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Shine! Wiseman's Jewel (2)


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Episode Number103

Average Rating:10
Number of Votes Cast:1 
Episode Rank:28 
Seto and Mokuba are walking through the forest and spot a cabin on a hill. They decide to rest and open the door cautiously, remembering what happened back at the last illusion.

After opening the door, the cabin transforms into their house, but years earlier. They see themselves, years younger, walking through the house. They both recognize it as the day they were adopted...

... on the day they were adopted, they were taken to Kaiba's house where Seto got to start long and tiring school lessons. The people teaching him said he had to catch up with Kaiba if he ever wanted to be the owner of Kaibacorp.

That evening at dinner, Kaiba asked Seto what he wanted to
do when he became the owner of Kaibacorp. Seto responded
that he wanted to build a paradise and Mokuba adds that
Seto wants to build something like a Disney Land for kids
like them who don't have anything.

Kaiba thinks this idea is ridiculous and says that games
are stupid. Seto is outraged by this and says that games
are great and pure. Kaiba then tells his employee to take
all Seto and Mokuba's games and toys away.

That night, Seto goes to his room to rest before his
lessons start in 1 hour! (the people said he didn't have
time for sleep!) Mokuba is standing out in the hallway and
hands someone a book and tells them to give it to his

The person gives Seto the book and when he opens it, he
finds duel monster cards in a hole in the book. Mokuba said
that they should keep him company since the brothers have
two different rooms. They are all weak monsters except for
a drawing on notebook paper of a Blue Eyes White Dragon.
Seto vows that someday, he'll get the real Blue Eyes White

Noa then appears and Seto demands to know why he is showing them this. Noa responds that he just wants it fresh in their memory, and that Seto will get it for what he has done. Seto ask what Noa means but Noa laughs and disappears.

Back at Tea's duel, she draws a card and plays it in defense mode. Freezing, she ends her turn. The penguin attacks her defense and then attacks her directly with a torpedo penguin.

Meanwhile, Yugi and Yami have figured out the secret to the maze and that they must use one of their monsters and run through each of the four doors before they can find Tea.

At the last door, the four star door, Yugi picks up the Dark Magician, one of the last cards in his duel tray he hasn't used.
Yami tells him not to use the Magician yet, so Yugi chooses four star lady-bug of doom, and destroys the mosnter.

They run through and end up behind a thick sheet of glass facing Tea's duel. Yugi tries to break through, but can't and realizes they are too late to help. Yami tells him that he believes in the Dark Magician Girl, and that she will help Tea.

Tea plays Maha Vailo, and powers him up to 2550. But he is destroyed and this shatters Tea's last bit of hope. Then, the penguin attacks her directly again and plays a 2450 defense monster.

Tea looses faith in herself but the Dark Magician Girl summons herself to the field claiming she can use her powers to win. But Tea tells the Magician Girl that she has no dark Magician to help her with.

Dark Magician Girl then uses her powers as Cheif of Card Set. This allows Tea to draw cards up to the number of monsters in her graveyard.

Tea draws The Stone of the Supieror and plays it, which allows Dark magician Girl to call her master, Dark Magician. Since Yugi had not played him yet, the Dark Magician is summoned from his duel disk out to Tea's field and the force shatters the ice wall behind which he was trapped.

Tea attack and wins the duel. Then, she blacks out. She wakes up later with Yugi beside her, and she hugs him, thanking him for rescuing her.
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