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Target: Joey - Victory in Teamwork (2)


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Episode Number112

Average Rating:5
Number of Votes Cast:2 
Episode Rank:145 
Kaiba walks to his Virtual Kaibaland building. The door is locked by a chessboard. Kaiba looks at it, takes one move and checkmates the other side. The door is unlocked and Kaiba walks inside. He is shown a movie of Gozaburo and Noa together, as well as Noa's funeral.

As of yet, no one's life points have been dented. The Big 5 in "Tristan" still have their 8000 life points while Yugi and Joey both hold their 4000. After some discussion, Big-3 switches over into Tristan's body, allowing his deck-master Judge Man to come out. He pays the 1000 life points (Big-5: 7000) to remove Yugi's Mystical Elf and Kuriboh as well as Joey's Cyber Harpie and Alligator Sword from the game. 1000 damage is done to both of them (since they each had two monsters out on the field.). (Yugi: 3000, Joey: 3000). After deciding to focus on removing Joey first, he then plays Hysteric Angel in attack mode (attack: 1800) and attacks Joey directly. (Joey: 1200). Then he loads the Angel onto the Catapult Turtle to launch it at him and do 900 damage to him. (Joey: 300). To end his turn, Big-3 places one card face down and plays a Magic Card that resembles an Altar.

Joey's turn comes up. He draws and plays the Rocket Warrior in attack mode, and then activates the Flame Swordsman's Deck-Master ability to reduce the Swordsman by 1000 attack points and raise the Rocket Warrior by that amount (attack: 2500). He then attacks the Catapult Turtle and destroys it. But then Big-3 activates his face-down card: a Magic card that allows him to sacrifice the Rocket Warrior to summon his own monster: Machine King.

After some thinking, Yugi Special Summons a Rock Spirit by removing Buster Blader (an Earth-type) from his Graveyard. He then sacrifices it to summon Death Volstargaf in attack mode (attack: 2200) and places the Mirror Force trap down. However, it is extremely obvious to Big-3 that the fact down card is a trap (a fact that Joey tries to warn Yugi about), but Big-4 wants to play. So after switching, he plays Heavy Storm to destroy it (but not destroying the Altar card). He then attacks the Volstargaf. The other members of the Big-5 try to warn him, but Big-1 has fallen into Yugi's real trap. The Volgstarf destroys the Machine King. Yugi explains that every time a Magic card is played, the Volgstarf gets a 200 point bonus (attack:2400). Volstargaf also does 500 more damage when it destroys a monster, leaving the Big-5's life points now at 6400.

Joey draws and gets a Panther Warrior, but since he doesn't' have any additional monsters to sacrifice for it to attack, he plays it in defense mode and lays a trap card down. Yugi then draws, attacks Big-4 directly with the Volstargaf (The Big-5: 4200), and places a Big Shield Gardna in defense mode.

The Big-5 pull another switch. After "Tristan" draws, Joey tries to activate his trap Drop Off, but it gets destroyed because the person inside of Tristan's body is now Big-5 (with his deck master Jinzo, negating and destroying all opponent's traps). Big-5 then plays Pot of Greed, allowing him to draw two cards: Sebek's Blessing and Gravity Bind, but it also raises Volstargaf's attack to 2400. Big-5 then plays Injection Fairy Lily and pays the 2000 life points to make her attack 3400 in the damage step after attacking the Volstargaf. (The Big-5: 2200 Yugi: 2000). Big-5 then chains with Sebek's Blessing from his hand, allowing him to gain the damage he did to Yugi to his own life points (The Big 5: 3200), and then plays the Gravity Bind card face down.

Joey's turn comes up, but Big-5 activates his Gravity Bind trap. Joey chuckles and summons HIS OWN Jinzo, destroying the Gravity Bind trap. He wants to target Lily, but is aware that Big-5 could still use her effect. With a little help from Yugi, Joey realizes that Lily can only use her effect if she's in attack mode. He then uses Block Attack to switch her to defense mode and destroys her with Jinzo. Yugi's turn comes up. He sacrifices the Gardna to summon his Dark Magician Girl and attacks Big-5 directly (Big 5: 1200).

Big-5's turn comes up. He draws and starts laughing maniacally, because the card he drew is...
Goofs and Nitpicks
  • When Kaiba found Kaiba land and he saw the chess board entrence he moved a knight and said "Check mate" but the move he made was NOT check mate.
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