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Attack From Space - Satellite Cannon (2)


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Episode Number109

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I forgot to mention in the last ep. summary, that Noa found
Mokuba and took him back to his "place." The two are
watching the duel from one of Noa's TV screens.

So Kaiba takes his turn and tries to defend from Lily.
Every turn, Jinzo will continue to get back life points to
use for Lily's attack, so it's useless to try and attack
her with anything below 3400.

Kaiba plays one defense monster and ends his turn.

Meanwhile, Yugi and his friends and riding in some old
truck Joey has found and they're riding down the same
highway that Kaiba and Jinzo are dueling on.

Jinzo goes into the whole flashback of the year-long test
when Seto was a kid.
As Mokuba looks on, Jinzo tells Seto a story to refresh his memory of past events.

Okay, on Seto's birthday one year, he was given as a present a test. (What IS it with these Yugioh! people and these life-changing birthday presents??!!) He and Mokuba would each recieve two shares of Kaibacorp. Seto had to get more than half of the shares of Kaibacorp by his birthday the next year and then he would become the successor.

Seto went to all lengths to win, because K. Kaiba was using his own inventions for evil, to hurt people. Seto had to stop him. He succeeded in secretly turning the Big 5 against K., but someone told K. what had happened and Seto blamed Mokuba! (This is where I think things get a bit far-fetched)

Seto told Mokuba to stop getting in his way, so Mokuba went to K. Kaiba's side for the battle.
On Seto's birthday the next year, Seto has 49% of the shares, K. 51%, but just as they are about to call Seto the looser, Mokuba breaks in. He explains two percent of the shares are his to use, and he chooses to give them to Seto, switching the scores and giving Seto the victory.
Also, Mokuba doesn't believe that his brother would use
him, although Noa keeps trying to get him to think that.
(This is where I get stuck. Is it true that he used him? Or
was he mistaken?)

Anyway, Jinzo activates the Satilite cannon's effect, which
destroys the monster Seto played into defense mode.

Yugi and his friends arrive just as the cannon hits the
monster. It causes a major explosion, but Seto doesn't
really get hurt by it. (i think that last thing was just to
make the cliff-hanger even worse for the viewers.)

Lily then destroys Blood Vors. Kaiba takes his turn and
plays a new monster. (I'm sorry, I forget the name) He
manages to power the monster up to 3200, but Jinzo thinks
this is ridculous, as Lily still destroys it.

But as Kaiba looses 200 lp, he laughs. Lily costs 2000 lp
EACH time a monster attacks her, so now, with less than
2000 lp left, Jinzo cannot activate her special effect,
leaving her very vulnerable to Doldra's attack.

Kaiba wipes out lily, but the Satilite Cannon is still a
problem. It destroys Doldra, and despite Seto's open lp,
Jinzo plays Dreamsprite in defense mode.

Kaiba summons a fire-type monster and attacks Dreamsprite,
but Jinzo activates her ability; transfer the attack order
to another monster on the field, namely the Satilite Cannon
that cannot be attacked by any monster lower than 8 stars.

Kaiba takes his next turn and starts with Pot of Greed. He
draws two more cards and plays a monster in attack mode.
Then, he activates the Lord of Dragons special ability as
the Cheif of Card set; pay 500 life points to summon a
dragon type monster to the field.

Kaiba sacrifices his two monsters for his Blue Eyes, and
it, having both 8 stars and the ability to fly, destroys
the Satilite Cannon and the remainder of Jinzo's life

Kaiba rushes over to Jinzo and demands to know what
happened to Mokuba, but Jinzo replies he doesn't know and
dissappears into the atmosphere.

Noa asks why Mokuba is so happy Kaiba won, when he betrayed
him before. Mokuba says he doesn't care about that, and
that he just wants to help his brother.

Back with Kaiba, he just looks up into the sky and calls
out Mokuba's name...
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