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Noa Vs. Seto - Duel of the Creators (1)


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Episode Number114

Average Rating:8
Number of Votes Cast:1 
Episode Rank:108 
Joey is shaking monkey Tristan, who is upset, believing his must remain a monkey forever. Duke finds a secret pannel on the back of the monkey's back, and inside are 6 buttons.

Joey presses one, and the monky sprouts wheels and starts racing around them. Duke presses another, and the monkey sprouts propellers and begins zooming around Yugi, Tea, and Serenity.

Meanwhile, Seto has found Kaibaland, and walks inside to find a railroad track. As if to "welcome" him, as Seto puts it, a BEWD train comes by and Seto boards it.

Yugi finally presses the Red Button and the monkey goes into Emergency Mode, (which is not Tristan at all) it leads them straight to Kaibaland.

Meanwhile, Seto has reached an odd lava-world, and steps out of the train onto a piece of rock. Noa is waiting for him on another rock surrounding the lava.

Seto tells Noa that he found out the truth; that Noa is dead. Noa realizes that Seto saw the clip, and meanwhile, Yugi and his friends are watching it themselves.

Noa explains the situation to Seto. That when Noa was young, he was being trained to be a sucessor of Kaibacorp, but was hit by a car and was killed.

K. Kaiba put Noa's mind into a Virtual Computer, and transfered all his memories there. Noa woke up thinking everything had been a dream, but when he can't open his door, a screen pops up and K. Kaiba is there.

Noa asks his father to let him out, but K. explains that Noa is dead, and must live in the computer world now. Noa isn't too happy to find out he has died already, but he sees a cat on the floor, and pets it.

Noa explained that the VW was slowly expanded, but it was still virtual, and the people were limited. (For example, the hot dog vender never said anything to him other than, "Hello, Master Noa, what would you like?)

He made adjustments to the V world to make it more life like (too life-like. His cat got really wild and he had to put a muzzle on it!), and also figured out plans for his father, but he wasn't interested in listening.

Then, Seto and Mokuba were adopted. Noa explains that everything Seto did was just so someday he would compete with Noa.

Seto can't believe that everything he has acomplished was just for someone else, and tells Noa to start the duel.

Meanwhile, Yugi and his friends discover the tracks. (Tristan turns back into Triston-Monkey again)
Triston scurries down the tracks and finds a little train-car equip with a handle-bar that Joey and Duke begin pumping to make it go.

However, they go too fast, and when Tea suggests the brake, Joey admits he has broken the brake! So they speed away down the tracks and are deposited on another rock near where the duel is begining.

Seto appoints a reptile monster as his Deck Master and plays Giant Germ in attack mode, and the Crush Card face down. Noa summons a warrior monster, uses it's effect to destroy the Crush, and then takes down the germ.

Although Seto loses some life points, Noa loses 500 due to Giant Germ's effect, and Seto is allowed to summon out another Giant Germ.

He sacrifices it for Vampire Lord and attacks Noa's warrior. It is destroyed, and due to Vampire Lord's special ability, Noa must give up one card from his deck of Seto's choosing, and his chooses monster card.

Noa discards the Giant Soldier of Stone. He then plays Fissure to destory the vampire, and attacks Seto directly with another warrior monster reducing him to 1400.

Seto activates Vampire Lord's second ability, allowing it to revive itself if it was destroyed by a card effect of the opponent.

He then summons Newt. 1900/400. Noa activates Earthshaker, choosing the attributes Wind (Newt) and Dark (Vampire). Seto chooses to destroy the Dark monster, as he'll get the Vampire back next turn.

He then attacks Noa's monster.

Noa begins his turn by playing a Flood card. (Can't recall the name) It washes all the monsters on the field and the graveyard into Noa's cheif card, The Miracle Arc.

He then tells Seto he must be aware of the special abilities of the arc. In 7 turn, something great will happen and in 3 turns, something will happen to "shock Seto's existence."

While he wonders what this could mean, Noa activates the 1st turn of the arc....
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