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Rage of the Egyptian Gods


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Episode Number85

Average Rating:4
Number of Votes Cast:1 
Episode Rank:150 

With the first duel complete, a half hour intermission begins before the selection of the two duellists for the second match, however while Mai, Marik, Namu and Ishizu while away the time in their quarters, Yugi and the others head off in search of Kaiba to get him to land the blimp so that Bakura can get medical attention.

Arriving at Kaiba's quarters, the gang are stopped by Mokuba who tells them not to disturb his brother's preparations for the next duel, however Joey ignores him and bangs on Kaiba's door, demanding that he let them in. As Kaiba opens the door and warns Joey not to cause any more trouble, Tristan and Yugi intervene to beg Kaiba to land the ship. Kaiba refuses to land, heartlessly suggesting that Bakura's current status is his own fault for leaving the hospital before he had fully recovered, however as Serenity begs that he land the ship he relents slightly, calling for a medical team to be sent to Bakura's room.

As the gang look on slightly bewildered, Mokuba explains that Kaiba Craft 3 has medical staff on board who far surpass that of Domino Hospital. Pleased that their friend will be alright, the gang leave Kaiba's room and Tristan and Duke once again begin competing for Serenity's affections. As Joey and Yugi wonder how Bakura is doing, the gang remembers that the Millennium Ring has yet to be found and Tristan volunteers himself and Duke to go search for it up at the Stratos Duelling Arena. While Yugi and Joey offer to help, Tristan tells them that they need to focus on the duels as he drags Duke off towards the top of the blimp.

Up on the top of the ship, Tristan and Duke begin to argue once more as their search for the Ring proves fruitless. However as Duke accuses Tristan of being scared of a little competition when it comes to Serenity, a fight between the two breaks out and the two rivals stumble over the edge of the ship. As Tristan does his best to hold onto the ledge, Duke is trying his best to hold onto Tristan lest they fall. Calling for help without success, things look bad for the pair as Tristan begins to lose his grip, however just as his hand slips from the ledge it is grabbed by a man wearing white robes, Shadi.

As Tristan and Duke are pulled back up onto the blimp, Tristan goes to thank the robed stranger who saved them but he is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile Yugi is sorting his deck ready for the next round and is worried that somebody else might get hurt if he has to use Slifer in the semi-finals, however before he is able to reflect further on the true power of his God Card Shadi enters the room. As Shadi explains that Yugi is starting to comprehend his fate, Yugi explains that he doesn't know very much other than the fact that Yami was an ancient egyptian pharaoh.

While Yugi tries to get some straight answers out of Shadi, the mysterious man explains that he has only come to Kaiba Craft 3 because he senses a misalignment of the Millennium Items. As he goes on to inform Yugi that all the items required to save or destroy the world are gathered upon the ship, he warns Yugi that if the God Cards and the Millennium Items fall into the hands of the wrong people then a catastrophe similar to that which occurred when Maximillion Pegasus first created Duel Monsters might occur once again.

"After Pegasus met Shadi and was given the Millennium Eye, he discovered the origin of the Shadow Games and became obsessed with them, seeking to resurrect their ancient powers. As he discovered the legend of the Egyptian God Cards, Pegasus became determined to find and recreate these three ancient beasts however he had little success until Shadi came to him once again, offering to help him find the tablets that he was looking for."

"Intrigued, Pegasus followed Shadi to an ancient tomb beneath the sands where an underground city was located. Recording everything that he saw on camera, Pegasus was amazed when Shadi used the Millennium Key to prevent the search party being discovered by the many guards in the city and eventually, after many hours of walking, the party arrived at the tomb where the God tablets resided. Although Shadi would not let Pegasus remove anything from the tomb, Pegasus was exstatic and gathered all of the data he needed in order to reproduce the three Gods."

"As Pegasus returned to America to begin producing the prototype God Cards, Shadi was not certain whether Pegasus would be able to control the power of the three beats although he knew that it was his destiny to unseal them. As the project continued, Pegasus learned that all of the people working on designing the God cards had met with unfortunate accidents and, going against Croquet's wishes, decided to finish production of the cards on his own."

"Weeks later, Pegasus finished the paintings of the three Gods and had yet to meet with any unfortunate accident, however as he fell asleep in front of the canvas he had a terrifying dream in which he saw the three Gods destroying Egypt. Realising that it was not Pegasus's destiny to control the God cards, Shadi convinced him to seal the God cards away and so he did so, handing all three cards over to Ishizu Ishtar for safe keeping."

As Shadi warns Yugi that Marik must not be allowed to gather all three cards together, Yami promises him that such a thing will never happen. Honoured to be in the presence of the pharaoh once again, Shadi is confident that Yami will be able to end the chaos like he did in ancient times. Before Yami can ask anything else, he is distracted by an announcement requesting all finalists to proceed to the main concourse, and by the time that he has turned back Shadi has vanished. While Yugi and Yami prepare to head off for the main hall, they hear Tristan discussing having seen a robed man but decide not to mention anything.

Meanwhile, Shadi arrives at Ishizu's room where she explains that although she is ashamed that Marik is to blame for everything that has happened she is determined to save him before it is too late. Over in Bakura's room, Marik still has control over Téa as he decides to keep control of both her and the Millennium Ring for the time being. Nobody in the room notices Shadi as he enters, however as he does so he senses that this is where the disturbance in the Millennium Items is the most strongest. Realising that Marik is behind the disturbance, Shadi can but hope that Marik will be stopped before it is too late.

Jesus! I have found the Three God Cards! /Oh Great!/ Now Duel Monsters is complete! - Pegasus (Original Japanese Dialogue, translated, except for the Oh Great part.)

Goofs and Nitpicks
  • Shadi says that all seven Millennium Items are on board Kaiba Craft 3, however while it is often been said that he holds the Scales as well as the Key, the anime has never actually shown the Scales in his possession.
  • Shadi came last time to find the Milenium Eye and its Theif, yet he acknoledges that all seven items are on the ship but doesn't seem bothered about the eye at all...
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