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Legendary Heroes (1)


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Episode Information
Episode Number43
First AiredOctober 19, 2002

Average Rating:9.1
Number of Votes Cast:10 
Episode Rank:70 
Kaiba returns to KaibaCorp to get revenge on the traitors that went against him but they claim they allied with Pegasus only to get Kaiba back. That stalls Kaiba long enough fo them to trap him inside a virtual reality game based on Duel Monsters that he has spent years perfecting. With Kaiba defenseless against his own programme, Mokuba goes to get Yugi and Joey to venture into the game in order to resuce Kaiba.

They defeat the first challenge by reversing the defense and attack of a horde of zombie monsters, then end up in a virtual town they can't escape until they get a Makuri Bird card to get through the desert storms. Joey enters into a contest as 'Senor Porky' to win the prize. Meanwhile the traitorous Kaiba board members send their minions to the Kaiba office they're using to enter the virtual world.
Tristin: I know a game we can play to make the time go faster. It's called "Guess My Facial Hair."
Tea: Ewww. I think I'll pass.

(Joey saw duel cards at a stand)

Joey: Hey I sure could use these cards.
Mokuba: Uhh, I don't think it works that way.
(Mokuba points out that a card itself is worth 2000 gold)
Joey: Hey, we should have that much when we defeat those 3 guys.
(Yugi shows the 5 gold card)

(Yugi, Joey, and Mokuba meet at the fountain)
Yugi: Did you find out anything, Joey?
(Joey limps over with a dog biting his leg)
Joey: Yeah, I found out that I hate virtual dogs!

Goofs and Nitpicks
  • When the Clown Zombie comes back to life, it's ATK increases by 100 points rather than by 10% as it did in Arena of Lost Souls.
  • Joey, Yugi and Mokuba never inserted their decks into the pods.
  • When Yugi, Joey, Mokuba first inter the pods it shows Mokuba placing his cards into the slot on the pod. Just before the pods are activated you can see Joey's, and Yugi's decks in thier pods.
  • When the dragon zombie attacked the flame swordsman, he was 120 attack points stronger, yet Joey looses 180 life points.
  • On what I said about the life point thing, the dragon zombie was suppost to raise it's attack to 1980, not 1920.
  • How could They all know what card they drew, without seeing it? And how could it be in that order?
  • If the Kaibacorp directors plans were to kill Kaiba, why did they bother to go through with the whole virtual game thing when Kaiba was unconcious and completely vulnerable when his mind was trapped?
  • Actually, how the game works is that the duelist can draw what cards they need as long as its in their deck. If you'll remember when Joey drew his first card nothing happened because he just drew without knowing what card to use.
  • As mokuba goes to the GAME shop to get help from Yugi and his friends, they go outside when it is raining to Kaiba land to rescue Kaiba. As they run from the Shop, grandpa says "Just when I thought I couldn't be any prouder than those four kids!" Actually, Mokuba, Tea, Tristan, Yugi, and Jeoy went, so that is 5 people , not 4, I think grandpa is getting too old.
  • CORRECTION: NO, I think you're getting too old! When Grandpa mentions the four kids, he's referring to Yugi, Triston, Joey, and Tea. Mokuba just came for help but it was the four that voluntarily stepped in to help. How can you be proud of someone who needs help?
  • Grandpa needs to understand that Mokuba is also helping them to rescue Kaiba. Even if he meant the others, what does Tristan ever do to help anyone in the show? He doesn't do anything important, tristan is one of those characters who doesn't care about anything, at least Joey is a helper. Tea didn't help either so Grandpa shouldnt of even said 4 at all , at the least 2. If not, then say 5 for everyone.
  • When Joey, Yugi, and Mokuba are trying to get the Niwatori card and see the sign for the contest to win it, you can clearly see a picture of "Madam Butterfly" (Mai), so later Joey says: "I wonder how hard HE is going to be to defeat" when they clearly read and looked at the posting of the competition...Joey should know it was a girl because he saw it on the sign .........AND WHEN MAI FIRST COMES OUT HE SAYS "WHOAH! THE CHAMPION IS A GIRL??) HE SHOULD KNOW IT WAS A GIRL ALREADY BECAUSE OF THE ADVERTISEMENT!
  • When Mai uses Rose Whip to get the Niwatori card, it crumbles and wrecks the card, however, when mai catches it, it is in perfect condition.
  • When Kaiba gets trapped by the "Armed Ninja", Mokuba goes to get his deck. He opens the pod and it stays open when he leaves it. But you can see it closed at the next shot of the scene. (WHAT, DID A GHOST CLOSE IT OR SOMETHING?) -Submitted by: SteffenMC
  • Tea actually did do something unlike tristan Tea dueled for Yugi when he was to scared to duel and won yugi enough starchips to deul in Pegasus's castle.
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