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Evil Spirit of the Ring


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Episode Information
Episode Number13
First AiredJanuary 26, 2002

Average Rating:9.35
Number of Votes Cast:31 
Episode Rank:59 
Yami Yugi and Bakura begin their duel, but Yugi realizes that this isn't Bakura at all! Its an evil spirit of some kind, that has the power of the Shadow Realm. Yami Yugi plays Tristan's favorite card, the Cyber Commander. When the card pops out, its a 6 inch tall Tristan. His soul has been trapped in the card. He is very confused and is almost immediately killed by the evil spirit's Magical Hat. Tristan goes to the card graveyard, and sees his name on a grave. Meanwhile, although Yami wants to avoid it, he knows he has to play the Flame Swordsman, Joey's favorite card. A 6 inch tall Joey pops out (read the quote, this is a hilarious scene).
Yami begins to tell Joey what's going on, and Joey attacks the Magical Hat, and defeats it. But, then he defeats a card that makes all of the cards in Yami's hand cards useless. He discards them, and draws more, including the Dark Magician, Yugi's favorite card. Yami first plays a card that allows Tristan (Cyber Commander) to return to the game. Then he plays the Dark Magician. A 6 inch Yugi pops up. They wonder that if Yugi is down there, who is dueling. This is Yugi's first real concious awareness that Yami does exist, and is actually another conciousness. But the evil Bakura sends out another card that makes the rest of Yami's hand useless. He draws again, and gets Taya's favorite card. He plays it, and a 6 inch Taya pops up. The evil spirit sends out the Man-Eater Bug. Joey defeats it, but at the same time, he is deated, and lands in the graveyard. He finds the Duel Monsters equivalent of the Grim Reaper and he starts to run away. Back at the duel, the three that are left continue to fight, and Yami manages to restore Joey, just in time. But the evil spirit sends out the Change of Heart cards, which has the real Bakura's soul trapped inside. The Change of Heart card is supposed to make then opponent's cards turn against each other, but Bakura wants to help them, and inhabits the evil spirit's cards. Yugi manages to defeat the evil spirit, and all is returned to normal. But, just as soon as they come back out of the shadow realm, the hear Mai scream, and the FIVE of them (looks like Bakura joined the group) run to see what has happened.
"Wha... what? Where am I? AHHHH!!!!!! Yugi's a giant! Now I've really cracked! Hmm..... AHHHHH! A giant Baccura!" -Joey (Flame Swordsman)

"Its a giant man-eater!" -Yu-Gi-Oh
"Man-eater? Glad I'm a girl!" -Taya

(Bakura comes out dressing as the Change of Heart)

Bakura: Well, it's better then being enslaved by an evil spirit.

Yugi's just played the Flame Swordsman (Joey) and is tying to explain what has happened...
Yugi: "Joey listen to me, your sould has been trapped inside your favourite card. You've become the Flame Swordsman.
Flame Swordsman(Joey): "I'm the WHO?"

Joey: Ahhhhh! A giant Bacura! Now i know I'm nuts. I'm like six inches tall, wearing a dress, about to attack my giant friend?
Yu-Gi-Oh: Thats not really Bacura, an evil spirit from his millenium ring has taken him over.
Joey: Well I have no idea what you're talking about, so here I go...

Tayas card has just been placed down on the field, and Joey, Tristen and Yugi are trying to hide her.
Joey: "Shhh, Bacura and Yugi are big dueling giants, and
are fighting for our souls."
Taya(Looking at Yugi): "But Yugi's right here"
Yugi: "Yeah, well the big guys not really me, but he not
really not me."
Taya looks confused
Joey: "Think of it this way Taya, there are two Yugi's, the cool one up there, and the wimpy one down here."
Yugi falls down (like they always seem to do in anime)
Yugi(looking mad): "Thats not how it works at all!"

Yugi: "In order for me to win this duel, restore you all back to your bodies, and get us out of the Shadow Realm I'm going to need your help."
Joey: "You want my help, you got my help."
Yugi: "Are you sure your OK?"
Joey: "OK? I figure I've lost my mind but... I'm gonna go with it."

Tea: What a weird dream...
Joey: This is no dream, this is me goin' insane.

Joey(after destroying the morphing jar):Ta-Da!
Bakura: What a dolt.

