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Double Duel (2)


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Episode Information
Episode Number71
First AiredMay 10, 2003

Average Rating:10
Number of Votes Cast:6 
Episode Rank:2 
the episode begins as the screen goes to the building the players are dueling,Lumus comments on how accepting the duel was a huge mistake,yugi says that they will defeat them. Lumus draws "Mask of the Accursed" and puts it on Beta,he says it cannot change positions and yugi will lose 500 lifepoints every turn. lumus plays one card face-down,yugi thinks its a trap card and thinks he found out the rare hunters strategy. He thinks Umbra has all the monster cards in his deck while lumus' deck is full of magic and trap cards. yugi draws and loses 500 lifepoints thanks to betas mask. Yugi draws "The Beast Of Gilfer" and plans to sacrifice beta,destroying the mask,and summoning gilfer.Kaiba thinks that yugi had better not make any false moves or he'll take kaiba down with him,he thinks he dosen't need yugis help as he defeated the two hunters on his own.
Yugi goes to sacrifice beta,but lumus counters with "Mask Of Restrict" which stops yugi and kaiba from sacrificing,kaiba knew yugi would make a foolish move like that and he will pay if they lose.Umbra comments that without sacrifices,the egyptian god cards they have won't be summoned and they will win and give them to marik. yugi plays one card facedown and plays kuriboh in defense mode. yugi says to kaiba that they have to work like a team,but kaiba again refuses. umbra interrupts on how it is his turn now,he says he could attack beta but he dosen't thanks to the mask its wearing,he plans to attacks kaibas vorse raider,but thinks the facedown card is a trap,but lumus whispers to him via a earpiece behind his mask saying that he should attack and can counter kaibas trapcard if there is one. umbra plays one card facedown and attacks but kaiba uses the trap card "Bell Of Destruction" which will destroy the Shining Abyss and both of them will lose close to 2000 lifepoints.lumus counters with "Curse Transfer" which transfers bell of destruction to the vorse raider,it blows up but kaiba saves his lifepoints with "Ring Of Defense" which protects his lifepoints,but Umbra steals it "Spell Transfer" which moves kaibas ring to umbra cutting kaibas lifepoints but 1900 thanks to the bell of destruction. umbra and lumus both agree that kaiba has lost,umbra attacks,with kaiba looking on in horror.
Tristan enters the hospital,he enters serenitys room,serenity thinks that if she takes her bandages off,she still won't be able to see anything,though tristan says she will and she will see her brother.Solomon in bakuras room is glad bakuras finally asleep and wonders who did this to him,while he's not looking though,Yami Bakura appears and thinks solomon is a fool and this was all planned. at the docks,rare hunters are taking tea to a small room,and wonders whats going on. she thinks this has to do with the evil that Ishizu was talking about.back at the duel,the shining abyss fires right at kaiba,but its blocked by yugis kuriboh as he activated "Mulitply" umbra says that he will blow away yugis kuriboh. kaiba says that yugi to stop helping him and he could win on his own,yugi says that if kaiba dosen't help yugi like he did to kaiba,yugi won't be able to help kaiba again,though kaiba thinks of this as an offense,yugi assures him that yugis only trying to help him. umbra and lumus smile wickedly as they watch yugi and kaiba argue,thinking that it will be so easy to win their god cards. umbra says to lumus that they need to get rid of yugis kuriboh,but lumus says that he can do it easily.
Tea tries to escape the room but fails,mokuba gets thrown in the room.back at the duel,kaiba draws a Blue Eyes White Dragon,but can't summon it thanks to the mask of restrict. he plays one card facedown and plays "Battle Ox 1700/1000" in defense mode. umbra thinks it will be simple as shining abyss has 2600 attack points. Lumus activates "Mask Of Dispel" he says that it will stop mulitlys effect and kuriboh returns back to one,yugi will also loose 500 lifepoints as well. Lumus summons "Grand Tiki Elder 1500/800" and attacks yugis kuriboh. lumus says that Beta can't defend yugis lifepoints thanks to the mask its wearing,he's wide open. yugi draws a trap card which destroys one card in the opponents hand,but then thinks that he should play Card Destruction,but wonders if he should if kaiba has a plan to beat them. kaiba asks yugi to hurry up since he already made things in the duel the worse it could possibly go,and hints yugi to play card destruction. umbra and lumus laugh on how pathetic yugi and kaiba are dueling. yugi plays one card facedown. Umbra plays "Curse of the Masked Beast" and sacrifices the 2 monsters on the field to summon the ritual card "The Masked Beast 3200/1800" umbra attacks yugi but kaiba defends with his battle ox. umbra and lumus are surprised since they though they weren't helping eachother. umbra and lumus are confident as kaiba lost his only monster. yugi activates "Card Destruction". they throw there cards in the graveyard. kaiba activates "Monster Reborn" and revives "Blue Eyes White Dragon 3000/2500".
  • Kids WB used the promo title "Tag Team Takedown" for this episode.
  • Quotes
    Kaiba: Yugi! You....You saved my life-points!
    Yami Yugi: I activated my trap card 'Multiply', blocking your attack, and leaving my teammate unharmed!

    Mask of....Light?: Accepting this duel was a HUGE mistake!

    Mask of Light: You won't be seeing your little brother again, Seto Kaiba.
    Mask of Dark: But where your going, that will be the least of your worries. Shining Abyss,ATTACK!
    Say hello to the Shadow Releam!
    ***Kuriboh's pop up***

    Kaiba: You! You saved my life-points!
    Mask of Light & Dark: WHAT HAPPENED?!?! Yami Yugi: Its quite simple really. You activated my magic card, "Mulitply" which mulitplied my Kuriboh. Now your attack won't affect my teammate!!

    Yugi: (thinking) Card Destruction! This card can be allows all players to discard their hand. But what if Kaiba has a strategy? This could ruin the duel for both of us!

    Yami Yugi:Kaiba! If you don't save me like how I saved you,I'll fall into the shadow relm!

    Kaiba:(thinking)Then Good Ridence...

    Goofs and Nitpicks
  • Kaiba used the Ring of Destruction in this episode, however in the GBA games the card is called Bell of Destruction. The card was changed because Bell of Destruction features a ring made up of hand grenades, and this was probably deemed inappropriate given recent events.
  • In the card game, Mask of Restrict prevents all players from tributing any monsters for any purpose, however in the show Mask of Restrict only prevents Yugi and Kaiba from tributing their own monsters. It doesn't prevent Umbra and Lumis performing tributes, nor does it prevent Yugi and Kaiba from tributing Umbra and Lumis's monsters. (Not actually a goof, but I'm posting it to stop people posting that it is one)
  • When Yugi summoned Kuriboh and set Multiply, the set card appeared first however the first card he placed was actually the Kuriboh.
  • If you look closely, Kuriboh was already on the duel disk before Yugi even played it.
  • The Mask of Dispell card states that it can be used on a face-up magic card, and decreases the lifepoints of the player by 500 each turn. It never says that it negates the action of the magic card, yet it negates Yugi's multiply card.
  • In regards to the confusion about Mask of Ristrict, Umbra sets the magic card that prevent him for taking any negative effect from his own cards - So wouldn't that explain why aren't they effected by Mask of Restrict? That is not a goof
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