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The Master of Magicians (2)


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Episode Information
Episode Number61
First AiredFebruary 8, 2003

Average Rating:9.29
Number of Votes Cast:7 
Episode Rank:65 
This episode starts off with the duel between Arkana and Yugi. Yugi tells Arakana to give up but he refuses and that he will win and get the Dark Magician.

Tea' and Gramps are still searching for Yugi and that they gotta find him. Gramps says they will.

Arkana starts off his move with Mystic Tomato is defense mode and a card face down. Yugi thinks that he should summon another monster and Arakana wants him to. Yugi plays Beta the magnet warrior and Arkana activates a trap card that lets him sacrifice Yugi's Alpha and the mystic tomato to bring back a monster from the grave yard...the Dark Magician. Its Dark Magician vs Dark Magician and if they attack eachother they'll both die. Yugi plays four cards face down and Arakana copies him. Arkana activates Mystical Guitine to kill the Dark Magician. The blade falls toward the Dark Magician's head as Yugi activates Magical hats and saves his favorite monster.
Arkana then plays Thousand Knives and his Dark Magician thows the knives at the middle hat where Yugi's Dark Magician is. Yugi then activates Curse Breaker(which looks like De-Spell.) Curse Breaker destroys all magic cards(even the Magical Hats even though its really a trap.) Yugi tells Arkana that destroying his Dark Magician wont be easy. They each oder their Dark Magicians to attack eachother and they die but then they both activate Monster Reborn and bring them both back. Its a true stalemate. Yugi tells Arkana to finish the duel with honor but he refuses. Yugi asks Arkana why he led him down here and trapped him.
Arkana then pulls off his mask and Yugi sounds discusted. Arkana tells Yugi his past and how he was a magician with fame, glory and love(like pegasus i guess.) He says that when he did a routine escape trick it failed and he was seariously hurt. When he was in the Hospital he drove Kathrine(his love)away and she disapeared. Thats when he found Marik who promised to return Kathrine useing the Millennium Rod.
Yugi told him that working for Marik wont help get Kathrine back but then there was a curtain behind him. It hid Kathrine. Yugi told him he should of never trusted Marik and that he should believe in his slef and his deck. Arkana says that they'r just cards but Yugi says they have spirit. The only reason why Arkana made his deck was to just destroy Yugi.

Mean while, Tea' and Gramps are still searching for Yugi. They searched the streets lake every where and still no sign of him.

At Kaiba Corp Mokuba and Kaiba still are searching for him on the computer so the find a bunch of copmuters that are capatable with Battle City computers and to track dowmn Yugi. Mokuba says he will go to the streets and to radio him when they find Yugi.

Back at the duel Yugi tells Arkana to make his move and he plays a card face down. Its Yugi's turn and he plays two cards face down. Arkana activates his magic card which will destroy Yugi's Magician but Yugi counters yet again saving his Magician. Arkana then says that was his plan all along and he activates a trap card which traps the Dark Magician out of the field on the side lines.(like Light Force Sword.) Arkana then attacks Yugi directly with his Dark Magician reducing his life points to 1500. They are now tied. The Dark Magician watches helplessly actually looking like he is alive. Its Yugi's turn and he draws.

Tea' and Gramps have given up on finding Yugi when Mokuba shows up and tells them he knows where Yugi is and to follow him and they'll find him.

Yugi plays a monster in defense mode with a defsne of 2600. Arkana teases him but then plays Doll of Demise and then plays a magic card called Ectoplmer which takes the spirit of a monster and attacks Yugi directly. Yugi is surprised. Arkana says that he'll beat Yugi. Yugi says that his monsters will be zombies and Arkana says he doesnt card and his Magician also seems to be thinking for himself as a real creature instead of a hologram.
The Doll of Demises spirit hits Yugi reducing his life points to 700. The Dark Energy Disk gets closer to Yugi and his Dark Magician looks at his friend helplessly. Arkana then uses Ectoplasmer again but on his Dark Magician and the spirit goes at Yugi directly. Then all of a sudden Yugi's Magician's ectoplasma is activated and blocks the direct attack. Arkana and Yugi arte both surprised by this act. Yugi says that since Ectoplasmer wa used on Arkana's Magician it also does it to Yugi's saving him from losing.
To Be Continued...
Yugi and Arcana talking about the ectoplasma card.
*Arcana's Dark Magician Smirking*
Arcana: So, The cards are nothing so long as I beat you. They are nothing but pawns to be used.
*The Dark Magician falters*

Goofs and Nitpicks
  • When Arkana played Mystic Tomato, the card had the English card picture, but the Mystic Tomato that appeared on the field was the Japanese card picture.
  • The holograms have EMOTIONS! Considering how impossible it would be to make the holograms get angry at comments made by the Duelists, Kaiba would not have wasted his time and programmed the holograms to do so anyways.
  • It's because the cards really do have souls. In the Japanese version, you find that out and that's why they show anger, fear, etc. They dubbed over it in the American version. It's not because of Kaiba's program.
  • When Mokuba meet up with Yugi's grandfather and Tea he called his brother Kaiba instead of Seto.
  • When doll of demise was summoned it had no arms.
  • CORRECTION: The doll of demise DID have arms, they were just edited by the english dubbers by "holographic projectors" because the doll is actually holding an Axe and sharp needle daggers. It was thought to violent for kids to see, however, you can see the axe and daggers when it shows the card. -Submitted by: SteffenMC
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