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The Wrath of Rebecca (1)


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Episode Information
Episode Number41
First AiredOctober 12, 2002

Average Rating:6.89
Number of Votes Cast:9 
Episode Rank:127 
Pegasus has freed Grampa, Mokuba, and Kaiba's souls, Joey has his prize money, and Kaiba and Mokuba are back together. Yugi talks to the spirit of the puzzle and they congardulate each other. They all hitch a ride home from Kaiba, and Bakura in his evil state thinks that he has the best prize of all: Pegasus's Millenium Eye. We don't see him again.
Back at home, Grandpa is fully recovered. They run into Rebecca, a girl who is only eight but claims to be a world champion and prodidgy at Duel Monsters. Joey and Tristan are very skeptic since she has a teddy bear with her, and she pretends he can talk. Yugi says he read about a Duel Monsters child prodidgy once, so it's possible she's that person. She says that Grandpa stole her Blue Eyes White Dragon, and she wants to duel to get it back. Tea remembers that Kaiba ripped it up in the first episode. Yugi claims that his Grandpa is most certainly not a thief, but she wants to duel anyways. After pulling a few strings with Mokuba, the gang borrows a hologram projector for the duel in Kaiba's amusement park, Kaiba Land. Yugi says that his Grandpa is in no state to duel after just getting out of the hospital, so he duels Rebecca instead.
Rebecca's frist card is Witch of the Black Forest. Yugi uses Celtic Guardian and destroys it. Rebecca is distraught. Then she pretends that her teddy bear is telling her something. She says that the bear told her that now she could take a card with 1500 or less defense points from her deck since her witch went to the graveyard. She chooses a card. Then she sends out Sangan, and Celtic Guardian destorys it. She acts upset again, but then her teddy "tells" her that she can take a monster from her deck with 1500 or less attack points. She chooses her card and plays a monster face down. Suddenly, she drops her "llittle girl" act and has an attitiude of a pro. She uses a crad that allows her to discard a monster from her hand, and get rid of Yugi's Celtic Guardian. She does this. Meanwhile Grandpa is beginning to remember a duel he had almost exactly like this one. He warns Yugi to be careful. Yugi has Summoned Skull attack the face down card on the field. It's the Millenium Sheild and Yugi loses 500 life pts. She then plays the Ring of Magnetism on the shield, bringing its attack down to 2500 and then plays Cannon Soldier (400/1300). Yugi is worried because Cannon Soldier can attack his life points directly if she sacrifices another monster. Yugi orders Summoned Skull to destory Cannon Soldier, but the Millenium Shiled takes the attack because of the Ring of Magnetism. Then Rebecca plays another Witch of the Black Forest and sacrifces it, causing her to draw another card from her deck. It also lets Cannon Soldier attack Yugi's life points directly. Grandpa now remembers that he played the exact same duel with a friend, Arthur Hawkins. Rebecca says that she is Arthur's Granddaughter. The score is currently: Rebecca 1300 Yugi 1000. Rebecca says that it's hopeless for Yugi, and the episode ends as a cliffhanger.
Joey: Hey, I got credentials! I took second place in the dueling kingdom championship.
Tristan: That's true. Then again, you probably can't spell 'credentials'.

Joey: "Okay, don't get mushy. I can't take it!"

Rebecca:"Oooh, Yugi's being mean to me!"
Yugi: "I'm not being mean to you! I'm just playing the game!"
Rebecca:"Hear that teddy? Mean old Yugi's yelling at me!"
Yugi(Yelling) "And I'm not yelling at you!"

Tea:Aren't you a little young to be a duel monsters champion?
Rebecca:I'm Eight
Joey:Yeah,inches tall
Rebecca:What are you questioning my dueling credentials!
Joey:Hey! Igot credentials too!I took second place at Duelist Kingdom.
Tristan:That's true but on the other hand you probably can't spell 'credentials'.
Joey:Watch it!

Joey:(to Rebecca) What does it take to penetrate that thick skull of yours?!

YUGI-How old are you.
JOEY-Yeah, inches tall.

JOEY-Hey I got credentials.
TRISTAN-That may be true but on the other hand you probably can't even spell credentials.
JOEY-your supposed to be on my side.

Goofs and Nitpicks
  • When the Cannon Soldier's stats appear, it's attack is only 400, not 1400.
  • When Mokuba first wakes up, he calls Bakura by name even though the two have never met until that time.
  • The Millenium Shield is neither an effect monster nor a WIND attribute monster. In the only version of it, Premium Pack 5, it is a EARTH attribute monster with no special effects
  • Why doesn't Yugi transform to Yami? Probably not to scare Rebbeca, or her Teddy.
  • When gramps is telling his story it shows the board and cannon slodier is in the magic card zone. Also Yugi's lifepoints are shown as 1000 when they were really 1500
  • e=rebbeca played tribute to the doomed and yugi acted like it was a regular card, but in a later episode, when yugi dueled kieth he was suprised when he saw it,
  • when you look closely, when Witch Of The Black Forest gets destroyed and it instead of showing Witch of the black forest on yugi's panel it showed Cannon soldier
  • About the last goof: Yugi never has a Witch of the Black Forest or Cannon Soldier. It was probably on Rebecca's panel.
  • When Yami congradulated Yugi at the beginning of the episode Yugi said that he doesn't even know Yami's name. Yami said "that he has been called may things throughout the ages, Pharoah, Yugioh but you can just call me Yami". How did he know that now when he only just figures it it out in "Obelisk the Tormentor"?
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