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Obelisk's Anger, Soul Energy Max! (4)


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Episode Number141

Average Rating:10
Number of Votes Cast:1 
Episode Rank:37 
Yami Malik has just used a card called Magic Shard Excavation, which allows him to discard two cards from his hand to put one magic card from his graveyard back in his hand. The card he chooses is Monster Reborn. However, instead of resurrecting Ra immediately, he brings out a new monster (with an attack power of 1900) that allows him to gain 1000 life points, setting him at 1700. He then ends his turn.

Yami Yugi starts his turn. However, he is trying to decide how to save Malik. After a chat with Yugi, they decide that Ra is the weakness of Yami Malik, as Yami Malik must combine his soul with Ra's when performing the One Turn Kill move. Yami then brings Gazelle onto the field and places a card. Since his turn is over, Malik's Bowgunian card shoots Yami, reducing his life points to 700.

On his turn, Yami Malik uses Monster Reborn to resurrect Ra. He then pays 1000 life points to destroy Obelisk. Yugi then activates his own Monster Reborn, resurrecting Osiris and putting it in the way of the attack. Osiris takes the hit and Obelisk is unharmed.

However, Malik then activates a card that gives him another battle phase and brings Ra back onto the field (as the card states that any monster that was summoned and attacked previously on the turn could come back). This time, Malik begins to use One Turn kill. First, he starts chanting, reducing his life points to 1 and makes Ra's attack 699.

BUT at this instant Yami activates his Soul Taker card, which allows him to sacrifice one of Malik's monsters (but at the same time gives Malik 1000 life points). Malik thinks that Yami will sacrifice Ra, so he laughs since Ra cannot be sacrificed through special effects. However, Yami sacrificed Malik's slime monster. It sets off Obelik's special ability to destroy all monsters on the field and do damage to Malik's life points. This normally requires two sacrifices, but the slime monster counted as two since it was fused from two creatures.

Obelisk's fists fire at Ra, and...
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