Bakura: No one destroys the Electric Lizard without getting some rather shocking feedback.(Yugi had got shocked, and was doubling over in pain)

[actual quote]
Yugi: "It's a Man-Eater Bug!"
Tea: "Man-Eater Bug? Glad I'm a girl."

Yami: "Bakura, what have you done? Why have you taken us to the Shadow Realm?"
Yami Bakura: laughs "Bakura... Bakura is no longer here."
Yami: "If you're not Bakura then who are you?"
Yami Bakura: "I am a thief and a stealer of souls. And I have done terrible things in my quest to obtain all seven Millenium Items."

[actual quote]
Joey: "Shush. Bakura and Yugi are big duelin giants and are fightin for our souls."
Tea: "But Yugi's right here."
Yugi: "Yeah, well, the big guy's not really me, well he's not really not me...."
Tea: "Huh?"
Yugi: "I know it sounds complicated, but it has something to do with the Millenium Items Bakura and I have. It's some kind of magic."
Tea: "Magic? So I'm not crazy."
Yugi: "Not unless we're all going crazy."
Joey: "Just think of it this way, Tea. There's two Yugis. The cool one up there, and the puny one down here."
Yugi: sweatdrops and falls over "Oh, that's not how it works at all!"

Actual quote:
Yami Yugi: Huh? Why did he play that faced down?
Joey: Because he is afraid of what Joey the Swordsman is going to do to him. I am going in!
Yami Yugi: NO! Wait, it could be a trap!
Joey: Haiyaaa!!!!.......Tada
Yami Bakura: What a dolt!

Yami Bakura: With this card I can turn you against your comrades, the very friends you sought to protect you will now destroy.
Yugi: No, I refuse!
Yami Bakura: You won't have a choice in the matter. The Change of Heart card allows me to control any opposing monster, and I choose you Little Yugi, hahaha!
Yami Yugi: Leave the young one out of this!
Yami Bakura: Why should I? By simply destroying him might defeat you as well. YOU ARE HERE TO GUIDE AND PROTECT HIIIIIIIMMMMMM!! THEN PROTECT AGAINST THIS!!!!!!!

(After the first Morphing Jar was activated)
Yami Yugi(draws Dark Magician, thinking): The Dark Magician! He is my favorite card, but is he also my soul card? What happens when I play it?
Yami Bakura: Hmhmhm, with a new hand, comes a whole new perspective(then puts one card in faced down defense mode), the game evershifting(then put one card faced down), new dangers surround every turn.

Yugi: (as the Dark Magician) That's not how it works at all! I'll show you! (see's Bakcura's [sic] face-down card) DARK MAGIC ATTACK!!!!

Actual quote:
Yugi: That's not how it works at all!
Joey: Just a joke, man...
Yugi: You forget that here, I have the powers of the Dark Magician! I'll show you who's puny around here. (raises staff)
Joey: Oh boy...

After they're all out of the shadow realm.
Tea: I just had the strangest dream.
Joey: Man,last time I sleep with duelin' cards under my pillow.

Y.Bakura: Helpless on the field, easy prey for my MAN-EATER BUG!
Tea: MAN-EATER BUG? Glad I'm a girl...

Tristan: I just dreamed that Bakura went totally mental!
Joey: Same here. Last time I snooze with dueling cards under my pillow.
Bakura: Sleep well guys? (sweet face)
Joey&Tristan: BAKURAA!!! Huh?
Tristan: Hands off!
Joey: You grabbed me.

Goofs and Nitpicks
  • Yugi makes various comments suggesting that he was working with Yami until the Dark Magician was played, but Yugi's soul was supposed to have been trapped inside the card the whole time.
  • Why was Joey (as the Flame Swordsman) afraid of The Reaper of Cards? he could defeat him in one blow. the reaper of cards attack is 1300
  • Actually, he was in the graveyard, so he probably couldn't do an attack unless called to do so, like all the other monsters do.
  • CORECTION-Even if Yugi & Yami are somehow seperated they are still capable of communicating. Such as in "Mystery Duelist" they are seperated but able to communicate for a short time.
  • When they showed Tea's Magician of Faith effect activating, she was standing on the Dark Magician's card.
  • When yami plays monster reborn the first time, if you look for a split sec, instead of the american picture, it shows the japanese picture for "raise dead"
  • When Yugi brings forth Flameswordsman (Joey), the card color is purple meaning that it is a fusion card. He couldn't have done so because fusion cards require polymerization which did not happen. And if the dubbing was flawed, I guess I could understand the mistake.
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