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Playing With a Parasite (1)


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Episode Information
Episode Number63
First AiredFebruary 15, 2003
Guest Stars: Veronica Taylor (as Kenta)

Average Rating:8.37
Number of Votes Cast:19 
Episode Rank:97 
Maia and Yugi are waiting for Joey in the town square when he finaly shows up. they show each other's locator cards. Mai has four, Yugi 3 while Joey only has two. Joey promises he'll catch up and they all split up. Yugi knows the Marik has something watching hi m and he guesses right. A weird looking guy was on his left a few feet away watching him.

Tea and Tristen go to see Yugi but he had already left and Tea says they would of seen him but Tristen was on the phone flirting with Serenity. Gramps says that he'll get his shoes and he'll help find him.

Joey is walking the streets loo,king for a duel when a kid calls his name. He asks for Joey's autograph to give to his sister,Jessica. The Kid also asks to try on the Duel Disk. As Joey starts to right his naem he notices the kid has run off. Joey high tails right after him.
Tristen, Tea and Gramps see two kids running and they find out its Joey running after a kid with a Duel Disk. Tristen jumps down and grabs the kid by the shirt. He asks why the kid has Joey's Duel Disk and Joey said he stole it.
I'm guessing in the town square the kid says sorry for taking it and that he had finaly made a dueling deck when a kid stole it. He said the kid had bug eyes, and a head that looks like a beetle. Every guesses it was Weevil. The kid said that Weevil was by the fountain and they all run off to find him. The kid then grinns evily.

The kid is running down an alley and finds Weevil. Weevil aska if the plan worked and the kid nodded and sai they believed his every word. The kid then asks for the rare card Weevil promised and Weevil gives him a card everyone has. The kid gets mad but Weevil sprays him with goo.
Weevil then walked away saying that Joey has taken the bait and has fallen into his trap.

At the hospital Serenity hears her door open and looks around even tho she cant see. A nurse comes in and asks if she's seen a boy named Kenta. She says no and the Nurse leaves. She tells the boy to come out and he does. Kenta was supposed to get an x-ray but he's scared and Serenity tells him its not all scary. Kenta feels better and says that he wants to repay her and she asks him to look up Joey's duel.

Joey, Tea, Tristen, and Gramps arrive at the town square and look for Weevil. He finaly shows up and Joey says thta he stole the boy's cards. Weevil denys it. Tristen gets ready to fight and says he'll refreash his memory ut Joey stops him and challenges Weevil to a duel. Tea tells him to be careful as Weevil is a cheater. Weevil tells her to watch out as his bugs may bight her fingers off. Weevil says they'll duel for two locator cards if Joey even has two. Joey gets mad and accepts and sasks how many Weevil has. Weevil also has two and Joey says he'll kick him out of the tournament like Yugi did.
Joey, and Weevil activate their duel disks and Joey plays Swordsman of Landstar and a card face down. Weevil plays a monster with an attack of 1400 and def of 900. Joey activates his Sword and Shield switching the attacks and defenses. Joey's monster's attack is now 1200 while Weevil's is 900. Weevil's life points go down to 3700. Joey starts to celebrate but Weevil's destroyed monster lets him summon and stronger monster to the field.

At the hospital Kenta is looking up Joey and sees he's dueling Weevil a regional champ. Serenity tells him not to worry as Joey came in second at Duelist Kingdom.(we hear about that a lot) Kenta is surprised.

Joey isnt worried about Weevil's new monster as he just drew Jinzo, his newly won card. Jinzo attacks the new monster reducing Weevil's life points to 2800. Weevil gets mad and Joey's friends cheer him on. Weevil plays another monster in defense mode and wants Joey to attack. Joey tells him to set them up and he'll knock him down and Jinzo attacks the defense monster. It was a weird type of monster that attaches itself to the first monster that attacks it and gives Weevil 1200 extra life points every time its Joey's turn.
Weevil plays a monster in defense mode and he gets 1200 extra life points raising him back to 4000 as its now Joey's turn. Joey attacks Weevil's defense monster and destroys it. Weevil then gets more life points. His life points increased by 500 cause of the destroyed monster. Gramps tells Tea and Tristen that bug type monsters are real tricky. Weevil then plays another monster in defense mode and his life points go to 5700.

