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Ever Intensifying Mystery of Noa's True Identity


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Episode Number110

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Seto looks for Mokuba and sees a tunnel. He follows it and Tea and Yugi rush after him. Joey and Duke debate whether to go or not, but decide too late, as the door to the portal closes, leaving them, along with Serenity and Monkey-Triston alone on the bridge.

Inside the tunnel, Seto runs madly after the fading voice of his brother. Then, he sees a light in one side of the wall and sees Noa and Mokuba.

Noa tells Seto that K. Kaiba has him try to defeat Seto because Noa wanted an opponent, someone he could compete against. If he can beat Seto, he will be the rightful heir to Kaibacorp.

Seto ignores this, walks past Noa and takes Mokuba's hand and starts to lead him out, but Mokuba slaps Seto's hand away and tells him he isn't going with him. He's staying with Noa, his brother!

Seto is angry at Noa, because he knows he brainwashed him change Mokuba. Meanwhile, Yugi and Tea run down the tunnel, but end up in front of the Kaiba Mansion. They enter and hear a baby crying.

Yugi wonders if they have gone back in time to when Seto was a baby, but that can't be, as Seto was adopted at the age of 10. Yugi then finds a dusty photo, which shocks him. He carries it with him and he and Tea soon find Seto.

He shows the picture to Seto who finds it shocking as well, as Noa and K. Kaiba are in the photo, but K. looks younger! And earlier, Noa looked the same in another photo, but K. was older! How can Noa stay the same but others age?

Seto doesn't get his answer, as Noa leaves, taking Mokuba with him.
Yugi: (Picking up a rattle on the floor) "Have we gone all the way back to the time of baby-Seto?"
Tea: "Yugi, I thought Seto was adopted when he was 10."
Yugi: "Oh yeah."

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