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The Light at the End of the Tunnel [a.k.a. Panik Attack] (1)


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Episode Information
Episode Number14
First AiredFebruary 2, 2002

Average Rating:6.82
Number of Votes Cast:11 
Episode Rank:129 
Having heard somebody scream, Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Taya and Bakura run to see what has happened. Reaching a nearby duelling arena, they arrive just in time to see Mai's Harpy Lady Sisters be defeated in a duel. As Mai looks on in dismay, her opponent introduces himself as Panik, one of the Duellist Kingdom Eliminators.

As Panik claims all of Mai's star chips, Mai warns the group to get away before Panik gets to them as well, but Yugi stands strong, challenging Panik to a duel to win back Mai's star chips. Mai tries to persuade Yugi not to duel Panik, unsure as to whether he would be able to win, but Panik seems eager to duel Yugi.

He explains that Pegasus has offered a generous bounty to the eliminator who defeats Yugi, but warns Yugi that he would be willing to defeat him even if there wasn't any reward. As the two prepare to duel, Panik explains that there is more to duelling than strategy and Mai warns Yugi that Panik is a ruthless duellist, however Yugi is still determined to duel.

As Yugi steps up to the duelling arena, his feet are clasped into place to prevent him from moving and then bursts of flame shoot out, barely missing him. As Mai and the others doubt that Yugi can win, he still seems confident in his chances.

However as Panik plays his first card, the Castle of Dark Illusions, things don't seem to be going in Yugi's favour. As the Castle appears on the field, it smothers Panik's half of the arena in darkness, preventing Yugi from seeing which cards Panik has played. Panik explains that on this arena the only source of a field power bonus is the night.

An uneasy Yugi plays the Celtic Guardian in defence mode, but as Panik plays a monster onto the field he attacks Yugi's Guardian, destroying it. Realising that he can't attack monsters he can't see, Yugi looks for a way to destroy the Castle of Dark Illusions, but with the field power bonus it is nearly impenetrable.

As Yugi plays the Winged Dragon in defence mode, Panik senses that his opponent is beginning to fret as he plays a second monster into the darkness. However as Yugi's turn begins, he uses the Winged Dragon to attack the darkness, temporarily revealing the monsters that Panik has on the field. Even so, Panik attacks the Dragon, destroying it and reducing Yugi's life points to 1606.

Panik begins to taunt Yugi, telling him that he can't win as long as the Castle of Dark Illusions is still in play, but Yugi is unfazed and begins to laugh at Panik, telling him that he knows exactly how to win. Showing Panik the Sowrds of Revealing Light, he tells him that he will use it to stop his monsters and dispel the darkness. As Mai watches on, shocked at the amateurish mostake Yugi has made in announcing his strateg, Yugi warns Panik that he will defeat him in five turns.

As Yugi plays the Curse of Dragon in defence mode, he also plays a card face down, warning Panik that this card will make him see the light. Certain that the card is Yugi's Swords of Revealing Light, Panik summons the Reaper of the Cards to destroy Yugi's Magic card. However as the Reaper attacks, it is unable to finish the move as Yugi reveals that the card was not his Revealing Light but actually the Spell Binding Circle.

With the Reaper of the Cards caught within Yugi's trap he is free to play his Revealing Light whenever he wants. As Mai looks on, amazed at Yugi's strength in such tough conditions, Yugi decides the time has come to play the Swords of Revealing Light. Playing one card face down, Yugi activates the Swords, flooding Panik's side of the field in a bright light which not only reveals his monsters but prevents them from attacking. However while Yugi seems confident that he can keep his promise to defeat Panik within the next four turns, Panik also seems sure that victory will be his.
  • The American version of the two-part Yugi V Panik duel was combined into one episode called "Panik Attack". All other countries received the epsiode in its two-part form.
  • Althought the two-part version of this episode has never been aired in the USA, the complete version is available on the second volume of the VHS/DVD collection, "Evil Spirit of the Ring"
  • Althought the two-part version of this episode has never been aired in the USA, the complete version is available on the sixth volume of the VHS/DVD collection, "Evil Spirit of the Ring"
  • Quotes
    Yami Yugi: Are you finished blowing smoke, Panik?

    Yami Yugi: But that's why I'm laughing. Because I CAN see...right through you.

    "It will take more than your cheap act of Pyrotechincs to scare me"
    Yami Yugi after stepping up to the platform, being locked in place and almost being hot by jets of fire.

    Yugi: "Fists aren't the answer, Joey. I've handled a lot of bullies in my life, and I'm afraid there's only one way to deal with them. You have to stand up to them!" (Then he tranforms into Yami Yugi.)

    Yami Yugi: Why should I show you my card after you've gone to such lengths to keep yours in the dark?

    (On the video)
    Bakura: Sleep well, guys?
    Tea: Let's see. I dreamt Yugi had us all dressed up and that you'd gone nuts, so- no.

    Goofs and Nitpicks
  • This show screwed up. Sometime during the duel it shows Yugi's lifepoints at 1606 but then later Panic damages him and brings him down to 1606. Also it showed one of Panic's monsters out before he actually summoned it.
  • Almost at the end of the episode, it will show that Yugi has 1606 life points left, but then when th camera shows the life points of Yugi again, he had 300, which is the correct amount he is supposed to have left.
  • Panik said that Reaper Of The Cards destroys magic cards, but it really destroys traps.
  • When Reaper Of The Cards was trapped in the Spellbinding Circle, its attack power didn't decrease by 700.
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