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Best of Friends, Best of Duelists (1)


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Episode Information
Episode Number33
First AiredSeptember 14, 2002

Average Rating:8.38
Number of Votes Cast:13 
Episode Rank:96 
Yugi and Joey prepare to duel. Joey thanks Yugi for all his help on getting to where he is but Yugi says Joey had the skills to do it all along. Yugi leads with Celtic Guardian but Joey counters with Guiltier the Knight and the Guardian is destroyed. Yugi can't believe didn't do anything but just play a monster that turn so and says a mistake like that should not go unpunished. Then he plays Gaia the Fierce Knight and Guiltier is beaten. Joey then plays Armored Lizard in defence. This suprises everyone. Yugi plays Summoned Skull and destroys the Lizard. Joey smiles and plays the Flame Swordsman with the Shield and Sword card, reducing Summoned Skull's attack to 1200! The Flame Swordsman easily crushed the Skull. Yugi congradulates Joey on a good move then plays Curse of Dragon. Then Yugi uses Polymerisation to create Gaia the Dragon Champion and it destroys the Swordsman. But Joey counters by first playing Red Eyes Black Dragon, the the Grave Robber to get the Summoned Skull, and finally Copy Cat to copy Yugi's Polymerisation card to make the Black Skull Dragon! It destroys the Dragon Champion but Yugi is unfazed as he obviously has a plan to make the supreme dragon fall!
Joey:"Now i'll play Grave Robber to steal a monster from your grave!"

Yami:"My Skull?!"

Joey:"Right. Now he's mine! And finally, ill use this little critter, the Copycat. And I want the magical, mystical Polymerysation!"

Pegasus: "Apparently I'm the only one who enjoys watching friends duel against each other. I guess it's an aquired taste."

Tristan: Did you see that look in Yugi's eyes?
Bakura: That stare's meant doom for many a duelist.

Goofs and Nitpicks
  • When Joey played the Red-Eyes Black D. he also played Copycat to copy Polymerization, but wait, can't you only play one monster at a time?
  • Copycat Copys one MONSTER and Graverobber Copys one MAGIC at the cost of 2000 lps. so his card effects would have to be inverted for the combo to work!
  • When Gaia the Fierce Knight attacks Joey's Giltia, Joey's Life Points go down to 1550, yet Giltia's ATK is 1950, meaning Joey's Life Points should have gone down to 1650
  • If Giltia's ATK is 1950, when he attacked Celtic Guardian how did Yugi's life points drop to 1550? They should have dropped to 1450
  • When Tea looks at Yugi and Joey down on the field, Joey still has a "Shield and sword" and a "Flame Swordsman" on the field
  • When Joey plays graverobberhe says he gets to take a monster from my opponet's Graveyard but when he played it in bandit keth he took a trap.
  • Correction: Giltia's ATK points are 1850.
  • Joey played Graverobber like a magic card, but it's a trap card.
  • When Yugi defeats Joey's Armored Lizard, if you look at Joey's hand after that, you can see the Armored Lizard.
  • Response: Maybe Joey has two Armoured Lizards in his deck.
  • Response: Joey said monster as an example because he was going to take a monster.
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