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Friends 'Til the End (2)


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Episode Information
Episode Number76
First AiredJuly 5, 2003

Average Rating:8.43
Number of Votes Cast:7 
Episode Rank:95 
As Yugi and Joey continue their Death-Duel, Triston is taking Serenity to watch Joey duel, unaware that he is currently possessed and fighting to the death with his best friend.

Triston tries to call Tea, but her phone rings busy, as it's still sitting smashed on the side walk from the encounter with the Rare Hunters. So Triston decides that they'll just have to walk around town and find them.

Back at the duel, Yugi has agreed to take over and try to get Joey to take control, and manages to draw the red eyes Black Dragon. Hoping to get Joey to start remembering, he plays exchange.

Joey comes over to take one of Yugi's cards and sees the Red Eyes. Malik insists Joey take it, but as he reaches for it, he finds he cannot take it from Yugi's hand.

He pulls a card out, and Yugi is relieved to see it wasn't the Red Eyes. It was only card destruction. Malik covers up for this by claiming he didn't need a monster but is shocked Joey didn't follow his orders.

Yugi is pleased, however, because Joey hadn't forgotten his promise back when Yugi won the Red Eyes. Yugi plays the Red Eyes Black Dragon, but it is soon weakened by Joey's Rocket Warrior.

Meanwhile, Triston and Serenity are ambushed by a group of Rare Hunters and they run to an alley where they are cornered. Triston tries to fight, but can't leave Serenity alone.

But when they're about the give up, who should appear to help them out but Duke Devlin, the creator of Dungeon Dice. After tossing dice out at the Hunter to slow them down, they manage to escape from the hunters.

Back at the duel, Yugi fights on as the Red Eyes lays forgotten in the corner of the battle. But he knows he must find some way to use the Red Eyes Black dragon to bring the real Joey back.
  • Kids WB used the promo title "Joey's Betrayal" for this episode.
  • Quotes
    Marik:What's going on!? I feel my controll weakening again!!

    Yugi:*weakly*You're my best friend Joey and just like your Red-Eyes, I want to give you something that is meaning to me.


    Joey:What's happening to me!?

    Yugi:*puts the millenium puzzle round his neck* Joey here...take this, it's my prized possetion, the Millenium puzzle. Now a piece of me will be with you, take care of it's yours now.

    Duke: So how you've been Tristan?
    Tristan: Talk later, run now!
    Duke: Right.

    YUGI: I guess what I'm saying is, sometimes I need to prove to myself that I can be like you without you, you know?
    YAMI: Yes, I do.

    KAIBA: All right, Yugi, it's time to sink or swim. Quite literally.

    Goofs and Nitpicks
  • Exchange lets Joey take a card from Yugi's hand as well as Yugi take one from Joey.
  • When Joey/Marik played "Exchange", Kaiba said, "that's not a smart move, that allows Joey to pick any card from Yugi's deck!" when the Joey picked a card from Yugi's hand. -Submitted By: SteffenMC
  • Correction: Yugi played exchange not Joey/Marik.
  • A goof on the dubber's part: When the Rare Hunters corner Tristan and Serenity in the allyway, in one frame, Tristan is seen with his jacket on, but in the next frame, it's off. I know it's because the dub cut the part where he throws it off, but it's still a goof on 4Kids's part.
  • No one said that Joey played Exchange.
  • The second goof on this page said: When Joey/Marik played "Exchange", Kaiba said, "that's not a smart move, that allows Joey to pick any card from Yugi's deck!" when the Joey picked a card from Yugi's hand. -Submitted By: SteffenMC
  • Right before Yugi plays card exchange, he looks at his hand. You can see red eyes on the top left of his hand, however, when yugi plays "exchange" Joey comes over, you can see the back of Yugi's cards showing that Red eyes is on the left still. BUt later Red eyes magically swaps with the right side of his hand -submitted by: SteffenMC
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