At the hospital Serenity finds that Joey is dueling good but Weevil keeps turning the duel around. Serenity still believes in him and Kenta starts to too.

Joey plays Panther Warrior and sacrifices Jinzo to get rid of the leech monster and attacks the defense monster. The gang cheers Joey on. Weevil then says its time to start to play for real and he plays Larva Moth and Joey reconizes the monster. Weevil then plays Cocoon of Evelution. In five turns the Great Moth will come alive but this time in its perfect form that has never been seen by the gang.

Kenta and Serenity see the move Weevil made. Serenity tells Kenta not to worry. Kenta says that Joey better hurry and make a great move.

Joey and Weevil continue dueling and Weevil says that Joey has a Parasite monster in his deck and plays Reckless Parasite toi bring it out. Joey says that he doesnt have any insect cards in his deck when the parasite pops out. Weevil laughs and says looks like he does. Jeoy thinks back and realizes the kid must of put it in there. Tea is grossed out by the site of the bug.
Now Joey's monsters will now be infected. Weevil plays one last card face down. Joey then says he's gonna attack with his Panther Warrior but Weevil says he cant cause h has to sacrifice but Joey's monsters cant be sacrificed cause of the parasite.Joey says he has another plan and plays Tiny Guardian andit gets infected. Joey then sees that Weevil's cocoon has 0mattack points. Weevil says that the cocoon has a hard defense so it cant be penetrated but then realises that its in attack mode. Joey's Tiny Guardian attacks the coccon but Weevil isnt worried and he activates Insect Barrier. The magic card protects all attacks from Joey's insects. Joey's monster's are hosts for the parasites makeing them insects.
Tristen and Gramps tell him to be careful. Weevil says its hopeless as the cocoon will soon open up in four turns for the Great Moth.

Serenity asks Kenta whats going on and Kenta says that Joey's monsters are still infected. She then asks about the Larva Moth and Kenta says theres four more turns before it turns into a Great Moth and that its gonna take a miracle for a win.

Weevil says that since the barrier is up Joey cants attack and says he'll begin taking down his life points. Joey says he knows he can win and maybe he can use the parasite to his advantage. ZWeevil then plays Legul a monster that can attack Life Points directly and it does that reducing Joey's Life Poinst to 3700. Joey switches his monster's to defense mode and Weevil attacks with his Legul directly again and again until theres one turn left before the moth comes out. Joey's life points are now at 3100 While Weevil stands at 5700.
Tristen tells Weevil to stop talking about his moth but Joey tells him to stop. He remembered when he tried to help Yugi with his duel with the Rare Hunter. He says that he has to try and win alone. Joey then plays Aligator Swrod in defense mode and a card face down. His new monster is now infected. Weevil laughs and his Moth starts to come out. This time the moth is bigger, uglier and more powerful with an attack of 3500.
To Be Continued.....
  • Kids WB used the promo title "Weevil's Web" for this episode.
  • Quotes
    Triston: "Looks like Weevil pulled a fast on on you!"
    Joey: "I know, but how'd he get that Parasite card in my deck?"

    Joey: (thinking) That little twrip! He must of been working for Weevil! He must of put that parasite card in my deck!

    Weevil: Careful where you point that fingerTea, it might get bitten off by one of my pets.
    Tea: Gross!

    Goofs and Nitpicks
  • Leghul's stats were shown as 300/500 when they are actually 300/350.
  • All Magic cards (in this and every other duel in Battle City) seem to be treated as "Quick Play" Magic cards which can be activated whenever a Trap card could be activated. There is no real reason for this and it basically makes a mockery out of there being both Magic and Trap cards.
  • I think this is what was just said right before this goof, but I'll say it anyway, cause' the one above this didn't specify the goof::: When Weevil's "Cocoon Of Evolution" was played in attack mode and Joey sent his Tiny Guardian to attack, Weevil activated an "Insect Barrier", however the real card "insect barrier" is a continuous magic card. Weevil couln't of played it like a trap because you're not supposed to do that. If Kaiba was there, Weevil would have been disqualified (Like it matters because he lost anyway).
  • Wasn't Parasite Paracide supposed to be immediately summoned on Joey's side in face-up defense position? It looks like it was placed in attack instead of defense.
  • Analysis

    Cultural References

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