they came up empty handed, Yugi figured out that the key to reviving it must have been Joey's Time Magician.I dont know what's up with that big K on the outside of the building everyone's in but it did have Adventure Game across the front in the original.
  • For some reason when they were against the Gate Gaurdian at the exit and they fuse to make black skull how could have added 700 atk instead of when Rex Raptor powered up his red eyes it onlyed powered it up by 600
  • That fairy was actually a monster called Key Mace.
  • Joey summoned Flame Swordsman to attack Mai's Harpy Lady, but the Flame Swordsman was destroyed by the Dragon Zombie when they were in the cemetary area.
  • How is that a goof? "THE KEY MACE" It was only a cute little nick name for that fairy, doesn't mean its a goof.
  • Flameswordsman may have already went to the graveyard but in the third episode Seto played at least four,five or six Blue Eyes White Dragons(3000/2500) to form the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon(4500/3800).
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