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Dungeon Dice Monsters (1)


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Episode Information
Episode Number46
First AiredNovember 2, 2002

Average Rating:9.36
Number of Votes Cast:11 
Episode Rank:58 
Yugi and Tea are about to leave for school when they notice Grandpa is upset. He tells them that a new game shop just opened and that he thinks it will provide to much competition. The two run off to school while Duke Devlin watches a window in a building. When the two meet up with Joey and Triston they go to class and see a bunch of girls crowded around someone. When they look they see Duke, a guy tells them Duke is the owner of the new shop, is showing off to the girls with some dice tricks. Joey says that Duke can't be that great so afer being humiliated by a trick that Duke had they head to Duke's new game shop. Since Duke has no dueling deck of his own he says the only way he will duel is if they make fresh decks. While picking the packs of cards Joey brags that he got some really good cards. As the duel bigens Duke plays Oni-tank. Joey then plays Sword Hunter and attacks. The because of the special effect of the Sword hunter he gets armour from the Oni-tank and his attack raises to 2650. Duke draws Michizure and puts it face down, then plays the Dark Bat in defense mode. Joey counters with the Mad Sword Beast, and attacks, and because of the Mad Sword Beast's effect Duke loses life points anyway. Duke then activates Michizure and Joey loses his Sword Hunter. Then Duke plays Spike Bot and destroys the Mad Sword Beats. Joey plays Goblin Attack Force and destroys the Spike Bot dropping Duke's life points to 50. Then the effect of the Goblin Attack Force put's it into defense mode. Duke then plays Gradius and then a magic card that Doubled it's attack power, then played Fairie Meteor Crush and that allowed his monster to attack life points directly even though his monster was in defense mode. Joey loses and has to wear a dog suit for one week. Yugi, disgusted by what Duke has made Joey do, challenges Duke to a duel. Duke excepts under the condition that they play one of his games.... Dungeon Dice Monsters. Yugi excepts, and the match begins.
Cheerleaders: "Duke! Duke! He's our man! If he can't do it no one can!"

Joey: "I'm bad, you know it. I'm bad, I'll show it."

Joey:"C'mon, Yugi. You don't honestly think I'm going to loose to some guy with a die stuck in his ear!"

Cheerleaders: "Watch him bark! See that fool! Dog-boy Joey's not so cool!"

Duke: "I've heard a lot about you Yugi."
Joey: "Hey. Dicey. What have you heard about me, Joey Wheeler?"

DUKE-I really hope you are second best not just second rate
JOEY-Second rate second rate your going to need a second life because when I get through with you Dukey there won't be any thing left.

Tea: He's toast.
Tristan: Burnt to a crisp.

Tea: Joey's heart's in the right place but it's his head I'm worried about.
Tristan: If it gets any bigger it'll get stuck in the front door.

Yugi: (thinking) How can Duke be so calm? Either he got ice in his blood or he has one last trick up his sleeve.

Joey: (thinking) Soon those girls are gonna be cheering 'Joey Joey Joey!'
Yugi: (out loud) I can't watch.

Goofs and Nitpicks
  • Yugi claims Grandpa's been in a bad mood all morning. But Yugi has only seen him for 10 seconds!!
  • When Duke plays his "limiter removal" card, he says it will double his monsters attack, however, the monster's attack points were displayed as 1400 when it's points only boosted 1000 points to 2400. If limiter removal doubles the attack, his monster should have had a total of 2800, not 2400.
  • The actual goof is that Guardius' attack power was displayed as 1400 when its attack is really only 1200.
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