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Joey's Death (4)


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Episode Information
Episode Number128

Average Rating:9
Number of Votes Cast:6 
Episode Rank:73 
Things are looking up for Joey now. Everyone is cheering Joey on. Kaiba seems shcoked that Joey has the upper hand against Malik.

Things look even better as Joey somehow get's Ra into his hand! However, he remembers what happened with Mai, so won't play it.But the tides turn as Ra's power strikes Joey down!

With his heart in the cards, Joey draws the Iron warrior, which would win him tyhe match, but he has suffered FAR too much damage, and thus Malik wins by default.

Yugi loses his fighting spirit as Joey lays in the hospital bed, but he uses Ichizu's necklace to see in the future, and sees Joey telling him to win the tournament and take out Malik, so Yami takes over, and heads. It's Yugi Vs Kaiba!

Note:In this dark game Joey didn't die!
Kaiba: (thinking) I can't believe Joey Wheeler has the upper hand in this duel!

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