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Devil's Sanctuary Arises! (2)


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Episode Information
Episode Number139

Average Rating:10
Number of Votes Cast:1 
Episode Rank:36 
Yami has nothing in his hand to take down Ra, and is fearful of what Ra's special ability might be, as if having 5400 attack strength wasn't enough.

Yami Malik summons another monster and sacrafices it.

Yami is confused when he dosen't see another monster apear on the field.

Yami Malik tells him to look at Ra's stats and saw they rose! Yami Malik explains that Ra's special ability allows him to sacrafice monsters, and the sacraficed monster's attack and defense combine together and add to Ra's attack and defense power.

Yami Malik keeps using this ability and raising Ra's attack power higher then anything Yami has ever faced and Yami Malik tells him to surrender but with so much at stake Yami refuses to quit, even though he can't see a way to win, especialy since his Egyptian God is gone!

However Yami draws Devil's Santuary card and uses it to turn the tables on Yami Malik but it won't be enough to win him the match!
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